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President: Paul Rossi 410-647-6171

268 Shakespeare Drive
Severna Park, MD 21146

Vice President Stan Novack 410-255-6802
Secretary Jamie Darr 410-987-0094
Treasurer Lyn Rowell 410-672-6983
Youth Rally Coordinator Melissa Blood
Webmaster: Janice Winters

Dennis Fila Joan Gardner
Ginny Gross Stan Baker
Allyn Mellits

Irene Repka, RN, BS, CWOCN
Michelle Perkins, RN, BS.
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Volume 40 Number 8 May 2014

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Note: Meetings are held at 7:30pm, the first Thursday of each month at the
Belcher Pavilion at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis. From the
floor of the parking garage take the entrance into the Belcher Pavilion and
once inside take the elevator to the 7th floor and check with the 7
floor desk
for the room number.
If AA County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, there will be no

!"# %&&# %'(&)#* +,(&-./ 01'.*1&)/ 23-,4. %33,561-6,&/ 7&58 (AAC0A) is a non-piofit, volunteei-baseu
oiganization ueuicateu to pioviuing ieassuiance anu emotional suppoit foi people who have hau oi will have some
kinu of ostomy suigeiy, such as a colostomy, ileostomy, uiostomy (uiinaiy uiveision) oi a continent pioceuuie. The
goal of the AAC0A is to pioviue moial suppoit, infoimation, anu euucation to people with ostomies anu theii families
anu fiienus. Nembeis ieceive The Rambling Rosebuu newslettei monthly. 9:;< 1'# =>? please make check out to
AAC0A anu mail to Stan Bakei, 9S8 Fall Riuge Way, uambiills NB 21uS4-14S4
0#4@#'3"6A %AA*651-6,& !"#$%# !'()*
Full Name
"#$% &'($% )*+*
Auuiess: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
,%(--% .//(-$$ .0#(%1-2%342'% 5
6'%7 ,%#%- 8'0 69/-
Phone: ( ) Bate of Biith: uenuei:
Email Auuiess _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Reason foi suigeiy: ____ Ciohn's ____0lceiative Colitis _____ Cancei _____ 0thei__________________________
Emeigency contact if we aie unable to ieach you: ______________________________________________________________________
+,$* *-.# /0 %1'2#'- ,$3# -/1 ,$45
Colostomy 0iostomy SpouseFamily Nembei
Ileostomy Paient of chilu with 0thei (please specify)
6 7/1"4 "(8# */ ,#". 7(*, *,# 0/""/7()2 9/::(**##;%< /' $9*(3(*(#%=
Finance Bospitality Nembeiship Newslettei
Piogiam Refieshments Sunshine visiting
>/7 4(4 -/1 ,#$' $?/1* 1%5
Inteinet Seaich ETW0CN Nuise 0thei
Bospital Physician

A WORD OF THANKS for their constant support of our
Chapter to: The American Cancer Society, especially the
office in Gambrills, for essential help with our newsletter; and
Anne Arundel Medical Center for providing rooms for our
regular meetings and special events. We appreciate their
support and assistance.
+%-1$ :(91 %;'$ 2-<$=-%%-( 1#7 >- (-0('2%-/ '2
9%;-( 9$%917 2-<$=-%%-($? 0(9@'/-/ 0(90-( A(-/'%
'$ B'@-2 #$ %9 $9C(A- 9: 1#%-('#=
REMEMBER!!! The entrance to the Belcher Pavilion is
GARAGE. Once inside the building you will be on its
second floor take the elevators inside up to the 7
When leaving, take the elevator the second floor and go
through the doors onto the 2nd floor of the parking garage.

To consult with one of the ETs below, a physicians
referral is necessary and a fee will be charged. Call for
an appointment.
Carol Canada RN, BSN, CWOCN
Michelle Perkins, RN, BS, CWON
Laura Alberico-Klug, RN, BSN, CWON
443-481-5508 / 442-481-5187
Fax: 443-481-5198
Private Consultants
Joan M. Sullivan, MAS, RN, CNA, CWOCN
Foi those seiving on the boaiu, the next
boaiu meeting is Nay 19th at 7:Supm

Live Well
Live Independent
Live Active

6729 Yoik Roau
Baltimoie, NB 21212
Phone: 41u-S77-SSuu
Fax: 41u-S77-SSu2
1u7S7 Yoik Roau
Cockeysville, NB 21uSu
Phone: 41u-77S-uSuu
Fax: 41u-77S-uSu1
Toll Fiee: 1-8SS-A0STNEB

N-F 9:uu a.m. - 6:uu p.m.
Sat 9:uu a.m. - 2:uu p.m.
Colleen Simpson BSN, RN, CW0N
Clinical Consultant
Austin Phaimacy & Neuical Supplies

Bappy Spiing!

The waimei weathei lenus itself to spiing cleaning anu ieoiganizing
piioiities. So while you'ie setting new goals anu getting things 'tuneu up',
why not scheuule a yeaily exam with youi ostomy nuise anu visit youi
ostomy specialists at Austin Phaimacy.

As we age, oui skin unueigoes changes anu we may auu oi loose a few
pounus which lenus itself to changes in abuominal contoui anuoi skin
sensitivities. This coulu have an affect on the fit, weai oi comfoit of
ostomy appliances oi piouucts that have been suitable foi yeais.

Youi ostomy nuise can assess youi skin anu iegimen in accoiuance with
youi cuiient lifestyle anu bouy shape. A simple change like auuing oi
iemoving a skin baiiiei might significantly impiove youi 'system's
peifoimance'. Youi ostomy specialists at Austin Phaimacy can guiue you
to newei piouucts oi pie-cut items which might save time oi eliminate the
neeu foi unnecessaiy steps oi supplies.

Even if you aie not expeiiencing any conceins with youi ostomy, it is
impoitant to scheuule youi yeaily 'check up' anu exploie new oi aujunct
piouucts that can allow you to be moie active anu enhance youi uaily life.

Bon't live with the woik aiounus. Nake it a piioiity to 'optimize youi
system' this spiing!

May 2014 The Rambling Rosebud

Dont forget our next board meeting is on May 19
I know I have mentioned this before but wed love additions
(or replacements) to the board! Anyone fancy being Board President??
I know we are all glad to see the back of winter and welcome the warmer weather. Over the summer we will have
group discussions instead of speakers so please give us your suggestions for topics for those discussions.
Vicki Rackner, MD , Via: Gainseville GA, Arizona ICU
Bulletin & S. Brevard (FL) Ostomy Newsletter
Do you find yourself slamming down a sandwich or
dashing through the drive-up window? Take time to
take healthier bites, and youll get the most nutrients
from the foods you choose.
Slowing down means chewing each bite well and
taking time between bites. The digestive process
breaks down food mechanically and starts in your
mouth, mostly with chewing. Teeth are the original
food processors. Saliva starts the digestive process
that continues in the stomach, where powerful
digestive enzymes release the nutritional gifts found in
HOW TO SLOW DOWN: *Sit down when you eat.
*Turn off the TV so you focus on the pleasure of
eating. *Chew, chew, chew. The more you chew,
the less work is left for your stomach, and the more
nutrients can be absorbed. *Be conscious of the
taste and texture. *Make eating a social event with
a family dinner or lunch with a co-worker. *Ask
yourself, What do I want now? Am I full? If youre
full, stop eating.
The bottom line: Slowing down helps you enjoy your
food, enjoy your meals, enjoy better nutrition, and
enjoy weight loss while eating less as you give your
body time to tell your brain that you are full.

Via Evansville ReRoute, The Pouch, Coos Bay
& Cincinnati chapters
Avoid letting your pouch too full, either of water or gas.
Normally you should empty your pouch when it
becomes 1/3 to 1/2 full and before trapped gas makes
it firm. As the pouch becomes fuller, it places a
greater strain on the snap fasteners holding the pouch
onto the flange for two piece wearers, and increase
the tendency for the adhesive part of the appliance to
pull away from the skin around a stoma for a one
piece pouching system.
If it is not convenient to empty a filling pouch, get
somewhere where you can discreetly pop the seal,
releasing the gas pressure. This trick can buy you a
little more time before emptying it is absolutely
Also, for the ileostomates, if you know that you are
going to be traveling or in a situation where easy
access to a rest room is not available, adjust what you
eat to avoid high residue food. Instead of eating bran
muffins and a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast,
consider pancakes which have much less residue. Be
aware of how fast your body response to eating. If
you know that you can expects lots of stoma activity
about two hours after eating, time your meal so that
you wont have to deal with a pouch approaching its
capacity at an importune moment.
Similarly, urostomates may want to consider
temporarily adjusting their rate of fluid intake for a
short time. The caution here is that urostomates
should consume plenty of fluids during the day. This
technique is not advisable for periods of more than a
couple of hours. Ostomates should not skip meals
before going out socially. In general, the less an
ostomate eats, the more gas he or she will produce
with its attendant problems. Actually, a quick arm
across the stoma will usually silence it if it is operating
at the wrong time.
Adversity introduces you to
We have a dedicated group of Ostomy Supply Consultants that are
committed to keeping you in your active lifestyle. Northern Pharmacy
and Medical Equipment has an attentive staff that cares about your
quality of life. Make us your first step in getting back to life as it was
meant to be. After all

Weve been here for over 75 years, there must be a reason!
Our Ostomy Department provides a full range of comprehensive
services and quality products from trusted brands you can rely on.
Delivery anywhere in the United States
Free delivery available
Next day delivery is available
Large inventory of ostomy & wound care
supplies in stock (we stock an inventory of
over 5,000 boxes of supplies)
Customized hospital and clinic service
plans available
In-house Medicare and insurance billing
Personalized pharmacy/medical supply
specialist available
Easy ordering by fax, phone, online, or
Toll Free 24 hour hotline
Acceptance of all major credit cards
Northern Pharmacy and Medical Equipment
6701 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21234
Harford Rd & Northern Parkway
Phone: (410) 254 2055 x249 Fax: (443) 740 9297
May 2014 The Rambling Rosebud


Lyn Rowell
As a new ostomate I was changing my pouch and
alarmed to see fresh blood as I cleaned the skin
frightened I called my neighbor who was a nurse.
It turned out that I had bumped the stoma as I
removed the old pouch, and caused it to bleed.
I was reminded of this recently when during a
pouch change it happened again. So why does a
stoma seem to bleed rather easily?
To begin with, we need to remember that the
stoma is created from the intestinal tract. When
it is formed, the surgeon folds it back, like
folding back your sleeve thus the inside of the
tract is now outside. This is then sutured to the
muscle wall.
The nutrients from food are absorbed into the
blood stream as it passes through the digestive
tract requiring there be plenty of blood vessels
and consequently even a small bump can cause a
If a bleed happens, apply pressure with a dry
cloth or tissue to help the blood coagulate. It
should stop within a few minutes. If it doesnt
stop within 10 minutes call for medical
Once the bleeding is stopped, a powder such as
Stomahesive powder can be lightly applied to
help seal it before putting on the new pouch.
Make sure that if you are using a cut-to-fit pouch
that you make sure to cut the opening an extra
1/8 so that it doesnt rub against the stoma. If
using a pre-cut pouch, make sure that nothing has
changed and you have the correct size.
Some medications such as Coumadin or Aspirin
make an individual more prone to bleed so if you
have a regular problem with your stoma bleeding
at pouch change, ask your doctor if it might be
medication related.
Occasionally a cut can be caused by the pouch
moving during a physical workout in those
cases an ostomy belt or additional framing
using tape can help.
However alarming it may be to see blood when
you change your pouch, dont panic but take the
appropriate steps to stop it. And if you are
concerned, make an appointment to see your ET
Excerpted from an article in the Huntsville,
Alabama Re-Route
Food blockages. Symptoms may include no
output from the stoma for more than 4 hours,
cramping in the abdomen, nausea or vomiting
and high watery output. Solution: Drink hot tea
and increase your fluid input. Take a warm
bath or shower and massage your abdomen.
Have a glass of wine. This will help relax your
abdominal muscles. Get down on all fours with
your backside in the air. An undignified
position, but it does help some people move a
blockage. If the blockage persists for more than
a few hours, seek medical advice from your
nearest hospital.
Mucous and bleeding from the rectum.
Solution: This is completely normal if your
rectum is still intact, although annoying, since
the mucosal lining of the rectum is still
working. Try wearing a sanitary napkin to save
soiling your underwear. If the bleeding is
profuse, see your doctor.
Odor. Solution: Simple solutions that work for
some ostomates are to place mint tic tacs or
mint mouthwash into your bag. Deodorants,
A mature lady ordered two shots of whiskey
and one drop of water. The bartender promptly
obliged. After she ordered a duplicate drink,
his curiosity became aroused. Maam, he
said, I couldnt help but notice the odd
mixture of your drink. Why so light on the

Young man, she replied, I dont have any
trouble holding my whiskey, but I do have
trouble holding my water.
May 2014 The Rambling Rosebud


either taken orally or placed in your bag, are
available from your ostomy supplier. DO NOT
place aspirin in your bag in an attempt to
eliminate odordoing so can cause damage to
your stoma.
Bleeding. Solution: First, determine if the
bleeding is coming from the surface of the
stoma or from internally. If it is internally, then
its wise to seek medical advice. If the bleeding
is from the surface of the stoma, it should stop
quite quickly. Stomas are made from the same
type of skin as the inside of your cheeks and
you know how easily they bleed. Even the
slightest little nick can cause it to bleed. If
bleeding is profuse or doesnt stop quickly,
seek medical help. Cuts to the stoma can also
be caused by the wafer riding off center. Try
picture framing the wafer with some tape to
stop it from moving.
Phantom rectal pain, ie., you get the urge to go
to the toilet in the old way, even though you
know you cant. Solution: This pain is because
your body needs time to adjust to its new
plumbing and still thinks it needs to go to the
toilet in the old way. Try going and sitting on
the toilet anyway, even though you know its
pointless. A lot of people find this alleviates the
pain. The good news is that over time, phantom
rectal pains become less frequent and eventually
disappear altogether.
Stoma is placed on or above the beltline.
Solution: This is more common in men than
women for some reason. DO NOT let them site
your stoma on or above the beltline if at all
possible. Belts will stop the stool from flowing
into the pouch so try wearing trousers a size
bigger than you would normally wear and wear
braces or suspenders to keep them up rather than
a belt.
Seatbelt of cars ride right over the stoma site
and are uncomfortable. Solution: Try using a
clothes peg at the top of the seatbelt where it
slides into the door. This will enable you to
wear the seatbelt looser than normal but still
protect you in case of an accident. Use a small
cushion or pillow between you and the seatbelt.
Remember, a broken stoma is much easier to
put back together than a whole person!
Stoma shows through a tight dress. Solution:
Try wearing bike pants or similar lycra pants
under your outfit that will smooth out the line of
the bag. Empty frequently.

Via: Metro Maryland & So. NV. Town Karaya
You do not have to put up with irritated skin. A
properly fitting pouching system changed as
needed will prevent skin irritation in most
instances. Irritation right around the stoma can
be a sign of poor adhesion which permits
leakage of body waste. Your skin barrier
should be changed as soon as it starts to leak.
The time you can wear it comfortably will vary
depending on your activities. You may need to
change it more frequently when you exercise
strenuously or when the weather is hot and you
are perspiring. Itching, redness, or rash may be
caused by constantly pulling the adhesive away
from the skin. It may also indicate that you are
allergic to the adhesive. Report any such
reaction to the doctor, nurse, or ET nurse
immediately. There are several types of skin
barriers available. You should be able to use at
least one of these with no problem.