Making Of…

What’s Under the Leaf?
lanLasuc voyage
uCA 8ochesLer - ?ear 1
8uby newland
The Life Cycle of a Fern Plant
ur. ÞeLer klapper gave us 4 dlñerenL cycles Lo choose from of whlch we had Lo produce a 2 mlnuLe anlmauon
abouL. l declded Lo choose Lhe llfe cycle of a lern planL as LhaL's Lhe one LhaL sLood ouL mosL Lo me.

Initial Ideas
l began wlLh a mlnd-map of varlous ldeas once l choose my
sub[ecL and had done some research on Lhe Loplc. Aûer l
sLarLed plcklng ouL Lhe sLrong polnLs and Lhe ldeas l llked Lhe
Initial Ideas
Chosen Audience
Crlglnally l planned for my anlmauon
Lo help engage kS2 chlldren (7-11yrs)
lnLo sclence, uslng dlagrams llke whaL
are used on Lhe 88C 8lLe-slze webslLe.

l showed Lhe chlldren down Lhe road
whaL Lhey LhoughL of my anlmauc, Lhe
younger chlldren en[oyed Lhe sLyle buL
dldn'L undersLand Lhe sclence.
Whereas Lhe older klds (11-12yrs) dld
and Lhey also llked Lhe carLoony sLyle,
so l changed my audlence Lo chlldren
ln ?ear 7.
Further Research
lrom researchlng my audlence and
how Lhey learn, l learnL LhaL chlldren
engage wlLh colours and carLoons
especlally around my chosen age
range. keeplng Lhls ln mlnd l looked aL
a varleLy of dlñerenL carLoons of whlch
lnvolve Lhe garden/lnsecLs for
lnsplrauon for colour and characLer
Developing Ideas
Aûer researchlng l produced
some more Lhumbnalls,
deñnlng my ldea: l wanL Lo
Lell Lhe sLory of Lhe lern
Cycle Lhrough Lhe use of a
snall narraung lL, uslng
dlagrams Lo explaln how Lhe
sclence works.
My ñrsL pracuce was Lhe cycle ln
plcLures on a seL of leaves wlLh a snall
characLer explalnlng whaL was golng
on ln words. Crlglnally l dldn'L wanL a
volceover buL Lhls helped me Lo reallse
a volceover mlghL be more powerful.
(vldeo 1)

Developing Style
l goL advlsed Lo Lry uslng Lhe pen Lool ln Adobe lllusLraLor Lo glve my world a blL more characLer and sLyle. And
by dolng so helped me develop a carLoon sLyle made from shape and llnes.
Artist Influence
Charlle Parper and Lrlc Carle helped
me Lo develop Lhls blocky, shape/llne
sLyle of work. lrom looklng aL Lhelr
work l wenL ahead and experlmenLed
wlLh pauern/LexLures of whlch l could
add Lo make my world look less
l had a rough drawlng of how l wanLed my envlronmenL and from Lhls l
blocked ouL a rough verslon of lL ln Maya, whlch helped Lo palnL over Lo
glve me dlñerenL camera vlews.
Developing Thumbnails
l was playlng around wlLh colours as Lhe orlglnal colours seemed borlng.
Developing Thumbnails
Developing Thumbnails
l wanL Lhe dlagram Lo be shown on Lhe Lree behlnd Lhe snall, and Lhese are
Lhe plcLures LhaL are golng Lo explaln Lhe cycle. l've kepL Lhem slmple and
colourful, whlch wlll keep Lhe chlldren engaged.
Concept Art
Concept Art
My anlmauc baslcally was how l could
see my anlmauon, buL aûer feedback
lL needed some ad[usLmenLs Lo help
push Lhe comedy slde and Lhe sclence.
(vldeo 2)
Post Pitch Ideas
l wanLed my anlmauon Lo have a
volceover and aûer changlng Lhe
scrlpL several umes l lnLroduced an
addluonal characLer, 8oger, so he can
have some banLer wlLh Sammy,
wlLhouL 8oger Lhe scrlpL seemed
Character Development
Sull uslng adobe lllusLraLor l dld some more experlmenLal drawlngs uslng Lhe pen Lool Lo glve my snall
some characLer. l Look some lnsplrauon from ureamWorks's 1urbo and llushed Away.
Character Development
Character Concept Art
Orthographic View
Maya Modeling
1hese are some screenshoLs of Lhe modellng process of my snall. Leû lmage shows Lhe dlñerenL vlews - llne,
un-LexLured, LexLured and rendered. 8lghL lmage shows Lhe orLhographlc vlews and how Lhey helped model
Character - Sammy
1hls ls a rendered shoL of Sammy Lhe Snall wlLh LexLures applled. 1o Lhe
rlghL ls Lhe LexLure map.
Character - Roger
1hls ls a rendered shoL of 8oger Lhe Snall wlLh LexLures applled. 1o Lhe
rlghL ls Lhe LexLure map. 8oger was an addluonal characLer Lo help make
my scrlpL a blL more chauy.
Lip Syncing
l wanLed Lhe snalls Lo acLually be Lalklng so l looked lnLo llp synclng Lhem,
and used a handful of dlñerenL mouLh shapes Lo do so. 1hls process was
golng Lo have Lo be done aûer Lhe modellng was compleLe as l wanLed lL
Loo look 2u.
Practicing Lip Syncing.
l pracuced a few umes Lhe llp synclng uslng a volceover l had done Lo see
lf Lhe process worked.
(vldeo 3)
Maya Modeling
l dldn'L use no Þroducuon ArL Lo block ouL my scene, l [usL wenL wlLh a plcLure and added/Look blLs away
where needed.
Maya Modeling
l added a slmple carLoon colour LexLure Lo Lhe block ouL once done Lo see lf Lhls goL Lhe eñecL l was
looklng for.
1hese are Lhe LexLure maps used
on my ñnal envlronmenL, l kepL
some elemenLs [usL plaln
carLoon palnLed.
Modeling Screenshots – Orthographic View
l dldn'L use no Þroducuon ArL for my envlronmenL, buL here are Lhe slde,
fronL and Lop vlew ln Maya.
Modeling Screenshots
Llne vlew un-LexLured vlew
Modeling Screenshots
Llghung vlew 1exLured vlew
Rendering Screenshots
When lL came Lo renderlng my scenes l rendered a uepLh of lleld render also Lo help depLh ln my shoL.
Editing – Audition
l cuL Lhe volceover by 1om 1urner, of
whlch goL senL Lo me, down lnLo Lhe 6
selecLed scenes Lo make lL easler for
me Lo edlL ln Þremlere Þro. 1om had
also done dlñerenL verslons of some of
Lhe llnes so lL helped me Lo cuL and
choose Lhe ones l llked mosL.
Editing – Premiere Pro
Cnce my scenes had rendered l
broughL all my componenLs lnLo
Adobe Þremlere Þro and began llp
synclng Lhe mouLhs Lo Lhe volceover.
8rlnglng ln my sound eñecLs and
background nolse.
Editing – After Effects
1he nexL sLage was exporung Lhe vldeo
lnLo Adobe Aûer LñecLs Lo add Lhe
dlagrams onLo Lhe Lree. As Lhls
program has no sound lL was hard Lo
maLch up so l had Lo open Lhe vldeo
separaLely ln Culck1lme Lo [udge from.
Editing – Premiere Pro
Cnce l had Lhe dlagrams on Lhe Lree all
seL l exporLed LhaL ñle Lhen lmporLed lL
back lnLo Þremlere Þro Lo add Lhe ñnal
Final Animation –
What’s Under the Leaf?
1hls ls my ñnal anlmauon aûer all Lhe processes
and hard work lL's nlce Lo ñnally produce my ñrsL
2-3mlnuLe anlmauon.
(vldeo 4)