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Brasses shine more than windows. Turkey with pink foulard has a trumpet si ned !immy. Turtle to tear the lo"es out playin tuba and percussions awake lasses. Tables dance. #$%& 'in 'on drinks a beer. (msterdam disappears from the face of $arth. )ine dries on the pa e that I am writin . ( slow story* "ery comfortable shoes. $"erybody in +acket* they sweat. Dizzys club Coca Cola I.

I:. )e die out of thirst Breath condenses (mon poets I am one that ra es In+uries to brain due to art and wine )e e;pect someone 7The perfect aim of this wintry air7<

The first purchase of the year* yesterday* at ,trandsThe world.s )&/,T poetry* an antholo y. 0123* it is a ood title. I would like to collect poems the most repu nant of contemporary Italian poets. 4oets* whose work is reco nized 5 not by friends* relati"es and circles6 people who wrote "erses also decent. The bullshits* I lau h* 78or I lo"e bad poetry as much as I lo"e ood poetry.79

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Toni ht the lake claimed to be sea FREE PRODUCT FOR VOICI LA BOMBE April 2014 Behind the camera there are stars. =The deer 5> $lse* you ha"e flies in the bra? $lse? I han you to the tonsils? $lse* help me* I seem to become real. II.

:. 7(s if in court I had not enou h whores.7@ Ay sweetest lo"e* my lo"ers. #o"ers at the window* swordsmen on the ri"er and ni hts at the lake* I wet to walk on your chest. ( kiss as in that poem by Ailosz* where under the arch of the air* under the ate of the clouds* 5 rows this reat alliance of stren th and faith.

:I. Bar* swin seat. !azz players at the harbor* )ednesday white ni ht* #u ana. Ay name is 4aola ,il"ia Dolci* born in Cremona on 99B3CB9D00 died in Brescia* the first time* 3<B3DB<33E* respiratory arrest* pneumonia* asper illosis. Day 3FB32B<39@ shined a bomb at the ates of the house I am uest. I cry. Die Aoritat "on Aackie Aesser* it is a wonderful ni ht.

VII. .#b, ,on$aster1 "sad, sweet, deep 2witho#t irritation3."4 /e b#ried the sea in the $emetery. The rabid dog wo#ld not be able in penetrating her, he rea$hed orgasm only with aggression.

VIII. Be silent I'm working. i. There are many ways to write and mine is the most idiot. ii. Nora in Torvalds head. Else the heteronym has water in the brain, I sprinkle. Thirty-si years o! "#n$easing %olts." It's terrible not being able to !or$e them to love me. iii. "Even the graves die"&, is not it' iv. (tay inert. Twist the bran$hes. Bring ba$k to the $enter. ) li*ard speaks in proverbs to whole nations o! worms. +. Today in Veni$e salt in throat. Those days when I sweat, I #ndress, I r#n, I have $old hands and tomorrow !ever. (een the e hibition dedi$ated to ,ora -aar and I am very sad. I is %#st a way to say none in parti$#lar. "I have not been the lover o! .i$asso. /e was only my master. "0

Else !ired three, !o#r shots on the gro#nd.

I+. This is the ho#se where I am staying on )tlanti$ >$ean. ) table on whi$h I $an write. Two lines o! Breton in Nad%a Nantes where everything $an happen more than in .aris. )ro#nd here also Aes va$an$es de -. /#lot1 in the movie the dogs ease !rom the road only a!ter the $aresses. Farewell to those who do not love me anymore. I wo#ld like a $igarette. That !a$ility, witho#t $orre$ting.

Notes 6obins Bishop 8 -ilos* 4 Barthes & Barthes 0 ,ora -aar

5 7

Paola Silvia Dolci, 9remona, November 4th 5:;;. E 9ivil Engeneer. 9opywriter. <rad#ated at National 9enter o! ,ramat#rgy. 9ollaborations with literary maga*ines. 6#nning the independent maga*ine o! poetry and theatre Niederngasse. B>>?( Bagarre @ Aieto$olle ed., 7BB; N#Cde9o$D @ -anni ed., 7B55 )miral Brag#eton - Itali$ ed., 7B58 9over1 -i$haela ,)st#to. paolasilviadol$iEgmail.$om