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Symbian Tools Team Mission
• Provide good usable tools to foster application development community • In addition to platform tools for handset manufacturers, also provide compelling tools for app developers • Use open source to foster community for tools development (as well as tools usage)

Symbian Tooling Improvement Areas
• • • • • • • Usability Replace the emulator On-target debugging Linux and Mac development support Fix Symbian signed Modern compilers Hello world experience (Getting Started)

Symbian Tools Team Priorities
• Cross-platform tooling for app developers
• Productize gcc, gdb, and QEMU for Symbian • Collaborate with Carbide and Eclipse communities to improve IDE
• Especially usability! • Engage with Eclipse Pulsar and Sequoyah projects

• Attract Web developers
• Pure Eclipse web development and deployment tools

• Work with package owners to lead a vibrant open source tools community

Eclipse Environment IDE SDK Creation Apps SDK Creation Middleware Home Screen Tools Test Management Test Execution Test Frameworks Build Tools Host Environments Compatibility Analysis SW Configuration MW Dynamic Analysis Apps Dynamic Analysis C & C Dynamic Analysis MW OS RnD Tools Platform Tools RnD Tools Static Analysis Apps Device Debug Services Stubs User Interface User Interface Tools SW Configuration Apps

Packages Roadmap Highlights
• • • • • • • • Compatibility Tools – Qt API support Device Debugger – USB plug & play, SMP Dyn Analysis – Open System Trace IDE – Eclipse 3.5, Qt support OS RnD – Allow non-manufacture SIS SW Config – Carbide.ct Static Analysis – SMP checking UI – Symbian^n theming

Develop your way
Symbian allows you to develop your way in the tools and languages you use already



Html/CSS/JavaScript Flash Lite

Web Development
• There is an order or two of magnitude more web developers than C++ developers • Some trends to support increasingly complex Web application development :
• JavaScript and jslint • html5 • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

“Widget” or “Web Development”?
• Widget – “(short for windows gadget) is an element of a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays an information arrangement changeable by the user, such as a window or a text box.”

from wikipedia

• It’s time for the mobile to think about developing more than widgets with web technologies!

Mobile Web Development Challenges
• Accessing mobile features
• • • • Geo Location Vibration Accelerometer Contacts

• Deployment • Security

Mobile Web Development (1)
• Web runtime from Nokia • JavaScript API on WebServices

• phonegap
• Cross-Platform JavaScript API • Currently supports iPhone, Android and RIM

• Bondi
• Cross-Platform JavaScript API with security features • Currently supports Windows Mobile

Mobile Web Development (2)
• Appcelerator Titanium
• Cross-platform (mostly) mobile JavaScript API • Standard APIs plus phone-specific features APIs • Currently supports iPhone and Android • Converts JavaScript/html/css to native code

• RhoMobile’s Rhodes framework
• Cross-platform mobile deployment Ruby API • Adds device specific APIs • Supports iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android

Join the Symbian Tools Community
Developer Site at Tools Forum at mdisplay.php?f=42 Paul’s blog is at Follow me on twitter at paulbeusterien Email

Tools at SEE09 - Tuesday
12:30 Device Debug Technologies
Ronnie King, Nokia

14:30 QEMU Simulator
Johnathan White, Accenture

16:00 Extending Carbide.C++
Dan Podwall, Nokia

16:30 Improving Mobile Web Developer Experience
Tasneem Sayeed, Symbian

Tools at SEE09 - Wednesday
11:00 Tool support for developer collaboration
Mik Kersten, Tasktop

12:30 Perf analysis and diagnostics
Adrian Issott, Nokia

14:00 Raptor – next generation build
Daniel Jacobs – Nokia

14:00 Using Open-Source Technology to Build Symbian Applications
Mark Mitchell - CodeSourcery

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• Symbian Tools Plans • Development Environment Overview • Web Development For Mobile • Join the Symbian Tools Community

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