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The TECAC Connect
Oct/Nov/Dec 2013 Vol 1, No 3

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The Electric Company Artists’ Co-op LLC, 207 East Depot Street, Bedford Virginia 24523

The definition of an artist does not hinge upon one’s medium.

The TECAC Connect


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Call for Local Artisans
The Artisan Shoppe in The Electric Company at 207 E. Depot Street in Bedford is a fun and eclectic gift shop. The shop is currently being managed by TECAC gallery and is continually looking for new vendors for the shop. Preferred items include local and original handcrafted or produced items ... especially jewelry, pottery, stained glass, soaps, lotions, honey, jellies or other handmade items. The Artisan Shoppe will also be listed on Bedford's Artisan Trail. Contact info: Perri Mason perri.paints@gmail.com

TECAC Connect Newsletter
TECAC members, this is YOUR quarterly newsletter. Please send information about any awards and recognitions you receive, classes you will be offering … anything to get the word out about what is happening in your world and the arts community in the area. If you know of classes, workshops and exhibit opportunities, send that information along also. Send to Dotti Stone: Email: dottistone@yahoo.com

The Angel Project
The angels on the front page are just a few of those being created for this special holiday project to honor the memory of Perri’s friend and enable TECAC to donate to cancer research. Below is Perri’s story about these special angels: I met my friend Pam when I worked in the art department at James T. Davis in Lynchburg. In 1995, she was diagnosed with colon cancer. That same year, an old shed on her property was blown down by a bad storm. She decided to recycle the tin from the roof and hand-cut these “twice fallen angels” to decorate and sell while she went through treatment. In 1998, she was diagnosed again with cancer. This time the diagnosis was an inoperable brain tumor. Before she passed away, she gave me the box of angels to decorate and sell as I wanted. In the years that followed I kept the angels in a box, only painting a few. When TECAC began looking for items to decorate for Christmas, this became the perfect opportunity to have other artists paint these angels, sell them and give part of the proceeds to cancer research. The “Twice Fallen Angels” will be available beginning in November with fifty percent of all

sales given to the American Cancer Society. If anyone has not picked up an angel to paint or enhance through some other medium, please do so and bring to the November 3 meeting.

Who did those angels!
Diagram and list of artists

Newsletter deadline: Dec 24 for Jan/Feb/Mar issue

Important Dates - 2013-14
Gallery Rotations: Nov 24/25 Feb 2/3 Apr 6/7 TECAC Member Meeting - 2 PM: Nov 3 Jan 5 2014 Mar 2 May 4 Phone: 540-491-2585 Email: TECAC207@gmail.com “Like” us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TECAC207 Follow us on our Blog:

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The TECAC Connect


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October Featured Artist: Martha Rhodes
The paintings in Martha’s exhibit, “Life Connections,” was inspired by her travel experiences and her impressions of certain things that have happened in her life.

“ I have always loved to create some type of art. Most of my paintings, at this time , range from landscapes to abstracts and collage. I enjoy working with found papers and making my own papers for collage. My inspiration comes from many sources, usually travel, family, gardening and past experiences.” Martha Rhodes

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.F.A.in design and art education, Martha Rhodes is an award-winning artist who is constantly exploring her world, her art and her limits. Throughout the past 30 years, Martha has taught classes and workshops for Roanoke County and numerous other art organizations, private and public. She has also juried a number of art exhibitions. Martha will be teaching a 2-day workshop at October 18 & 19 … see page 5 for more information.

September/October Guest Artist: Robert Copelan
Art has always been a part of Robert Copelan’s life … since age 4 studying under his mother who was an artist in Atlanta, GA. Formal art education has been plentiful by masters of their craft. He studied painting, porcelain, glass, wood and metal arts with the passion of providing the best in whatever field he undertook. Another hat he wore was as a luthier (violin maker); for 31 years he produced 116 violin and violas. He has been very successful in his years in the arts and created companies selling his work while keeping his name silent for the most part. He has painted for over 50 years with women as recurring subjects. He says he respects women and wants the world to see his view of them as the most important humans on earth. He wants to change the minds of men who do not respect women. Copelan has created a scholarship fund, “Want-a-Dance,” and is painting dancers in positions of beauty. In 2014 he will have an auction for all of these works and the artist’s profit will go to benefit the dancers.

The TECAC Connect


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New member: Jerome Sturm
In Jerome’s words ...I’ve been fortunate that along the way I’ve had some great mentors and have been successful as a portrait photographer, photojournalist, and university photographer. My work explores abandoned places and things in a search for secrets. My images create a space where time exists in the present and past at the same moment. By using a process of HDR (Hyper Dynamic Range) photography and digital painting, I create a new energy in the abandoned places I photograph. In my work the abandoned becomes a beautiful, eerie, out of time place. I always wonder why we abandon places and what happened to the people who lived and worked in those spaces. My work has been exhibited nationally and in my home state of Virginia in the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. My photographs have also been published in Creative Quarterly, a national magazine of the arts, on a consecutive basis. I have worked as a portrait photographer, university photographer, and photojournalist, before my pursuit of fine art photography. My photographs have won several national and state awards and have been published in People Magazine, US News & World Report, The New York Times, and other national publications. I have also served as a mission photographer for Operation Smile International when the organization worked in Ecuador.

New member: Alaina Blevins
Inspired by everyday experiences and nightly dreams, native Virginia artist Alaina Blevins expresses her thoughts and moods by painting a mixture of natural views, historic symbols and fantasy images. "Each of my inspirations has a distinct personality, and I feel a strong need to paint each with the colors and media that best express that personality. Sometimes that's realism, sometimes it's abstract, and sometimes it's fantasy. Sometimes the image begs for oils, sometimes acrylics and sometimes it just needs watercolor. I have to be true to the inspiration in order to give each of my works the life it deserves." Alaina's love for her art often leads her to work with large canvases and murals that allow her to make bolder statements. Today Alaina works primarily with oil-on-canvas paintings in her studio in the Bedford County village of Lowry where she enjoys painting landscapes (rural as well as urban), murals, abstracts and portraits. "I am particularly inspired by the natural beauty of Bedford County's diversity of landscapes and seasons, and the quiet little village of Lowry offers me the kind of environment that is both inspiring and conducive to making my art." Alaina's recent move to Lowry makes her the sixth generation of her family to live in Bedford County, and the fourth in Lowry. Alaina developed her styles in each of several genres while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her early studies at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC, Alaina learned the value of painting with more accomplished artists in pursuit of new and intriguing styles. She continues to seek out and paint with well-established artists with styles that interest her. Paintings by Alaina Blevins hang in galleries and homes around the country, including Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Memphis, Auburn and throughout Virginia.

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November guest artist: Henry Bryant

Henry Bryant is owner of Fort Vause Outfitters, a supplier of historically accurate products to historical parks, museums and re-enactors, and specializes in 18th century reproduction leather work and other items. He welcomes custom work. In addition to making and selling historic reproductions to historic parks and re-enactors, Bryant attends historic battle reenactments and historic trade fairs. Bryant has been doing custom leather work for over 25 years. He made an instructional video on leather work and has a second in production with more to come in the future. He has provided products to many historical parks on a regular basis. Bryant’s specialties are: Custom Leather Work, Foundry Work, Sheet Metal Work, Video Production and Consulting. In addition to Fort Vause Outfitters, Bryant is owner of Great Road Craft Guild. Both are located in Elliston, VA.


November/December Guest Artist: Chris Lorenz

Equine artist Christine Lorenz boldly creates with vivid color and generous paint, in her own evocative style, a moment in time captured. Other scenes are more sedate and pastoral in feeling while still carrying the intense impressionist colors of her palette. "I've always considered the atmosphere as a kind of soup, with more body and energy that the thin air we are taught to believe in, she says."The electricity that is created before and during a storm is palpable. We humans barely acknowledge it exists - full moons, gravitational pulls, and atmospheric changes affecting our behaviors. The animals feel the pull and excitement of the forces we are taught not to see. I try to bring that excitement and freshness to my work. Much of my portrait work is of a deceased beloved. I try to feel the love they have for the one that has been lost, and channel the soul, if I have not been able to meet them in the flesh. I have a special place in my heart for my past companions who will never be forgotten … each touched my life and shaped it in some way, whether it was a long or short path.” we walked together.”

The TECAC Connect


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TECAC Members Offer Classes and Workshops Watercolor
Rod Adams teaches weekly watercolor classes at Artists on Depot. For information and to register email Rod: rodadams61@verizon.net

Paint and Tour SW France in 2014 with Donna Nevers
April 19-May 11 5-day Mixed Media Workshop with Jeanne Bessette Voted top 20 East Coast May 10-23 5-day Mixed Media Workshop with Jeanne Bessette Workshops will hang in Soreze Sidewalk Art Show/Sale Friends Travel Tour May 23-June 4 Tour Toulouse Lautrec Museum Albi Cathedrals, Wine Tasting French Cooking School Roman Ruins and Copper Museum Most meals included $2200. per person plus airfare

Holiday theme art work for TECAC
The holidays are just ahead. In order to create a festive environment for visitors and prospective clients all TECAC members are asked to bring one artwork with a seasonal theme to the November 3rd meeting. If you will away at that time please deliver your holiday art prior to the 3rd or have some one deliver it for you. This exhibit will be installed in the space usually reserved for featured artists and remain up during November and December.

Advanced Encaustic Wax
Donna Nevers will be conducting a 1-day Advanced Encaustic Wax workshop, Sunday, November 17, 9:30am4:30pm at Bower Center for the Arts, Bedford, VA. Register at www.bowercenter.org

The “Beds” Challenge
In the Dessert Gallery Everyone enjoys a challenge … this one is beds! Are you scratching your head??? Think of the possibilities!!! There are all kinds of beds if the word is taken literally: cribs, kiddie beds, cat beds, dog beds, hammocks, bird nests, bunk beds, tree house beds, army cots, sleeping bags, beds of hay, flower beds, tanning beds, bed of nails, bed of roses, canopy beds, is a kangaroo pouch a bed? Papoose, people beds overtaken by animals, and the list goes on … The Dessert Gallery will likely be the stage for this Challenge exhibit. And don’t feel limited … this could include a group 3-D effort. The bunk room??? Animal house??? Paintings, photographs, prints, mixed media, glass, mosaic, fabric, clay, metal, wood …. let you imagination go wild. If you have anything by the November 3 meeting, bring it. Present your ideas if you want to collaborate with someone or several members on a group project. Let’s have fun with this and try to have it well underway by December and into January. Make it the talk of the holidays!!!

Creating Textural Surfaces for Watermedia Painting
with Martha Rhodes
This workshop will emphasize the development and use of rich textural surfaces with strong design elements for creating successful paintings using watermedia, acrylic, watercolor or gouache. We will build surfaces creating texture with collage using found papers such as paper towels, Chinese washi papers, napkins and cardboard. After gessoing surfaces, we will paint in your choice of styles, realistic, abstract, etc. There are no limits to this fun and exciting approach. Individual help will be given to each student. Space is limited. Come join us for a 2-day workshop. Contact Martha Rhodes at: MLRART@cox.net For information Supply list upon registration Call the TECAC Gallery to register: 540-491-2585

Maxeen Vashro Wyatt Guest Author at TECAC on Second Friday October 11, 5pm-8
She will be signing her book Kimberly’s Courage

Holiday Openings at Bedford Art Venues
Thanksgiving weekend: November 29 and 30 11am-5pm Sunday, December 8, 1pm-6 A TECAC party will follow BYOB December 8 is the date for the Bedford Holiday Home Tour. Many businesses in town will be open for the benefit of increased holiday traffic and this includes local art galleries.

The TECAC Connect

Oct/Nov/Dec Mason, Perri Two of Perri’s paintings were juried into the 7 Hills Art Club Magnolia Foods Juried Exhibit and one received a 2nd Place award. Rhodes, Martha

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Awards & Recognitions
Sales at TECAC:
Davies, Megan: “She Was Telling Us a Story” - photo Mason, Perri: “When Life Gives You Lemons” Ostroff, Nancy: “Old Barn” watercolor Rhodes, Martha: “Soul Food” Skinnell, Bryan: “Lost in Space” ink drawing Stone, Dotti: “Elephant Walk” mosaic

Martha’s “Pottery Shop - Provence” sold in the 49th Annual Bath County Art Show in July. Stone, Dotti Dotti Stone And Roanoke mosaic artist Stephen Brailo have teamed up for an exhibit, “Mosaics: Classical Meets Contemporary” at MOarts Gallery, Moneta Library in downtown Moneta, Rte 122, the month of October.

“Polka Dot #413” by Perri Mason 2nd Place award winner

Paddock, Suzanne V Several of Suzanne’s painting have been selected to hang in Town Kitchen and Provisions that will soon open at 309 N Bridge St. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook!

Exhibit Opportunities
Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art
2200 Parks Ave, Virginia Beach VA 23451 New Waves 2014 Annual Juried Exhibition Entry Deadline: December 1, 2013 Exhibit: Jan 31, 2014-Apr 28, 2014 Prospectus: www.virginiamoca.org $3750. in awards Open to Virginia artists

Other successes:
Bays, Edrie: Edrie’s painting “Waiting” has a new home!


The TECAC Connect


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Who Does What?
Adams, Rod • New member screening committee (with Nancy & Martha) (obtain bios, jpgs, artists’ statements from new members for PR) • Create 2nd Friday invitations (for email) • Make artist name tags (for frames) • Make video of all members and their work (in general) Bays, Edrie • Write/proofread/send Press releases (with Jerome) • Facebook updates (with Perri – anyone can post) • Training (with all members) Blevins, Alaina • 2nd Friday shift in December • TBA Brown, Nancy Rae • New member screening committee (with Rod and Martha) (obtain bios, jpgs, artists’ statements from new members for PR) • Add new members’ info to computer and to notebook; add them as employees and consignors (with Martha) • Write/send guest artist thank-yous (designed by Erni) Houser, Erni • Design guest artist TECAC thank-yous • Household – floors (beyond daily member task list) • Monitor email and respond (with Suzanne) • Keep up inventory of TECAC label cards Kindermann, Kurt • 2nd Friday shift in November • Devise gallery rotations - year in advance (with Jane) • Hang art work during gallery rotations (with Jane) • Schedule/hang work of guest artists (with Jane) • Oversee completion of inventory forms & label making during rotations (with Jane) • Maintain walls and necessary materials for installations Koopmann, Shelley • Administrator for TECAC blog • Coordinate local Bedford (Centertown) opportunities (with Jane) Mason, Perri • Work schedule/member sign-ups for gallery duty • Facebook updates (with Edrie– anyone can post) • Track supply inventory & keep stocked Nevers, Donna • Secure guest artists (with all members) • Get bio info, artists’ statements, and jpgs from all guest artists for publicity • Organize/manage “fun” meetings - list of who is doing what and when (Nov-April) • Secure and manage volunteers and food for Second Fridays (with Nancy O) Ostroff, Nancy • Take minutes at meeting & email to members (alternate with Jerome) • Organize/manage “fun” meetings - list of who is doing what and when (May-Oct) • Secure and manage volunteers and food for Second Fridays (with Donna) Paddock, Suzanne • Monthly dues notices/delinquencies • Monitor email and respond (with Erni) • Coordinate workshops - scheduling & promo work (with George) Perkins, Dan • Email 2nd Friday invitations • Artisan Trail liaison Rhodes, Martha • New member screening committee (with Rod and Nancy B) (obtain bios, jpgs, artists’ statements from new members for PR) • Add new members’ info to computer and to notebook; add them as employees and consignors (with Nancy B) Schafer, Jane • Coordinate local Bedford (Centertown) opportunities (with Shelley) • Devise gallery rotations - year in advance (with Kurt) • Hang art work during gallery rotations (with Kurt) • Schedule/hang work of guest artists (with Kurt) • Oversee completion of inventory forms & label making during rotations (with Kurt) Skinnell, Bryan • Post email addresses from guest book (to Second Friday contact list) • Check Second Friday contact lists for duplicates • Insure press contacts go in press contacts folder, not Second Friday Stone, Dotti • Newsletter Strum, Jerome • Write/proofread/send Press releases (with Edrie) • Take minutes at meeting & email to members (alternate with Nancy O) Wacob, George • Collect monthly dues • Balance register • Coordinate workshops - scheduling & promo work (with Suzanne)

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