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Abreviatura de la Industria de las Vlvulas

ACS, Attestation de Conformit Sanitaire AFS, American Foundrymen's Society AGA, American Gas Association AISI, American Iron and Steel Institut ANSI, American National Standards Institute API, American Petroleum Institute ASA, American Standard Association ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials AWWA, American Water Works Association BB, Bolted Bonnet BC, Bolted Cap BCD, Bolt Circle Diameter (Dimetro circulo tornillos) BCF, Bead and crevice free BFV, Butterfly valve (Vlvula de mariposa) BHN, Brinell Hardness Number BS, British Standard BSI, British Standards Institution BSP, British Standard Pipe BSPP, British Standard Pipe Parallel BSPT, British Standard Taper Pipe Thread BV, Ball Valve (Vlvulad de bola) BW, Butt Weld BWE, Butt Weld End CDA, Copper Development Association CI, Cast Iron (Fundicin de hierro) CSA, Canadian Standards Association CV, Check Valve CW, Counter Weight (Contrapeso) CWP, Cold Working Pressure CxC, Cooper to Cooper DAC, Double Acting Cilynders (Cilindros de doble actuacin) DD, Double Disc (Doble disco) DEF, Double Emboitement Mle DG, Double Disc Gate DI, Ductile Iron (Hierro dctil) DIN, Deutsches Institute fuer Normung DMV, Distribution main valve (Vlvula de distribucin principal) DN, Dimetro Nominal DWV, Drainage, Waste, Vent Fitting ECV, Emergency Control Valve ESD, Emergency Shut Down (Cierre de emergencia) FE, Flanged End (Final bridado) FF, Flat Face (Cara plana)

FIV, Formation Isolation Valves FLG, Flange (Brida) FM, Factory Mutual Laboratories FOB, Free On Board FTTG, Fitting FW, Flexible Wedge GLP, Liquid Gas of Petroleum GOST, Gosstandart of Russia GV, Gate Valve (Vlvula de compuerta) HB, Brinell Hardness (Dureza Brinell)> HBC, Rockwell C Hardness HF, Hard Faced HW, Handwheel (Volante de mano) IBBM, Iron Body Bronze Mounted ID, Inside Diameter(Dimetro interior IPS, Iron Pipe Size (Tamao tubera de hierro) ISA, Instrument Society of America ISNRS, Inside Screw Non-Rising Stem ISO, International Organization for Standardization ISRS, Inside Screw Rising Stem JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard MIV, Main Inlet Valve (Vlvula de entrada principal) MJ, Mechanical Joint (Junta mecnica) MSS, Manufacturers Standardization Society MTR, Material Test Report NC, Normally closed (Normalmente cerrado) NEMA, National Electrical Manufacturers Association NPS, Nominal Pipe Size (Tamao nominal de la tubera) NPT, National Pipe Taper (Pipe Thread) NRS, Non-Rising Stem OD, Outside Diameter (Dimetro exterior) OS&Y, Outside Screw and Yoke OWG, Working Pressure: Oil, Water, Gas QO, Quick opening (rpida apertura) PCD, Pitch Circle Diameter (Dimetro circulo taladros) PIV, Post inidicator valve PN, Nominal Pressure (metric) P-T, Pressure - Temperature PRV, Pressure Reducing Valve (Vlvula reductora de presin) PVF, Pipes, Valves and Fittings Rc, Rockwell "C"

RF, Raised Face (Cara resaltada) RJ, Ring Type Joint RS, Rising Stem RWD, Resilient Wedge Disc SAC, Simple Acting Cilynder SB, Screw-In-Bonnet SG, Solid Gate SB, Silver Brazed SE, Screwed Ends (Conexin por rosca) SE, Solder Ends (Conxion por soldadura) SIV, Service isolation valve SJ, Solder Joint SOV, Shut Off Valve SPW, Spiral Wound gasket SS, Stainless Steel (Acero inoxidable) STD, Standard SW, Solid Wedge Disc SWE, Socket Weld End SWP, Steam Working Pressure TB, Threaded Bonnet TE, Threaded End TC, Threaded Cap TOR, Tout Ou Rien UB, Union Bonnet UC, Union Cap UL, Underwriter's Laboratories WV, Water valve (Vlvula para agua) WOG, Working Pressure: Water, Oil, Gas WSP, Steam Working Pressure WWP, Water Working Pressure