Dead Letters Temple

a short story by

Murat Kayali

Black letters had fallen from the zone, while at red lights from green. When two cars hit each other, to the pedestrian crossing the white line, red veins were spread ... Black letters had fallen from the zone, while at red lights from green. When two cars hit each other, to the pedestrian crossing the white line, red veins were spread. Red, thin and long vessels, such as the root of a tree, such as a map appears on the river, a pianist's hands on such as blood vessels. Red veins. I have it from the drop zone, black letters, most of the vessels was standing in the middle. Way my mouth was kept. Stopped cars, pedestrians stopped, time had stopped, I was walking one. He suggests, for fear of the letters have, one was walking so quickly, how it had reduced them, both here, so in the human, the path in the middle. Pianist's fingers were wandering in my opinion, the veins in his hands, in front of my eyes at the same time I received more specific deteriorating in my veins, in the middle of this silence became too obvious. I saw the letters on the silent people, but they did not hear the music of a symphony orchestra only for me, the giant concert began, my silence? Silence was not for me. But I did not want to stand out so much in fact, nothing I can do not to go by before it was not a job, at least do something on behalf of my lower are conscious of the need I had. Orders can be silent eyes. Ignore me, my gaze was confirmed although not impossible, a behavior that was not supposed to do, I knew it. White lines on the vessels have been lost and their combination had left a pond. These letters were lost in the lake lowering. Now everyone was waiting for me to do something to me. The first decision to make every effort to take my mind verdim.Düşürdüklerimi going here, a responsibility I do not have those anyway. Of the lake in front of my letters getting lost in the red on bended knees, side by side and then sort them out from there I C C D T E N A E T F A. My letter this way stood side by side. Decide whether to validate my work was finished, I again opposite to me, he caught sight of silent orders. 1

So I was not yet completed my task. The same letters again and this time I kneel side by side as a sort ACCIDENT-FATE I validate. All eyes when I noticed that in my letter, just to leave them there I continued on my way. Today, once again I do not want to drop it from the letters of my zone. Therefore, by keeping my mouth tightly closed, I gave myself a quiet dinner. Ne me happy that this city, has great billboards generous and satisfying. All day with me, they established a dialogue without stopping. What we talked about what. Indeed, they talked, and they believe they tried to explain, so I heard. I have already decided not to open my mouth for him to be glad that this kind of people to communicate with your. Impossible situation, after all they are told, waiting to tell you a thing. Billboards that are not, rather than listen to you, tell him what your after action is more like they just take action you want your talk or not, this action can not postpone much better, in fact if you do immediately becomes the most extraordinary, but what can say: yet from the way you forcing chances are ignored. When you catch them a voracious course, then you really can judge. I've built them in chat, not a danger for me. I they, they carry on them the children of the modern age, I knew knew the revelation of the slander and moreover in ways they know I fell senseless on forms. Sometimes, someone, tell them what they want, by adding the letter back in front of them, that they know how to madara. They like me, sometimes the language can drop off their letters of.Some letters for him without, only consisted of a picture, but still, it looks quiet impressive as that can give the order and the narrator can be, certainly are not silent. Very vibrant colors, and sometimes huge big to carry, even though they do not live long. Among them are long-lived, but they are really unusual ones too. Undergone major changes over time in a way They do, do not change shape as a sequence of single letters, because this is the only reason long law, letters, shapes of the sequence. Your eyes should be on them, you can look at them for as long as they stay here, have the right to live can. If you do not like them down there, knowing those who receive them, and you go. As you look down to the lake of blood I see the letters to look at them and continue. They is not in this city, I will not talk, close my mouth nowadays. In the meantime, I still found the new letters, someone has reduced, though not all of them but get down .. 2

T T CA O C N- E L I M A C R. I know you do not understand, do not worry, I will help you, I owe it to you, do not need to say. I would order them for you, look, please! CONTACT MIRACLE. (…....) Fill space, I am sure we can continue our path Sometimes such deficiencies can be. Finding the missing letters to complete wound admire your skills, all of us in memory, it seems more alive dead letter, I knew. Letters to the girls, do not drop them from the pragmatism of this meaninglessness. I always will be on your side, I have fallen with the letters will collect and sort, you'll see me, you need not be even the next day. Are shameless, by doing so you do not know how much they are upset. In fact, they know, one of embarrassment, not to say to his mother even wanted, her mother a pianist in a brothel san, it was to be preferred, in shame, of course. Do not be shy in one, even giving the name says exactly like this; *“ APC Step Octave and I'm dressed. Advertisers am: yes I am polluting the universe. I shit you selling man. Never have dreamed of things you can not make it. Always blue sky, always beautiful women, perfect happiness was retouched in Photoshop. Was created as split images, fashion music. Barely have the money accumulated in the last campaign, I managed to nudge you to buy the car of your dreams, I like him will have already outmoded. I'm going from the front three models, and each time you would find a way of frustration. **Glamor, at each step a little further away from you that the story is the name of the country. I make you addicted to innovation. The advantage of innovation, no time, does not remain. Each time a new innovation to the previous one will have the former. Your saliva to flow, here is my sacred duty like this. I want you to be happy is not nobody in my profession, because happy people do not consume. " A dead letter is a master of the universe of pollutants, yet vivid confession. We can not live without opening the mouth is one of the best know, drop the letters, we have noticed before, even in front of us wished casting a sort, can not take our eye, from the magnificence of our own words ... You see, to write one for driving nails into pieces that begin with a wise business insanity. 3

This is more than smart business, how to insanity, in fact, has turned into a frenzy letters show us. We'll call our letter. Reduce the letters to locate a very long journey we have to do it from scratch you would like to say, though the gap is so difficult to know but did not believe me, our journey is too long, twenty-four letters and not underestimated, just as everything had consisted of, maybe just did. 'll Call, we will not find our answers quickly, we will continue. I wish Kat will be on the road, we could always move this quickly, so a b c d. Even if we only receive letters about drawing, we could not believe this rapid progress. We will transfer them first to sort them side by side, whether they shoot them meaningless places, must be where we will provide. We'll give them their meaning back, we will identify owners and locations, them who and where and when they occur will decrease. I do not want to scare your eyes for all of them I will not say a lot of work already, our var.Buradan up and summer is starting to go somewhere and then come back here, I'd like us to do it but I know that it is the power of us is not enough. If we say that the foundation of the world twenty-four hours, people that create three seconds. Click on ticking. That's it, you can believe. I think I could explain why we can not succeed. We do a breakdown of what we just read, get into the home from the moment it was born from the killing we sort the letters side by side, how do you make a length? Also, unusual reading of swallowing a human lovers consider the length of the string. A number of these people with letters, multiply it, all I've slowed down. I do not think of the number of letters may yet. We will not take any numbers, on drawing, drawing more than three times the race would be unfair to a large. Based on scientific evidence, and if an expert with eda information when you ask eg, I have wanted to tell you I would return to equity. Why something can not be made impossible. Together, we evaluate these problems, while the letters in the word find it impossible, and we will see how and why you were there. Impossibility, we will search within our means. Impossibility of the formation of a type suit. Impossibility can not tell, tell write, was written because it describes. Was impossible to tell. So far that I have written subsequently for lines, just as you created, what this man wants to tell? in the form of your question, I give my answer. So far I did not tell anything, just wrote it. Dead letters on the inside, did not even fall yet to rise to the uterus. 4

Each describing a little lie, lie, some say it is a good narrative. A bad lie spoil the narrative and also mentioned the taste escapes. A delicious dinner of salt or spices that are as much taken a words.tatsiz food, bad taste is bad expressions, it does not lie with a taste of expression. No yalansız if a narrative is impossible for you when you tell your lesson now, in fact, it now already has a history, an event you within, any man will tell, it already any human being out and maybe become a hero, you can do nothing, the refuge lies , you will continue your narrative, without losing the taste of food, a little fire, continued. But this fact from the start you will probably tell a lie, I know, but it is impossible to believe you can not hide the truth. Then you will not believe me, I know nothing. Our journey will be long and I told you I believed it. Life at work, the most unexpected time, an event met with the expected out our casting. Surprise!, He cried out to our face and casting. That day, he has two cars collided and my letter of the day I drop my life to my face that I died and I slipped out with a surprise. Our journey was short-lived, as done in this world will live together, we are going to travel to another type of journey.I did not know but there, I will explain. In fact, death is not something that can be considered alive, but to no surprise to people as a surprise to his death, knows deaths, difficult to explain to those who lived. I say that the ones I had a responsibility, that's right, and I want to go down and I receive the letter had said, this is true. Thinking and want to make them when I lived and died have not yet. Living with a man dead and a man they think they want to do, or rather they are forced to do something very different, believe different things going on too much, to die. I've learned it the first time I died I had to immediately understand. An accident and that is me with my point of death was the result of understanding, I curled my body into the blood pond right arm outstretched, as if you want to write something in there when suddenly abandoned, was still watching. End of the road, yes, my fate had come. Here is the o there side by side sort letters, my first words death. ACCIDENT-FATE The first two words, I can not write while living, I do not expect any one time and way, way down in the middle of a pond, the letters my blood. My first mention of the new zone and the last thoughts of my life. What's strange to think about while living, to write after his death. 5

Ads Do? Yes, ads, it was an accident before, I said ya!, When people think and live, you die when you wrote is this happening here, sometimes can have difficulty ranking. But still an unnecessary wording of ads is not, communication is great, if you know how to cheer these words now I'm here. Communication was great for myself, I write a dead and living people are reading this you think is the most excellent communication great, right? The other with a live a live, thanks to a technical tool to communicate, in my ever so great in comparison do not appear. Wonderful! Just like I shouted, then my first two words. Can write as dead, really great. Be able to continue our journey, there is this great. Another type of travel would be told, I must admit that for me that nothing else can I say, this you can decide how much further it. One of the dead were to read and write letters with him to search for the dead, and their place of residence to collect the owner to call, to understand them, you want to do a job that I do not know. I already winding road, to return such a thing out of the question for me. You give your decision. Mortal world, think more, and I do not want to lose time. At least, maybe you can write what you feel like having a luxury when you return you can rope this way. Is certain. I think that previously had to travel with a dead person who is not among you, even the most ridiculous case will be a new experience, and the teachings of no return even if there is one dead, you will have made the journey, not something less, and usually it. Think carefully before you decide. I in the meantime, here trying to revive my dead letters other than mandatory would return to work. Died, I thought bit of work, you are wrong, here's the job of your life more difficult in the job you have to do. Especially if a, like me, all of this work as well as having a temple worker, sorry!, Dead, dead of a temple if you are a member of staff, work to be done too. Here you have to do the job as well as my obligation to do it is not like I have done what my job is and how much time I have received widely described in the law before we tell you where. While living in the world a better place than my location. Firstly, I must admit it and my beautiful living environment, while living or doing business with the deed I have nothing to do with goodness. It should be the case for this. This is really a great place, unfortunately, to explain this perfection long before I began to understand my pragmatism. 6

I myself a little more time with your permission and you are fully aware of the excellence you've come back and tell you then. Yet entered the gates of the temple of dead letters, even more advanced two-step not. I'm new and until you can fix your boredom with other ads. I think ... Own Our promise By Splendor Living To zoom out Forget all the words from the most pressing humanitarian who is the most mistaken, to be possessed grandeur of his words. This makes you blind, deaf, but does not. Deprived of this sense of journey would not be right because you quit or not there's a lot that we need to hear. But of course we need to do something difficult, do not be afraid, I do not want you to be dumb, just want you to ever forget the words you hear, do not misunderstand me, you can use your own language. I do not belong to you and you should not speak your language, your forgetting that you want. You have a native language without pomp and simple, use it, and you do not belong in your language by connecting words, they lost to the magnificence of the deaf want. If you remain deaf, he should enjoy tasteless mother tongue will not hear the words, hear the absence, but also it's not really up to you to learn and to speak the words you hear will be deprived.

* Frédéric Beigbeder / 99 Francs ** Charm, witchcraft


Artist / author. Murat Kayali, 1963 born in Bursa-Turkey Germany's summer in the city of Radolfzell Am Bodensee and image are working. Ambiente in Frankfurt Art Fair, including more than twenty personal exhibitions in various cities were opened. Writing poetry in the eighties, the first of the Tarık Buğra, Interpreter newspapers began in the poetry corner. Over time, various art-poems published in literary magazines. First Story, "Back Side of the station" in German in 1991, Dortmund international creations by the Counseling Center, thirty years of migration in the book reads in German, so published .1996 issued in the first period of their poems "Rainbow in the Golden passant" was named book of poems collected in. Poems of the same name, Verse Poetry magazine-Year 1996 was chosen. Also on their site as Turkish and German poetry, literature and art on the writings to share.

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