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DAILY LESSON PLAN YEAR 3 Name: Nur Adibah binti Harun Year: 3 Ibnu Batuttah Topic: Unit 4 : People

Around Me Date: 13 March 2014 Theme: World Of Knowledge Duration: 60 minutes Day: Thursday No. Of Students: 21 Time: 7.50 8.50 am

Lesson Summary: Teacher introduces the word ambition using figurines. Pupils read aloud the dialogues portrayed and act out in pair. Then pupils complete the worksheet 1 based on what teacher have read. Together they check the answer. After that, pupils complete the worksheet 2 by filling in the blank with correct words. Lastly, teacher sums up the lessons for today. Content Standard: By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation. Learning Standard: 1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversations : (e) talk about oneself Pupils Previous Knowledge: Pupils already know the occupation Learning Objectives: By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to : 1. Complete worksheets matching the part A to part B correctly 2. Fill in the blank with correct word and spelling. Content: Listening and speaking Moral Values/ Educational Emphases: Obey instructions, cooperation / Creativity and Innovation Teaching Aids: Circle map, flash cards, figurines and dialogues.

Elements Of Smart Learning Management/ Generic Skills: Making association and connection / communications Future Studies: Able to talk about their ambition confidently Stage Content Focus/ Skills Teaching And Learning Activities Teachers Activity Pupils Activity Teaching Aids/ Values Remarks/ Teachers Notes Set Induction (5 minutes) Speaking Teacher draws a circle map (i-THink) and writes the word ambitions on the centre of the map. Teacher shows figurines. Teacher asks about the figurines. T : What is this ? Teacher relates it to the topic. Presentation (10 minutes) Speaking and listening Teacher portrays dialogues on the board. Teacher reads the dialogues and pupils follow after the teacher. T : I read, you follow Teacher asks a few pupils to Obey instructions, cooperation Pupils listen and read the dialogues together. Dialogues Figurines communication Pupils answer the questions orally. Circle maps, flash card, figurines.

lead the reading. T : Now, read after your friend. Teacher asks pupils to read the dialogues with their pair. T : Who want to ask first? Then your turn. Pupils read and act out the dialogues with their pair.

Practice (25 minutes)


Teacher distributes the worksheet to the pupils Teacher reads the sentences so that pupils can match the A part to B part. T : Match the A part to B part based on what I read. Teacher checks the answer together with pupils.

Pupils listen to teacher and match the sentences.

Worksheet 1

LO 1 Making

Obey instructions, cooperation

association and connection

Production (15 minutes)


Teacher distributes the worksheet for each pupil. Teacher asks pupils to complete the worksheet

Pupils complete the worksheet given.

Worksheet 2

LO 2

Obey instructions,

individually. T : I want you to complete this worksheet by filling the blank with suitable letters Pupils listen to teachers explanation.


Closure (5 minutes)


Teacher refreshes the pupils on what they have learnt. T : What have you learn for today? Do you enjoy your lesson?