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UbD Staff Development

Title of Unit Developed By ontent Standards

ISTE T Standard 3 !odel digital age wor" and learning Teachers e#hibit "nowledge$ s"ills$ and wor" processes representative of an innovative professional in a global and digital societ%& a& Demonstrate fluenc% in technolog% s%stems and the transfer of current "nowledge to new technologies and situations& b& 'ollaborate with students$ peers$ parents$ and communit% members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation& c& 'ommunicate relevant information and ideas effectivel% to students$ parents$ and peers using a variet% of digital age media and formats& d& !odel and facilitate effective use of current and emerging digital tools to locate$ anal%(e$ evaluate$ and use information resources to support research and learning& Building a Website to Improve Teaching and Learning Kevin Scheiwe

Grade Level

Staff Development

Identify Desired Results (Stage 1)

#verar$%ing Understanding )nderstand the educational benefits of having a teacher webpage *ow to setup a Weebl% account )se the tools to create a basic website with pages and multimedia *ow to use and create a blog page *ow to lin" a Weebl% page to +n!%'alendar

!ssential "uestions
#verar$%ing What things should %ou thin" about before creating a webpage, What are the benefits to creating and updating a teacher page, What features do %ou loo" for in a website, Topi$al What are the benefits to managing a webpage for parents and students, What features does Weebl% offer and how do those feature benefit the classroom,

Related &is$on$eptions
'reating a webpage is hard or difficult Teachers must have the technolog% s"ills and "now-how to setup a webpage&

!aintaining a webpage will not enhance m% teaching

Students will "now. What to do/consider before setting up a website Educational benefits to maintaining a website

Students will be able to. Setup a Weebl% page 0dd elements to a Weebl% page Setup a blog Lin"/embed pictures or videos 'onnect a Weebl% page to school website

*ssessment !viden$e (Stage +) ,erforman$e Tas) Des$ription

Teachers will understand what to consider before creating a webpage& Teachers will understand wh% the% should create a webpage& Teachers will interpret the educational benefits of maintaining a webpage& Teachers will discuss with others pros and cons to creating a webpage& Teachers will use curated resources to research educational benefits to webpage& Teachers will understand how multimedia and technolog% can enhance teaching and learning& Teachers will setup a Weebl% page& Teachers will understand the function and operation of the Weebl% menus Teachers will be able to create new pages and edit e#isting ones& Teachers will be able to use several different t%pes of elements to add content to their webpage& Teachers will understand the benefits to embedding and the best wa%s to add multimedia to a webpage& Teachers will be able to change or edit different designs and la%outs with Weebl%& Teachers will be understand how publishing wor"s and how to publish their site& Techers will be able to lin" their Weebl% page to the their school1s +n!%'alendar page&

#t%er !viden$e

Email discussions 23uestion/answer4& 5eview of curated materials 'ompletion and publication of a Weebl% webpage &

+nline assessment surve% 6 course rating +nline evaluation surve% 6 understanding Webpage publication

Learning ,lan (Stage -)

Teachers will start b% reading the introduction on home page& Teachers will watch the 7What to Do Before 'reating a Website8 9owtToon 2hoo"4& 5eview s%llabus 9articipate in the 7Top :; 5easons Teachers <eed a Website8 webcast 5eview curated content lists 9articipate in the Weebl% screencast 'reate a basic Weebl% page 0dd a picture$ video$ title and page to %our website Lin" Weebl% page to school1s website

WEEBLY STAFF DEVELOPMENT EVALUATION The presentation was usefu an! infor"ati#e$ % Stron& ' A&ree A&ree Neutra Disa&ree The presentation see"e! p anne! an! we or&ani(e!$ % Stron& ' A&ree A&ree Neutra I a)ti#e ' parti)ipate! in the presentation$ % Disa&ree Stron& ' Disa&ree Stron& ' Disa&ree

Stron& ' A&ree A&ree Neutra Disa&ree Stron& ' Disa&ree I fee a we*site for "' ) asses )ou ! *e *enefi)ia to "' stu!ents$ % Stron& ' A&ree A&ree Neutra Disa&ree Stron& ' Disa&ree I wou ! i+e to +now "ore a*out )reatin& a we*site throu&h Wee* '$ %

Stron& ' A&ree




Stron& ' Disa&ree

WEEBLY ASSESSMENT SU,VEY What are the instru)tiona *enefits to usin& Wee* ' an! )reatin& a we*site- %

What Wee* ' e e"ents wou ! *e "ost usefu for 'our ) ass. we*site- %

Do 'ou see an' i"itations to usin& Wee* ' to )reate a we*site- %

What t'pes of "e!ia /i$e$ te0t1 pi)ture1 et)$2 !oes Wee* ' support- %

What wou ! 'ou i+e to +now "ore a*out1 in re&ar!s to *ui !in& a Wee* ' site for 'our ) ass- %