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Intermediate 3 Describing people

(Build) We say: He or she is obese / tall / flat / handsome / beautiful, etc.
Weight obese stocky1 fat plump2 sli htly o!er"ei ht sli htly built "ell#built thin hea!ily built slim (attracti!e) of a!era e build skinny / bony Age youn teena er middle#a ed in (his / her / their / etc) 2&s, $&s, '&s elderly Height tall of medium hei ht short / tiny Attractiveness pretty attracti!e lo!ely and charmin nice and friendly flat$ beautiful ("omen) cur!y ("omen) small % breasted ("omen) fully % breasted ("omen) handsome (men) or eous (men) unattracti!e u ly (not polite)

((ther characteristics) We say: He or she has strai ht hair / pi tails / a frin e

Hair (colour) black )et % black ' dark bro"n auburn, red blond / olden fair yello" rey ri//led1& "hite bleached / hi hli ht
1 2

Hair (style) strai ht "a!y curly crinkly+ spikybushy

Hair (appearance) lon short thick rich stron healthy shiny dama ed / split ends thin / recedin . permed hair coloured / dyed reasy

Hair (combing) pi tails / braids a ponytail bun* a frin e bald dreadlocks

(stockier, stockiest) (of a person) short, "ith a stron , solid body ha!in a soft, round body0 sli htly fat $ "ithout lumps or holes ' deep shiny black in colour * lon hair that has been t"isted into a round shape and is "orn on top or at the back of the head + (of hair) ha!in a lot of small curls or "a!es , (of hair) reddish#bro"n in colour stickin strai ht up from the head . (of hair) to stop ro"in at the front of the head 1& partly rey

((ther characteristics) We say: He or she has (a / an) round face / ha/el eyes
Complexion clear fla"less11 lo"in healthy bad pallid a ein fair dark / s"arthy oli!e tanned round o!al s1uare hollo"1' "rinkled freckled bearded aunt1, thin ace !yes (colour) dark bro"n amber1$ ha/el1* reen blue rey !yes (shape) narro" close#set12 "ide#apart / "ide#set hollo" / sunken protuberant pi y s"ollen1+ round almond dark#rin ed

((ther characteristics) We say: He or she has (a / an) bi mouth / bulbous nose / healthy teeth / braces / a moustache
"outh bi / hu e / lar e small lo!ely / pretty sensual thin "ell#defined a brad smile a charmin smile healthy teeth damaged teeth braces19 moustache beard #ose Bi / enormous / hu e Bulbous 4rominent 5on 5ittle 8mall stubby18trai ht 61uiline / cur!ed / beaky crooked / hooked snub2& 4ointed / tip#tilted flattened

He/she2s "earin 3
6 )acket 7eans 6 suit 6 blouse 6 dress . . 9tc.

11 12

a fla"less comple:ion ; a comple:ion "ithout fla"s or faults that make the skin imperfect !ery close to ether 1$ a yello"ish#bro"n colour 1' (of parts of the face) sinkin deeply into the face 1* reenish#bro"n or reddish#bro"n in colour 1+ lar er than normal, especially as a result of a disease or an in)ury 1, !ery thin, usually because of illness, not ha!in enou h food, or "orry 1short and thick 1. a metal de!ice that children "ear inside the mouth to help their teeth ro" strai ht 2& short, flat and turned up at the end