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Ottawa City Council File/N° de fichier: aad !ashir" Director Economic De#elopment and $nno#ation Ottawa '()* Tas+ Force ,nnouncement Date: ,pril '-" '().

,s you will recall" /ayor 0atson has con#ened a '()* Tas+ Force" co1chaired %y Councillor 2o%%s and Councillor !loess" in an effort to %oost economic acti#ity in Ottawa in '()*" the year Canada cele%rates the )3(th anni#ersary of its confederation4 The Tas+ Force is comprised of a #ariety of tourism and economic de#elopment sta+eholders in Ottawa4 ince its inception in the sprin5 of '()'" the Ottawa '()* Tas+ Force has made si5nificant pro5ress in positionin5 Ottawa as a ma&or %usiness and tourism destination4 /ore specifically" the '()* Tas+ Force has: ,ssi5ned the Department of Economic De#elopment and $nno#ation 6ED$7 to the role of ecretariat to the '()* Tas+ Force" to %e acti#ely in#ol#ed in the plannin5 of all )3(th anni#ersary1related initiati#es underta+en %y the City8 Con#ened three '()* Tas+ Force u%1Committees 6!randin5 9 /ar+etin5" :e#era5in5 E#ents" and ;ri#ate ector En5a5ement7 to support the %roader '()* mandate8 :aunched a #isual identity for <Ottawa '()*=8 Created a %ilin5ual <ottawa'()*4ca= we%site and related mar+etin5 material 6e454" %rochures" mar+etin5 collateral7 that ha#e %een widely circulated8 ;laced '()* #isuals 6e454" pop1up %anners" fla5s" decals7 in hi5h1traffic tourist destinations around the city8 !e5un consultin5 with sta+eholders and community mem%ers on plans for '()*8 and >nderta+en a strate5ic #isionin5 exercise to support acti#ities related to the '()* cele%rations4 This memo is to inform you of an excitin5 addition to the initiati#e4 The Department of Canadian 2erita5e and the City of Ottawa ha#e si5ned a )1year employee secondment a5reement4 This a5reement will mean that /r4 ?uy :aflamme will %e &oinin5 ED$ in the role of ecretariat to the '()* Tas+ Force4 $n this role" /r4 :aflamme will continue the City@s efforts to promote Ottawa as the destination of choice for Canadians as well as international #isitors to Canada in '()*4 2e %rin5s a wealth of expertise to this position" ha#in5 mana5ed the de#elopment of numerous lar5e1scale e#ents and festi#als held in the Capital o#er the past two decades durin5 his #ery successful tenure at the National Capital Commission4 $ %elie#e that we will %enefit from /r4 :aflamme@s leadership on this file and $ +now you will &oin me in welcomin5 him to this position4 2is first day in his new role will %e 'Ath ,pril '().4 ;lease do not hesitate to contact me for any Buestions / clarifications on this matter4

Original signed by Saad Bashir cc: City /ana5er@s Office" /ana5ement C Executi#es" /ana5ement C ?eneral /ana5ers and Directors ,ttachment C ?uy :aflamme !io5raphy