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A 38-page memo contains ObamaDontCare-related hyperlinks [that havent been processed]; these are limited solely to those that

have been noted during the past four days [except for the graphics]it remains disastrous. With eight million Americans allegedly enrolled in health insurance through federal and state exchanges, Obama declared the ACA a success; it is Hardly Time to Call Obamacare a Success, for these claims are disingenuous, and big changes are needed to make the law work well. For example, although Rice University Spins Data for Obamacare, Obamacare's Exchanges Enrolled Only 1.4 Million Previously Uninsured Individuals and Team Obama Cooked the Census Books to skew ObamaCare Data [lamented even by MSNBC]. BHO may claim Americans are Tired of the ObamaCare Debate and Obamacare here to stay [and Chuck Todd can claim ObamaCare 'Unrepealable' Now], but even Rove now warns of waving white flag on health law. krauthammer concluded that the only way obamacare-isworking-in-that-it-exists, even as questions-about-white-house-role-in-obamacare-fundraising have arisen. {When jokes fly [, JOHN OLIVER HAMMERS OBAMACARE ON NEW SHOW, and 'YES WE CANNABIS': LENO JOKES PRESIDENT NEEDS YOUNG PEOPLE TO GET STONED TO SIGN UP FOR OBAMACARE], problems surely exist.} Many are outraged that Sebelius had a big incentive to remain on staff until after April 28, 2014. That date marks the five-year mark of Sebelius employment with the federal government thereby making her eligible for government retirement benefits. The Daily Caller reports that her eligibility for these benefits means she will receive a government pension of $10,000 a year, for the rest of her life, as well as at health care benefits funded by the taxpayer. Even more are outraged that Obamacare-Employees were Awarded-Big-Raises. Coverage Glitches have received attention [Woman Drops to 83 Pounds After Obamacare Denies Meds, Senior home healthcare services slashed] and some companies have complained [general-electric-toinvestors-obamacare-is-hurting-our-medical-business], but of greater import are Enhanced Premiums [Citing Costs and Risks, Many Skip Insurance, OBAMASCARE: Dem Sen blames voter for tripled insurance premium, and new-medicare-advantage-rates-preserve-insurance-industry-subsidies-again]. Although the OBAMA TWITTER ACCT BRAGS THAT HEALTH CARE PREMIUMS ARE LOWER THAN PREDICTED, the Cleveland Clinic CEO said that Three-Quarters Of ObamaCare Signups Have Higher Premiums and obamacare-premiums-could-cost-the-young-14%-of-income. This is why it is viewed as Obamas Job Killing Health Mandate [American businesses are still scrambling to figure out how badly nObamaDontCares forced changes on premiums will damage their bottom line...The ripple in income loss is already expanding as businesses quickly shift full time employees into part time positions to avoid high costs of full time employment. Unfortunately, the reality on the fiscal cost is about to smack our economic engine square in the face]; compounding this problem are not-so-affordable-deductibles. As a result, HHS was sued-for-obamacare-navigator-records by Senator Ron Johnson (RWis.) [plus 38 colleagues], challenging a rule by the Obama administration that allows the federal government to subsidize health insurance for lawmakers and some congressional staffers. Of course, Implementation Glitches are legion, affecting security [ passwords and] and the ability of private insurers to keep-pace [Aetna: 'On the Fly' Obamacare Changes Responsible for Half of 2015 Premium Jump and Administration Has Missed More Than Half of Obamacare Deadlines]. Multiple states had multiple problems, as well [nevada-obamacare-exchange-considered-dumping-all-customers, 70,000 OREGON OBAMACARE CUSTOMERS MAY HAVE TO RE-ENROLL, 'COVER OREGON' COLLAPSES IN

FAILURE, 335,000 Coloradans Cancelled Due to ObamaCare, obamacare-exchange-asks-for-fee-on-allinsurance-policies in colorado, half-of-georgias-obamacare-enrollees-havent-paid, Less Than Half of GA Obamacare 'Enrollees' Have Paid For Plans, 1,000 Doctors Erroneously Placed On CA Exchange, Nearly 1,000 Doctors Listed on CA Obamacare Website Don't Accept Plans, Over 5,000 Alaskans Lose Insurance, 700 Sign-up for ObamaDontCare]. In addition to the embarrassment suffered by Sebelius, Ezekiel Emanuel Applauded ObamaCare Website, Then was Told It's Down Again. Obamacare-will-cost-taxpayers-$53,000-per-newly-insured and $1.3 trillion [calculated to cost $100,000 per new insurance enrollee over a decade]; Cold-realities-lie-ahead-onobamacares-costs. It portends Radical Changes in Healthcare Delivery, as Obamacare is Mortgaging Tomorrows 'Hope' for Todays 'Change'; it will allow government to perform force home inspections and impose price controls and limit payments to providers. As a result, a doctors-practice-closing and it is predicted that Obamacare will deal a death blow to one-doctor clinics. The Political Import has yet to be experienced, but The Obamacare Question That Has nervous Dems Terrified [with just 191 days until the Nov. 4 midterm elections] is "Where is the $2500 in health insurance savings President Obama and Democrats promised me?" Dems are scrambling to find an effective answer, as The Upshots batch of new polls of key Senate races suggest that Democrats do continue to have a serious Obamacare problem. The problem is nationwide: 27-senate-democrats-who-lied-to-americans-about-keeping-their-health-plans-underobamacare PRO-OBAMACARE OHIO GOP CAMPAIGNS ON STANDING UP TO OBAMACARE Dem on ObamaCare: Worst Yet to Come...'Going to Hit the Fan' Gov. Mary Fallin, Rep. Jim Bridenstine blast health-care reform law - Both dismiss the reform law's effects on improving access to health care. Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch conceded that future mandates will only make the healthcare law less sustainable and more unpopular. Major Flip-Floppage on ObamaCare From Rep. Gary Peters in MI Senate Race Pro-Obamacare Ohio GOP Campaigns on Standing Up to Obamacare CANDIDATE TO HAMMER OREGON'S FAILED OBAMACARE EXCHANGE Independent Voters Back Anti-Obamacare Candidates By 25 Points senate-democrats are hiding their previous support for Obamacare on-their-campaign-websites, per the Huffington Post; the majority of the 20 websites of Democrats running for Senate [including Three who are current members of the House] are hiding a law that was passed by the Democrats with 100% of Democrats voting in favor of it. False Promises are being debunked, from Obama [Krauthammer said, regarding Savings, Obama "Makes This Stuff Up With The Brazenness That Is Almost Admirable" and BHO falsely claimed that, in the decade before the Affordable Care Act, employer-based insurance rose almost 8% a year but, last year, it grew at half that rate], Pelosi [taken apart by David Gregory on false ObamaCare promises] and Wasserman Schultz's [Big Fat Obamacare Lie and her claim that there is NO 'GLARING' PROBLEM WITH OBAMACARE]. Obamacares-biggest-whopper is still to be exposed, the tightening hold the federal government will have over your doctor, even if youre paying with private insurance. Obama said youre not going to have anybody getting in between you and your doctor in your decision making. It was a lie from day one, just like the presidents other sales pitches. Doctors salaries will be determined by the government.

Quote Gems from Rush Limbaugh "The Democrats are trying to change the definition of terms and change the discussion for upcoming elections because they're trying to convince Republicans that Obamacare is not a winning issue for them. And some Republicans are stupidly going along with it." "You remember all those times you heard 'if you just eat your fruits and vegetables,' that you'll ward off cancer, and you'll ward off diabetes. It was bogus! It was dead wrong. It was a wild guess. They didn't know." " '2.7 Million Obamacare Enrollees Still Unaccounted For.' How can this be? I thought they told us they reached their seven million figure." "Remember all the news about how grilled beef, grilled hamburger, was filled with carcinogens? BS. Totally bogus. The research isn't there. It was just as big a hoax as all this climatology business is." "The human suffering that occurs in communism and socialism knows no comparison. The suffering that occurs in capitalism can't even make a dent. Now, of course free markets create unequal results. Sorry, folks. That's what freedom does." "What does inequality of income mean? Has there ever been equality of income? The Pilgrims tried it. It's right there in Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, my first ever children's book. Didn't work. True story." "It's really hard for people to imagine deafness. They can't self-create it. You can imagine being blind by closing your eyes. You can imagine being paralyzed by not being able to walk. But you can't turn off your ears." "The biggest change in the last 20 years is the left now being braggadociously open about who they are and what they want. They are fascists. They don't have any desire for debate. They want to stifle and end dissent. They don't want anybody disagreeing. Anybody that does is going to be done away with or dispatched or what have you." "However bad Obamacare is now, you don't have the slightest idea how bad it's going to be when it really gets fully implemented."