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Humbled By Homelessness

By Rashanda Ravenel

Homelessness in America
Homelessness is a major problem in the U.S. According to 2012 Annual Homelessness Assesment

were homeless in a Shelter

Homeless Population
1:129 are a minority 1:156 are veterans 1:159 are men 1:207 are adults 1:220 are children 1:289 are women The U.S. needs to do a better job at caring for citizens!!!

Homeless Youth
Homeless youth are dealing with normal transitional struggles from adolescence to adulthood in addition to:
Lack of financial support Very limited if any psychological support for healthy mental development Increased exposure to crime and violence All this leads to increase in mental disabilities

Triggers and Predictors of Homelessness

There are no clear cut factors Complex series of events in addition to the effect they have on an individual lead to homelessness 1 Major predictor
Frequent moves during childhood (Parental Instability)
Inability to make and keep strong connections Isolation and insecurity results

Homeless Afflictions

More likely to try to cope with problems through alcoholism and substance abuse
Used to numb emotional pain, physical pain and try to cope with anxiety from long history of homelessness and situations leading up to becoming homeless

High rates of mental illness due to traumatic circumstances Lower life expectancy

America Needs to make a Major Shift

Too many are homeless with no help! America needs to focus more attention on problems going on here instead of oversees Many people ignore homeless issues when they are not faced with them personally If we help homeless individuals it will help the economy as a whole Fight Homelessness!!! It could happen to You!!

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