Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking
Identification of the substance or preparation: Synonyms: CAS no. EC index No. EINECS No. RTECS No. none : : : : N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. Reference NFPA code Molecular weight Formula : : : : POL/1001 N.D. N.A. N.A.

1.2 1.3

Use of the substance or the preparation: Polyolefin based hot-melt adhesives and mastics Company/undertaking identification: TYCO ADHESIVES Nieuwlandlaan B15 B-3200 Aarschot Tel. : +32 477 57 28 88 Fax : +32 16 55 36 74 Telephone number for emergency: +32 14 58 45 45 Brandweerinformatiecentrum voor gevaarlijke stoffen (B.I.G.) Technische Schoolstraat 43A, B-2440 Geel



Composition/information on ingredients
- Tape based on polyolefins and butyl rubber - Product contains no hazardous ingredients


Hazards identification
- No hazard classification in accordance with EC-directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC

4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4

First aid measures
Eye contact: - Treat as an inert foreign object Skin contact: - Not applicable After inhalation: - Not applicable After ingestion: - Not applicable


Fire-fighting measures
Suitable extinguishing media: - Water - Polyvalent foam - Carbon dioxide Unsuitable extinguishing media: - No data available


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11-2002 Brandweerinformatiecentrum voor Gevaarlijke Stoffen vzw (BIG) Technische Schoolstraat 43 A, B-2440 Geel +32 14 58 45 47 http://www.big.be E-mail: info@big.be 04-07-2001 BIG\35910GB Directive 2001/58/EC Revision date Revision number : : 03-06-2002 001


MSDS established Reference number Reason for revision

: : :

D.3/10.POLYKEN TAPE 5.Breakthrough time: N.2 Personal protection: Printing date : 11-2002 .2.1 7.Not applicable 8.Not applicable Methods for cleaning up: .3.Pick-up the material 7.2.D.1 6.1 Exposure controls/Personal protection Exposure limit values: .3 Accidental release measures Personal protection/precautions: see heading 8.to avoid : no data available °C kg days 7. 2/6 8.Not required for normal conditions of use hand protection: .Refer to Tyco Adhesives product installation instructions 8.Not applicable Sampling methods: .Not required for normal conditions of use Suitable materials: Not applicable .Upon combustion CO and CO2 are formed Instructions: .2 Handling and storage Handling: .1 8.3 Environmental precautions: .4 5. Materials for packaging : .Observe normal hygiene standards Storage: .1 8.5 Special exposure hazards: .Not required for normal conditions of use Environmental exposure controls: see heading 13 respiratory protection: .suitable : no data available .Not applicable Special protective equipment for firefighters: .3 5. 8. 6.3.3 8.3 Specific uses: .Meet the legal requirements Storage temperature : < 50 Quantity limits : N. 7.2 8.1/8.2 Exposure controls: Occupational exposure controls: . Storage life : N.Heat/fire exposure: compressed air/oxygen apparatus .D.Protective clothing for exposure to chemicals 6.2 6.

D.Upon combustion CO and CO2 are formed 11. N. N.POLYKEN TAPE 8.D.D. N. N.1 Physical and chemical properties General information: Appearance (at 20°C) Odour Colour : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Tape Rubbery odour Black. 1.3 Other information: Melting point/melting range Auto-ignition point Saturation concentration 10. N.D.3 8.D.3.1 Insoluble N.D.4 eye protection: . white backing N.Stable under normal conditions 10. N.D. : N.3 Hazardous decomposition products: .D.Keep away from: no data available 10.3. N. N. : N.D. Toxicological information 11.1 Conditions to avoid/reactivity: .D.D.2 Important health.Not required for normal conditions of use skin protection: . 9. grey.1 Acute toxicity: POLYKEN TAPE LD50 LD50 LD50 LC50 LC50 oral rat dermal rat dermal rabbit inhalation rat inhalation rat : : : : : N.D. safety and environmental information: pH value Boiling point/boiling range Flashpoint Explosion limits Vapour pressure (at 20°C) Vapour pressure (at 50°C) Relative density (at 20°C) Water solubility Soluble in Relative vapour density Viscosity Partition coëfficient n-octanol/water Evaporation rate ratio to butyl acetate ratio to ether °C °C vol% ( hPa hPa °C) Pa. N. N. mg/kg mg/kg mg/kg mg/l/4 h ppm/4 h Printing date : 11-2002 3/6 .D. grey. 9. Stability and reactivity 10.Not required for normal conditions of use Suitable materials: Not applicable 9.D.D.s : N.D. : N.D. : N. N.2 Materials to avoid: .D. Black.D. °C °C 3 g/m 9.D. red adhesive. N.

Effect on waste water purification : Not dangerous for the ozone layer (1999/45/EC) : no data available : no data available 13.Waste material code (75/442/EEC.BCF : N.Greenhouse effect .4 Acute effects/symptoms: .1 Provisions relating to waste: .J. Council Decision 2001/118/EC.Remove to an authorized waste treatment plant Printing date : 11-2002 4/6 .biodegradation BOD5 .D. EC muta.4 Bioaccumulative potential: .None known 11.D.5 Chronic effects: .POLYKEN TAPE 11.2 Mobility: . days % ThOD : T ½: 12. Carcinogenicity Carcinogenicity Carcinogenicity Carcinogenicity (TLV) (MAC) (VME) (GWBB) : not listed : not listed : not listed : : : : not not not not listed listed listed listed Carcinogenicity (MAK) Mutagenicity (MAK) Teratogenicity (MAK) IARC classification 11. cat.Volatile organic compounds (VOC): N.D. N.WGK : N. Ecological information 12. .D.D. cat.Effect on the ozone layer . . O.water . 12. cat.Insoluble in water For other physicochemical properties see heading 9 12. .N.D.soil : : N.None known : not listed : not listed : not listed : not listed none 12. Disposal considerations 13.D.3 Routes of exposure: 11.log Pow : N.5 Other adverse effects: . . L47 of 16/2/2001): 08 04 99 (wastes not otherwise specified) 13.2 Disposal methods: . EC repr.1 Ecotoxicity: No data available 12.2 Chronic toxicity: POLYKEN TAPE EC carc.3 Persistence and degradability: .

POLYKEN TAPE 13.3 Packaging/Container: .1 Classification of the substance in compliance with UN Recommendations UN number : CLASS : SUB RISKS : PACKING : PROPER SHIPPING NAME : 14.4 ADNR (transport by inland waterways) CLASS PACKING DANGER LABEL TANKS DANGER LABEL PACKAGES 14.3 RID (transport by rail) CLASS PACKING DANGER LABEL TANKS DANGER LABEL PACKAGES 14.5 IMDG (maritime transport) CLASS SUB RISKS PACKING MFAG EMS MARINE POLLUTANT 14. Transport information 14.2 ADR (transport by road) CLASS PACKING DANGER LABEL TANKS DANGER LABEL PACKAGES 14.7 Special precautions in connection with transport : NOT SUBJECT : : : : : : : : NOT SUBJECT : : : : NOT SUBJECT : : : : : : NOT SUBJECT : : : : : not restricted for any mode of international transport Printing date : 11-2002 5/6 .6 ICAO (air transport) CLASS SUB RISKS PACKING PACKING INSTRUCTIONS PASSENGER AIRCRAFT PACKING INSTRUCTIONS CARGO AIRCRAFT 14.No data available 14.

and (b) to preparations within the scope of Directive 91/414/EEC or Directive 98/8/EC as from 30 July 2004. In no case will Tyco Adhesives be liable for any incidental.The Netherlands 2002 VME : Valeurs limites de Moyenne d’Exposition . indirect or consequential damages arising out of the sale. Exposure limits: TLV : Threshold Limit Value . This Directive replaces Directive 88/379/EEC of 7 June 1988.directive 2000/39/EC Printing date : 11-2002 6/6 .United Kingdom 1999 MEL : Maximum Exposure Limits . Users are advised to ensure that this information is brought to the attention of all employees.D. published in the Official Journal of the European Communities L 200 of 30/07/1999. Other information Users are advised that they may have additional disclosure obligations under other national and local laws. N.ACGIH USA 2002 OES : Occupational Exposure Standards . agents. published in the Official Journal of the European Communities L 187 of 16/07/1988. or the information contained herein. Users of Tyco Adhesives products should make their own evaluation to determine the suitability of each such product for the specific application and to establish safe handling and installation procedures. regulations and administrative provisions referred to in article 22 of this Directive: (a) to preparations not within the scope of Directive 91/414/EEC or Directive 98/8/EC as from 30 July 2002. Tyco Adhesives obligations shall be only as set forth in Tyco Adhesives standard terms and conditions of sale for this product.Germany 2001 MAC : Maximale aanvaarde concentratie .A. Distributors of this product are advised to forward this document.United Kingdom 1999 MAK : Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen . N. and contractors handling this product. use or misuse of this product. Regulatory information Classification according to directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC (**: see heading 16) NOT APPLICABLE 16.France 1999 GWBB : Grenswaarde beroepsmatige blootstelling .Belgium 2002 GWK : Grenswaarde kortstondige blootstelling . Tyco Adhesives makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of this information and disclaims any liability in connection with its use.POLYKEN TAPE 15. * = = = NOT APPLICABLE NOT DETERMINED INTERNAL CLASSIFICATION (**) Labelling: The labelling of the substance described in this MSDS complies with the provisions of Directive 1999/45/EC of 31 May 2001. to every purchaser of this product. resale.Belgium 2002 EC : Indicative occupational exposure limit values . Member States shall apply the laws.Germany 2001 TRK : Technische Richtkonzentrationen .France 1999 VLE : Valeurs limites d’Exposition à court terme .

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