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Tina Xiong English 1102 Muesings 4 February 2014 This I believe My family and I are Hmong. We are a people with no land, just deep beliefs in who we are and in our language. The Hmong people was first announced to the world during the Vietnam War, where we comprised with the Americans and they promised to shelter us and bring us to the new world. But that promise was broken and the Americans left my people war torn and stuck in shelters ranging from Thailand to China. As I grew older, I began to realize the importance of my culture and my people. I believe that I hold no resentment to the Americans for what they did to my people because what is in the past is in the past. General Vang Pao was the Hmong peoples biggest leader and it was sad to see a great father and leader go. He was one of the biggest asset to the Americans since he was the one who represented us during the war and now, into the present. His three main missions were to 1) stop the flow of the North Vietnamese troops through the Ho Chi Minh Trail into Laos on their way to attack South Vietnam, 2) rescue any American pilots during the Vietnam War, and 3) protect the Americans that navigated the B-52s and the jets to bomb North Vietnam. For fourteen hard years, he saved thousands of Americans during the war. I believe that another leader shall rise from the Hmong

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people and help lead us to another victory a victory where our people shall unite as one community again. During my years in JROTC, I learned to treasure our country and appreciate our soldiers. The United States of America was founded as a free country and countless lives have been lost during the many wars in history in order to keep this freedom. We have the freedom of speech, religion and much more through our Bill of Rights that many soldiers have realized is what makes us a great country. Families have been separated and a mom, dad, brother, or sister has been lost through a death of honor. I have a grandpa whom I never met because of the Vietnam War. Even worse, my mother never knew her dad, but she understood what he stood for when he left to war. They fight for our freedom. I believe that freedom should not be forgotten and we should honor our soldiers and give them thanks when they return. Growing up, I did not have the best characters. I would lie and sometimes steal. I did not know the concept of freedom or even who I was as a person. In an attempt to find myself, I joined a great organization in high school that built and deeply rooted patriotism in me for my country and for the Hmong people. They taught me how to make the right decisions in my life. I also recently joined a business organization that has taught me how to be a woman of character. To have standards, faith in all that I do, and a great mindset that will lead me to success. I would not be the person I am today without my mentorship from my mentors. My beliefs have made me become a person of integrity. I believe I am a woman of character and I believe in my abilities to become a great person who will influence people one day.