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World government
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International Organization for Standardization (IOS) International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) World Safety Organization (WSO)

norms & standards


Pirate Parties International political international of the Pirate Party movement. The party strives to reform laws regarding copyright and patents. The agenda also includes support for a strengthening of the right to privacy


Creative Commons

euro-north Northern Dimension External policies covering Nordic countries, Baltic states and Russia.

The Global System of Trade Preferences among Developing Countries (GSTP) is a preferential trade GSTP agreement signed on 13 April 1988 with the aim of increasing trade between developing countries in the framework of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Its entry into force was on 19 April 1989.

Black Sea Economic Cooperation Council (BSEC)


U.S.Hong Kong Business Council U.S.-China Business Council U.S.-Russia Business Council


Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan Its six full members account for 60% of the land mass of Eurasia and its population is a quarter of the world's. Eurasian Economic Community (EEC) CIS free trade area Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Moldova.

GA LIL EO GLONASS Russian Global GL ON Navigation Satellite AS S System with full global coverage.




House National Security Committee Senate Armed Services Committee usa

Anti-Defama tion League Zionist organization of America World zionist organization Organisation of the Islamic Conference

International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium




Baltic Free Trade Area

EFTA Surveillance Authority

Trilateral offices The European Patent Office (EPO), the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) handle the majority of the world's patent applications

Trilateral Offices


EPO International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants


World Intellectual Property Organization




AntiCounterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)

Licensing Executives Society

NC CNNC NCU China Foreign CFETS IT Warren usa MHI KHI IA ER National SCR usaTC 100 RP usa Barksdale 168 minuteman CC chi Exchange Trade ICNC LESI Security D usa A TF jap Foreign Corrupt APEC Basel II jap jap AR System (CFETS) Clearing House Agency usa PA Kirtland Practices Act Indonesia Veritas Interbank Payments FCPA Whiteman Counter-Terrorism JFCC FICPI (FCPA) NS Defense KEPCO System (CHIPS) CHIPS fr Japan Task Force Mossad Russia Network Pantex Intellectual Property usa A Clandestine isr Iran, North Korea Mexico CHIPS is the main privately D European Smart Mitsubishi Heavy 59,000 Defense CS Special kor Euroclear Attorneys Warfare JDIA INKS Finnegan, u Union Service (DCS) sa and Syria Bank for Internat. held clearing house for Clear India AIPPI Minot & Biggar employees NPA Industries Industries SC Henderson, Collection Service Worlds largest (JFCC-NW) Dropmire South Saudi International stream SGS S.A. Partnership AIPPI France GID Nonproliferation 1264 W78, W80, B61 & B83 Settlements (BIS) large-value transactions in S Royal Defense usa et al (2012) Korea Arabia uk DI jord international Association Central Intelligence (USA) Atomic Energy International Association usa Agreement C usa sw Germany gb A Act Sets public debt clearing the United States, settling Inst. of Intelligence I Joint Task Forceusa RIIA central securities G7 Italy for the Protection of Agency Secret surveillance WORLD usaA Agency CSIS (TPSEP) South FATCA standards. well over US$1 trillion a Intern. Agency Global Network US-Japan Industry BANK IFSEC Intellectual Property Africa U.S. 79,268 depository. programme aimed MT Trans-Pacific IAEA International Foreign Basel Committee on day in around 250,000 Affairs (RIIA) Air Force Intelligence, National Operations (JTF-GNO) turk Rosatom Forum for Security United employees Special AF Wilmer at surveillance of U.S. Partnership (TPP) USA NG US IMF Turkey Framework for Account Tax Banking Supervision interbank payments. I Surveillance Cutler GeospatialS Shiga USSO Regulatory body of the Russian CME R States (2012) operation Cooperation A Japan foreign embassies u Strategic A uk Define the standard for ROSATOM usa Pickering International usa UK sa European Joint Information Nuclear Energy Compliance Act (BCBS) Swap & Reconnaissance Agency Intelligence COM STRAT Command nuclear complex. Controls Intelligence Command IISS and diplomatic staff, Central economic integration in stream Institute Australia CFR COM Operations Cooperation (IFNEC) Committee of banking usa jap Agency Canada russ By 2010 high-frequency I nuclear power holding Bank N Community (IC) Trilaterale BilderAsia. The TPP is an SC Extrajudicial including those of for Strategic groupe Argentina Davos Commission Warfare International partnership supervisory authorities CME X trading accounted Army Intelligence Atomenergoprom, nuclear NR usa OM National berg NATO allies. Globex important component killing Studies China of Thirty Russia Command to promote the use of US U.S. etra for over 70% of equity and Security Command USSTRAT usa O weapons companies, research US China Reconnaissance Disposition of the US strategy of Brazil Lenz & groupe A (JIOWC) nuclear power TRANS Transportation trades in the US. COM institutes and nuclear and G30 G10 WNA Office nuclear Matrix (USA) Returning to Asia, and Staehelin DNI of Ten COM Command G20 In 2010,algorithmic and radiation safety agencies.. Electronic World Nuclear club Blueprint for Atomen one of its major USA sw high-frequency trading Association (WNA) trading Defense ergoprom tracking, capturing, France incentives is to contain European JFCC - Integrated US Council for was estimated to make up Turquoise Unified International partnership UK rendering, or killing Chinas rise. russ derivative IFNEC U.S. Securities and Missile Defense (JFCC-IMD International 56% of equity trades in the US to promote the use of Combatant ABCA Armies ECHELON suspected enemies Office of Terrorism and TF Council of trading Exchange Business (USCIB) Scoach US and 38% in Europe I NORTH nuclear power. WNA u O global system for the Commands interoperability and of the US s Financial Intelligence Economic CEA N GOVERNANCE a platform Office Commission (SEC) membership base of over US (Tabb Group) COM usa I members are responsible Director of standardization of interception of private government. usa (Department of the Treasury) Advisers (CEA) OF SOVEREIGN DEBTS JFCC - Space of Naval The U.S. Treasury CIB 300 multinational companies, for 95% of the world's National WANO and commercial training and Utah I (JFCC-SPACE) Intelligence NR manages the U.S. debt Bureau of Intelligence nuclear power outside of law firms and business Intelligence (DNI) equipment between communications Federal Deposit Data u sa world's largest manufacturer US Standard (among other things) OI and Research World's largest defense Transatlantic Office of Intelligence the U.S. USPA Commonwealth associations US the armies Insurance Center ICMA & Poor's Moody's Fitch PARIS Shanghai usaCI and distributor of psychiatric SOUTH through its Bureau of 3,600 budgets (in $ billions) Economic and Counterintelligence World Association of TEC COM CENT Corporation (FDIC) Treasury NSO CLUB USA Cooperation medications : Prozac is COM the Public Debt. The M employees Marine Corps nl USA+uk 773.0 Council (TEC) (Department of the Energy) Nuclear Operators World Bank COM Primary regulator of C WB Organisation prescribed to more than Canada Bureau has broken out SCO NSA usa IA Intelligence Activity DSD China 143.0 Direction of economic (WANO) 1,200 federally chartered thrift usa aus FED Office of Intelligence fifty-four million people the debt into two main I& Australia France+Germany 109 cooperation between employees North American Free institutions CSE A GCSB and Analysis China, Kazakhstan, International Capital usa worldwide. US US categories: can Russia 71.9 the United States and European nz New ON Trade Agreement (NAFTA) CAFTA Office of National Office of the 57,200 Australia, New Zealand, (Department of Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Market Association EU AFRI Prozac Intragovernmental SI CGHQ Japan 59.3 Union economies. u Zealand Security Intelligence Comptroller of the C s employees World United States Security a uk G ANZUS Homeland Security) Tajikistan, and (ICMA) (Zurich) Central American COM COM Methadone Holdings ($4.7 trillion) (SIPRI, 2011) usa I Europe's largest Currency (OCC) FAO WHO Health ESFS (European System ICMAs market Treaty (ANZUS) MI6 World Trade SEC FB Uzbekistan Globus II Eli Lilly Coast Guard UK Free Trade Agreement and Debt Held by the NAFTA American uk family-controlled Wallenberg Federal Bureau I 000 80, Primary regulator of Conseil de Organization u Cooperation on defence matters of Financial Supervisors) Organization s Intelligence conventions and standards a (CAFTA) Public ($10.7 trillion). Enterprise Astra family BRICS employees business empire of Investigation federally chartered thrift dfense de in the Pacific Ocean area supervision of the usa have been the pillars of graves WTO OCC Institute Zeneca through the holding (Department of Justice) World Food institutions Deutsche l'Amrique Free Trade CDS Unions financial system Codex Alim. the international debt Central American Fylingdales CA FT Codex Frankfurt uk company Investor AB Programme Brse Office of Financial usa du Sud Berlin+ usa Brist-Myers AlimentarIus collection of Lisbon WPF Aspen Area market for over 40 years. Common Market Stock CM AA FDIC (WFP) CNC sw Stability (OFS) (CDS) AEI Aspen COA Squibb 28 NATO SEACDT (Collective Glaxo Institute Exchange internationally of the (CACM) Thule EIO ES EBA Operate the Troubled General 85 Fin member countries Defense Treaty) SmithKline Institute recognized standards, TARP 97,389 Asian usa Americas European Banking PA MA SEACDT Kashiri usa OFS ASCI Red European Frankfurt Assets Relief Agreement meccanica GATS Andean Binds the U.S., France, Council of codes of practice, employees Development Authority (EBA) (FTAA) Euro Atlantic Food Safety NATO Stock uk Program (TARP) on Trade in Community Australia, New Zealand, International usa usa the Americas London guidelines and other Lender of Bank (ADB) ADB SI European Insurance Olenegorsk it Authority (EFSA) Partnership EAPC EUREX Exchange 13 Services Life Central American European Stock Bolivia, Colombia, CAN Pelerin Manhattan recommendations last resort E and Occupational USJ MDT Thailand, and the Philippines. CA Council (EAPC) One of the world's FS Sciences world's largest producer Clear Commission Raytheon (GATS) Exchange Integration System eur A BCE Ecuador, and Peru relating to foods, food Pensions Authority Institute multilateral forum influence largest trading of guided missiles International op to develop, engineer, European European Novartis (SICA) 15 production and food a usa 68,000 employees ED BAE (EIOPA) created to improve IAIB Basic Resident Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Association of Sandia centers for Pechora and test the non-nuclear Central Bank USK Defense e Mont Guatemala, El Salvador, Japan In Systems safety. Manhattan uro A European Securities National TSCP relations between Islamic Banks dia Registers Department of Security between the United States securities. MDT JFC ch Transglobal Secure components of nuclear weapons. (ECB) Agency Pelerin VoronezhLekhtusi Cobra dane pa Institute Honduras, Nicaragua, Laboratories Finance and Markets (IAIB) JAPAN NATO and Network UK Telecommunicatio and Japan SIX Swiss EUREX Collaboration Baranovichi Monetary Institute RAPEX Rapid Exchange USA Japan SGP Costa Rica,Belize and Corporation Lockheed Authority (ESMA) ESM Korea European non-NATO countries national registry of ns (DoT) Mutual Exchange One of the world's Saudi Arabian Program (TSCP) Trilateral Security policy SAMA E Banco of Information DoT Martin Exchange Works in the field of Panama (JFC) Intelligence eu IA in Europe and those Japanese citizens Monetary Johnson Operate the Central Defense Treaty IADB del Sur Roche leading derivatives framework of policies and Dialogue (TSD) rop System securities legislation and ESM (European Authority TSD Security dialogue between between Agency parts of Asia on the & Johnson Monitoring System usa exchanges. mechanisms to enable secure Sea based XBR DCRI a ch USA & Korea regulation to improve the Stability Mechanism) (in project) European periphery. (CMS) through the BoJ EADS fr collaboration across multiple USA, Australia and Japan Financial Arab countries Inter-American usa United Launch functioning of financial Permanent rescue funding DRM Telecom Enforcement jurisdictions to counter Chinas rise. PhRMA Services fr Development Bank Club de Berne Alliance (ULA) markets in Europe programme. Northrop fr Internat. Swaps Resource and FSA Arab India jap Cap Cod ZEN Gulf Sharing forum Agency (FSA) (IADB) an Grumman United States European Systemic SGP (Stability US-MEFTA US Monetary and Derivatives Monitoring (TERM). GIN GCC Cooperation Maine AMF between the London International Organisation for Joint Securities and Forces Japan AIVD Fund (AMF) Risk Board (ESRB) and Growth Pact) jap Berne Bahrain, Israel, Oman, MEFTA Association (ISDA) ISDA Procter Boeing usa New York belg National Institute Chicago Council Armament intelligence services nostradamus Financial Futures and largest pharmaceutical Takeda Works in the field of Agreement for the stability SESC Exchange Non25 35,688 U.S. DEFENSE NIDS of Defense Studies OCC Most credit default swaps Jordan, Morocco & Gamble 127 000 LIFFE AISE MBDA Mercantile Board Cooperation of the 27 states of Zengin Data company in Japan and Options Exchange (LIFFE) employees Aligned it Surveillance Council of military securities legislation of the Economic and (CDSs) use standard london AR Exchange of Trade 37 Greater Arab jap usa (OCCAR) facilitates and Eur the EU. The club is Telecommunication BND Asia Movement usa personnel Biggest futures exchange in Arab Monetary Union: (a) an Commission forms promulgated by Free Trade ge 37 manages collaborative NATGRID outside of the EU's DTCC System Economic annual budget deficit no CA GA Europe (for the trading of J Japan Defense ISDA. (SESC) CNI Area (GAFTA) armament programmes . japDA Non-Aligned institutions. Online network that sp Missile EU Unity Japan Self greater than 3% of GDP, a Agency future production of food FTA Depository Trust & n JSDF Bahrain, Egypt, Chicago biotech seed Merck Abbott Movement EU Intelligence EU trading of food manufacturer (CAEU) Defense Forces and (b) a national debt no links financial institutions AeroSpace and Thyssen commodities) Clearing Corporation Mercantile Iraq, Kuwait, IN companies As of August 2012, the Analysis nationwide future production Exchange T Krupp greater than 60% of GDP. Defence (DTCC) usa eur CE Lebanon, Libya, ASD organisation consists Centre (EU INTCEN) N 47% of the worldwide General Security of op worlds oldest and Industries CSCE Cocoa, Sugar and a usa Maintains the only "global ge CME Morocco, Oman, Irak of 120 member states, proprietary seed market. Military largest futures and World new york Association of WI Coffee Exchange electronic database for group Qatar, Saudi : estimations including the non-UN Information European Union options market Coalition Islamic Forum EU EF Europe (ASD) 3 Pfizer virtually all CDS contracts (CSCE) Arabia, Sudan, 151,000 violent Iraqi death for Space member state of Agreement Europe Satellite ISF eur SC Economic Internat. Seed outstanding in the GSMIA (WHO) 2006 op and 2003 between 26 Syria, Tunisia, and Exploration a Palestine. (GSMIA) Centre (EUSC) Safran Forum Federation Mitsubishi usa marketplace." 176,000189,000 violent iraqi death the United Arab ESA Thales Japan-Australia Fidelity Commodity Chemical (WIEF) and 2013 ( Primary dealers purchase the vast between2003 ESA European fr Emirates The US federal price Yale Joint Declaration Markets (FMR Corp) Bayer Natwest CMC 4,488 american death since 2003 majority of the U.S. Treasury Seed Association Lloyds jap Worlds first OuterSpace JADSC on Security Tudor fr tag for the Iraq war Dow Agro President of the United Council Treaty 2 ( Investment securities (T-bills, T-notes, and usa pesticide producer uk including an estimate Sciences Cooperation States : FORD, BUSH sr, (CMC) usa usa T-bonds) sold at auction, and uk Skull for veterans' medical & DuPont/Pioneer (JADSC) usa uk CLINTON, BUSH jr, Outer Space resell them to the public. The and Moon 2.0 (Google Hi-Bred disability costs into the Capital Yale Afghanistan & Pakistan Reinhard Treaty Candidate for Bones primary dealers form a worldwide 252 1 Mohn Lunar X Prize) future is about $2.2 estimations : usa Group USA Syngenta the presidency : network that distributes new U.S. Anglo Louis 140,0000 violent iraqi death space competition to trillion dollars. The International Moon 7 usa government debt. LIEBERMAN, DEAN Hirsch American Dreyfus between2001 and 2013 ( usa land a robot on the Andr cost for both Iraq and BASF 2.0 Institute of Largest advertising Harvard IISL Princeton Dentsu Primary FCG Hakuhodo Yomiuri Family Family NSA : John Desmarais 2,229 american death since 2003 uk Moon largest public pension Afghanistan/Pakistan is worlds leading Space Law conglomerate firm Indonesia and Malaysia, controls 85 jap dealer USA USA jap Jap US militaro Jap Legal & 90,000 NEGROPONTE 70 usa fund in the United going to be close to $4 merchandiser of Monsanto (IISL) in Japan % of the worlds crude palm oil US Commodity IS Primary Royal General Four U.S. banks account for more CalPERS employees 30 CIA : Porter GOSS entertainment States R trillion, not including cotton and rice : Nova 229 Windsor Bank of (CPO) output and 40 % of the i Group Lagardre CFTC Futures Trading dealer nd O than 90% of credit derivative trading usa Ruppert Chandrayaan-1 News corp Big three usa International UNO : John Scotia Canada future interest costs on 8 per cent share of 30 Commodity Citigroup Grand External ia Ineos swf 20th Worlds largest natural rubber production. Indonesia Murdoch Commission complex Warner Bro usa Bank and holdings, with JPMorgan Chase as Louis Lunar orbit explorer. Century Fox CA borrowing for the wars Thailands rice DANFORTH, John 18 Largest pension Propaganda Futures fr 2 chemical company is the world's third largest carbon (CFTC) uk Usa swf Cargill hollywoodism usa the largest participant by far (OCC Dreyfus worlds largest uk usa usa Bunge uk ( exports(the fund in the world Strategy BOLTON Sinopec Modernization Act emitter Family Indian Space Abu Dhabi Quarterly Report on Bank Trading seed company CFMA Saatchi 152,000 hectares fr worlds leading Satish Research (1% of global equity Chinese government Franklin Investment Bohemian (CFMA) Dow & Saatchi Pension and Derivatives Activity, 2012) usa (23% of of global proprietary Goldman of oil palm plantations Organisation Dhawan chi exporter) Authority club markets). Largest propaganda project to Fund Time Resources Mac Millan Pest management BBDO Change 2,2 REUTERS abu d seed market) AFP Bertelsman in Malaysia Space Sachs Primary ABCD Touchstone Motion Picture of Norway stock owner in "Seize the initiative, gain world's USA 6 Family Warner usa Producer of the agent orange TBWA 1, 2, 3 5 usa Producer of the agent orange Norw Centre and 83,000 hectares IOI Group Wharton Jet Stanford Common dealer traders Berkeley Association of usa MPAA Europe the right to speak largest media Luna-Glob usa Fr Uk DDB during Vietnam war) Ge Lunar orbit during Vietnam war) Propulsion Creative india Chicago in Indonesia. Publicis Fund for information America R&D collaboration USA USA USA conglomerate usa Lunar orbit explorer. malaysia Lab Cargill Commons explorers handles Omnicom 30,000 swf bursonCommodities Globex oligopoly Mercantile JP Morgan (MPAA) world's biggest CC State 25% of global marsteller MPAA employees Marvel represents the six Lucas Film advertising group Exchange Chase Associated fr usa palm oil trade. 737 top shareholders have the potential to control Rate Xichang APG Street Baikonur Plesetsk Liberty usa Disney Commercial big Hollywood Enfopol GNU General usa usa R&D collaboration 130,000 employees Kuwait Press ADM is the Invest. Satellite CASC 80% of all the transnational corporations value. Cosmo Cosmo usa Media Roundtable on 142, 000 employees Spaceflight usa Investment Public License Goddard studios Massive eavesdropping system drome Launch These top shareholders are mostly financial worlds largest Archer Daniels drome nl Federation Iranian Authority usa Sustainable Palm Oil GNU usa china Space CFC usa Midland (ADM) 1 capable of intercepting all mobile 4,8 3rd 10 Center 21 Deutsche 40 Kuwait WPC institutions in the US and UK. The 146 top players in usa processor of 1,2 Oil Flight (RSPO) Russia MIT MSU Polytech Tokyo Univ International IPG WPP group Young & Baron swf Oxford china Bank ABCD control 90 per cent phone calls, Internet Russia usa KC Group Goldman Sachs the core representing just .024% of all the nodes ? Center cocoa beans Rubicam The RSPO is a multi-stakeholder John Bourse Iranian oil bourse USA russia Fr (India) Jap of the global grain trade 51 communications, fax messages and RSPO UK CN Universal USA Malone 4 studied have the ability to control about 40% of 1,3 usa certification system for palm oil. uk uk GSCI Commodity Index Merrill 100 pictures World Pensions Barclays Owner (Oxfam, Cereal pagers throughout Europe. Temasek Kuala Lumpur 16 transnational corporations value. chi SA Government swf Comcast 2,3 usa OLAM 6,2 world's largest (Singapore) Kaguya/Selene Kepong na Lynch Council (WPC) Roberts of Singapore 3 of secrets, 2012) 102 000 Cassidy Suedzucker Sources comme from a list of 43060 TNCs identified 33 85 Open MAINWAY Family NIOC open JPMorgan Sony National Iranian Oil Lunar orbit explorer. Chicago 890308 employees (2010) uk 250,000 hectares world's largest mal usa sing according to the OECD definition, taken from a London Cores source hardware Singap CNOOC 9 Database containing metadata usa usa Qatar Chase Boot Company (NIOC) WPP group Includes two of the worlds Dwayne leading Largest lunar mission The Iranian Oil Bourse hectares ge School of Malaysias third-largest Paramount plantation operator community sample of about 30 million economic actors contained Investment jap School of FELDA CocaCola for hundreds of billions of iran Cambridge Andreas swf CMS (India) pictures Economics Includes three of the top 5 media planning and AIG since the Apollo nbc Palm oil 16 jurisdiction 5,7 Japan palm oil producer 150,000 establish a Petrobourse Authority China National Space Business china (811,140 hectares in the Orbis 2007 database (The network of global swf 1 16 telephone calls made through usa clandestine mass electronic malaysia Internat. worlds top full service buying companies: UK registered users Administration Trustee Qatar program Commodity IndeX cartel for hedge funds as a fourth oil market, usa usa uk of oil palms) corporate control (2011), Stefania Vitali, James B. Lunar AIG Viacom ATT & Verizon. (2012) largest trader of palm oil BAHAMAS surveillance program agency networks: J. Walter MindShare and Services Network Patton Hong Kong Colombia denominated not Wilmar Glattfelder and Stefano Battiston, Chair of Systems Redstone Raizen SAMA R Kuok XKeyscore (USA) Mediaedge:cia (fifth worlds 235,000 hectares Boggs Monetary Thompson, Ogilvy & Bank family Shell Metro 50 60 Mellon usa exclusively by US dollar International Foreign Family rusSA CITY (LONDON) Design) swf Authority Tanegashima usa 35 usa Schlumberger Gold. Mayer Pinwale (USA) of palm oil operations Br owns 10 percent or Mather and Y&R largest media agency Administration AKB48 sia Holdings McDonald's Hewlett HK 500,000 hectares but by the Iranian rial, Financial 50 Space usa British Petroleum, Microsoft world's leading NSA database of archived foreign network). Sing Owns 573,400 hectares more of the shares in saudi A Advertising, as well as Red (Japanese idol International world's largest commodities Burger King (planted areas) Center Packard and business schools usa the euro and other Sime second largest N through its China Telemundo usa PC manufacturer Primary and domestic e-mails 70 companies : 10% ISLE OF MAN Cell. Includes three of the girl group) Space Station 19 jap trading company, with a 2010 A 900,000 hectares KFC usa Invest. major currencies. renewable energy Darby dealer Nutrition division, mtv Inter-Alpha usa PRISM (USA) of Europes largest worlds top 10 PR 162,000 people Br usaSA (land bank) (ISS) AKS Dentsu ? global market share of 60 Corp. Cosan 12 CDO malaysia 1 2 Glencore company in the world JKT48 120,000 is the largest feed Mass electronic surveillance Group of Banks Fluor rsinsurance companies Burson china Beverage percent in the internationally jap Office 48 ? GERSEY 104,000 Acer producer in Europe. people T Rowe corp. data mining program CBS company, Munich Re; Marsteller, Hill and Br sw Partners world's second largest tradeable zinc market, 50 Wall Mart Carrefour Institute of JA Dell employees Apple Worlds largest producer Japan Sony Price 28% of Germanys Knowlton and Ogilvy Public processor and marketer of percent in the internationally Deutsche Taiw International usa Aerospace 3 usa 4 jap XA Music of sugar and alcohol Royal Facebook fr largest company, Relations Worldwide. usa chicken, beef, and pork. Worlds tradeable copper market, 38% in a jap Exploration Bank Finance (IIF) Bank of n usa Sor 600,000 hectares of land usa gulf Daimler usa Scotland Agency Federal largest meat producer. Every aluminium, 28% in coal, 45% in UMP Worlds only global ini Agro worlds second CDU IDU ge YouTube Exxon General Coop European People's C Tesco Lidl Benz, etc. Seiyu Lenovo uk week, its 54 chicken Tyson Foods Communications lead market fr SA ge association of financial GUERNESEY Indon largest producer CB&I Sugar & usa Mills c Fifty percent of Brazils Council Party (EPP) a Intel nad 50,000 Warner one of the 'big Group concentration camps, 13 beef 190 000 employees EPP Commission (FCC) institutions. Universal HONG KONG Asia Pacific usa Largest party in the European sugarcane is used to ethanol uk ge china Music a of sorbitol Ariane three' Vivendi usa BERMUDA eur Music usa people plants, and six pork plants usa Democrat Bank of Office of Information Parliament since 1999 usa space F produce ethanol (52% of production world's Schule CC Ayudhya usa recording Centre usa Union (APDU) PdL HOLY SEE E Institut slaughter and package 42.5 International u Schloss Activities (OIA) S Nordea the world ethanol Santander second-largest s Canadian Space fr IDU euro Google e A a companies Spatial Yahoo! it Harrow Mitsubishi u Le Rosey Eton Democrat Union (IDU) Commerz million chickens, 170,938 cattle, Salem r Agency op CAYMAN ISL. (former OSI) market in 2006) GOP personal Shell Thai Espirito usa OA BP Amoco usa Guyanais SW Kin'ykai E bank Santelisa center-right international a O uk uk ge sw and 347,891 pigs. 350,000 EMI Congregation usa I Jap Roman santo computer vendor Vale second largest alliance of conservative, ge (Friday club) fr usaA PEC people Curia Bureau of International 22 115,000 employees (2012) EDU The UK and Channel usa for the usa Es Republican Nestl Christian democratic and ethanol company usa European World's largest food eur 41 Information Programs Saudi Islands is the world's International Br Doctrine of Bit Valley OPEP Party KMT liberal-conservative political ESOC Space Kin' in the world BCP and nutrition company Space Aramco second largest hub Skype the Faith II Operations Principal international china CDF parties. ykai CB CEP s eur University Mitsubishi uk usaP Centre ING with $1.8 trillion usa Congregation 54 members strategic communications Fr Callebaut saud OPEP Kuomintang UFJ under management for Bishops ne service for the foreign Taiw Global Greens Singapore is tipped NYMEX DPJ 75 Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Conference of jap at the end of 2011, usa uk affairs community. Global Congregation World Summit on the Mars Recon93 full member jap Pepsi Iraq, Kowet, Libya, Nigeria, (oil internet International CICO Qatar Greens Primary SINGAPORE to overtake 9 followed by the Unilever Silicon Island naissance Cola for the WSIS Information Society parties Switzerland to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Petroleum Assigned Mars Catholic bourse) 125 dealer uk Orbiter (MRO) Caribbean and Evangelization (WSIS) Society become the largest Fisher-Price Arab Emirates, Venezuela world's largest Numbers usa Organizations Primary nl 57 Panama with $800 Daihatsu 150 million of Peoples qat global offshore wealth Barbie dolls Rainforest producer of tea. Crdit Authority Nordic dealer Cameroon Intercontinental million (CNN). NG lay people 46 CDO Ind IANA (IANA) Action Network International agricole Nissan center in terms of Controls 20% of Green Left Mars One is a LA Exchange HSBC fr Mars Kuwait hitachi ICA Telecommunication ECA Abu internet Liberal assets by 2020 the worlds market Alliance not-for-profit (oil One BNP Jardine Zooniverse Bengalore s Petroleum uk NN World Evangelical Hasbro Mattel CITIC Dhabi Oil Union corp. for International (LI) Paribas (corporatewatch) 6 full member ADM, Cargill and organization whose goal RAN Matheson bourse) Cte Mizuho Alliance (WEA) 68,000 NNN Furukawa Switzerland The ITU coordinates the fr assigned names Political international hong kong hong kong 171 000 parties is ELDRP ku WCA usa usa dIvoire Callebaut are the 100 international ITU abu Financial Green WEP people WEA finance $2.8 trillion in assets shared global use of the radio BBVA & numbers federation for liberal political CDO 14 253,983 employees main buyers in to establish a human peace eur organizations for 600 ISOC Isr under management, or jap spectrum, promotes EBF (ICANN) parties. people Cameroon and Cote settlement on Mars. World Ecological million evangelical E ALDE Zooniverse The NAM News The three current oil SWITZERLAND 34% of the global private international cooperation in 104 members FCC Christians dIvoire. Parties (WEP) Crdit Network of human volunteers to Fair Network (NNN) is a 62,379 people markers are all US Silicon Wadi Ghana banking industry assigning satellite orbits European Smithfield Chicago EDP Ghana Hutchison Wharf 13 member parties internet suisse complete research tasks. Operated by the world's largest pork Li Ka Foods, Inc. dollar denominated: news agency established Trade Banking Climate Alliance of Liberals and 50 eur Fribourg Digimon State owned production. s Bandai Society Citizen Science Alliance. Shing producer and processor : hong kong hong kong North America's West Sumitomo by countries of the Group Exchange Democrats for Europe European Cocoa Family 43 600 000 families depend usa matsushita 70 Primary 850,000 volunteers (2013) 12 millions pork by year Mitsui REL Texas Intermediate World Socialist Non-Aligned Movement jap (ALDE) WSM Association (ECA) LDP on cocoa in Ghana. World Wide Web USA dealer Financial IAL 46,000 employees (2012) Uni NEC crude (WTI), North Sea Movement (WSM) ABN WC3 to disseminate news European jap World Cocoa Consortium (W3C) jap control over cocoa 38 credito Amro Marxist world view Brent Crude, and the Liberal Climate European Liberal which is not prejudicial Foundation (WCF) Silicon Valley LI LUXEMBURG (73% of world production) it Brazil's largest multinational JBS ne Dragon Ball Z world's third-largest Network for Wheelock UAE Dubai Crude. Clean Development Exchange Democrat and Reform Federation of to the third-world Contigroup food processing company Latin Socialist International NOMURA producer of toys EU, US, and Japan account for Sega Sammy Mechanism (CDM) hong kong Party (ELDRP) Cocoa Commerce SI America countries. 14 Br 125,000 employees (2012) Oxfam Holdings (SI) 76 percent of world cocoa (FCC) Joint Implementation (JI) CHINA ICBC The CDM is one of the uk jap USA jap worldwide association of Alliance consumption. Industrial and Commercial Joint implementation (JI) is one BIG FOUR flexibility mechanisms defined European Democratic of political parties. 160 member Callebaut, Archer Daniels Bank of China (ICBC) of three flexibility mechanisms Toyota Democrats in the Kyoto Protocol (IPCC, Party (EDP) Hello Kitty parties Midland (ADM) and Cargill, are JI set out in the Kyoto Protocol to Agricultural Bank 2007) that provides for ABC of China responsible for grinding over 38 Sanrio China Construction Bank help countries with binding Bank of emissions reduction projects Nintendo Arab Alliance for One of the worlds largest cattle world's largest video WSF percent of the worlds cocoa (CCB) on greenhouse gas emissions China (ABC) jap which generate Certified DP EDP CALD Freedom and Democracy feed suppliers, the sixth largest Via jap game company production targets (so-called Annex I usa eur asia Emission Reduction units which (AAFD) poultry producer in the United CDM may CampePokmon countries) meet their be traded in emissions CCB States and the coun-trys largest sina Democratic European Council of obligations. trading schemes integrated pork producer. Party, Democratic Asian Liberals Party and Democrats (December 2003 IntraFish)

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European Free Trade Association (EFTA) ASEAN Liechtenstein, Iceland, Japan EFTA European euroNorway and Comprehensi Economic Area (EEA) east Switzerland ve Economic member states of the Partnership Eastern Partnership European Union (EU), European The Eastern Partnership except Croatia,Iceland, EMIR Market EEA consists of the post-Soviet EaP Liechtenstein and Norway Infrastructure states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Regulation Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, economic NATO (EMIR) U.S.Japan Ukraine and the European (internal market between the US and EU) Business Union. Transatlantic Council European Round Business U.S.-Korea ERT TBC Table of Council (TBC) euroBusiness Industrialists Council center Transatlantic Policy (ERT) TPN BCTT Network (TPN) Business Korea-US Central European Coalition for FreeTrade Free Trade Transatlantic Agreement Agreement CE Trade (BCTT) TAP Albania, Bosnia and FTA Transatlantic Herzegovina, Partnership (TAP) Macedonia, Moldova, Trans-Atlantic TAFTA Montenegro and Free Trade Serbia Agreement (TAFTA) bel euroBruegel mediterranee U.S. Business USBC Union for the EU Coalition Mediterranean MED UfM FTA Multilateral partnership of 43 countries from Euro-Mediterranean Europe and the free trade area Mediterranean Basin


ASEANChina Free Trade Area (ACFTA)


Large Hadron Collider (LHC) world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP)



ASEAN Free Trade Area Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore , Thailand. Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar ,Cambodia Committee for the Abolition of the Third World Debt (CADTM) CADTMs specific focus is the Third World Debt and its aim is to achieve the cancellation of the external public debt in third world countries

Black programs

BRAIN Initiative

LHC (sw)

[T]he deputy IG [Inspector General] at the Pentagon admitted that $4.4 trillion in adjustments to the Pentagon's books had Wolrd Jewish Congress to be cooked to compile the required financial statements and that $1.1 trillion of that amount could not be supported by reliable information. In other words, more than $1 trillion was simply gone and no one can be sure of when, where or to whom the money went. (San Francisco Chronicle (May 18, 2003) Joint Unconventional JUW Warfare Task Force TF Project Avocado provides unprecedented military powers to U.S. operational commanders to conduct unconventional warfare throughout the world.

Bnai Brith


Counterinsurgency & peace keeping (Europa)

Foreign Affairs Council Political and Security Committee PSC Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) European Union Military Committee (EUMC)

Vinnell Corp

Dyn corp

Women from Fukushima Against Nukes

European Security and Defence College





European External Action Service (EEAS)

CE eur POL op a EU RO eur PO op L a


R ron oso e bo rus xpor sia t


Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organization National Network of Parents to Protect Children from Radiation

Federation of Electric Power companies

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Nihon Keizai Shimbun



Network on European NETS and Transatlantic Security


Euro atlantic

South Asian Free Trade Area SA (SAFTA) Bangladesh, Bhutan, FTA KORUS FTA India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka Closer TPP Economic CER Relations (CER) Free trade TPSEP agreement between New Trans-Pacific Zealand and Australia Strategic Economic



Free Trade Area APEC of the Asia Pacific (FTAAP) free trade agreement among the 21 APEC economies. ASEAN

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Allen & Overy works with US regulators on the implementation of final OTC derivatives rules under the Dodd-Frank Act

g l o bal U S trade p o l i ci es

Internat. Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Freshfields Bruckhaus Brings together the Clifford Deringer world's insurance International Chance supervisors Monetary Fund and regulators. IMF Intervene to prevent Allen International anticipated defaults Magic & Overy Organization of circle JOINT FORUM OF Securities Linklaters INTERNATIONAL Commissions (IOSCO) FINANCIAL REGULATORS Slaughter Regulate the worlds and May securities IOS IA BC CO IS BS and futures markets. BIS Financial Stability Board (FSB) USA Monitors and makes Rhodes Global Rhodes recommendations about FSB Advisors the global financial system.

law firms


Federal Reserve Wire Network, Fedwire Electronically transfer funds between more than 9,289 participants. 2009 figures show a value of 631 trillion SIPS dollars in transfers FEDWIRE originated in Fedwire. Shanghai Clearing House (SHCH)


Arab League

European Police College (CEPOL) law enforcement agency


National Nanotech. Initiative (NNI)



Interbank Financial Telecom System

Bank of Japan Financial Network System Foreign Exchange Yen Clearing System

Bangor NB Kitsap Malmstrom 535 W62 & W78 Nellis Europe 400 B61
Ramstein (germany)
Aviano (Italia)

China International Payment System (CIPS)



internat. capital standards

Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System SIPS (TARGET) TARGET2 Central bank payment system. Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system owned and Eur operated by the Eurosystem. clear


Lakenheath Nrvenich Kleine Brogel Volkel Ghedi Bchel Torre (germany) (germany) (germany) (germany) (germany) (Italia)

Arab League Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates,Yemen Arab Maghreb Union Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia

Military nuclear bases

Kings Bay 1364 Trident & W80

National Committee on United States China Relations (NCUSCR) Encourages the idea that Sino-American relations serve vital American and world interests.

SORM (Russia) Monitoring of any communication, electronic or traditional, by eight state agencies, without warrant. GhostNet (China) Large-scale cyber spying operation against embassies, foreign ministries and other government offices

Private intelligence
Booz Allen Hamilton ? usa

US clandestine prisons

Schengen Area Group of 26 European countries that have abolished passport and immigration Kroll Inc. controls at their common borders ? usa Kroll Inc. world's leading risk and security consultancy


The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security JFKSWC WHINSE Cooperation (WHINSE) usa usa John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI) Collect and share reports of suspicious activity by people in the United States. SAR Trans-Saharan NSI Counterterrorism Initiative (TSCTI) TSCTI

Nuclear Fuel Indus.



Japan Atomic Industrial Forum Japan Atomic Energy Agency 456 000 people


NSC Safety

JA jap EA an

Mitsubishi Heavy Ind.


Nuclear Com.


Construction of nuclear power plants and Nuclear research projects



Bharat Electronics


Hindustan Aeronautics



INDECT Schenghen Information observation, searching System and detection in urban environment National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Central Responsible for Security national and international Service counterterrorism and counter-insurgency efforts


Estimated number of prisons operated by the U.S. and/or its allies to house alleged terrorist suspects since 2001 : 100 prisons.

CS usa S

International Center on Nonviolent Conflicts (ICNC) has been heavily involved in the new Postmodern Coups via nonviolent tactics. The Albert Einstein Institute specializes in "nonviolence as a form of warfare."


323,540 people

RAN International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) world's largest experimental tokamak nuclear fusion reactor
IT chiER na I ruT R ssE ia I E koT reaR IT ind ER ia
Amis de la Terre

China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA) can produce nine tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium annually, or enough to construct up to 2,000 bombs
Rokkasho reprocessing facility

CAEA china

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) combines military nuclear weapons production with civilian production

4E euF rop a

nuclearo industrial complex





World Energy Council

C fra EA nce


World american economic order

rating firms

worlds financial governance


Euro atlantic

worlds strategic governance


militaro industrial complex

EDF world's largest producer of electricity. 58 active nuclear reactors. Nuclear Command Authority (India) Command ands control of the Indias nuclear weapons programme Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Network of 52 laboratories which are engaged in developing defence technologies Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) 21 nuclear reactors (2012) Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately one-half of the world's operating nuclear plants. Processes 1,600 metric tons Uranium (MTU) per year. Westinghouse usa


NCA india Indo-US civilian nuclear DR agreement D

ind O ia



Think tanks

US Early Warning System

Russian Early Warning System



Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has over 350 members in 17 NPCIL countries : companies that ind operate nuclear power plants, design and engineering firms, fuel suppliers and service BHAVINI companies, .

Pacific surveillance database


food norms & standards

food commodities market

Arab countries

world's derivatives exchanges

US defense contractors

The six reactors in the 2011 Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant catastrophe had been designed by General Electric . Processes 1,200 metric tons Uranium (MTU) per year.

(General electric) usa



GE Hitachi


Berkeley Lab

United States
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

joint venture

Livermore Lab





Los Alamos Lab

General Atomics
IBM Blue Gene/P





Idaho Lab

NRC usa

Oak Ridge Lab

USA Brookhaven Lab

Babcock &Wilcox


City of London

United States


public relations

space research

defense contractors



usa WWI

Pension fund


tax heavens

lobbying firms

news agencies


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food processors

Weston family

Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods world's second-largest producer of both sugar and baker's yeast

worlds messages


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religious power


global co mmodities

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world food government


Hong Kong The Hongs




worlds production of consent

worlds production of desire


worlds medium



world meat

World Social Forum

American scientist