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the name for innovation.

Innovative waste and recycling containers

a bin is
the name for innovation.

a bin right?
Just a box for waste, something to take for granted, nothing more than a feint backdrop to an urban white noise. And do you know what? That’s just fine by us. We think that bins should blend in.
People don’t need to know that the bin they have just put their rubbish or recycling in conforms to international standards, is hot dip galvanised, and will typically last for over 10 years. We’re pretty certain that providing it’s there when they need it, they won’t realise that it’s made in Britain, by the world’s leading manufacturer of steel bins or that there’s a million or so of them dotted around the globe. And as they walk away, they’ll no doubt be blissfully unaware of the importance that bin has on it’s owner, operator or collector, nor will they realise that the aesthetic design, paint colour and logos has just helped them to segregate and dispose of their waste properly But we are. We know that for you, a bin is a critical element in your operation, an investment that needs cast-iron reliability, durability and efficiency. We know too that a poorly designed bin can have a hugely negative impact on your budget and reputation. Most of all, we know that to you, a bin is so much more than simply a bin.

welcome to

The award winning Taylor TM Continental TM

knowing where we’ve been helps us to understand where we need to go
In the summer of 1962, The Rolling Stones made their stage debut at London’s Marquee Club opening for blues singer Long John Baldry. Around the same time, 150 miles north west of London in the heart of the English countryside, Mr Egbert H Taylor wheeled out his first his first, hot dip galvanised steel waste bin. Over 45 years on and both the Stones and Taylor are still going strong, our collective durability brought about by sticking to doing what we know best but evolving and innovating to remain relevant to the time. Taylor have seen the waste industry change dramatically over the years, moving from a logistical operation of “collectbury-or-burn” to the intensive resource management it is today, accompanied by new and ever increasing legislation. Bins have emerged from behind buildings to become highly visible, aesthetic items, designed by leading urban designers, requiring attractive paintwork and logos. The efficiency with which Taylor have faced these changes and challenges is renowned across the industry so, unlike the Rolling Stones, our customers can get Satisfaction (and we can paint them black too).

Old fashions, old products. Taylor products from the past, now obsolete in the UK.

standing still is not an option
Prototypes undergo extremely rigorous testing and we work with customers in understanding how our products stand up to life in the real world. Our engineers work with all leading bin lift and vehicle manufacturers to ensure total integration and the safe handling of bins. In 1965, three years after the founding of Taylor, Porsche launched their legendary 911 sports car, a model that’s still going strong to this day, its longevity gained as a result of absolute dedication to research and development. Taylor deploys the same level of commitment to its own R&D programmes ensuring we are using optimum manufacturing techniques, materials and design. We’re unique in having our own, highly advanced R&D division. Using cuttingedge technology and equipment, our technicians have the freedom to develop new products and options that exceed all current and future requirements. Taylor’s commitment to R&D is clear with over 1 million Taylor Continental bins now in active use across the world.

the name for innovation.

the name for innovation.

Taylor Cow Bins; Helping to increase recycling by 61%. Appealing, not appalling!

Powder Paint Coating the galvanised bin in any colour, logo designs and application are part of public communication and culture change within waste and recycling.

Innovation One of the areas that has seen Taylor emerge as a stand-out company in 21st century waste management is our innovative approach to waste containment – another benefit to our commitment to Research and Development. Legislation, public perception, urban landscaping, regeneration and many other influences are already controlling the way in which you operate. Our sustainable, innovative solutions for waste and recycling containment are helping Architects, Developers, Housing Associations and Planners meet the new Code for Sustainable Homes and the PPS10, PPS12 and Section 106 Guidelines The most important of these challenges is to increase public participation in recycling and transform attitudes to waste. Taylor strongly believe that innovation is the key process that will enable waste management to tackle the challenges it faces in the short, medium and long term.

Taylor Intelligence A recent addition to our Research and Development activities is “Taylor Intelligence”. Launched in 2007, its aim is to help bring more vision to the containment end of the waste industry, the point at which the public first interacts with the waste industry and which is critical to the success of all downstream waste treatment infrastructure. The principal aim of Taylor Intelligence is to keep us one step ahead but we also take our findings to government to represent the interests of our customers.

made in britain, exceptionally well
Taylor take great pride in manufacturing your bins, in our own factory, in the UK. We know you place great value on the long-term durability of our products and we can only be 100% sure of delivering this when we make them ourselves. Our machinery is the best available and cutting edge. Our facilities are managed with peerless precision and we invest to ensure continuous improvement through measurement and a focus on robust business processes. Taylor’s bespoke management information system allows detailed information on production, delivery and much more besides, to be produced and sent to customers at the touch of a button. Whether you order a single bin or 50,000, you benefit from a highly flexible manufacturing facility, exceptional supply chain, delivery chain and risk management along with a total commitment to quality, service and support at the best possible value. When you buy a Taylor bin, you are buying from the company that designed it, made it and delivered it. All Taylor bins are certified by Lloyds British to the EN 840 and EN 14803 standards.
We don’t just conform to standards, we help write them. Taylor was one of the original authors of the EN 840 (Bin), EN 1501 (Bin Lift/ Refuse Vehicle) and EN 14803 (Bin Chipping/Data) standards and houses one of just a handful of the EN840 testing facilities worldwide.

ISO 9001 (2008)

ISO 14001

Taylor are proud to be an Investor in People. We place great emphasise on the well being and motivation of our staff, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years.

the name for innovation.

delivery is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship
Taylor products are designed to work in exceptionally harsh environments all around the globe, so we freeze, set fire and crash them to ensure they can withstand the worst the world can throw at them. Highly durable they may be but indestructible they are not. We are working on this and until we reach that goal, we provide comprehensive repair and refurbishment services. As well as being a health and safety risk, damaged and visually degraded bins discourage public use, add unpredictable costs and interruptions to the collection operation and project a poor corporate image. Refurbishment For cost effective bin fleet management, Taylor’s bin refurbishment service will increase the life of your steel bins making your investment stretch further. Our wide range of paint and lid colours along with our custom graphic logo options means that your containers can be rebuilt as good as new. We can even change their function to suit your need; from general waste to recycling, or from segregated to comingled recycling. Spares Taylor’s spares service offers original Taylor parts that ensure our products remain as effective after years of service as on the day they were first delivered. We offer an express service for stock items meaning that your containers are not out of action for longer than is absolutely necessary. On-site service Containers with minor damage can be repaired on the spot efficiently and costeffectively via Taylor’s nation wide network of on-site services engineers.

the name for innovation.

the name for innovation.

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Innovative waste and recycling containers
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