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MOBILE : E-Mail : +91 9791026346

Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in an organization that offers professional gro th hile being resour!eful" inno#ati#e and fle$ible%

Degree C# A I$%tit&tio$ !$i'er%it( & & & & B.E.COM !TER SCIE"CE A"D E"#I"EERI"# '200()2012* 6%3 +e ,rin!e Shri -ha#ani .ollege /f 0ngineering 1nd 2e!hnology% 1nna 3ni#ersity )I#)ER SECO"DAR* '200(* 645 Shri 6enkatesh ara higher se!ondary s!hool% State board% SECO"DAR* SC)OOL LEAVI"# CERTI-ICATE '2006* 745 .orporation higher se!ondary s!hool% State board%

Co&r%e & er.of Mar+% & I$%tit&tio$ & Boar, & Co&r%e er.of Mar+ I$%tit&tio$ Boar, & & & &

Com.a$( & /"S #lo0al Ser'ice% De%ig$atio$ & 7raduate 2rainee)82 *ear & 1st 1ug 2013 to 2ill 9ate Role% a$, Re%.o$%i0ilitie%: ) 89 .reation 9eletion and :aintenan!e ) ;1.< ids in :ainframe ) 89 .reation 9eletion and :aintenan!e in 1!ti#e dire!tory ) 7ranting permissions on :ainframe and 1!ti#e 9ire!tory as re=uested by users ) ;eset and resume pass ord for user a!!ount in :ainframe and 1!ti#e 9ire!tory% ) >orking on .hange and 8n!idents based upon S?1 using the ti!keting tool @ 1ssyst #6% ) ;e#oking and ;esuming users through ;1.< and .onne!ting end user .8.S and #arious appli!ations to ;1.< 89As based on the appli!ationBa!!ess re=uired% ) ;esol#ing 0s!alated issuesB=ueries by using remote assistan!e and .itri$ :anagement .onsole ) S?1 based ;e=uest handling%

TESTI"# .ourse in CS,890; 2esting 8nstitute%

0$!ellent Dno ledge in & MA"!AL TESTI"# E "ET/OR2I"#. ,rogramming language & C3C4. /perating system & >indo s 5 " >indo s 6 7 8%

6ery good kno ledge of Soft9are De'$t Life C(cle:SDLC; and Soft9are Te%ti$g Life C(cle:STLC;. 7ood Dno ledge of /hite Bo< Te%ti$g and Blac+ Bo< Te%ti$g. -&$ctio$al Te%ti$g on ea!h and e#ery !omponent of an appli!ation% 7ood understanding o$ S(%tem Te%ti$g hether end feature is orking or not% 2horough Dno ledge on A,-hoc Te%ti$g and erforma$ce Te%ti$g% Dno ledge in Te%t la$3 Te%t Ca%e3 Te%t Ca%e Re'ie9 Tem.late.

3nderstands of operating systems" >indo s 2000B+2BF, !onfiguration options and troubleshooting 7ood kno ledge in net ork !onne!ti#ity troubleshooting% 3nderstands of TC =I " 9ial)up" 2oken ;ing" 0thernet" ?1+B>1+% 1bility to identify basi! hard are parts and a are of basi! hard are !on!epts%


-i$al Seme%ter ro>ect a% art of the B.E C&rric&l&m% ro>ect Title& G1961+.09 -/2+02 8:,?0:0+2128/+ 8+ ,2, 1;.H820.23;0 3S8+7 0+.;I,28/+ ,;/.0SSJ De%cri.tio$:2he proKe!t offers a fool proof solution to the net ork se!urity by 1% 8mparting better en!ryption pro!ess% 2% :ulti)ser#er net ork ar!hite!ture hinders the dete!tion of ser#er thereby pre#ents ha!king% 3% 3sage of ser#i!e ports enhan!es the net ork traffi! making the net ork more reliable% 4% 9e#eloping a dynami!ally operated sensor nodes to transfer !ontrols from ser#er to !lients !onsiderably redu!es the of the ser#ers% orkload

Date of Birth "atio$alit( Marital Stat&% #e$,er -ather?% "ame Domicile & & & & & & 14 9e!ember 1990 8ndian% Single% male% 0nglish" Sourashtra" 2amil% S%1%Santharam% +o% 41(2" Srini#asn ;oad" ;am +agar +orth" ,uzhuthi#akkam" .hennai" 2amil +adu" 8ndia% ,in& 600 091%

La$g&age% +$o9$ &

8 hereby de!lare that all the information furnished abo#e is !orre!t to the best of my kno ledge%

,?1.0& 9120 &

Iours 2ruly, ;1:L8%S%S