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In order to perform partition and format the Hard Disk, you must use the
Windows XP Setup program.
I recommend genuine copy of Windows XP Setup Bootable CD for
a) Turn on the Computer, but you will not see the desktop right away. While
you are waiting, the operating system is verifying the directory structure
of your startup volume etc.
b) Press “Delete” or “DEL” button to go directly to BIOS SETUP UTILITY.

Figure No. 1: The BIOS SETUP UTILITY will appear on the screen.

Figure No. 2: Select “Boot” menu.

Figure No. 3: Click on “Boot Device Priority”

Figure No. 4: Click on “1
Boot Device”

Figure No. 5: Select “CD/ DRW” to make 1
Boot Device. This is required to
boot up from this drive when you start the computer.

Figure No. 6: Press “F10” to Save and Exit. Click “OK” to save.
The computer will restart, then insert the Windows XP Setup CD into your CD
or DVD drive instantly.

Figure No. 7: Press “ENTER” when you see this message “Press any key to
boot CD….. “

Figure No. 8: The message will appear “Setup is inspecting your computer’s
hardware configuration …”

Figure No. 9: The message will appear “Windows XP Setup – Welcome to
Setup”. Press “ENTER” – Continue.

Figure No. 10: The message will appear “End-User Licence Agreement”.
Press “F8” – I agree

Figure No. 11: The message will appear “Windows XP Professional Setup”.
Press “Esc” - Don’t Repair
If you are installing Windows XP for the first time and you do not have
partition in your new hard disk, then go to Figure No. 17.

Figure No. 12: To delete the selected partition “C”, then Press “D”.
To Quit, Press “F3”.

Figure No. 13: To delete the this partition “C”, Press “ENTER”.
Press “Esc” -Cancel

Figure No. 14: To delete the this partition “C”, Press L.
Caution “All data on this partition will be lost”.
Press “Esc” - Cancel

Figure No. 15: Partition “C” is deleted and the list shows upartioned space.
If you wish to delete Partition “D” or any other Partitions, please follow Figures
12 to 14.

Figure No. 16: After deleting partition “C” and “D”, the list shows unpartioned

Figure No. 17: Total Hard disk capacity “9586” MB (The figure may vary in
different computers depending on the capacity).

Figure No. 18: Press “ENTER” – Create the new partition, and enter partition
size for Drive “C”.

Figure No. 19: Partition “C” is created having size “4503” MB.

Figure No. 20: Select partition “C” and Press “ENTER”. The Windows Setup
program will format the partition, and it will also install Windows XP
automatically. You need to follow the instructions to complete the installation
as shown on the screen during the installation period.

Figure No. 21: The message will appear “Please wait while Setup formats the
partition”. After 100% completion it will go to next screen.

Figure No. 22: The message will appear “Please wait while Setup examines
your disks. This may take several minutes depending on the size of the disks”.

Figure No. 23: The message will appear “Please wait while Setup copies files to
the Windows installation folders. This might take several minutes to

Figure No. 24: The message will appear “Please wait while Setup initalizes your
Windows XP configuration”.

Figure No. 25: The computer will reboot.

Figure No. 26: Setup will continue to install Windows XP (first page).

Figure No. 27: Setup is installing Windows XP.

Figure No. 28: The message will appear “Regional and Language Option”.
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 29: The message will appear “Personalize Your Software”.
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 30: The message will appear “Your Product Key”.
Type the Product Key from you CD and Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 31: The message will appear “Computer Name and Adminstrator
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 32: The message will appear “Modem Dialing Information”.
Select country “Bangladesh” and type area code “02”. Then, click on “Next”

Figure No. 33: The message will appear “Date and Time Settings”.
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 34: The installation will continue.

Figure No. 35: The message will appear “Networking Settings”.
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 36: The message will appear “Workgroup or Computer Domain”.
Click on “Next” button.

Figure No. 37: The installation will continue.

Figure No. 38: Finishing Installation.

Figure No. 39: Windows XP loading.

Figure No. 40: The message will appear “Display Settings”. Click “OK”.

Figure No. 41: The message will appear “Welcome”.

Figure No. 42: Desktop will appear. Once the Windows XP installation is
completed removes the Windows XP Setup Bootable CD.
Thank you.

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