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Systems Support Analyst participates in the implementation of new software releases into the pre-production and production elearning environments and supports multiple highly complex e-learning software/hardware ASP hosted systems. Support of these systems requires the ability to wor independently to investigate and resolve moderate to highly complex computer software and hardware problems. A Systems Support analyst must be able to apply nowledge of computer operating systems! networ management! and high-end infrastructure architecture. "n addition! the Systems Support Analyst is a member of a quic -response customer support team and wor s on pro#ects with extremely critical deadlines! and operates independently to troubleshoot hardware/software equipment problems! and to set up! install! configure! maintain! relocate! and/or repair a variety of computing and communications equipment! software and /or peripherals. $ill also be required to diagnose and test hardware! software and/or networ problems. %etwor problems may include internal &A% connections! ASP 'osting compartment! or customer connectivity problems. (nowledge of standard )isco networ s is required. (nowledge of *icrosoft/"ntel support is required. Server support and troubleshooting for web and database layers is required. Trac progress of wor in +ational )lear,uest! and ASP hosting vendor web based portal tic eting system. Strong customer service is required for this position. Previous call center experience is desirable. -xcellent interpersonal s ills! willingness to wor in a team environment! customer orientated. *ust possess the ability to wor in a fast-paced environment. *ust be a fast learner *aintains technical documentation and schematics for all production implementations.

People Skills
(Strong Customer support Professional Adept technical and non-technical communication Collaborative team member Proactive Comfortable with ambiguity and frequent change

Self-directed multi-tasker Creative problem solver Ability to see out necessary information and anticipate problems and issues $or with outside vendors! clients and internal teams to integrate different systems and capabilities into learning technology. Ability to understand and propose infrastructure architecture based on product requirements

Product Knowledge
"nstall and support database driven web applications. +esolve problems at client installation sites of web-based software applications. $or with outside vendors! clients! and internal development staff to integrate different systems and capabilities into learning technology. Solution Architecture ."nfrastructure/

Technical Skills
*icrosoft $in0 /0112 .*S)- preferred/ $or ing nowledge of )isco +outers! switches and )SS load balancers .))%A certifications a plus/ $or ing nowledge of ""S 3.1 $or ing nowledge of P) Anywhere $or ing nowledge of 4%S routing -xperience with other vendors learning products ! awareness of learning products industry standards. 5nderstanding of learning products and leadingedge web technologies. Proven proficiency and experience in more than one of the following areas6 'T*&! ASP! .%et! 7ava! )88! 9racle : or higher and S,& Server 0111 or higher. Assists with level 2 trouble tic ets $or s with development and ,A to implement new code releases to production and pre-production sites Assists customers with troubleshooting connectivity! configuration and bandwidth issues.