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Army and Air Force Exchange Privileges of Civil Air Patrol Members EXCHANGE SERVICE This regulation states the Army and Air Force Exchange privileges authorized Civil Air Patrol senior and cadet members by joint Air Force Regulation 147-14 and Army Regulation 60-20. These two regulations will be, referred to whenever it is necessary to quote the source of authority for exchange privileges since this CAP regulation is for information purposes only with regard to these privileges. 1. Privileges. The following privileges are accorded under the conditions specified and upon the presentation of the credentials stated: a. Civil Air Patrol cadets and senior members are authorized to purchase at any time articles of uniform which are authorized for wear by Civil Air Patrol directives. When purchasing articles of uniform, members will be identified by the official Civil Air Patrol membership card which must be current. b. Members of the Civil Air Patrol on an official CAP activity are authorized to purchase any exchange item, except for State tax-free items, at the exchange where occupying government quarters. To make purchases of other than uniform items, members will be identified by their Civil Air Patrol membership card, USAF transportation authorization or military support authorization, and evidence that they are occupying government quarters on a military installation. (Evidence of occupation of government quarters will usually be furnished by the billeting officer.) OFFICIAL

2. Abuse of Privileges. prohibited from:




a. Making purchases for unauthorized persons or purchasing for the purpose of making a sale, exchange, transfer or other disposition of exchange merchandise or services to unauthorized persons, whether or not for profit. (Customary gifts of a personal nature are permissible.) b. Using exchange merchandise or services in the conduct of any activity for the production of income. 3. Protection of Privileges. In order to protect the privileges which have been authorized, Civil Air Patrol members not occupying government quarters as described in paragraph 1b will not attempt to purchase items in base exchanges other than articles of uniform authorized for wear by CAP members or to use the services of base exchange activities. To avoid any embarrassment, CAP members seeking to make exchange purchases should contact the manager if a clerk or door checker questions their authorization to enter the base exchange or to make specific purchases. JOHN T. MASSINGALE, JR., Col, USAF Executive Director

ELIZABETH A. MASHBURN, Major, USAF Director of Administration SUMMARY OF CHANGES This revision eliminates the detailed listings of items authorized for purchase and authorized exchange activities and services since exchange privileges for CAP members have been extended to include all exchange purchase items and services excluding State tax-free items.

__________________ Supersedes CAPR 147-1, 9 September 1977. OPR: DPH Distribution: In accordance with CAPR 5-4.