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Cover Page

Dear Sir / Madam, I am applying for a senior position that accommodates my academic qualifications, diverse experience and expertise and managerial skills. I have enclosed with this letter a copy of my updated CV, which outlines my personal details, educational background and work experience.

From my CV you will note that I graduated from the UAE University in Jan 2003 with a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering with honors degree. I did GE Gas Turbine Program at GE Energy Learning Center in the United States in 2006. I pursued my master degree in programme (multi-project) and project management at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick in the UK, on parttime basis, and completed it in February 2013.

From my resume you can notice that I have a multi-field experience and expertise, and my background is a combination of engineering, operations management, and project management. I am looking forward to occupying a senior position that is relevant to these areas. Regards, Ali Saeed Ahmed Ismail Mobile (BHN): +973 39978070 (Main) Mobile (BHN): +973 38374717 Home (BHN): +973 17784022 e-mail addresses:

Curriculum Vitae Ali Saeed Ahmed Ismaeel Abdulaal

Postal Address: Bldg. No. 2062, Rd 153, Tubli 701, Kingdom of Bahrain Cell phone: +973-39978070 / 39149655 Home phone: +97317784022 Ali Ismail - Bahrain profiles | LinkedIn

1. Personal Information
First Name: Ali Surname: Ismaeel Nationality: Bahraini Date of Birth: October 02, 1979 City of Birth: Muharraq Country of Birth: Bahrain Martial Status: Married

2. Motivation
To obtain a senior position in multi-project management or operations management that accommodates my work experience and academic qualifications. To be a part of a reputed and well structured organization. To work within a multi-national and multi-cultural environment. To utilize my full potential and time for the employer efficiency and output improvements. To be a value-adding leader / manager significantly contributing to the employer development, positive changes and growth.

3. Education
Sep 2012 Mar 2013
Quantity Surveying Post Certification Bahrain Training Institute in partnership with Heriot-Watt University (UK) First Semester (SEP - NOV 2012) Contracts and Procurement: procurement routes / strategies + contracts: JCT, NEC3 and FIDIC. Construction Technology: Construction principles, concepts and procedures. Second Semester: (Jan - March 2013) Construction Financial Management. Quantity Surveying Financial Management.

MSc Modules 2009-2011

MSc in Program (Multi-project) and Project Management Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Applied Statistical Methods Project Planning, Management & Control Project Logistics & Operations Management Lean Principles & Application International Joint Ventures Strategic Marketing Management of Change Operations Strategy for Industry Supply chain management Managing the Multi-Project/Programme Environment Business and operations design Financial Analysis & Control Systems Research Methods

MSc Project (completed in Mar 2013, graduated in July 2013)

Assessment and Improvement of the Project Monitoring and Control (PMC) Processes within Bahrain- Based Construction Firms. A study on how to improve the project monitoring and control process, focusing on cost control implications, within the construction firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Gas Turbine Mechanical Program for professionals

GE Energy Learning Center, Albany, NY, USA Period: July 17 October 20, 2006.

BSc in Mechanical Engineering

UAE University, Mechanical Engineering Department GPA: 3.81 / 4.0 (second honor degree) Received: February 2003

B.Sc. Graduation Project

Subject: Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling Systems: Economical feasibility and technical applicability study. Applied on GE FR 5. Location: Al-Ain power plant, Al-Ain City, UAE Period: Jan 2002 - Jan 2003.

Secondary School Certificate

Isa Town Secondary School, Science Percentage Grade: 96.3 % Received: July 1997

4. Profile
Decisive decision maker. Can adapt to diverse situations, behavioral styles and attitudes. Can adopt to new standards, values and work culture. Can harmonize with others within diverse culture environment. Efficient communication and correspondence skills. Willing to finish diverse activities and assignment in short time and effective manner. Willing to go the extra mile to do things right and satisfactory. Always willing to improve my abilities and competency along with my team. Always inclined to create positive contribution to the work environment. Willing to dedicate my full potential and time to my work. Willing to travel up to 50 % + of job time.

5. Language Skills
Arabic: native language English: Excellent user

6. Computer Skills
Windows Operating System, MS Office, MS Outlook, Excel Data Analysis, MS Project, CAD, SPSS, and CS Photoshop.

7. Analytical Skills
Tackling lean problems Tackling quality issues Developing Operations Strategies Addressing operations issues Designing business processes Addressing project management issues Financial management Strategic Marketing

8. Industrial Training
Aug - Nov 2001, Bahrain Naonal Oil Company - Project Services Section Aug - Nov 2003, Mechanical Contacng & Services Company (MCSC)

9. Work Experience
Operations Management | Business Development Group of firms: Privately Owned Family Group Jan 2012 till present

Addressing and Looking after: Operations strategies. Business process design and re-design. Business deficiencies and weaknesses. Instability of performance of business. Disturbance of sales volume. Implementation of lean tools. Operational costs. Marketing strategies. Feasibility studies. Business plans and tactics. Repositioning businesses

Thermal performance engineer Company: GSIi1 / GE Energy Bahrain based Nov 2010 Dec 2011 Countries covered: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman. Activities Carefully reviewing the signed project contracts. Preparing thermal, emission and acoustic test procedures for the customers. Preparing instrumentation lists. Supervising Pre-test Readiness Report (PTRR) on site. Looking after the business correspondence with the project participants, i.e. technical leaders, service managers, project managers, site leads, project engineers, customers and third parties. Conducting pre- and post-meetings with the customers. Negotiating the test results with the customers, project engineers and technical leaders. Preparing test calculations. Making preliminary test reports and final reports. Looking after and documenting test considerations, deviations, results, etc. Ensuring full compliance with contractual terms and obligations. On-Site Training programs Manager (Full Time) Company: GSIi / GE - Energy Learning Centre Jan 2008 Mar 2010

Activities Leading and coordinating on-site training projects. Representing GE-ELC with enough visibility on site. Ensuring training delivery in compliance with all the contractual obligations. Ensuring training (modules) timely delivery and quality. Looking after the training materials, equipment and resources logistics issues.

GSIi: Granite Services International inc., GE Energy affiliate

Looking after the training facility setup and maintenance. Keeping the relevant parties updated on the program progress and up-to-date situation. Making weekly reports on the training progress and trainees performance. Looking after customer enquiries, needs, feedbacks and evaluation sheets. Ensuring continuation of assessment process, e.g. assignments, handouts, course end exams, on site identification of equipment tests, etc. Arranging for site visits to get the delegates familiar with the equipment being installed or at the warehouse in addition to the installation, commissioning and hand-over activities. Reviewing and monitoring the training program on a regular basis. Developing back-up proposals / plans, if unexpected changes took place. Teaching some technical subjects such as: GT Familiarization, GT fuel system, GT operations and GT mechanical systems Maintenance. Coordinating with balance of plant (BOP) suppliers to deliver technical training sessions on their equipment, i.e. hydrogen generation plants and CEMS. Looking after business correspondence. Issuing completion certificates as well as achievement reports up on completion of the entire training program. Looking after the related financial aspects and issues in coordination with GE financial dept. Handing over the training materials, equipment and machines to the customer, as stipulated in the contracts. Ensuring full compliance with the contractual terms and obligations. Preparing final reports.

Projects Mar 2009 Mar 2010 Site: Fares Power Plant (FPP) Project: Extension - Four GTs / 7FA Country: Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province Project Budget: US$ 4,700,000 Customer: Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Oct 2008 Mar 2009 Site: Qurayyah Combined Cycle Power Plant (QCCPP) Project: 15 GTs / 7FA (phase I) Country: Saudi Arabia, Eastern Province Project Budget: US$ 2,700,000 Customer: Saudi Electric Company (SEC)

Jan Jul 2008 Site: Riyadh PP8 Project: Extension III Project - Four GTs / 7FA Country: Saudi Arabia, Centre Region Project Budget: US$ 4,700,000 Customer: Saudi Electric Company (SEC) Field Engineer Mechanical Technical Advisor Company: GSIi / GE July 2005 Oct 2007 Countries covered: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE and Lebanon. Activities Supervising Major Overhaul (MO) activities, Hot Gas Bath (HGB) and Combustion Inspection (CI). Looking after business correspondence, on-site daily logs, project technical issues, and project progress. Conducting meetings with customers and project participants. Tracking daily and pending activities. Providing technical advisory to the site crew, i.e. supervisors and technicians. Looking after o-site human resources (manpower) issues. Looking after spare parts logistics and inventory. Scheduling the projects activities and resources. Ensuring full compliance with the contractual terms and obligations. Refrigeration & air conditioning instructor (Full Time) Ministry of Education - Technical education directorate / Bahrain Sheikh Khalifa Institute of Technology Sept 2004 June 2005

Activities Teaching refrigeration & air-conditioning courses. Preparing visuals and technical materials for the students and trainees. Contributing to the technical contest activities of the Directorate of Technical Education, Ministry of Education / Bahrain. Contributing to the preparation of Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning HNC program. Sales and Technical Support Engineer (Part-time) Reynaers Middle East (Aluminum Systems) Feb May 2005

Sales and Technical Support Engineer (Full time) Company: Installux-Gulf (Aluminum Systems) Jan Aug 2004 Activities Looking after technical aspects of Installux systems and profiles. Looking after business correspondence with customers, aluminum extruders, aluminum fabricators, and accessories suppliers. Quoting the new projects across the region. Following the ongoing projects. Fulfilling the customer orders swiftly and reliably. Contributing to the development of new profiles. Preparing technical drawings and schematics for customers, when required.

10. Interests
Joinery, interior and furnishing projects. Construction and real-estate related projects. Strategic marketing. Social media projects and online Ads magazines.

11. References: upon request