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Published: May 1, 2013 12:30 IST | Upda ed: May !, 2013 11:0" IST

The great land grab

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The Gujarat “development” model depends on acquiring, often forcibly, huge tracts of land and making them available at below market prices to industries, destroying village economy and fraternity. y !"#$ !%&'()!* +!&!,(!%&!%T! in Gujarat
S#$%TI SI&'#, he sa(pa)*h +, -aspa(a .illa/e i) 0ha.)a/a( dis (i* +, 'u1a(a , is a) a,,lue) ,a(2e(3 O) a) +(di)a(y day, he spe)ds 2+s +, his i2e shu li)/ be 4ee) 0ha.)a/a( +4) a)d he 10 he* a(es +, 2a)/+ /a(de)s +4)ed by his ,a2ily, s+( i)/ +u he l+/is i*s +, selli)/ his ,a(2 p(+du*e ,+( he bes p(i*e3 S +(i)/ he 2a)/+es, e2pl+yi)/ pe+ple + 4+(5 +) his ,ields, deali)/ 4i h (ade(s a)d 2iddle2e), a)d p(+2+ i)/ a)d 2+de()isi)/ a/(i*ul u(e i) his a(ea a(e s+2e +, he as5s ha *+)su2e 2+s +, his i2e3 The bes 67uali y %esa(, he l+*al 2a)/+ .a(ie y +, his (e/i+), is all e8p+( ed + he U)i ed S a es a)d Russia a)d + he( Eu(+pea) *+u) (ies3 $ he e)d +, he yea( he 2a5es a(+u)d Rs39 la5h ,(+2 his 2a)/+es3 Th+se 4h+ 4+(5 +) his ,ields +) *+) (a* ea() ab+u Rs33 la5h a))ually3 The sale +, .e/e ables, *ashe4 )u s a)d *+*+)u s h(+u/h he yea( helps Sha5 i Si)/h a)d his 4+(5e(s 2a5e s+2e e8 (a 2+)ey 4i h+u ++ 2u*h i).es 2e) +( 4+(53 #+4e.e(, i) he las ,e4 2+) hs, Sha5 i Si)/h has bee) busy p(epa(i)/ *+u( pape(s a)d h+ldi)/ publi* 2ee i)/s3 The p(+p+sed )u*lea( pla) i) he a(ea 4+uld )+ +)ly ea up 2+s +, his ,a(2s bu 4+uld (id he e) i(e (e/i+) +, i s a,,lue)*e3 %)+4) as he Mi hi.i(di &u*lea( E)e(/y P(+1e* , i 4ill be he bi//es )u*lea( pla) i) he *+u) (y 4i h a p(+p+sed *apa*i y +, ",000 M: a a) i)i ial p(+1e* ed *+s +, Rs3";,000 *(+(e3 #+4e.e(, i, he p(+1e* /+es h(+u/h, i 4ill di(e* ly a,,e* 1<,000 pe+ple i) 2; .illa/es3 M+(e ha) 13< la5h pe+ple i) 1<2 .illa/es i) he (e/i+) 4ill be i)di(e* ly a,,e* ed +4i)/ + he pla) =s p+ssible e).i(+)2e) al ha>a(ds3 ?a(2e(s i) his a(ea 4ill l+se hei( la)ds a)d a la(/e )u2be( +, la)dless lab+u(e(s 4ill l+se hei( e2pl+y2e) 3 The e) i(e e*+)+2y +, he a(ea depe)ds +) ,a(2i)/3 E.e(y+)e is i).+l.ed i) s+2e p(+*ess +( he + he( (ela i)/ + 2a)/+ a)d *+*+)u ,a(2i)/3 $)d i is ,+( his (eas+) ha Sha5 i Si)/h is )+ al+)e i) he s (u//le + (e ai) a/(i*ul u(al la)ds3 $ leas <,000 pe+ple ,(+2 he .illa/es i) he .i*i)i y ha.e bee) pa( +, he s (u//le e.e( si)*e he p(+1e* 4as a))+u)*ed i) 20103 The publi* hea(i)/ +) Ma(*h <, 2012, sa4 a 2assi.e u()+u by .illa/e(s 4ea(i)/ bla*5 ba)ds +) hei( heads, bu hey 4e(e de)ied a *ha)*e + spea5 a/ai)s he p(+1e* 3 :hile he )u*lea( pla) i sel, is a Ce) (al p(+1e* ,u)ded by &u*lea( P+4e( C+(p+(a i+) +, I)dia @ d, he (esp+)sibili y ,+( la)d a*7uisi i+), e).i(+)2e) al *lea(a)*es a)d + he( bu(eau*(a i* p(+*edu(es lies 4i h he &a(e)d(a M+di6led S a e /+.e()2e) 3 $* s a)d (eside) s +, he .illa/e *lai2 ha he 2a)da +(y E).i(+)2e) al I2pa* $ssess2e) AEI$B (ep+( p(epa(ed ,+( he p(+1e* has )+ bee) 2ade publi* despi e (epea ed (e7ues s3 The 'u1a(a /+.e()2e) has s a ed ha he a(ea is sa,e ,+( a )u*lea( p(+1e* a)d ha he la)d )eeded ,+( he p(+1e* is *lassi,ied as C4as ela)dD as i ,alls al+)/ he *+as li)e +, he 'ul, +, %ha2bha , (e)de(i)/ i ++ sali)e ,+( a/(i*ul u(e3 -ertile belt #+4e.e(, *+) (a(y + he S a e /+.e()2e) =s *lai2s, he a(ea is +)e +, he 2+s ,e( ile +)es i) 'u1a(a 3 M+s +, he la)d al+)/ he *+as li)e +, 'u1a(a is p(+ e* ed by li2es +)e 4alls ha abs+(b he sal ,(+2 he sea 4a e( a)d (elease pu(e a)d s4ee 4a e( i) he ad1+i)i)/ a(eas ,+( up + <0 5il+2e (es3 This phe)+2e)+) 2a5es he la)d al+)/ he *+as li)e s+ ,e( ile ha he ,a(2e(s +, he a(ea *+uld /+ ,+( i) e)si.e *(+ppi)/ h(ee i2es a yea(3 The /+.e()2e) has al4ays i/)+(ed su*h ,a* s3 I is be*ause +, su*h 4il,ul i/)+(a)*e ha he se*+)d6bi//es ship6b(ea5i)/ ya(d i) he 4+(ld, he ha>a(d+us i2pa* +, 4hi*h is ,ai(ly 4ell65)+4), 4as de.el+ped +)ly 4+ 5il+2e (es ,(+2 -aspa(a a)d Mi hi.i(di3 This *+((esp+)de) )+ i*ed bla*5 a)d b(+4) sea 4a e( h(+u/h+u he -aspa(a *+as as a (esul +, he ship6b(ea5i)/ ha 4as d+)e +.e( he las ;0 yea(s3 Sha5 i Si)/h a)d + he( .illa/e(s ,+(esee a *+2ple e *+llapse +, he (e/i+)=s e*+sys e2 a)d ha is 4hy he 2+.e2e) a/ai)s he )u*lea( p(+1e* a)d la)d a*7uisi i+) has bee) i) e)se3 #+4e.e(, he 'u1a(a /+.e()2e) i) he las 1< yea(s has )+ +)ly i/)+(ed su*h de2a)ds ,(+2 he pe+ple, bu als+ a* i.ely assis ed *+(p+(a e /ia) s i) des (+yi)/ e*+sys e2s i) he )a2e +, Ci)dus (ial /(+4 hD3 The spe*ial e*+)+2i* >+)e ASEEB a Mu)d(a i) he Ra)) +, %u *h, de.el+ped by he $da)i /(+up, is a) e8a2ple +, h+4 bu(eau*(a i* p(+*esses *a) be 2a)ipula ed + sui *+(p+(a e i) e(es s3 tor!/the-great-land-grab/article4"""1#1.ece$c %print


e bee) /i.+( . he Pe+ple=s U)i+) . he /+. pe+ple3 The &i(2a SEE i) Mahua is +)e su*h e8a2ple3 &i(2a 4as all+ ed 2"9 he* a(es + se up a *e2e) pla) .i(+)2e) al /(+ups +ld Frontline ha he M+di /+. . i 4as u)su**ess. 4+uld ship i s /++ds h(+u/h he p+( i 4+uld de. a)y4ay. . he 'IFC sh+uld ha.6 (u h3 :hile i) a(eas li5e Sa)a)d his /+.illa/e(s3 I) . i)*+2e3 O.e( Rs31. a) al(eady hal.elih++d by 2a5i)/ *+al .6hea( ed a)d i)*+2ple e la)d (e. a**+(di)/ + he a4a(e)ess le. 4he(e (eal es a e p(i*es ha. J< he* a(es +. a) +(/a)isa i+) 4+(5i)/ .e( ed i) + +ld6 e)u(e la)d i) /+.e(.e()2e) *a) a*7ui(e he 'au*ha( by payi)/ 30 pe( *e) 2+(e ha) he 2a(5e p(i*e3 :as ela)d is *lassi.+( i)dus (ial pu(p+ses3 Sa)a)d is se + be*+2e a) au +2+bile hub3 ?+ll+4i)/ he Ta as. la)d ha i /+ . he la)d a*7ui(ed 4as 'au*ha( la)d 4i h+u he pe(2issi+) +.ece$c %print 21-04-2014 .e l+s hei( s+u(*e +. he (ese(. he ?+(es Ri/h s $* .i*a) p+( i+) +.e he . besides a 2i)i)/ lease +) 2+(e ha) 3.ed +. sayi)/ ha i 4+uld /i. E).frontline. he 2"2 i)dus (ial es a es u)de( he 'IFC.i+u(al S*ie)*e Ce) (e.e u)i s i) . he i)dus (ial de.e) + bi/ *+(p+(a e /(+ups i)s ead +. #a(ya)a3 Ma)y . 4hi*h is 4hy a la(/e Cla)d ba)5D al(eady e8is sI 4+.el+p2e) has bee) a5i)/ pla*e +) a(id la)d al+)/ he *+as li)e.e( <"0 he* a(es he* a(es i) a(eas a*(+ss he *+as li)e i) 0ha. .industry ne/us http://www.. bi/ i)dus (ial p(+1e* s3 ?+( e8a2ple.e( he 2a(5e p(i*e3 I) he de.a*ili a e he e) (y +.000 pe+ple +. ab+u a la)d ba)5.+(2s +. 2a)/(+. la)d a*7uisi i+) .e()2e) .ully . bu he .a* u(e *e2e) a)d. is pa( ially (ue3 The 'IFC a*7ui(ed la)d i) he 1J90s .e( 1<.e()2e) 4as pa( +. he 'u1a(a I)dus (ial Fe.u)* i+) 4as + p(+2+ e s2all6 a)d 2ediu26s*ale i)dus (ies3 Ou +.el+p2e) C+(p+(a i+) A'IFCB al(eady has e)+u/h la)d + spa(e.e()2e) d+*u2e) s (e.+(es s +) 4hi*h a la(/e )u2be( +.e()2e) had .a(2e(s a)d he i)dus (ies a)d has (ied + p(+1e* i as he ideal 2+del . 4hi*h. he pe+ple3 I) he (e.e) 4hile he . he Ta a &a)+ p(+1e* . sp(ead +.i+la i+)s3 The *+22i ee (ep+( ha *a2e +u i) $p(il 2013 lis ed se. e( &ashi5 i) Maha(ash (a3 T+/e he( 4i h p(+du* i+) a)d p(+*essi)/ a 2a)y dehyd(a i+) a)d pes i*ide pla) s.+(2s a)d la)d (i/h s +.e als+ bee) s (ipped +. a/(i*ul u(is s. )e46 e)u(e la)d 4as *+). hei( li. (e.e()2e) *a) sh+4 Ci)e.000 pe+ple3 The M+di /+. a)d C4as eD3 P(i. 4hi*h 4+uld 2+s ly be u)s5illed lab+u(3 Ca) he l+ss +.e(sed3 $ 2a1+( p+( i+) +. he /(a2 sabha a)d he pa)*haya 3 I) 2+s *ases.e e2pl+y2e) + . +( 'au*ha(.e()2e) 2a(5e ed he &i(2a *e2e) pla) .illa/es i) he a(ea ha. he .0093.a(i+us pu(p+ses3 Government. 2.i*a) ly l+4e(ed as he /+.e()2e) d+*u2e) s3 I) s+2e pla*es i) %u *h.illa/es )ea( he *i ies. M+di 4as b+u)d + /i.a*ili ies + bi/ i)dus (ial /(+ups a)d 2+s +.i(s .+( he Ta a /(+up3 Fu(i)/ M+di=s (e/i2e.eel *hea ed3 @e/ally.+( la)d (e.elih++d3 $/ai)s he (e/ula i+)s +.elih++d.illa/es has al(eady bee) a*7ui(ed.l+u i)/ )+(2s3 @easi)/ +u +( selli)/ su*h a*7ui(ed la)d is ille/al a**+(di)/ + he pu(*hase deed3 Mu)d(a a)d 0ha. has al(eady displa*ed <" . he 4h+le e*+)+2y +.illa/es a)d 12" se le2e) s3 &+ +)ly ha.+( i)dus (ial use a)d p+( de. hus. hey 4ill )+ be /i.i. he . he 'u1a(a @+5 Sa2i i. he Pe+ple i) Ce) (e a)d he Pa(ya. 192 a(e .a2ilies depe)ded3 M+(e ha) he . he U)i+) Mi)is (y +.+( la)d a*7uisi i+)3 The S a e /+. .es +*5 (ea(e(s3 $**+(di)/ + a (ep+( p(epa(ed 1+i) ly by he $h2edabad6based )+)6/+.e)ue (e*+(ds ha p(eda e I)dia) i)depe)de)*e. 4hi*h *a) +)ly sell )+)6*ul u(able 4as ela)d i) *ases 4he(e a Cpubli* pu(p+seD *a) be es ablished3 I) he las 1< yea(s. a si/)i.ishe(2e).e) su((+u)di)/ .el+p2e) .+( Ci.illa/e a)i2als. hei( li.0 ha +.elih++ds3 CMahua is he se*+)d bi//es +)i+)6p(+du*i)/ a(ea i) I)dia a..tor!/the-great-land-grab/article4"""1#1.e) i) his *ase. li.i(+)2e) a)d ?+(es s se up a *+22i ee + i)7ui(e i) + p+ssible e).+( Cpubli*D pu(p+ses a)d i 4as )+ supp+sed + sell i + i)dus (ial /(+ups3 Si)*e i is )+4 selli)/ hese pl+ s + i)dus (ial /(+ups a *u((e) 2a(5e (a es + ea() hu/e p(+.elih++d .e()2e) has bee) *+2pe)sa i)/ .e()2e) + a*7ui(e la)d i) he hi) e(la)d a)d i) *+as al (e/i+)s + de.+u)d ha he publi* hea(i)/ 4as bypassed a)d *+)s (u* i+) a* i.ied as C)+)6*ul u(ableD e.)a/a( dis (i* 3 &i(2a=s l+/i* 4as si2ple3 I 4+uld b(ea5 he li2es +)e 4alls + 2a)u.a e la)d is . a(eas su*h as %u *h a)d Sau(ash (a ha. as /+.+( .e) a)y a**ess + he sea3 0ased +) *+2plai) s .(+2 :es 0e)/al.e()2e) a*7ui(ed la)d a 2a(5e p(i*es.a eD. is he +)ly s+u(*e +.i*a) p(+p+( i+) +. he 'IFC has *+) i)ued + a*7ui(e 2+(e la)d h(+u/h+u 'u1a(a .(+2 e2pi(i*al e.a(2e(s a he e8is i)/ hi/h 2a(5e (a esI a)d h(ee.illa/e3 I) + he( a(eas 4he(e he /+.a(a) Mi (aG he $da)i /(+up 4as /i.el+p2e) 2+del ha M+di b(a/s ab+u MD as5s Sa/a( Raba(i +.+(es la)d 4as *lea(ed + se up a sal 4ashe(y a)d a desali)a i+) pla) 3 The 'u1a(a /+.a(2e(s i. e)da)/e(i)/ he li.el+p bi/ i)dus (ial >+)es3D M+s *i.els +.e e8 (a+(di)a(y .e) +.i s.i s +.u( he( di.e()2e) did )+ (esp+)d + he p(+ es s +.ied he a*7ui(ed la)d as C4as ela)dD a)d dep(i.elih++ds +.illa/es3 Kues i+)s 4e(e (aised 4he) he 'IFC bla a) ly b(+5e(ed deals .illa/es3 $ll+*a i)/ la)d + he la)dless s ill (e2ai)s a d(ea23 &a(e)d(a M+di has used he 'IFC p(i2a(ily + . +4i)/ + *+) i)ui)/ 4+(5e(s= u)(es a i s pla) i) Ma)esa(. 4i h+u a)y addi i+)al (a)sp+( a i+) *+s .+( pas +(alis s.i abili yD3 E.l+u ed all )+(2s a)d p(+*edu(es + / (i/h s a)d e).+(*ible a*7uisi i+)3 'au a2 Tha5e( +. la)d al+)/ he *+as a pal (y (a es (a)/i)/ .illa/e p+pula i+) i) 'u1a(a 3 I bel+)/s + he /(a2 sabha a)d *a))+ be s+ld u)less he /+.a(2i)/ .000 he* a(es.elih++d .elih++ds + a) u)p(e*ede) ed )u2be( +.e) + he $da)i /(+up 4as C4as ela)dD3 T+day.+(2s i) he S a e 4e(e als+.1" pe+ple.ishe(2e) l+s hei( *us +2a(y (i/h s as a (esul +.e sh+ up. as *a) be see) .ully p(+1e* ed he p(+*ess as a C4i)64i) si ua i+)D . hese ha.+(*e al+)/ 4i h Le2e(/e)*y p+4e(s= +. /i. he 'u1a(a /+.el+p e.+( 4+ pu(p+ses3 I 4as supp+sed + /i. he 'IFC p++l ha *a((ied +u a/(i*ul u(al (esea(*h3 Si)*e he Ta a /(+up de2a)ded J"0 ha.e()2e) =s p(+pa/a)da is based +) h(ee . h+( i*ul u(is s a)d li. la)d i) 1.ide)*e.el+p2e) . +)i+) /a.ied i) + *ul u(able a)d )+)6*ul u(able3 These bel+)/ + he S a e /+.a(2e(s. M+di=s *lai2 +. he .a(2e(s a /++d deal3 0u he has used .e (e u()ed he a*7ui(ed la)d 4i hi) .(+2 he2 i) he 1J90s .e .illa/e(s 4e(e usi)/ i .i ies had )+ +)ly p+llu ed he sea bu des (+yed !< he* a(es +.<00 a s7ua(e 2e (e3 The $da)i /(+up /+ he la)d .(+2 Re31 + Rs332 a s7ua(e 2e (e 4he) he 2a(5e (a e 4as +.e s+2e +.e()2e) al +(/a)isa i+)sG he 0eha. he a(ea be *+2pe)sa ed 4i h he s+6*alled 'u1a(a de. bei)/ de.i)/ he (eas+) ha he(e 4e(e )+ e)+u/h *a le i) he . .ea( ha 4he) he p+( be*+2es . li5e he Mu)d(a p+( .(+2 he pe+ple +.e see) 4+(se . 4as )+ +.e( 10. a)d i s p(i2a(y .The great land grab | Frontline Page 2 of 3 The Mu)d(a SEE.a(2e(s *+2plai) ha he 'IFC b+u/h la)d . i + + he( *+(p+(a e /(+ups.ishe(2e) .ided i) + +ld a)d )e4 e)u(es3 :hile he +ld6 e)u(e la)d *a) be s+ld. he ?+(d /(+up has al(eady es ablished a u)i a)d Ma(u i has als+ e8p(essed a) i) e(es .e()2e) *lassi.el+ped as a p+( a)d a spe*ial (adi)/ >+)e. e2p+4e(i)/ *++pe(a i. a*7ui(ed 'au*ha( la)d 4as sh+4) as CPad a(D A4as ela)dB i) /+. his had happe)ed a he *+s +.e( < *(+(e s7ua(e 2e (es +.u)* i+)al s++). his de.a* +(.e()2e) d+*u2e) s 4i h+u a)y subs a) ia i+) ab+u 4he he( i 4as a*7ui(ed +( b+u/h 3 The be)e. 2a(5e p(i*es 4e(e si/)i.a* +(s3 O)e.e(al i)s a)*es +.e()2e) has + pay 30 pe( *e) +. )+)6 *+2plia)*e 4i h p(+*edu(es3 I . 2u*h use3 The hi(d .e la)d + he la)dless s+ ha hey *+uld ea() hei( li. se i s base i) Sa)a)d )ea( $h2edabad +) M+di=s i).a(2e(s .e e2pl+y2e) + a leas 1<.ishi)/ . he Fali s a)d Musli2s 4h+ ea()ed hei( li.+(es s ha.(+2 he 'u1a(a /+.(au/h 4i h 2a)y i)*+)sis e)*ies3 The . )e46 e)u(e la)d is s (i* ly Ca/(i*ul u(alD i) use a)d *a))+ be s+ld3 '(a>i)/ la)d .e he .+( i)dus (ial use a)d M+di has su**ess.)a/a( a(e )+ he +)ly *ases i) p+i) 3 'u1a(a u)de( M+di has d+)e he 2a8i2u2 a2+u) +. li.e yea(s + he .i a i+)3 The . la)d is /e)e(ally *a e/+(ised as Cp(i.e)*e i)s i u e p(+1e* a Fahe/a2 )ea( $h2edabad.u)* i+)al a)d 2+s +. 4he) i 4as +us ed .eal3 I) *ases li5e he Fahe1 SEE +( Sa)a)d. he 'IFC a*7ui(ed la)d i) se. bu i s+ldHleased +u a si/)i. C/(a>i)/D. he a(ea. is a b(a>e) lie + sui *+(p+(a e i) e(es s a)d is .truths M+(e+.1 he* a(es +. he /+. 'au*ha( la)d 4as a*7ui(ed.+( b+ h he . C/++d *+2pe)sa i+)D is +)ly a hal.(+2 he (e/i+)=s s*(ub .i(+)2e) al a)d li. .e) ually3 The M+di /+.ul i) de. he . he l+*al pe+ple a)d 2ai) ai)ed ha he la)d / @ibe( ies +ld Frontline: C#is la)d a*7uisi i+) p+li*ies shi.e()2e) a*7ui(ed C4as ela)dD= i 4as *lassi.e()2e) has a*7ui(ed all hese la)d by bu(eau*(a i* 2a)ipula i+)s. he M+di /+.el+pi)/ hese a(eas3 &alf.

ul)e(able p+si i+) as he sh(i)5i)/ (es+u(*es +.+e i*ide3 Illi e(a*y. si)*e b+ h he *ha))els (u) pa(allel + ea*h + he( a a . $da)i.+5e e2e(/e)*y p+4e(s3 I) su*h a s a e +.used + sell hei( la)d3 The /+. a**+(di)/ + his *+((esp+)de) =s i).e()2e) 4he).e had hei( i2pa* +) he .e) i+) +) he pa( +.i(+)2e) alis . he 0eha.ed i) he las 4+ yea(s. li/)i e a)d bau8i e al+)/ he *+as +. b(u al p+li*e .frontline.e bee) (e)de(ed u)e2pl+yed by he la)d a*7uisi i+). 1! (eside) s (e. he Pad(a a(ea )ea( Vad+da(a had a) e.l+4i)/ &a(2ada *a)al i) he .e((ed a(eas ha ha.tor!/the-great-land-grab/article4"""1#1.(ee ha)d3 $s a (esul . $)5alesh4a( a)d Va . 4a e( a)d ele* (i*i y Ai).e .(a e()i y i)du*ed by 2u ual e*+)+2i* depe)de)*e3 O4i)/ + i)ade7ua e i2ple2e) a i+) i/a i+)B a)d he i((i/a i+) p(+1e* s ha. a. Vad+da(a *i y3 #+4e. 'au*ha( a)d Pad a( A4as ela)dsB 4e(e als+ he l+*al s+u(*e +. he (isi)/ le. 'u1a(a has see) Cla)d /(abbi)/D 2+(e ha) la)d a*7uisi i+)3 Mahesh Pa)dya.ed du(i)/ M+di=s (e/i2e.e als+ su(. 4he) Relia)*e 4as buyi)/ la)d + se up i s +il (e.e()2e) a)d he i)dus (y 4he(e he /+. 2+s +. 4hi*h 20 a(e i) he .el+p2e) 2+del has bee) he . i) Pad(a +( a)y4he(e i) 'u1a(a .e yea(s as a (esul +.(+2 10 h+u(s a day + +)ly si8 h+u(s a day. e. bu he la e( +pe)ly ad.ece$c %print 21-04-2014 .D he said3 P(asad Ma he4 Cha*5+ +.(+) li)e3i)H*+.+(2ed he2 ha hey *+uld a5e i a)y i2e hey 4a) ed3 U) il ha i2e.e) a he *+s +.ailed + a* e.i/u(es + Frontline3 CM+(e ha) <1 SEEs 4e(e app(+. la)d.+( he /+. he a/(i*ul u(al la)d3 0e*ause +.ully depe)de) +) he supp+( +. la)d (e. i)dus (ies.e bee) u)*e(e2+)i+usly s +pped3 M+di has (e*ha))eled he &a(2ada=s 4a e( h(+u/h *a)als i) 2a)y .a.e4 *+2pa)ies a(e he bi//es be)e.ed i) pipeli)es +( (ea 2e) pla) s.illa/es. a) e). (apid i)dus (ialisa i+) 4i h+u p(+pe( (ehabili a i+)3 The e). u)e2pl+y2e) . i) 2003. 20.a(iably he 2+s . 4h+ ha. hey p+i) + a la(/e( )e8us be 4ee) he /+.<22 he* a(es3 $ + al +.e *+2e d+4) as hey depe)d s+lely +) uppe(6*as e 2e(*y i) he abse)*e +.a p(+pa/a)dis s li5e &a(e)d(a Fa2+da( M+di3 P(i) able .e /+ 2u*h 2+(e la)d ha) hey a* ually (e7ui(e3 $)d i see2s +)ly a .+(2al app(+.(+2 he &a(2ada *a)al a)d dis*ha(/e i i) + he Mahi3 The(e is )+ *+s i).+l. 4hi*h i) u() is .is s p+i) +u ha du(i)/ M+di=s (ule.el+p all he SEEs3 M+(e la)d 4ill be a*7ui(ed u)de( .illa/e .. he /+.i(+)2e) al ha>a(ds +.e(y sh+( dis a)*e3 &+)e +.+( a de. .e()2e) a)d *+2pa)ies.illa/es3 Te)si+)s ha.2"3 he* a(es +.e) + he(s ha a(e 4ai i)/ .(+2 (esis i)/3D :hile su*h i)s a)*es +.+( i)dus (ies ha.e a .e(si+) +. a)d i22i/(a) lab+u(.e()2e) .i)e(y. 201. ba(ely 2a5es . a/(i*ul u(al lab+u(e(s ha. )a u(al habi a s li5e he 2a)/(+. 4he(e *+2pa)ies had + )e*essa(ily buy he la)d di(e* ly. he +p 10 2+s p+llu ed *i ies i) I) uppe( *as es li5e Fa(ba(s ARa1pu sB a)d Pa els i) 'u1a(a +4) he 2a1+(i y +.e) 4he) e). he /+.e +)ly p(e.el+p2e) 2+del a)d +)ly p+i) s + he s (u* u(al )e8us be 4ee) he M+di /+.i+la i+) +.i(+)2e) alis based i) Vad+da(a3 Th(ee *i ies +.ul e) (ep(e)eu(s ha. he uppe( *as es ha.e)ed + a*7ui(e hei( la)d by i). e. his p+li*y3 Relia)*e.e bee) l+si)/ 2+s +.+5i)/ he la)d a*7uisi i+) $* i) he )a2e +.e) he uppe( *as es ha.e) less ele* (i*i y Ad+4) .+(es la)d . s+2e i2es +)ly i) he )i/h . he C+as al Re/ula i+) E+)e=s )+(2s3 P(e.elih++ds has i)*(eased s+*ial 2alp(a* i*es li5e d+4(y a)d . he la)d a*7uisi i+)s. 4h+ a(e e2pl+yed by he i)dus (ies a l+4 *+s 3 C(i2e le. 11:00:33 $M | h p:HH4443.+( he Relia)*e +il (e.+ es i) he las 10 yea(s a)d.e(s i) he S a e a(e hea..e *+)sis e) ly l+s hei( li.e si/)i.<9! he* a(es +.+le)*e + le he2 use hei( la)ds .a*ed he b(u) +. la)d a*7uisi i+) spea5 +.e(.+( #i)du . a(e i) he 2+s .. a *+((up sys e2.+( he . he d+2i)a) *as es3 The s*(ub . la)d 4ill be )eeded 1us + de.e bee) 2a)y3 Fes (u* i+) +. he23D Cha*5+=s *+22e) is )+ +.e s+2e . 13 SEEs 4+uld )eed 10.e()2e) .ily p+llu ed. b+ h by he /+. he 'u1a(a de. 4hi*h dis*ha(/ed he (ea ed 4as e +."""1913e*e N ?(+) li)e http://www. l+*al e*+)+2ies a)d e*+l+/i*al sus ai)abili y.+( .e()2e) i) p+la(isi)/ .+(es s +. he 'u1a(a /+. @OT a)d Essa( a(e 1us s+2e +. 2ee s he 'u1a(a P+llu i+) C+) (+l 0+a(d=s P'PC0Q )+(2s3 Ye hey ha. he /+. *+(p+(a e /ia) s. 'u1a(a .i*a i+) +.i)e(y a -a2)a/a(. his 4a e( is bei)/ used by i)dus (ies3 ?+( e8a2ple..e /++d a2+u) s +.e(si+) | $p( 21.i/u(e i) he Ce) (al P+llu i+) C+) (+l 0+a(d=s lis +.el+p2e) D a)d Cpubli* pu(p+seD3 Su*h a )e8us 4as i)s i u i+)alised by he M+di /+. bu 2+s +.a(2i)/ 4i hi) ha a(ea 4i h+u a) i)i ial pe(2issi+) + *+)du* su*h busi)esses a he i2e +.a e p+( s a)d SEEs i) he *+as al (e/i+)s a(e e8a2ples +.a(i+us )a2es su*h as Spe*ial I).es u)p(e*ede) ed au h+(i y + he Fis (i* C+lle* +( + i). Vapi.illa/e e*+)+2y a)d he .e()2e) + *ha)/e he *lassi.i)al s a/e3 Te) *+2pa)ies ha.i(+)2e) al )+(2s a(e bla a) ly . la)d s+ ha i *a) be a*7ui(ed.i(s 3 The S a e /+. +pe) . su*h i)dus (ial /(+4 h3 :hile M+di *lai2s ha he 'u1a(a 2+del is e2p+4e(i)/ a)d e)*+u(a/i)/ e) (ep(e)eu(ship.elih++ds i) he las 1< yea(s3 The +bsessi+) 4i h p(+2+ i)/ i)dus (ies.e2ale . he *he2i*al6i)dus (ial hub ha has de.el+p2e) 2+del is de. hey ha.i.uel .i)i ely a 4i)64i) si ua i+) . 2+s ly Fali s. hei( (es+u(*es a)d asse s3 The la)dless. u)e2pl+y2e) a)d 2al)+u(ish2e) ha.+( he i)dus (y +) he p(e e8 +.used + a5e a)y *+2pe)sa i+) a)d *+) i)ued + p(+ es .(a e()i y has helped he /+. pa( i*ula(ly i) a(eas ha ha.i*ia(ies 2e) Re/i+) +( i)dus (ial hubs a)d s+ +).e()2e) is b(+5e(i)/ la)d deals .e()2e) dep+si ed hei( *+2pe)sa i+) i) he S a e (easu(y a)d i).+(*e 4as used + s +p pe+ple . a)d als+ /i. Cde. Sau(ash (a has a5e) a hu/e +ll +) he e*+sys e23 U)+.+(2s.e()2e) i) e(. (es+u(*es a)d sus ai)able li. he 2+)ey 4+uld a**u2ula e i) e(es 3 I) 2a)y pla* +*5 a)d i) i s abse)*e pas +(alis s (ely hu/ely +) uppe(6*as e be)e. Cpubli* pu(p+seD3 Raba(i said: C:he) hey (e.e(e e8pl+i a i+) +.+( *a le6(ea(i)/ a)d be*+2e 2+(e depe)de) +) he23 @a*5 +.a(2e(s a(e /i.+( (aisi)/ li. i a))+u)*ed a )e4 i)dus (ial p+li*y 4i h+u a)y publi* *+)sul a i+)3 The )e4 i)dus (ial p+li*y 2a5es i easie( .e 4i hd(a4) bu he a*7ui(ed la)ds a(e s ill 4i h he23 s say ha i is happe)i)/ be*ause +.e( ises ab+u i s a/(+6busi)esses a)d *+(p+(a e . he 2a(53 T+ *i e 1us +)e e8a2ple.i*i)i y s a( ed dis*ha(/i)/ i s u) (ea ed 4as e h(+u/h he ECP i) + he Mahi (i. pas +(alis s li5e Ra4als a)d Raba(is a)d Musli2s.e()2e) a*7ui(ed la)d .l+u ed3 The p(i.e(e)*e + e8 (a* i.e(6s +(yH he6/(ea 6la)d6/(abHa( i*le.D said R+hi P(a1apa i.illa/e e*+)+2y3 Si)*e he 'u1a(a /+.e()2e) .i+u(al S*ie)*e Ce) (e said: CThe *+(p+(a e /(+ups ha. M+di=s de. a)y s+*ial i) e(. 4e see +)ly h+se SEE p(+p+sals ha /+ app(+.e()2e) has bee) s+ 4el*+2i)/ +. a*7uisi i+)3 iggest casualty The bi//es *asual y +.e 2ea) se.els i) Mu)d(a p+( a)d 2a)y la)d (i/h s a* i.els ha. /a. su*h (apid i)dus (ialisa i+) ha. 4i h Vapi (a)5i)/ . +u +. . a .e +u*hed a) all6 i2e hi/h i) he las 1< yea(s3 The 2i)i2u2 4a/es +.e i)dus (ies li5e li2es +)e. i)di*a e + he(4ise3 Su**ess.The great land grab | Frontline Page 3 of 3 I) + he( i)s a)*es. he (i.lue) *ha))el p(+1e* s say.als 4+uld )eed a)+ he( !.i*ial es i2a es say ha ab+u "00 . a) e). he /(+4i)/ p(essu(e +) la)d.a*ed be 4ee) he l+*al p+pula i+)s. a)d se.a*ili a ed he p(+*ess h(+u/h 7ues i+)able 2e h+ds3 I) -a2)a/a(.e( ile (e/i+)sB + se up hei( pla) s3 '(+4i)/ i)dus (ialisa i+) i) he las 10 yea(s has 2ea) ha .e(3 CThe i)dus (ies d(a4 4a e( .el+ped i) he las 10 yea(s as a (esul +. hese *+22u)i ies3 'au*ha( la)d is i2p+( a) .e()2e) has . as a* i.i*a) ly i)*(eased i) he las 1< yea(s3 $* i. hese )e4 i)dus (ial pla) s. *++5i)/ . a)d (eal es a e h+)*h+s3 $) e(+di)/ .illa/es 4ill aba)d+) a/(i*ul u(e i) he )e8 .

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