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Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire

Textile Industry
Watan Chugh 4/28/2014

The following document contains a set of questions regarding the assessment of sustainability for a textile industry.


Question-1 What type of fibers does your company use for fabric production? Answera) Natural Fibers b) Man-Made Fibers c) Synthetic Fibers Question-2 Does your company produce fabrics from cotton fibers? Answera) Yes b) No Question-3 What is the output per month of your company? (In meters) Answer- ___________________________________________________________________

Question-4 How old is the machinery your company uses? Answera) b) c) d) 0-5 years 5-10 years 10-15 years More than 15 years

Question-5 What is the type of dye stuffs your company uses? Answera) Natural Dyestuffs b) Synthetic Dyestuffs

Question-6 Which source of energy your company runs on? Answera) Renewable Source(If yes define) b) Non-Renewable Question-7 Does your company uses water-effluent systems for recycling of water? Answera) Yes b) No Question-8 Does your company have a formal sustainability program? Answera) Yes(Define)______________________________________________________________ b) No Question-9 Is your company aware of the 3 sustainability concept of reduces, recycle and reuse? Answera) Yes b) No Question-10 What percent of your capital expenditures are related to sustainability?

Answera) b) c) d) 0-10% 10-20% 20-30% More than 30%

Question-11 How green are your products and what is your carbon footprint? (Define)


Question-12 What percentage of your packaging materials is made from recyclable materials and is

Answera) b) c) d) 0-10% 10-20% 20-30% More than 30%

Question-13 Does the material you produce can be recycled again?

Answera) Yes b) No Question-14 Does your company implement popular quality programs of lean and Six Sigma? Answera) Yes b) No Question-15 Does your company comply with STeP certification? Answera) Yes b) No
Question-16 Does you products comply with the EU-eco label?

Answera) Yes b) No Question-17 Does your company indulges in child labor activities? Answera) Yes b) No

Question-18 What is the normal time of the shift an employee is works? Answera) b) c) d) 7 hours 8 hours 9 hours More than 9 hours

Question-19 What is the number of days an employee in your industry works? Answera) 4 days b) 5 days c) 6 days Question-20 What are the fringe benefits your employees get for their work? (Define)
Answer- ______________________________________________________________________________

Question-21 What are the health and safety policies for your employees? (Define) Answer- _____________________________________________________________________________