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USMLE Step 2 Mock Exam Adam Brochert, MD Resident, Department of Radiology Medical College of Georgia Memorial Health University Medical Center Savannah, Georgia HANLEY & BELFUS, INC. / Philadelphia INTRODUCTION ‘Mock Boards is intended to give you a realistic idea of the types of qvestions you can expect to sce on the USMLE Step 2 bounds examination. Some of these concepts are recycled every year because certain core concepts must be learned by thase hoping to practice medicine. Almost all of the concepts contained within have appeared on recent boards. Although the format of the boards is coestantly changing (remember taking exams with a pencil and paper), the jx tients still have the same problems and diseases. will not tell you bow to take the examination because most of you reading this have already passed Step Ir, for IMGs, another comparable examination. I want to pass on a few tips, however: + Many of the questions and passages are quite long. Sometimes you will read a pacsage that is a half-page tong. and ‘the question has litle to do with the passage you just read (strange, bot tree) or can be answered without reading the ‘whole passage, If you see a long passage, try reading the question firs then going back and reading the rest of the passage if you need to. Doing this also Iclps you focus on the relevant aspects of the passage, + Ieisjust as important to know when something is normal or needs only observation as itis to know when to intervene. Do fot order an MRI of the brain in a I-year.old who cannot say “mama” yet (without more information to support its use), and do not get more history if a person has stopped breathing (establish an airway). = Koowing the approximate reference ranges of common Laboratory values (complete blood count anil basic chemsistry [cher 7] profile) saves a lot of time. Being able to plow through a list ef normal laboratory valves quickly without having to check the normal range makes you a faster patsage reader. Time is precious for many during the exam. ‘Twish all of you the best an the examination and in your future endeavors, REFERENCE RANGES FOR LABORATORY VALUES (IN ADULT SERUM) (to be used on all portions of the examination) Albumin Amylase Anterial blood gases 35-30 gia. 53-123 UA. 738-742 80-100 mmHg 38-42 mmHg, Carbon dioxide content (CO;) Cholesterol 120-220 mg/dl. Chioride 100-108 ramotit. (Creatinine (0.6-1.5 ghd. Glucose 70-110 mp fasting) Hematocrit Females 37-48% Males 45-52% Hemoglobin Females 12-16 pill. Males 14-18 idl. Leukocyic count $$00-11,000/L, Lipase 424 URL Magnesiam 15-20 mEQ/l. ‘Mean corpuscular volume 80-100 jumicelt Phosphorus 30~4.5 pial. Platelet count 150,000-400,000%.1, Potassium 3.5-5.0 mEq/l. Protein, toval 60-84 pil Red bond cell count millionpL. Sodium 135-145 mEq/L Transaminases Aspartate aminotransferase (AST. SGOT) 7a UA. ‘Alanine aminotransferase (ALT. SGPT) Lua. Triglyeerides 40-150 mid, Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) 8-25 mpl. Uric acid mpi.