Term: Su 13 Clinician: Dr.

Prasad Clinical Case Study

Name: Heather Howe Intern: Sp 2

A 24 yr old male arrives at clinic because, after recent loss in family, he has been experiencing fright, palpitations, restlessness, insomnia due to excessive dreams, poor memory, suspiciousness and paranoia. Tongue & coating: A pale tongue with a thin, white coating Pulse image: A fine pulse Pathology: Insufficiency of Heart Blood Treatment principles: Supplement the heart and nourish blood Acupuncture: San Yin Jiao (Sp 6), Guan Yuan (CV 4), Yin Ling Quan (Sp 9), Qi Hai (CV 6), Xue Hai (Sp 10), Ju Que (CV 14), Shen Men (Ht 7).

Rx: Si Wu Tang (Four Materials Decoction) Ingredients: (Dang Gui) (Bai Shao) (Chuan Xiong) (Shu Gan Di Huang)

perhaps even fast pulse Pathology: Liver Blood. flushed cheeks in the afternoon. wiry. numbness of the limbs. fragile nails. blurred vision or night blindness. dizziness. Rx: Qi Ju Di Huang Wan (Lycium & Chrysanthemum Rehmannia Pills) (Gou Qi Zi) (Shan Zhu Yu) (Ze Xie) (Mu Dan Pi) (Ju Hua) (Gan Shan Yao) (Fu Ling) (Shu Di Huang) . as well as painful menstruation during the first few days. tidal fever. Ge Shu (Bl 17). night sweats. Guan Yuan (CV 4) Qu Quan (Liv 8). a dry mouth at night. tremors and contraction of the sinews and muscles. Prasad Clinical Case Study Name: Heather Howe Intern: Sp 2 A 35 year old female comes to clinic for treatment of extreme heat in the five centers along with insomnia from restless sleep. early menstruation. lateral costal pain. San Yin Jiao (Sp 6). Kidney Yin Vacuity Treatment principles: Nourish the liver and supplement yin Acupuncture point: Gan Shu (Bl 18). Tongue: A red tongue with scanty coating or a pale tongue with a red tip Pulse: A fine. scanty menstruation.Term: Su 13 Clinician: Dr.

slimy tongue coating. Prasad Clinical Case Study Name: Intern: Sp2 A 54 year old female comes in complaining of periumbilical palpitations followed by an upsurging of qi from the abdomen to the sternum. Gong Sun (Sp 4) Rx: Ben Tun Wan (Running Piglet Pill) (Chuan Lian Zi) (Li Zhi He) (Mu Xiang) (Fu Ling) (Xiao Hui Xiang) . Pathology: Liver Qi Counterflowing Upward Treatment principles: Soothe the liver and downbear upward counterflow Acupuncture: Tai Chong (Liv 3). Tongue : A white. Shan Zhong (CV 17). and heart palpitations. Pulse: A wiry pulse that tends to be hooked. Nei Guan (Per 6).Term: Su 133362593 Heather Howe Clinician: Dr. This means that pulses in the inch or cun positions lack root. cold limbs and body (especially when nervous) but restoration of the heat in the limbs when relaxed and at ease.

Term: Su 13 Clinician: Dr. Xue Hai (Sp 10). scanty sleep. clear the heart. Tongue & coating: A red tongue with a red tip and a thin. and itch. After scratching the skin with one's fingernails raised rashes appear. burning hot. yellow coating Pulse image: A fine and rapid or wiry. Shao Fu (Ht 8) Rx: Liang Xue Xiao Feng San (Cool the Blood & Disperse Wind Powder) (Sheng Di) (Jing Jie) (Ku Shen) (Zhi Mu) (Gan Cao) *Dietary therapy is as important as stress reduction in treating this kind of pattern. Prasad Clinical Case Study Name: Heather Howe Intern: Sp 2 A female patient age 26 has recently noticed relatively small rashes on her arms and legs that are red in color. Treatment principles: Cool the blood. He Gu (LI 4). and a dry mouth but no thirst. such patients are prone to allergies and suffer from polysystemic chronic candidiasis (pscc). San Yin Jiao (Sp 6). and stop itching Acupuncture Points: Qu Chi (LI 11). Wei Zhong (Bl 40). This is accompanied by heart vexation. rapid pulse Pathology: Deficient Heat in the Heart Channel Western Condition: Commonly. (Dang Gui) (Chan Tui) (Bai Ji Li) (Shi Gao) .


add Nei Guan (Per 6). Zhong Wan (CV 12). Zu San Li (St 36). loose stool with frequent. bad breath. foul-smelling flatulence Tongue & coating: A thick. if there is transformative heat. Nei Ting (St 44) Liang Men (St 21).] Rx: Bao He Wan (Protect Harmony Pills) (Shen Qu) (Lai Fu Zi) (Ban Xia) (Lian Qiao) (Shan Zha) (Chen Pi) (Fu Ling) . loss of appetite. acid regurgitation. [Additional points: If there is headache. add He Gu (LI 4). slimy tongue coating Pulse image: A slippery pulse Pathology: Food Stagnation in the Stomach and Epigastrium Treatment principles: Harmonize the stomach and disperse accumulations Acupuncture: Tian Shu (St 25).Term: Su 13 Clinician: Dr. add Qu Chi (LI 11). If there is burping and belching. nausea. Prasad Clinical Case Study Name: Heather Howe Intern: Sp 2 Mother brings her son age 10 in because since yesterday he had been complaining of stomach and epigastric distension and pain.

oily. slimy tongue coating Pulse image: Soggy and slippery Pathology: Phlegm Turbidity Obstructing the Lungs Treatment principles: Fortify the spleen and dry dampness. Rx: Er Chen Tang (Two Aged [Ingredients] Decoction plus San Zi Yang Qin Tang (Three Seeds Nourish [One's]Parents Decoction) (Chen Pi) (Ban Xia) (Gan Cao) (Su Zi) (Fu Ling) (Bai Jie Zi) (Lai Fu Zi) . bodily fatigue andoccasional loose stools Tongue & coating: A white. The coughing with excessive phlegm becomes worse after meals and worse after eating sweet. the sound of the cough heavy and turbid. sticky phlegm and white in color. age 60 comes in coughing. slimy foods. Pi Shu (Bl 20). The phlegm is thick. He claims cough is due to phlegm because coughing stops after the phlegm is discharged. Zu San Li (St 36). transform phlegm and stop coughing Acupuncture: Fei Shu (Bl 13). Feng Long (St 40) Shan Zhong (CV 17). thick. nausea. Prasad Clinical Case Study Name: Heather Howe Intern: Sp 2 Man. All this is accompanied by chest oppression.Term: Su 13 Clinician: Dr. with excessive phlegm.

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