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GOOD SCHOLL #1 The most important aspect of any school is its curriculum.

. The curriculum should adhere to the standard adopted by the board of the school. f the curriculum does not follo! the standard set by the school board" then it is of no use. ## The ne$t aspect that ma%es a &ood school is the faculty. The faculty should be properly 'ualified. The teachers should be !ell 'ualified and also deli(er the lesson in such a !ay that the students are able to understand it. The teacher should be able to de(elop the interest of the students in the sub)ect. #* The campus of the school should be student friendly. There should be enou&h space for conductin& &ames" sports and other e$tra+curricular acti(ities. #, The school should be accredited by the proper board and council of schools of that country. De(elopin& a !ebsite that displays all the &ood points of the school and %eeps e(ery one updated on the acti(ities of school should also be made. #- .n e$cellent school &oes the e$tra !ay to ma%e the teacher student relationship friendlier. #/ The e$cellent school offers an academically challen&in& en(ironment for all students and the teachers ma%e it a challen&e for all their students to use their minds !ell. They ma%e the students de(elopmentally responsi(e and are sensiti(e to the uni'ue de(elopmental challen&es of early adolescence and respect the needs and interest of the students. #0 The &ood schools pro(ide e(ery student !ith e$cellent teachers" latest resources" first+rate learnin& opportunities" and supports and ma%e positi(e opportunities a(ailable to all students. #1 The &ood schools establish standards for the or&ani2ation and ma%e arran&ements to support and sustain their &oal to!ards e$cellence. #3 .n e$cellent school !ill ma%e the priorities and criteria complementary and interdependent to each other. The students of such a school !ill learn to use their mind in the class room and also assess the de(elopment needs of the children. t plays a role in a balanced &ro!th of a child includin& all the elements li%e e$cellent academic de(elopment" e$tra+curricular acti(ities as !ell as de(elops the child into a !ell balanced human bein&. #14 The child in a &ood school !ill use his mind and also de(elop his !hole personality. There !ill be a !ell rounded &ro!th of the student !hen studyin& in an e$cellent school. . &ood school !ill loo% after all the aspects their personality and brin& all the &ood traits of the students to the forefront.