French Revolution Test

Matching - Please read each question carefully. Mark your answer on the scantron. 1. Austrian prince who wanted to restore order in Europe at the Congress of Vienna. 2. French Emperor who dominated Europe in the early 1800's 3. Lawyer who lead the Reign of Terror 4. King of France 5. Queen of France a. b. c. d. e. Napoleon Louis XVI Maximillien Robespierre Maria Antoinette Clemens Von Metternich

Multi – Choice - Please read each question carefully. Mark your answer on the scantron. 6. The bourgeoisie belong to which of the following groups? a. First Estate b. Second Estate c. Third Estate 7. European rulers denounced the French Revolution because a. It promoted the French monarchy b. They were afraid it would spread c. It took away the power of the church d. It took to long 8. During the Reign of Terror, Robespierre tired to a. Execute all French nobles b. Restore the Catholic Church c. Crush all opposition to the revolution d. Reinstate the king and queen 9. What machine killed thousands during the Reign of Terror a. Machine Gun b. Cannon c. Guillotine d. Axe

10. Napoleon was able to take over power from the a. King and Queen b. Directory c. Robespierre d. Church 11. Napoleon was able to a. Promote from the lower classes b. Rebuild the Economy c. Make peace with the church d. All are true 12. Napoleon downfall was a. Tried to crush the British Economy b. Put his brother on the throne of Spain c. Invaded Russian d. All of these are true 13. Nationalism spread throughout a. Europe and Latin America b. Latin America only c. Europe only d. Nationalism did not take place in an area 14. The Congress of Vienna was able to a. Restore order in Europe b. Put old monarchies back on their thrones c. Stop Nationalism throughout Europe d. Stop Napoleon again 15. Where did the French Revolution start a. France b. England c. Russia d. Italy 16. What is the capital of France a. Paris b. London c. Moscow d. Brussels

17. How many estates were there in France a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 18. The economy of France was mostly supported by a. The first estate b. The third estate c. The second estate d. The king 19. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and it's Citizens stated that a. All men are born free and equal b. All male citizens had the right to vote c. Male citizen and female citizens were equal before the law d. All citizens had to pay taxes 20. In 1803, Napoleon sold the Louisiana territory to which country a. USA b. England c. Germany d. Ireland 21. Why did the people of Paris Storm the Bastille? a. to kill the guards b. to get to the weapons and gunpowder c. to free the prisoners d. to kill the king

III. Benchmark Test: Standard 10.2. Please read each question carefully. Mark your answer on the scantron.

22. The man with the two people and a rock on him is from which estate/ a. Third b. Second c. First d. Nobility 23. The man with the sword is from which estate a.Third b. Second c. First d. He is the king 24. The man in the black rope is from which estate a. First b. Second c. Third d. None

25. What does the rock symbols in this picture? a. Taxes b. Food Shortage c. No Rights d. No Religious Freedom IV. Map Skills – Benchmark Test: Standard 10.2. Mark your answer on the scantron.

26. What country is at war with the French Empire? a. France b. Italy c. Great Britain d. Confederation of the Rhine 27. Which country is not part of the French Empire? a. Russian Empire b. Confederation of the Rhine c. Kingdom of Naples d. Corsica

V. Diagram Skills – Benchmark Test: Standard 10.2. Mark your answer on the scantron.

28. Looking at the graph, what was one of the financial difficulties of France? a. Appealed to bourgeoisie b. Liberal freedom for all men c. Extravagant spending on courts d. King Louis XVI 29. Looking at the graph, what Age of Enlightenment ideal is not mentioned? a. Challenge the absolute right to rule b. Appealed to bourgeoisie grievances c. Flourish with free commerce d. Banned books by the church 30. How many major causes of the French Revolution are mentioned? a. 1 b. 6 c. 5 d. 20

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