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A Farce cricket: India and Australia!

-BY Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


Recent trends in global cricket indicates unpredictability of Cricket game is due

more to the manipulations by the sponsors, mafia and the teams, than the usual
tricks and fault-line mishaps exclusively from the players as any player could get
out unexpectedly or hit 6 a ball meant by the bowler for the wicket. Biggest jokes
is even when the Indian commentators know about the match-fixing tracks, they
still project Indian team victories as real and individual scores as the great

India keeps playing cricket to boost the image of select individuals. Australia
and Indian have fixed 7 ODIs instead of 3 that would have decided the fate of the
teams. But Indian has some hidden agendas behind this long ODI series. Agenda
includes Tendulkar to complete his 17000 runs and Doni 1000 run in the year. So
the Australian team was busy with fourth ODI on Nov 02 fulfilling the task
assigned to them by the cricket fixers and mafia. But Tendulkar 40 was out lbw
while Doni could score only 26 runs. Indians slam the umpires for the faulty
decision to out their pampered Sachin when he nearing the net target. And it
seemed Australians would offer more runs to the tails like Harbajan (31) etc as
they did before, but perhaps against their own desire, they all were out leaving
both bats and untouched overs behind.

A very important issue needs to be thrashed out right at the very outset here. In
South Africa where fanatic India were thrown out of the series without even
letting them get into semi level, there was a big hue and cry that Pakistan
intentionally let Australia to win and enter the semifinals, thereby denying India
to enter even from backdoor. If this logic is extended here, India has allowed
Australia to win by enacting a big movie mix chase and anti-climax scenes. That
again is not sport, but may be a good friendly spirit, but if that is not Ok for
Pakistan, is it then good for India because it is a democratic fanatic. Question
is: will Hindu Indians appreciate or let any other team win? Indians have yet to
learn the basic ethics of giving due credit to the opponents in a sport instead of
sticking to the old habit of praising only India and find fault only with locals
for defeats.

Why Australian victory in Baroda (first) ODI Upset great India? Is it because the
match was pre-fixed in favor of great India that Indian media are terribly upset
about the disastrous rout of great India at the hands of Australians in India

On the face it, the first ODI was nothing unusual about it, it was just a match
which Australia won after a “big” battle, but then the very long “battle” also
suggests a big rat, it shows it wasn’t a real competitive match but mimicry-show
by Australia in India. In the second match Australia lost in style as expected by
the hosts. It appears the outcome of the first ODI between Aus-India teams on 25
Oct in Vadodara (Baroda) was unexpected to Indians as well as the teams. Have the
Cricket mafias also lost the match along with Indians, the spectators and
commentators? Have the Austrians played double-locking an innocent India?

Upon winning the toss Australians made 292 runs in 50 overs of the first ODI and
Indians lost hopes almost wholly and only looked in contempt at the piled
cricketers and semi-explosives reserved for celebrating the Indian victory and
great defeat for Aussies, but then fortunes stated shifting at times they offered
enough hopes for a possible Indian resurrection; But again Australia took two
quick wickets, heavily priced at that, of Sachin and Sehwag, quickly dashing all
hopes of Hindus and their Muslim co-conspirators in the country. Then Indian
wickets fell at regular intervals making Indian spectators feel extremely restless
and hot, but unable to leave their seats because that would amount to ditching the
poor great India and their players half way through. Then came the relief package
from Australia by way of delivering quick runs to the hosts after the fall of
their seventh wicket! And the spectators and other Indians and pro-Indians were
not only relived of a dirty defeat but also felt they would get the chance of
blasting the reserved semi-explosives and terror crackers. Australians then let
them know they were only keeping the Indians in good humours and with straight
hits they send the Indian team and spectators to the weeping rooms, leaving the
semi-explosives unattended; they still remain unused, hoping for Australian help
from Sydney.

So, after the fall of all important wickets for paltry runs, what happened, who
knows, Australia delayed their game and played sort of practice trying to get one
more wicket leisurely, offering in the process good runs to Indians. At 201 for
seven in their pursuit of a 293-run victory target, India seemed heading for a
comprehensive defeat before the tails Praveen (40 not out) and Harbhajan (49)
came. The feisty 84-run stand from tails was most unexpected even for themselves
after India fell to 201 for 7 with ten overs remaining, when they needed more than
nine an over. Finally, the visiting Australian team thrashed hosts India to be the
maiden winner of the first ODI in a one of most spectacular, but mischievous
cricket matches. India agonizingly was close to a sensational win before the
hosts slumped to a four-run defeat against Australia in the first match of the
seven-ODI series on 25 October.
If the best way to spark interest in a seven-match ODI series is to stage a
brilliantly tense opener, then Australia and India achieved their goal in
Vadodara. Australia repelled a late fightback to prevail by four runs in the first
ODI against India in Vadodara. In the end, nine were required from the final over
and Peter Siddle held his nerve to confirm a four-run margin in Australia's
favour. The key moment came when Harbhajan (49) was bowled from the second ball of
the 50th, trying to launch a boundary off Siddle. Six from the last ball was too
much for India, though many hoped the guests would offer a flat sixer to appease
the ungrateful Indians. If the Australians did give a final sixer to make India
look bigger in size and actions, none in India would have thanked the visitors for
their magnanimous gesture. Media, on the contrary, would have blasted the news
about faked India cricket power.

Obviously, Australia went for a bollywood thriller show by prolonging the match
when the victory was sited with the fall of all important wickets in 40 overs.
Perhaps it has been the usual practice between joint partners in cricket matches.
In fact the Aussies could have easily clinched the ODI with 30-50 runs lead. But
they won it just by 4 runs. The match gave an impression that Australians would
not win the match if Indians also did not lose 8 wickets that they themselves
lost. After offering Harbajan 49 they just removed him denying him 50 and then
quickly wound up the match by winning the show. Conversely, it would mean if
eighth wicket were not forthcoming, Australian would have preferred to lose the
match. That is cricket. Is it a part of betting activities? Obviously many pro-
Indian have lost huge resources just for fun hoping to win the match against a
joint partner Australia. All cricketers seek extra cash by fooling the paid
spectators which is illegal, immoral and such nefarious hidden agendas should be

Behind the eighth wicket, there is a big game plan as Australia cold have got the
eight wicket pretty sooner than later if that were the case without letting many
runs flowing into Indian kitty. But the real motto was to prolong the match by
offering more runs to India and creating the thriller scene that attracts the
Indian audience when they had lost all hopes and results were foretold by the
sport media about India badly losing the first match- a bad omen for Hindu

But the deadly disappoint of Indians show there was an agreement as par to the
series package for Australia to lose the first ODI. Australia scored 292 even
though it seemed they would easily cross 300. Indian lost 7 wickets, the major
ones of any consequences, but the eighth wicket was allowed to prolong to enable
India to get some quick runs to make the match competitive somewhat. If this pro-
India trend is cultivated further it would be another joint cricket exercises
which removed them from the world's top slot as the champs. Once again they would
lose it ...

By winning the fourth ODI by 24 runs, Australians have leveled the series at 2-2,
after a spirited bowling performance. Bollinger was the pick of the bowlers for
the Aussies, snapping wickets at crucial intervals, but it was Watson who did the
damage by picking up the wickets of Harbhajan and Praveen Kumar who threatened to
take the game away. In the end it was a comprehensive win. Ponting says they were
disappointed not to get close to 300, but we bowled and fielded exceptionally
well. Finally Aussies had the courage to pull down the curtain when it was time in
stead of prolonging the match to reach a fictitious climax for the long ball do
the magic as they shamelessly did in the first ODI by giving good runs to the
tails (as per the instructions or to belittle the big batsmen who got a few
runs?). Australia did not have good solid run rate even at the beginning but some
how they managed to carry forwards by losing wickets at critical points. Relieved
after his side's series-leveling 24-run win, Australian captain Ricky Ponting said
he was afraid that the 250-run target may not have been enough but his bowlers
made the win possible.

In first ODI, however, Australian cricket was indeed fantastic as four the batsmen
got 50 plus and Hussy made 79 in just 54 balls to clinch the man of the match
trophy. However, it has become a recent phenomenon to remove all important batsmen
without problems deny them any good runs, the tails are given plenty of runs. If
this mischief is not match-fixing, what is it? As it has become the practice of
cricket teams, Australia began playing with the patience with the spectators and
mischief against the cricket mafia of India, big capitalists who sponsor the
series as well as the media cum state commentators. The ordinary public had to
intervene to ring up to the AIR (anti-Islamic radio) running commentators and
“specialists” not to hang over with a negative result and terrorize the innocent

Known for their fanaticism and doublespeak, Indian media and almost every media
body gets upset if and when something bag happens to a Hindu enjoying life abroad
whereas India has plenty of citizens, including Hindus, begging on the streets,
practising criminal activities and killing others and many people die of hunger
and malnutrition, but the media do not consider them as worthy Hindus to critics
the responsible guys. Indian criminal media as usual are championing the old
cause of making Indian sport troops of Hindus exclusive, probably asking the
Muslims to play for Pakistan and Bangladesh. They want Muslims, if by chance
selected by the agency, to score 100s quickly and let others play to score more;
and take a few quick wickets to prove their worth in Indian teams. The media do
not find fault with the openers Sachin and Sehwag, a Delhiite, because both are
the pampered cricket men of India, its media and mafia. Had a Muslim be one of the
openers, then, the nasty Indian media would have made derogatory remarks about him
and blaming the selectors for the rout right at the beginning. While absence of a
Hindu player is badly felt by the media, but Khan’s absence was just ignored
because Indian notorious media do not want to give any credit whatsoever for a
Muslim though international sport media said Zahir Khan's absence would affect
Hindu fortunes. It is not that the absence or presence of any player would indeed
turn upside down the fortunes. Not at all. This is all media hypes to terrorize
innocent Indians. Sachem’s presence and opening the match brought basket full of
bad smell to Indian media and commentators, but they don’t admit the bad smell.

In creating illegal wealth through immoral ways for extravaganzas, India cheats
its own Muslims employees in all possible ways. India continues to use cricket
for political or trade purposes to increase the image of the Congress party whose
mafia and media, business tycoons extensively promote that mischief profusely.
Nagpur India perhaps wanted to show win because a defeat would reduce the
importance of Congress victory in the recent Assembly poll to Maharashtra.

The IST, international state terrorists are killing defenseless Muslims, the
defenders of their nations from foreign invaders for resources and genocides in
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere, while some of their allies are cheating
the public in sports like cricket. It is ugly side of democracy and hence awful.
India employs cricket methods to show Case its growing military power in the
region. It sponsors media nuts to project select cricket players for awards,
special cash and other privileges. Australia just helps India on invitation by
extra cash. Australian services for India maybe are unregrettable because the
hosts are paid extra for their special treatments. Apart from assisting Indian
skipper in resurrecting himself from the bating recession in recent times, with a
bulky 124 run gift, the kind Australians have also given (just) one run to
Harbajan to make over the deficit of one run for half century (49) in the first
ODI. Put together the scores of both ODIs, he can claim a half-century in records.

It appears Australia has been under tremendous pressure from mafias and state
agencies to lose at least the second ODI to great India as a premium for
outsmarting India on Sunday and has decided to rest a couple of their cricketers
to create a panicky situation in their camp. Not bad, ya...! That would mean, now
once again Australia and India would resume their joint cricket exercises as per a
pre-fixed plan to let Indians feel great and make themselves humbled by the Indian
team. That means, Australia would score a low run rate or let Indians make big
score so that Australia would have enough scope to lose the matches. Any guest in
India is expected to save the false prestige of India and Australia is being
reminded of that by all sources. Indian big guns that also finance the cricket
matches are mainly interested in Indian trade in Australia and including
educational. Do you still say there wasn't any match-fixing?

Undoubtedly Australia is much better than India in cricket art. Australia has time
and again has demonstrated that in practice and in excessive stress to make India
realize it with conviction, but India cannot accept any such "anti-India" claims.
After making Indian cry loudly over the crushing defeat and the insult heaped on
them by the visitors letting them hope for a maiden victory in first Baroda ODI,
Australia has in fact removed the ill-feelings the innocent Indians have harbored
towards Australia by losing the second ODI in style. They indeed made poor Dony an
important cricketer, who has been reeling under malicious media condemnation for
years now make 100 plus very meticulously. In fact the hidden process of replacing
him with another key player has been pending in New Delhi, owing mainly to the
problems of replacement as the most probable ones like Shewag and Yuv Singh have
also been flops in recent times, complicating the matter and making the media
growing restless, as usual.

Till the end of the fourth ODI, none was sure what the Australians would do-
whether they would deicide to win or let Indians have the final laugh at the
expense of Australians and cricket lovers, they are proven frauds and play all
sorts of jugglery and rarely they show resolve t win a match unless it concerns
their world championship.

So, Australia and India have resumed their joint cricket exercises all over again,
making cricket a sport face. The cricket teams like India and Australia, both
terror allies of notorious NATO in Afghanistan killing innocent defenders of
sovereignty now under terror attack from western terror democracies, have totally
downgraded cricket to a fake sport by assembling a sort of joint cricket exercises
to appease Hindus on payment basis. The invited Australian cricketers in Indian
ODIs so far have already managed to present a pro-India instinct in supporting the
political dispensations.

But if it has to serve Indian cause, Australia should restrict their own totals to
100 minus to make the Indians feel fully satisfied. However, Australians could not
offer 400 plus runs in second ODI as it was perhaps expected by Indian media,
mafia and spectators. India might even now hope the paid guests could play
elegantly the third ODI by letting India make 600 runs (not very big, it is just
two runs per ball on average with a couple of fours/sixes per over) In fact every
ball has the potential value of at least six runs and the Indian run rate should
keep going up to reach 900 plus as the ODI series ends in India. Here even the
tails also should be offered a century each so that their friends and fans are
also kept in good humors. But be cautious about giving runs unnecessarily to
Muslim players because that makes the great Indians upset all over again.

The Indian Republic Day is fast arriving and some of them have to be handed over
national medals for their extraordinary achievements in cricket and other sports
with outside help. And Australian help in this regard to boost the image of the
select players would be would be of great help for India but would not be
appreciated openly by many now. Great India would never try to be grateful to a
graceful Australia for this simple gesture towards one of the greatest democracies
of world, other being the USA killing Muslims and drinking their cold blood in
Islamic world along with its terror allies including India. After all, India is
doing all this not promote Muslim interests, let alone their image of prestige, on
the contrary it is done to make Muslims look like fools in front of giant Indians.
Australia should take not of this.

Obviously, India is a fanatic nation longing for pro-Indians everywhere, but that
does not stop any similar "democracies" from appreciating Indian-ness in kind.
Indeed Australia has proved to be good cricket team by helping India to redeem its
false glory on 28 October in Nagpur, India but they still have a lot more to do to
sustain the impression created in Indian media as a trusted ally in cricket

But Indians would never say “Thank you, Australia”, for whatever extra service has
been rendered by the Aussies efficient cricketers so far for innocent Indians and
also for the anticipated future quick actions on the field. Of course, extra cash,
as usual, for special services rendered to India to uphold its invisible dignity,
would reach their individual accounts directly from Indian mafia and other
conspirators! After Indian cricket mafia does not have any track record of
cheating foreigners.

By the by, one does not know if systematic removal of Muslim cricketers from the
team is meant to increase the efficiency of the team. But that would mean India
considers cricket in India as sport reserved exclusively for the Hindus. In fact
Hindus considers a cricket victory for India is a victory against Muslims, but
unfortunately, Indian Muslims, controlled by political outfits directly, do not
understand this simple fact but quickly blast cricket fireworks and semi-
explosives as and when India wins a match even on prior match fixing
understanding. If, however, Indian win coincides with Pakistan’s win elsewhere, no
firework is heard in India any where. For instance, on Nov 03 Pakistan made a
remarkable comeback in Abu Dabi against an equally strong New Zealand What a
finish. At the end of 30 overs Pakistan were at 111 for 4. At the end of 40, they
had jumped to 180 and kept looting runs till the very end. It's the classic 80's
scenario from Pakistan which finished the match with 287 and still a wicket in
reserve. Hold wickets for the fun-bash at the end. Younis won the Toss and has
chosen to bat saying:"It's not hot but warm and we will bat first. 280 + would be
nice to defend". Pakistan easily won the match by a whopping 138 runs. India that
lost to Australia on 02 has yet another tragic experience to watch Pakistanis

India wants to showcase its cricket power to Pakistan and Indian Muslims and is
willing to bribe officially any nation that comes forward to fulfil its evil
designs. Australia over years plays hidden cricket for extra earnings from
concerned mafia and governments. Unless they play for an annual trophy or
champions, they make all kinds of adjustments with India. Australia, a terror ally
in Afghanistan and joins for joint military terror exercises, is also making every
possible to make India look in bigger size and carries on with the hidden effort
to sustain Indian hegemony in cricket as well.

Then, should we say there are two main frauds in Cricket world: India and
Australia? It is therefore time to show the way to both India and Australia by
banning both from international matches in all formats so that cricket as a living
sport is protected from mafia spam and regime manipulations to suit their own
domestic agendas. Indo-Australian cricket poison in the name of entertainment
should be stopped. And cricket ought to be either saved in truthful form or
scrapped altogether. All records should be thrown into hidden dustbins of cricket
capitals, first!


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Specialist on State Terrorism

Independent Columnist in International Affairs, Research Scholar (JNU) & the only
Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.