-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:00) -------------------Lisa Hall: we are hear in spirit

Lisa Hall: here!

Lisa Hall: uuuuhhhhhhh

Mike Whitchurch: camera shy

Mike Whitchurch: why so late?
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:03) -------------------Lisa Hall: are companion diagnostic products just a type of combination product?
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:06) -------------------Jenny: primary mode of action
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:08) -------------------Rhea May: silver coated wound dressings - duel primary modes depending on the treatment method
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:13) -------------------Terry: how about things like epi pens?

Lisa Hall: glucose pumps

Lisa Hall: insulin pump i meant to say
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:21) -------------------Laia Egea-Pujol: contraceptive vaginal ring
-------------------- (04/22/2014 18:23) --------------------

(04/22/2014 18:24) -------------------Terry: ah.(04/22/2014 18:42) -------------------Steven Skroch: i'm here Steven Skroch: and awake Terry: still with ya! -------------------. makes sense. -------------------.(04/22/2014 18:26) -------------------E: expense and time to market Deanna Scott: high failure rate -------------------.Laia Egea-Pujol: i think mostly hormonal Terry: and how about nanotechnology drug delivery systems? -------------------.(04/22/2014 18:43) -------------------Lisa Hall: Scientists and engineers .that's all you have to say! -------------------.(04/22/2014 18:30) -------------------Lisa Hall: yes how does that lower the cost? -------------------.(04/22/2014 18:45) -------------------Deanna Scott: Isn't like a balloon that you swallow? Rhea May: 8 yrs ago there was a breath test Rhea May: (its my favorite bug *blush*) .

(04/22/2014 19:15) -------------------Shravanthi Reddy: mic and vid rights please? -------------------.(04/22/2014 19:00) -------------------Mike Susedik: Siva Therapuetics -------------------. although I think there are two derrivatives approved as drugs..-------------------. -------------------. ouch -------------------..(04/22/2014 19:18) -------------------- . there is a company in colorado -------------------.(04/22/2014 18:57) -------------------Steven Skroch: i have Alexandra De Lille: photodynamic therapy? Steven Skroch: there are unique (and fun) problems and weird ways around it Alexandra De Lille: melanoma.com/ Using IR and gold nano-rods to treat skin cancer.(04/22/2014 19:17) -------------------clay: Cannabis is not FDA approved..(04/22/2014 19:13) -------------------Jenny: does cannabis require FDA approval before it's sold in store? -------------------.(04/22/2014 19:01) -------------------Mike Susedik: http://sivatherapeutics.(04/22/2014 18:54) -------------------Mike Whitchurch: what is second from left? Mike Susedik: Thumb screw. Mike Susedik: Stil in early stages though.. Lets discuss -------------------.

I got kicked off -------------------.(04/22/2014 19:51) -------------------Terry: device -------------------.clay: mic and vid rights please.(04/22/2014 19:47) -------------------Lisa Hall: biologic Lisa Hall: should be easier once the first one is approved right? -------------------.Colorado -------------------. Laura Mizoue: There's a cannibis capital summit going on in Denver in May. -------------------.(04/22/2014 19:28) -------------------Mike Whitchurch: Est.(04/22/2014 19:23) -------------------Deanna Scott: There are a bunch of device companies looking for approval to test for THC in saliva etc. $134 million in taxes and fees for a full fiscal year .(04/22/2014 19:20) -------------------Steven Skroch: no clue Deanna Scott: Denver District originally was monitoring it and decided to stop Deanna Scott: now the department of revenue for the state regulates it -------------------.(04/22/2014 19:54) -------------------Alexandra De Lille: targeting moiety Mike Susedik: device Lisa Hall: so without heat the particle does nothing? .

that was a combo product? . Those particles then may metabolize in the body afterwards.(04/22/2014 20:03) -------------------Shravanthi Reddy: drug Lisa Hall: drug Mike Susedik: no Mike Susedik: Seems similar to the bag..(04/22/2014 19:57) -------------------Mike Susedik: So I know a company who has a NP that is injected in the body for breast cancer. They can then use a directional "wand" to find where the lymph nodes are and then biopsy them for cancer cells. but bigger. It actually lands in the lymph nodes.Shravanthi Reddy: device Deanna Scott: device -------------------. That helps determine how to treat the cancer.(04/22/2014 20:07) -------------------Lisa Hall: so back to the insulin pump .(04/22/2014 20:00) -------------------Mike Susedik: Thanks -------------------. Mike Susedik: new subject Mike Susedik: test -------------------.. Lisa Hall: device or syringe by itself doesn't do anything -------------------.

(04/22/2014 20:11) -------------------Terry: OK Got it.(04/22/2014 20:09) -------------------Terry: OK so how is this device different than the nanbot which can deliver many "types of cargo"? -------------------. -------------------.Lisa Hall: ah can only use with insulin -------------------.(04/22/2014 20:15) -------------------Lisa Hall: we will get it on May 6 and due on May 13? Deanna Scott: maybe you should take Brenda's class Clay Lisa Hall: yes! Mike Susedik: yes Lisa Hall: yes! Steven Skroch: ya i appreciated it Shravanthi Reddy: yes definitely Deanna Scott: we need a whole class in combo products Steven Skroch: past 3 lectures have been home runs .

Mike Susedik: buh bye Alexandra De Lille: thanks! .

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