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2014 By Susan Irby BIKINIKITCHEN
Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef, is a radio host for Bikini Lifestyles on 790 KABC, an author and specialist in healthy “bikini” cuisine. Follow her at twitter.com/thebikinichef or visit her online at thebikinichef.com.
Serving size: 1 stuffed
Calories: 129
Fat: 4.5g
Saturated fat: 1.4g
Carbohydrates: 21.1g
Protein: 5.2g
Fiber: 7.2g
Sodium: 272mg
Professional athletes often follow a regimented diet but you don’t have to be
a pro to gain maximum results in your workouts by eating the right foods. Studies
have shown that a balanced diet of lean proteins like chicken, hsh and meats, fresh
fruits and vegetables and whole grains provides the key nutrients that are needed
for strength, endurance and recovery. Depending upon the length and degree of
intensity of your workouts, your diet may need more whole grains or proteins, for
example, but establishing a solid foundation with nutrient dense foods will greatly
improve your ability to perform effectively while training and during competition.
Found naturally in whole foods, vitamins and minerals play key roles in the body.
Here are examples to feed the athlete in you:
Calcium is needed for bone density – look for almonds and dark leafy greens
like watercress and kale, broccoli and bok choy.
Iron carries oxygen to muscles – go for beef or chicken liver, tuna, dark red
kidney beans and dried apricots.
Zinc helps to heal the body and boost the immune system – cashews,
pumpkin seeds and pork shoulder are good sources.
The B vitamins convert food into needed energy and help make the
proteins that repair and build muscles – bell peppers, snapper and asparagus
are a few good options.
Vitamin D helps reduce muscle damage and speed recovery after exercise
– go for eggs, oysters and black and red caviar as found in sushi.
Fiber-rich diets improve overall body function – some excellent choices for
hber are hgs, black beans, lentils and Swiss chard. MS&F
Serves 6
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º ' |a|¡ª |ª1 aa|aa, 1|:ª1
º ' |ªa:,aaa :am|a
º IJë |ªa:,aaa :ªa :a||
º I |ªa:,aaa a|a:| ,ª,,ª|
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aaw|, (|| a:|a¡ |ama|aª:, 1|::a|1 ||ª |a:|1ª;. |11
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aa| |ªa1ª|.

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