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CLAIMANT . SPMS CERTIFICATE SIGN he claim documents and enclosures.

In First page -Claimant address wanting In First page -Account number details not furnished In first page -The SPM Signature with seal and certificate are wanting a) Balance & DLT verified/Not verified/Certified verified with guard file b) No counter claim c) No Nomination d) NO court attachment. e) Date of death noted in the register/ guard file [enclosure]: ID Proof , Address Proof of the claimant is wanting with self Attestation and duly attested by the postmaster concerned with seal Xerox copy of the Death certificate is to be attested by the SPM or any Gazette officer NOTE [1]: IF original pass book is not available, procedure should be followed Along with recommendations of the Postmaster by the divisional head Concerned. NOTE[2]:On the death of the last surviving nominee or the sole nominee, the claim in respect of the account will be settled in favour of the legal heir or the last deceased nominee and not in favour of the legal heir of the deceased depositor. NOTE[3]: For nomination 1st and 2nd page with all enclosures except for certificate claim. For certificate old claim form has to be used.

NOTE[4]: Claim application for without nomination has to be accepted by the Postmaster after the expiry of 3 months from the date of death of the depositor/holder.

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In the First page - the Signature with full address of the 2 witnesses are wanting. Xerox copy of the ID proof and address proof with self-attestation are wanting for the two witnesses if not known to post office. The claim amount exceeds one lakh, hence Succession certificate is wanting. The claim is made for 02 Pass books. Apply separately for each passbook/certificate. Submit one application for one passbook/certificate.

9) The claim is preferred like nomination, but the nomination is not registered. so prefer the claim as without nomination. 10) In the Second page SPM signature with seal is wanting. 11) Annexure 1 ( LETTER OF INDEMNITY)- This form is to be prepared in bond paper (or) Court fee stamp of Rs 20.00 12) Xerox copy of the ID proof and address proof with self attestation are wanting for both the sureties. Pay certificate from any one of the TWO sureties is wanting 13) The executor [notary public] must attest any corrections in the Indemnity Bond (or) attesting official. 14) In the Indemnity bond The Witness and Sureties are not to be same person.

15) The Bond should be signed/executed by the Notary Public only. 16) Annexure II ( AFFIDAVIT) It should be prepared in Rs.20/- bond paper or court fee of Rs.20/- should be affixed. It should be signed/executed either by the Notary public (or) by the OATH commissioner. They are not one and the same. 17)In the AFFIDAVIT the name of all the legal heirs including claimant should be noted by the notary public or oath commissioner. 18) Legal heirs Signature and full addresses are wanting in the annexure II in the Deponent Portion. 19) Affix Stamp in Annexure II for Rs.80.00 (SPECIAL adhesive stamp) available at Sub Treasury. 20) Annexure III ( Letter of disclaimer on affidavit ) IT should be given by the deponents (or) legal heirs except by the claimant in 20 Rs Bond Paper [or]affix Rs.20/- court fee stamp. 21) It should be signed/executed either by the Notary public (or) by the OATH commissioner. They are not one and the same. 22) In the Annexure III the name of the all the legal heirs [except the claimant] should be noted by the notary public or oath commissioner.

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SI NO. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

NAME OF AUTHORITY Time scale SPMs SPM in LSG (norm based) SM/DPM/PM in HSG (ALL NON GAZETTED) DPM/Sr. PM/Dy. Chief PM/SPOs (all Gazetted group-B) Chief Postmasters in HO/SSPOs (all Gazetted group A) Regional Director/Director GPO (in Mumbai and Kolkata) Chief Postmaster General /Postmaster General (HQ and Region)

LIMIT IN Rs. 1000 5000 5000 20000 50000 75000 100000

The time scale SPM can sanction the claim only up to the limit for which he is competent irrespective of whether there is a nomination or whether the claim is supported by the legal evidence or not. In cases where there is nomination or legal evidence and the amount exceeds the powers of the Time scale S.P.M , the claim shall be sanctioned by the head postmaster concerned after necessary scrutiny of the documents to whom such cases will be referred by the sub postmaster. In case of RD/MIS , all SPMs except those posted in single and double handed post offices can sanction claims irrespective of any balance if nomination is registered in their offices. In SCSS, all SPMs can sanction claims irrespective of the amount in balance if nomination is registered.

18) General certificate is wanting 26)General 27) General 28) General 29)General


Claims exceeds 100000.00 for that succession

In annexure I,II & III it should be attested by notary public (or) Annexure I by notary public and Annexure II & III by oath commissioner only IF any correction is made in Annexure I,II & III the same must be attested by the executor by the attesting official only( not by the SPM& other) Copy of the ID &address proof is to be attested by the SPM