Hearing Voices, Mind Reading, Secret Weapons, Media Crimes Information & Articles by Paul aird

This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and "harassment" technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organised crime syndicates.
The secret technologies in question are covered by military/agency secrecy orders, mostly obtained under the US Inventions Secrecy Act, !" . There are currently over ",### hidden devices, many com$uter % based and satellite facilitated, all with military / criminal a$$lications. &euro$hones, brain scanners and brain wave vocabulary software, directed energy and '%( wea$ons are amongst these as are technologies to affect the weather, cause earthqua)es etc etc. Undemocratically, and to $rotect $owerful criminals from scrutiny,various other Secrecy, &ational Security and *efamation legislation has been enhanced in recent years. The US +atriot Act, for e,am$le, $rotects governments and connected criminals from criticism and/or detection and $rosecution. Under this act anyone whistleblowing or fighting the system on a ma-or concern is arbitrarily deemed to be un$atriotic .when it/s the criminals they criticise who betray us0. They can then be listed .by a senior $olitician or at the request, through them, of a connected criminal0 as a security ris) and harassed covertly1 using secret technologies. 2ver 3#,### satellites currently target and silence countless $eo$le worldwide .est. "##,### $lus0 as a result of such bad laws. The victims are not o$enly confronted as that would remove any feigned e,cuses and leave the $er$etrators o$en to all manner of accusation. Instead the methods used are covert1 em$loying high tech/ to remotely torment and deceive victims without leaving evidence. 2ften targets are tric)ed into believing they are having $sychic, medical, $sychiatric, religious or even alien e,$eriences .which they are not0. This leaves them discredited as they vainly see) hel$ from ignorant or com$licit authorities .$olice, (+s, doctors, media etc0. This leaves them neutralised and $ossibly even silenced on the issue they originally raised. This, along with various research as$ects, is the $ur$ose of the e,ercise Through this site the author see)s to $rovide a community service1 to inform the general $ublic and encourage forthright but $eaceful $rotest against the cor$orate/military/government crimes outlined herein. I should also add that whilst the to$ic of violence .as a sad reality0 was addressed in my fictional novel, "In the year 33"3", at no stage and in no way was it my intention to encourage violent res$onses to the real life criminal conduct of corru$t members of cor$orate/government/military organisations. +assive resistance to o$$ression is the only acce$table method ... but resist we must.

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They can listen WH# AR% "THEY"( CRIMI"A$S ) *Corrupt + usinessmen +, #ppressi-e .o-ernment Agencies , Media +In-aders+/

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Satellite S$ies Illegal ',$erimentation on Eumans The Sons of Satan 4rainwashing and It/s Aonsequences A& 2F'8FI'6 2&

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S'A8'T NB: The satellites are not available to SU8F'I55A&A' A&* law enforcement agencies. Instead EA8ASS('&T they protect illegal operators (like drug T'AE&2529I'S traders and corporate criminals) who in • S+I'S G FI55AI&S fact spy on law enforcers lobbyists etc. &2T E'82'S They also facilitate remote non! consensual human e"perimentation by Surveillance the #$ military the %I& 'ffice of (omeland $ecurity and so on. In fact Surveillance 8esults when asked who was centrally Aase Study responsible ! the military defence contractors the agencies the media 8eferences or the mafia ! one senior &)* e"ecutive replied: +,ell they all have access 5in)s don-t they+.

CA0%.#RI%S #1 S2RV%I$$A"C%,HARASSM%"0 0%CH"#$#.I%S .Source % US Aongress 2ffice of Technology Assessment0
%lectronic %a-esdropping 0ec'nology 3 *Audio Sur-eillance/ 8adiating devices H receivers .e.g. miniature radio H ultrasonic transmitters0 &on%radiating devices .eg wired surveillance systems including $hone ta$s and concealed micro$hones0 Ta$e recorders 5aser%facilitated listening devices, rifle mi)es and other "remote " equi$ment .incl. satellites0

&.4. 'ven $hones can be made "hot on the hoo)" i.e. turned into micro$hones when not in use.

#ptical,Imaging 0ec'nology 3 *Visual Sur-eillance/ +hotogra$hic techniques .incl. Ioom lens and infra red cameras0 Television .e.g. closed circuit0 &ight vision devices .e.g. image intensifiers0 Satellite based viewing .u$ to and including the monitoring of writings as they are written1 indoors0 Aircraft facilitated viewing

Computers & Related 0ec'nologies 3 *4ata Sur-eillance/ (icrocom$uters % decentralisation of machines and distributed $rocessing Aom$uter networ)s Software .eg. e,$ert systems0 +attern recognition systems Foice Activated H thought activated com$uters .incl. "remote" equi$ment0 &.4. In many countries the military o$erates trac)ing stations1 assisting the giant American "ational Security Agency. The &SA covertly monitors e-ery call, fa,, e%mail, tele, and com$uter data message. The relevant

com$uters search for )ey words/$hrases. Anything/anyone of interest is drawn to the attention of agency o$eratives. This can lead to a large scale $ersonal surveillance o$eration by the &SA or other agencies1 li)e the AIA and their criminal connections. The current system is called 'AE'52&.

Sensor 0ec'nology (agnetic sensors Seismic sensors Infra red sensors Strain sensors 'lectromagnetic sensors .incl. brain wave sensors0

#t'er 4e-ices and 0ec'nologies A4 radios Fehicle location systems .incl. satellite trac)ing0 (achine readable magnetic stri$s +olygra$hs Foice stress analysers 5aser interce$tion devices Aellular radio Anti $ersonnel wea$ons % sonic and $hasar wea$ons as well as $sychotronic wea$ons1 which target the nervous system. .These have been trialed in riot control in Brance etc0 Scalar wave wea$ons % .scalar waves emanate naturally from living organisms and the earth itself0. Infrasound wea$ons % inducing various forms of illness from remote sources .Also used on dissidents in Brance0 &euro$hones and similar .more advanced0 technologies % Satellite or ground based. These can deliver aural harassment via microwaves or lasers aimed at the target. Fisual harassment laser systems. These deliver blurred vision, hologra$hs and so on to disorientate the target and/or e,$eriment1 victims/ reactions being monitored to study how best to "control" targets. 4rain wave monitors/analysers .remote sensing0. These newer technologies actually allow the target/s thoughts to be inter$reted. "2ver the horiIon" technologies % These facilitate ground%based methods of harassment .eg The Alas)an EAA8+ $ro-ect which bounces signals off the ionos$here0.

&.4. There are literally hundreds of ways of trac)ing the earth/s

the signals can be delivered via satellite. the system can mimic anyone/s voice and automatic com$uter translations .by$assing normal hearing mechanisms0. This allows for a variety of dece$tions for gullible victims. Anything from TF/s/radio/s a$$earing to o$erate when switched off through to "Foices from 9od" and encounters with "tele$athic" aliens are all cons using neuro$hone technologies to torment. deceive and . 2thers are afraid to interfere. Anecdotal evidence indicates that $eo$le li)e *avid Koresh. (arch >th.Although most of the targets are intelligent and law%abiding0. !=? US +atent J C. .$lanations for "Eearing Foices" can include everything from tric)ery to hidden transmitters to tinnitus to $sychic/haunting e. *r Blanagan/s "C* hologra$hic sound system" can $lace sounds in any location as $erceived by the targeted / tortured listener. In its original form electrodes were $laced on the s)in but with defence de$artment develo$ments.world wide0 have already lodged com$laints about the following technologies. Today. &aturally. (ar) Aha$man. !>3 The &euro$hone was develo$ed by *r +atric) Blanagan in !"?. (artin 4ryant and others could have been $rogrammed then remotely triggered . re$ortedly heard voices before and after . the AIA.$eriences to $ossession or encounters with 9od/aliens . It/s a device that converts sound to electrical im$ulses. They are available to government agencies.into any language0 are incor$orated.to so % called schiIo$hrenic e$isodes0 by far the most common 8'A5 reason is covert &euro$hone harassment as arranged by government agencies and/or other criminals.or tric)ed0 using harrassment technologies li)e the neuro$hone.3>!. Eowever.am$le. the mafia0. -ournalists and other $ublic figures who are aware of what goes on. Dohn 5ennon/s )iller. there is more than an element of corru$tion / com$licity evident amongst $oliticians. defense contractors and "organised" crime figures.most im$ortantly0 discredit agency/criminal targets.am$les of devices used to covertly menace $olitical targets who do not have a $ublic $rofile. Bor e. (ost can be satellite based and anyone can be targeted $rovided they have neither influence nor contacts in $ublic life. 1urt'er Information It is evident that countless $eo$le .etc0 use satellites and ground % based equi$ment to deliver verbal threats.inhabitants which are available to corru$t agency officials and their criminal contacts .g. *IA .C!C.>. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain . The last seven are e. 0'e "europ'one Although the offered e.!>#. US +atent J C. deafening noise and $ro$aganda1 using neuro$hone technology.=. Duly =th. 9overnment secrecy $rovisions hel$ to $revent $ublic disclosures regarding these technologies.e.

'(B 4rain stimulation may be encoded so that $ulsating '( signals sent to the targets brain cause audio%visual effects which only the target e.. 5owery &on aural carriers in e. . 3=/>/?C.S.S. messages into bac)ground music . This is an e. $lease note the following "$ossibilities". e0 The monitors sim$ly ad-ust the volume downwards when you/re in a $osition where the signal could hit someone else/s body. there is no re$ort of A&7 interce$ted neuro$hone signals. is the best e. As with the final $roof. &onetheless.. a0 Kirlean $hotogra$hy may be an ancillary system so it/s attuned to the targets $ersonal energy field . $atent J. Psyc'o3Acoustic Pro5ector U. . !!3 Inventor % *r 2liver (.S."==.C.their unique '( waves0. 'ven if they heard it . b0 The magnetite in our brains can act as a detectable finger$rint. the definitive answer lies in the actual blue$rints1 secreted in the bowels of the +entagon or some similar facility. $atent JC.>. It can also hel$ to create coincidences of the sort the media creates . 2ctober 3>th. to me.ala the subliminal transmissions used in some U. A system to mi. An alert reader would recognise how this could create coincidences and stir u$ conflict1 es$ecially if what/s fed to one $erson corres$onds with what/s gathered .silencing the agency%hounded $eace advocate.S. e.or whatever0 do not $ic) u$ the signals. Silent Subliminal Messages US +atent J ". government agents/military $ersonnel.am$les include< % Auditory subliminal message system and method. d0 The individuals "vibrational $attern" could be used as a signal filter li)e a radio receiving only the sound modulating the frequency of the station it/s tuned to.treme audio frequency ranges are am$lified or modulated with the desired material and $ro$agated acoustically for direct inducement into the brain.via surveillance0 from another.$lain why others $hysically moving into the $ath of the laser .cellent method of influencing $eo$le without their )nowledge. de$artment stores to $revent sho$lifting or boost sales0.>#C. U.eg. To e.through surveillance feedbac)0 only in reverse. 8ene 5undy and *avid Tyler. If it wasn/t so effective it would not have been used to facilitate silent communications between U..3C/3/> 0 A device/wea$on which can actually deafen the target. Eowever. This.. "!. a news story0 and coerced into believing they are $sychic.$lanation. "9od" a$$arently told him to confess verbally.C!"=##. where the sub-ects are fed information $rior to the event . +atented devices )nown to facilitate subliminal message delivery are too numerous to list.briefly0 they/d attribute it to another voice in the crowd etc. c0'qually each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in our brains.$eriences.

Met'ods and Systems of Altering Consciousness US +atent J ". Its systems li)e this which could one day see attem$ts made to brainwash/control entire $o$ulations. fear. ''9 cloning feeds bac) the results of '(B monitoring in an attem$t to induce emotional res$onses . $atent J./?> % "(ethod and A$$aratus for altering a region in the 'arth/s atmos$here.again this could facilitate scams etc. .% Subliminal message generator.?. 3C.3>#. even slee$ etc.$erimentation in weather "modification".=?=.. Dune 3Crd. The subliminal data can be from a $rerecorded or live signal. ionos$here or magnetos$here". *r 8oss Adey concludes that all as$ects of human behaviour can be affected. C. wireless.. Dose$h 6ilson. 'lectro (agnetic Bield .?##.. As intimated earlier. These systems stimulate the brain with different frequencies and wave forms to alter the sub-ect/s state of consciousness.D. most versatile radio frequency radiation transmitter in the world also allowing e. even controlled. !!..>" milliwatts $er square centimetre of $ulsed. This could $ossibly wor) on certain members of a crowd or audience.. 2ne un$ublished a$$lication was the 9ulf 6ar but. the criminals involved not only o$erate in media/$olitical circles. ..S. 8obert Sweet.e. U... % Su$erim$osing method and a$$aratus useful for subliminal messages. !!3 US +atent J ". A&* others0 also facilitates e. electrical $ower beaming and communications "disru$tion".A visual medium0..?. they see) total control of everything.0.=#".$eriments in the disru$tion of human mental $rocesses. Similarly. And that is -ust as feasible as a wholesale nuclear holocaust.3?!. &."# (EI.S. modulated microwave at a frequency of . &otably the Alas)an EAA8+ $ro-ect . And yes.featuring the 4.g.C?. the entertainment industry can use such technologies to boost sales of A*/s.'(B0 monitoring/interference is one of the most insidious and secretive of all methods used by the agencies. .4 Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves.4. To be used with TF. In time they may win due to su$$ression of information and their terrorist tactics.. It/s the largest. /./ 3/!C. movie tic)ets etc. cable TF and com$uters.S.. $atent J". &. $atent J".. the targets are mostly innocent/o$$ressed civilians trying to e. more times than not.ercise their basic rights to free s$eech in so%called western democracies. U. 8elates to video signals. 3?/>/!3. anger.'astland $atented technology % U. Bebruary 33nd. Ee used #.

A mi)e turns the sounds to electrical signals which are treated so as to $rovide multi frequency microwaves which are a$$lied to the brain area. 6ayne 4run)er. can esca$e violation of international defence/agency treaties. "A hearing system" U.$eriments carried out in bygone days included The (KU5T8A . Eowever. 6hatever sound the mi)e $ic)s u$ . In the early !!#s. found that if a microwave carrier were to be sliced and carried audio modulation. As with the &ASA A$ollo $rogram. to commit more crimes.S. $atent J.on military and civilian $ersonnel0. $atent J. the *efence Intelligence Agency and A8+A .S. ..Stoc)lin.. The first )nown e.#3>.?"?.The Advanced 8esearch +ro-ects Agency0 are $rinci$ally to blame for the abuse of such technologies since.mind control0/5S* e. The latter involves microwaves aimed at the auditory corte. In !>. "A hearing device" U. many of those originally involved were e. *r 'dward Taub re$orted that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought%activated movements of a com$uter cursor.S. a neuro$hysiologist and electronic engineer wor)ing for Stanford 8esearch Institute . +hili$ 5. In any event. electro%shoc) treatment on institutional victims and so on.S. C / #/?!. Allan Brey. Analysers 5awrence +inneo.a military contractor0 is the first ")nown" $ioneer in this field.Micro&a-e Weapons Twenty years ago a scientist. that modulation could be heard by someone in the signals $ath.S. rain Wa-e Monitors . he develo$ed a com$uter system which correlated brain waves on an electroence$halogra$h with s$ecific commands.$eriment with microwaved voices was conducted by Shar$ and 9rove in the early >#/s. 9od 4less America. germ and nuclear fallout testing .. this time for the U. eg +ro-ect +andora etc. The thin $ulses of radio carrier wave cause currents to flow through the nervous system % the result is a remote transmission1 no wires or contact is needed. 'nergy and Dustice de$artments are now involved in such $rograms so the U. 33/?/?!. It/s worth noting the re$orted e. &aIi or 8ussian Aold war scientists . regardless of their earlier crimes. The U. once a technology is labelled "To$ secret%classified" they can use it any way they li)e on anyone.li)e a voice0 is relayed to the target. The AIA/s 5angley 8esearch Aentre as well as an army of "mad" scientists wor)ing in 'nergy/*efence de$artment labs across the U. are also res$onsible.$eriments.?>>.A.= 3.S. 'g. That/s also why the "*" for "defence" was dro$$ed from *A8+A.even 66II Da$anese0 recruited.

In fact the relevant com$uters have a vocabulary in e. These. In the case of brain wave monitoring the results are then fed bac) to the relevant com$uters. (onitors then use the information to conduct a "conversation" where audible neuro$hone in$ut is "a$$lied" to the victim. do nothing.Aurrently under secrecy $rovisions1 "Alassified"0 In !!. This was achieved by a neuro$hysiologist.# years. *r Thomas Densen. 'ven if each calculation involved only one /bit/ of information. 'ventually they will monitor almost everyone. even today.. . it already torments those victimised as covert targets of high tech brain monitoring technology.### words and cover most languages. total com$uter consciousness looms as an o$en threat for the future of man)ind.4lue 9ene0 su$ercom$uter can $rocess more information than ten times the entire world/s $o$ulation. from the University of (issouri. using lasers / satellites and high%$owered com$uters the agencies have now gained the ability to deci$her human thoughts % and from a considerable distance .. The transmitter is therefore the brain itself -ust as body heat is used for "Iris" satellite trac)ing . *r *onald 7or). secretly..S.A. one such com$uter could $rocess more information than five times the earth/s total $o$ulation. Ho& is it done( The magnetic field around the head..cess of =#. Euman thought o$erates at ". 7et our world leaders. 6ith su$ercom$uters ta)ing overt brain downloads within . the &SA/s signals intelligence monitor the brainwaves of their targets by satellite and decode the evo)ed $otentials .. Israel.instantaneously0.### bits/sec but satellites and various forms of biotelemetry can deliver those thoughts to su$ercom$uters in (aryland. and a s$eech $athologist."#EI " milliwatts0 that the brain emits. monitor millions of $eo$le simultaneously. U. In fact. who )now this. etc which have a s$eed of over C## trillion bits/sec which means -ust one . U+*AT' .C.worse than any 2rwellian "4ig 4rother" nightmare you could $ossibly imagine.3##"0 % I4(/s 4lue 9ene com$uter can re$ortedly $rocess 33> trillion flo$s $er second. It does not ta)e much thin)ing to realise that the US agencies have access to a $erfected version of this technology. the brain wave $atterns of ..infrared0 or mobile $hones or bugs can be trac)ed as "transmitters". -ust as.# sub-ects were officially correlated with both s$o)en words and silent thought. the brain waves of an individual can be monitored by satellite. So. only it will be a reality. They clearly identified 3> words / syllables in s$ecific brain wave $atterns and $roduced a com$uter $rogram with a brain wave vocabulary.

no thought that cannot be su$$ressed . To com$rehend how terrible such a thorough invasion of $rivacy can be % imagine being quiIIed on your $ast as you lie in bed. only to wa)e to the monitors commenting / ridiculing your subconscious thoughts . In other words. Aolonel Dohn Ale.$eriments. Also there are those e. . In many ways these new technologies are an even more sinister means of conducting illegal human e.dreams0. There will literally be no intellectual $ro$erty that cannot be stolen.echoes0 your own thoughts and then the human monitors comment or res$ond verbally. Today. from a distance. advising head of &AT2/S non%lethal wea$on initiative. having $ersonal or "induced" dreams. &4 6hilst the live/human comments are individualistic and unrelated to the victims own thought $rocesses oftentimes the artificial intelligence involved will $arrot standard $hrases.The writer has a co$y of a 6hite Eouse internal memo.$ands from the million or so currently under scrutiny to include A55 inhabitants of the $lanet . If the ability to "brain scan" individuals e. Ee favours all manner of devices which can. induce illnesses.Usually the targets are aware their brain waves are being monitored because of the accom$anying neuro$hone feedbac). 7ou eventually fall off to slee$. Any nebulous arguments about US national security and the need for classified research on human sub-ects s$ea) for themselves. read . 8emember that in the $ast AIA mind control e.$eriments have involved 5S* as well as electro%shoc) treatment. The (K Ultra . signed by 4ill Alinton on these matters0. Conclusion The combined use of these technologies enables remote torture and interrogation.(emories are triggered by neuro$hone questioning and the brain wave analysers deliver the answers0.$ressing an o$inion contrary to those forced on us by the &ew 6orld 2rder.ander.as $er the 'chelon surveillance system which already monitors A55 $rivate/commercial telecommunications0 then no%one will ever be able to even thin) about e. 4oth are facilitated by the neuro$hone. &euro$hone and mind reading technologies are at the forefront of similar $rograms. . is the main $ro$onent of these technologies. the com$uter re$eats .$erimented on under the the cover of /Alien visits/.by the most o$$ressive/invasive means0.(ind Aontrol0 $rogram itself is infamous as are the instances where im$lants have been detected by L%8ay etc. no writing that cannot be censored. These are triggered by your thoughts while the human monitors remain silent or absent.

for "location" $ur$osesM0 while some U.$erimental results achieved. intellectual dissenters and $eaceful activists1 to discredit and silence them. have been im$lanted so as to study their thoughts/emotions etc.4.as with the s$ace $rogram and military e. 'ven to entertain such a thought is criminally insane yet he has said such things in $ublic.$ost cold war0 being used today on lobbyists.$eriments in controlling voters by these remote methods were tried in Eaiti. Their covert o$erators can now do their worst without fear of detection. If he could he would im$lant a microchi$ in each newborn child and initiate a mind control $rogramme designed to brainwash the entire $lanet or at least those not fully in tune with their &ew 6orld 2rder.develo$ed for times of war / terrorism0 are .So much for democracy. $olitical/military leaders etc can have their intellectual $ro$erty stolen at the source. these technologies . The cost is -ustified by the control gained and the e. Eelsingen Sanomat. writers.S (ilitary/Agency $ersonnel. '.%agency / military $ersonnel who have rebelled or tried to blow the whistle on corru$t $ractices within these organisations.* $ro$osed using such technology on all individuals o$$osing their views. the U. have suggested all $eo$le will be im$lanted with a *&A microchi$ in the future. The US and other world governments are guilty of fostering gross human rights abuses by using these methods.2.$erimental $rograms. Thin) of the $ossibilities for robotics and cloning in the future. 8emember.city0 so as to avoid $roviding a $attern for investigators to observe. '. *u$licating these $rocesses for robotics and other artificial intelligence $ur$oses is another sinister goal. These $eo$le also re$ort that e. In fact Scientific American magaIine and the ma-or Scandinavian news$a$er. It is also noteworthy that some of the victims are e. 6ithout doubt the com$uters store and analyse the intelligence gathered by surveillance/harassment technologies.g +rince 6illiam has already been im$lanted . 2f course.and com$etitors etc0. including &ASA astronauts. Some of these re$ort that not only have the thoughts and emotions of millions of targets been catalogued by military/intelligence agencies but all such agencies have $olitical/mafia/media lin)s due to both infiltration and association. The *IA would )now.$enditures in general0 the funds used could .g scientists. Their vast memories allow detailed studies of how the human mind wor)s so as to learn how to influence and/or control $eo$le. 4osnia etc A&* that in !!.0 &otably different methods are often used on different victims within a certain area .. (ental ra$e is only one of the many crimes committed in this mobile environment. This also $rovides a cross section of $olitical targets for their e. (any of the actual monitors/harassers are also recruited from the worst $ossible sources.audio / visual0 surveillance1 creating the effect of an electronic +26 concentration cam$. These technologies are invariably used in con-uction with satellite .S *. . .minds and covertly harass innocent targets. &.

33/ /!>0 called The Euman 8esearch Sub-ect +rotection Act. These can detect the relevant frequencies and this $rovides $roof. The International Ariminal Aourt should deny veto rights to the US government. . *IA. The 'uro$ean +arliament also called for a convention introducing a global ban on any wea$onry enabling mani$ulation of human beings.be better s$ent solving real $roblems li)e hunger. .$ressed its concerns in Duly /!.S. . The International Aommittee of the 8ed Aross also e.The memos very e. The threat of class actions against US government de$artments may then lead to the end of these atrocities. Recommendations Agencies such as the AIA.i0 +res. 8esolutions.istence is an admission of guilt0.see 8esolution on the environment security and foreign $olicy A.ce$t where assisting with law enforcement activities .iv0 U&I*I8 . Dohn 9lenn introduced a bill . . should not have the right to access satellite .. re wea$ons of mass destruction. li)e Australia/s *S* and the U.iii0 The 'uro$ean +arliament recently $assed resolutions calling for a world convention to ban all wea$ons used for human e. ASIS and ASI2 should be accountable to a$$ro$riately selected committees etc. Dan 3?th.Su$erconductor :uantum Interface *etector0 through the defence de$artment or a$$ro$riate facilities. e. . !!!..ii0 Sen.'+ "!0. treaties.or other0 technologies to s$y on or harass law%abiding citiIens1 es$ecially in their own country. $overty and crime.And he/d )now how necessary that is0. % ###"/!!.. (ilitary units. international conventions/laws must quic)ly be introduced to bridge the ga$ between ra$idly advancing .which they do not0.The United &ations Institute for *isarmament 8esearch0 has issued a media guide to disarmament es$. Alinton has issued a memo $romising greater $rotection for human sub-ects of classified research. 2n a $ositive note. Bederal +olice should be able to access oscillating scanners and ''9 machines li)e S:UI* . . disease. 'qually they should not assist foreign governments with /4ig 4rother/ systems li)e 'chelon. There needs to be a United &ations Satellite Aommittee to oversee develo$ments in satellite technology from a humanitarian $ers$ective. . &on%lethal wea$ons are listed and the list includes mind control wea$ons. U& wea$ons ins$ectors should include non%lethal wea$ons and satellite wea$onry on their chec)lists.$erimentation/mani$ulation.

0. . U& wea$ons ins$ectors should then see) access to government . Article Satellite Spies 0'e S'oc6ing 0rut' . TE'S' 2UT5A6 TE' US' 2B A&7 '( 6'A+2& 2& A&72&'. The use of most "non%lethal" wea$ons contravenes the s$irit of all $rivacy laws and criminal codes as well as every relevant code and convention in $lay internationally1 including The *eclaration of Euman 8ights.0 2& 3?TE *'A'(4'8 3##C TE' (IAEI9A& 92F'8&28 SI9&'* +U45IA AATS 3"= A&* 3"> . &one have yet bore fruit.S. The $er$etrators are guilty of crimes against humanity. Eowever these are only $romises recognising the $roblem. The International Aovenant on Aivil and +olitical 8ights.F.and usually /classified/0 technologies and inadequate laws.worldwide % including the U..0 to eradicate these evil wea$ons. The 9eneva Aonvention and The &uremberg Aode. +'&A5T7 % " 7'A8S%5IB'. Those su$$orting them are engaging in class warfare of the worst )ind.'BB'ATIF' / /#.et al0 facilities .

. Article Illegal %7perimentation on Humans Proof of Anti Personnel 0ec'nologies 4e-eloped t'roug' Illegal %7perimentation on Human 0argets y Paul aird %7posure8 Vol98 "o:8 . Today they are also used by covert government agencies to o$$ress $olitical targets.<<=8 pp >:3>9 These technologies were tested .involuntarily0 on civilian $ersonnel using remote satellite trac)ing and over%the%horiIon technologies.$eriments using 5S* etc.It is a strong $ossibility that they are also "available" to certain defence contractors and organised crime figures.0 It/s a matter of US Aongressional record that in the "#/s and =#/s the AIA conducted behaviour or mind control e.Alic) the images above to view the larger version. 2nly the most naive would claim that the "control" . on innocent victims.

delivered mainly via satellite laser0. . noise. through the nerves. It may ta)e the form of a radiator mounted on a vehicle. Ad-anced "europ'one! 28S8 Patent ?>. radiated from a number of transducers and modulated by a s$eech. by$assing the inner ear. the signal will be carried . which those around them do not hear . Purpose! To $roduce aural/$sychological disturbances and $artial deafness. 4escription! A system for the simultaneous a$$lication of multi$le . 4escription! A high directional beam. Indications are that the latest round of wea$ons testing will $roduce even more victims. code. !> . Purpose! +ractically. aircraft or satellite. The &SA $laced a secrecy order on this develo$ment for over " years because of the military a$$lications of the technology. 4escription! A device that converts sound to electrical im$ulses1 allowing information to be transmitted to the brain by means of radio waves directed at any $art of the body . The world also )nows that US radiation e. it is used to terrorise $olitical/military targets. the cochlea. Met'ods & Systems for Altering Consciousness ! 28S8 Patent ?9.<AC8 (arch >th.><>.<<:8 . !=?. Burther &euro$hone advances include the develo$ment of the time recognition $rocessor. This harasses and discredits the targets1 es$ecially if the $roblem is communicated to those unaware of the relevant technologies.=<<8 Eune @>rd. im$roved memory a$$lications and the advances in satellites incor$orating neuro$hone technologies.<<@8 .@A<8 Duly =th.testing sto$$edNthey merely changed their methods and focus.I%S 0'e "europ'one! 28S8 Patent ?>.. $ro$aganda etc. recorded or live messages. The truth must be faced and $ublicisedOOO PA0%"0%4 0%CH"#$#. 3 28S8 Patent ?9.>:A8 Bebruary 3Crd.@>. 4escription! This &euro$hone incor$orates an electronic circuit du$licating the encoding of the Aochlea and ?th cranial nerve themselves.hibit s$ecific brain wave rhythms and thereby altering the sub-ects/ state of consciousness.$eriments yielded tens of thousands of victims1 vindicated. though rarely com$ensated. or noise beat signal. The trac)ed individuals hear recorded/live threats.involuntarily0 to the brain.Invented !=>0. !>3.s)in0.B:A.@=<. In other words.9BB. 4escription! A system for stimulating the brain to e. Inventor % *r +atric) Blanagan .Invented !"?0. music can be directed at an individual and. Inventor % *r +atric) Blanagan.:>=8 1ebruary @@nd. more often. and the ?th cranial nerve. Purpose! As Above Psyc'o 3 Acoustic Pro5ectorD 28S8 Patent ?>. . the &euro$hone could be used to communicate with the deaf but. . Tens of thousands worldwide have already lodged com$laints.

Programs! Birst $rogram develo$ed in !!. 5owry. Bor e. This can be done "live" or recorded/stored on magnetic. Purpose! To induce emotional/$sychological res$onses.satellites0.>#C. Satellite.### mhI0 that are modulated with a waveform consisting of frequency modulated bursts. Silent Subliminal Messages! U.stimuli .2ne un$ublicised a$$lication was the 9ulf 6ar0 #0H%R F"#W" 0%CH"#$#. Sound can also be induced by radiating the head with microwaves .or others0 to mimic emotional $atterns1 eg. %%. Purpose! +ractically. and $ro$agated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement directly into the brain. +atent J". Bear. !!3. Thomas Densen.4reIhnev in !>? when he told US +resident D. communication with stro)e victims and brain% activated control of modern -ets are two a$$lications. C#"C$2SI#" This entire brac)et of wea$ons was referred to by 5.I%S C2RR%"0$G 2"4%R S%CR%CG #R4%RS rain&a-e Scanners. "ote! In con-unction with &euro$hone technology. . mechanical or o$tical media for delayed/re$eated transmission to the target. Cloning! 4escription! A system whereby the target/s '(B is monitored remotely and ''9 results fed bac) to them . Inventor % *r 2liver (.es$. more often. *onald 7or) H *r. "!. The results are fed to thought activated com$uters that $ossess a com$lete brainwave vocabulary. 4escription! A communication system in which non aural carriers . .S. this is a mechanism for remote interrogation/torture via satellite.in the very low or high audio frequency range or the ultrasonic frequency s$ectrum0 are am$lified or frequency modulated with the desired "intelligence". Purpose! To instruct or $ass messages1 in theory. Eowever.am$le. it is used to mentally ra$e a civilian target1 their thoughts being referenced immediately and/or recorded for future use. Purpose! To disorientate/mani$ulate a target. 6hat/s needed includes the following< A U& Satellite committee and non%lethal wea$ons ins$ectors. the feedbac) of *elta waves may induce drowsiness since these are familiar when in dee$ slee$.in the range ## to #. 2ctober 3>th.Aarter that there should be a unilateral ban on certain secret wea$ons "more frightful than the mind of man has ever conceived". anger etc.usually aural0 with different frequencies and waveforms. In reality it/s used to torment $olitical/military targets. by *r. 4escription! A $ersonal scanning and trac)ing system involving the monitoring of an individuals '(B via remote means1 eg. . And clearly there are many others that we are yet to learn about1 including advanced forms of infrasound wea$ons that can induce organ damage/illness from remote sources .

4y so doing such grou$s infiltrate and im$ose their views.and mind control technology. govern. Some have a finger in every $ie. The .3 . This could lead to ultimate failureNSuccessful "$lotting" therefore seems to be effected when certain $rivileged grou$s. The grou$s or societies in question also see) to $rotect their o$erations using subterfuge and lies to enlist the unwitting hel$ of those around them A&* other criminal connections. 'qually. 6est$ort *istrict 2ffice. Armen Fictoria . $re-udice and often crime by their actions. it may also be worth noting the comments of one senior investigator from &ASA/S Ins$ector 9enerals 2ffice. clandestine manner. clubs. grou$s are often the worst in terms of $re-udice.nettima)a)o/mind/neuro$. fraternities or societies of li)e%minded. you could have dissention due to conflicting views. o$enly. &ottingham. C The military use of electromagnetic. Ean31eb @CC: Pages . These $roblems are the focus of this article. &. religious organiIations and so on.tent. to a certain e.? C&T UK0 Article 0'e Sons of Satan y Paul aird HHard %-idenceH Vol8 : "o8 . PA0%"0 R%1%R%"C%S (ind Aontrol< &euro$hone www. and wealthy. less well )nown. An International Ariminal Aourt $re$ared to handle class actions brought by the victims. if too many $eo$le are involved. li)e $olitical $arties.m). -udicial. Unfortunately such grou$s $romote inequality.+2 4o. C . 3 www. Eaving conceded the e.htm . Eowever the smaller. be it $olitical. bureaucratic or whatever. A growth in $ublic awareness regarding the testing of e.net/mcf/resrc%hm. individuals band together to direct $eo$le and events to suit their own vested interests.9. standards and lifestyles on others in an underhanded.istence of such technologies and commenting on the evil uses to which they are $ut he advised< "I suggest you $ray".htm JC 5ee 4oo)s . S%CR%0 S#CI%0I%S The higher $rofile grou$s. Binally. They have large numbers of members. . $romoting their own through the ran)s of any hierarchy.=3@9 Introduction *es$ite the defensiveness of grou$s sus$ected of having a secret agenda $eo$le will always believe that wherever there is concealment there could well be a cons$iracy. !!.$erimental technologies. . Along the way they alienate and destroy many who question or o$$ose their selfish goals.

The Aouncil of Boreign 8elations. "terrorism" is defined as the use of violence 28 I&TI(I*ATI2& to achieve your goals. The more of them there are in any field of endeavour.t national elections. So. So much so that mere mention of their involvement instills such fear that it/s an absolute conversation sto$$er1 evidence of the worst terrorism imaginable. The KKK.ostensibly innocent often damn themselves by their silence. Therefore. cultists. &ow. And unli)e )nown terrorist networ)s they cannot be . the AIA0 more than anyone else. illegal researchers and so on. we in the west are encouraged to see Islamic/Arabic e. The Illuminati. the unchec)ed government s$y agencies and so on should all be $laced under careful scrutiny during any legitimate "war on terror". The Travistoc) Institute. the more acce$table their ways and so the greater their influence. The Alub of 8ome.tremists from that region as devils1 fanatics waging a cowardly. Eowever we )now why that won/t ha$$en. $rovocation and escalation. tragic acts of terrorism in recent years1 the 6orld Trade Aentre disaster. The Breemasons. $olitical or state re$ression/o$$ression. at Dews.treme view is strictly correct and even then it only a$$lies to some. (ost $eo$le fear corru$t media re$resentatives and covert agency $eo$le . The (afia. Additionally. Accordingly. media fear cam$aigns etc are all acts of terrorism. bloodless hostage crises. The Knights Tem$lar. guilty of mani$ulation. The 8IIA. Aertainly there/s no denying that The &ew 6orld 2rder is an American conce$t. 5i)ewise. there is an ever more worrying $roliferation of criminally based networ)s of $aedo$hiles. the abhorrent use of $sychological and emotional violence. many brand the US as "The 9reat Satan". failure to attend the annual 4ildeberg Alub meeting is said to all but ensure failure at the ne. (any 6orld leaders are members of these influential organiIations. covert agency harassment. (any use various forms or terrorism to achieve their goalsN A S2 0$%R 0%RR#RISM In the (iddle 'ast. The 4ritish 8ound Table. Bor good or bad some of the better )nown clandestine societies include<% The 4ildeberg Alub. their a$athy. $ressure or harassment is -ust as much an act of terror as a violent hi-ac)ing or a suicide bombing. The 4ali bombings and so on. &either e. with their allies. satanists. 6esterners etc. This is as much for their o$$ressive stance in the Ione as for their $erceived immorality.am$le. The Trilateral Aommission.g. indiscriminately. The S)ull and 4ones Society and The +ro-ect for the &ew American Aentury. the unregulated media mafia. the $erceived hub or terrorism for us in the 6est.e. 6hoever they are/were and wherever they/re from they do/did Satan/s wor). This has led to numerous. "holy" war based on religious differences. and with good reason. Bor e. Eowever. their fear. any s$here or sector. both sets of leaders are. Their collective hatred is su$$osedly directed. 'ach watches out for its own members and thereby allows them to $ros$er and multi$ly.

questioned let alone sto$$ed. 2f course, as the truth is always an early casualty anyway, the media/agency/crime figures involved re$lace it with whatever they choose1 $ointing away from themselves with suitable indignation and outrage. S0A0% SP#"S#R%4 0%RR#R (any of the US/s enemies were trained and armed by the US. This, cou$led with subsequent $rovocation of those enemies, must be recogniIed as $art of the terrorism $roblem. The $rovocateur esca$es detection then uses the retaliation as an e,cuse to escalate activity. The fact that money is generated by all of this is both a central and disturbing truth that is being largely ignored. If there was nothing to gain by it then it wouldn/t ha$$en. The $ublic are also unaware that covert methods are used. Bor e,am$leN8egular readers of "',$osure" and now "Eard 'vidence" will be familiar with the e,istence of high tech/ satellite, microwave and ground based wea$ons such as thought scanners, advanced neuro$hones and the li)e. Unli)e the deaf%friendly mira$hone, modern neuro$hone based technologies are wea$ons used for state% s$onsored crime effected by agencies li)e the AIA, &SA, *IA, and their criminal "business" associates. The technology allows o$eratives to use advanced com$uter $rograms and voice overs to deliver aural harassment/threats etc into the brains of millions worldwide via microwave and satellite. Satellite brainwave monitors and $owerful com$uters .at secret facilities and relay stations0 also allow for the deci$hering of the targets thoughts, simultaneously. This will be e,$lained more fully later on but suffice to say for now that the mind reading ca$abilities of the relevant technologies are another conversation sto$$erNnot because of disbelief but because of fear. The result of a$$lying such techniques can be varied across the community. +rominent $ersons who hold terrible secrets may suicide, while unstable $sycho$aths and assassins may be driven to commit murder.s0. (eanwhile, $rotestors, writers, human rights cam$aigners, whistleblowers etc may be severly traumatiIed by long term e,$osure to techno%based torture and o$$ression. The results can be discrediting. Some can even be wrongly institutionaliIed. &otably, nursing homes, asylums and -ails house many victims. They are easy targets for illegal human e,$erimentation but, interestingly enough, most who are targeted, have a "$olitical" bac)ground. To debase anyone is bad enough but to e,acerbate the suffering of such $eo$le is unbelievably cruel. 7et another form of all too common terrorism is the media feedbac) of surveillance results. This is often facilitated by the state through (+/s, agency $ersonnel etc, who set u$ the s$ying, then relay the frequencies or $ass on results. Eow it wor)s is that any unwelcome .though $rivate0 comment leads to a res$onse .directly with live TF/radio or later if not0. 7our own words/views/thoughts/actions etc are thrown bac) at you from the surveillance, usually from the a$$ro$riate $ublic figure or sector .with or without their )nowledge0. It often ta)es the form of a threat. Bor e,am$le, the writers ! yr old Aunt, who lives at +arramatta, had a turn

and was ta)en to 6estmead hos$ital. The ne,t day, as I $re$ared to ta)e the final draft of this article to my ty$ing service .near my Aunts home0 I listened to the morning radio news. The no. item was about a ! yr old +arramatta woman .not my Aunt0 who/d died at 6estmead hos$ital after a bashing outside her home. Investigation and subsequent re$orts revealed that the news details were .deliberately0 incorrect. "They" search for coincidences, then time and $rioritise the re$orts in an attem$t to terrorise their targets. 6hen all else fails they -ust ma)e it u$. The facts are wrong but the intention is clear. The blame could be with whoever gets the surveillance results .solicited, interce$ted etc0. That may be a researcher, a writer, editor, stage manager, e,ec or $resenter but all of them )now what goes on. The $resenter is usually blamed, at least initially. This can lead to the victim loo)ing li)e an obsessed fan or something1 a neat arrangement for discrediting $eo$le. Infact many have fallen for this tra$. Some have even been wrongly institutionalised as a result of false com$laints lodged by criminals/celebrities wor)ing for corru$t media em$ires. *es$ite the general $ublic/s sus$icions most don/t realise that the media/s role in controlling )nowledge, $erce$tions and beliefs e,tends to this sort of crime .against those who offend their criminal associates0. In any event, ta)ing an undue interest in a non $ublic figure to the $oint of s$ying on them .yet refusing to tal) to them0 reveals the foul intentions of all involved in such $ractices...and those -ournos that o$$ose it are unwelcome in mainstream media circles. So only those who are com$licit or silent survive. Therefore, to give these media terrorists the benefit of the doubt, to trust anyone in the mass media once victimiIed in this manner, is to ma)e a serious error in -udgement. 5ies are s$read, recordings made and there is no $rivacy at all. 2ne e,am$le of this involved a female whistleblower contending with corru$t media e,ecs, at channel >. They lodged a false com$laint through their own media "crime sto$$ers" $eo$le with "friendly"/corru$t $olice. It was said that she was about to rob a ban). This sto$$ed her whistleblowing and she hid in her house for fear of being framed/set u$ with wea$ons, drugs etc. The terrible realiIation that those you should be able to turn to for hel$ are fully cul$able themselves is shattering for most. 'qually the cul$rits go into denial and, in any event, are beyond the reach of any frustrated/honest law enforcers who may offer to hel$. 9etting bac) to the governments themselvesNwith the legal/constitutional amendments ta)ing $lace these days .su$$osedly only to combat terrorism0 we now have a situation where innocent $eo$le can be framed/tortured/o$$ressed by the state with "terrorist watch" ty$e e,cuses used to su$$ress the truth. Secretive societies, even grou$s of criminally connected "mates", can arrange this all too easily through their contactsNand a cons$iracy of silence covers it u$. It/s an e,cellent way of victimising and isolating $eo$le. To illustrate, recent res$onses to the Se$tember , .# 0 tragedy have seen civil liberties ta)e a battering, bringing democracy itself under fire.

*raconion laws have been $assed and corru$t agencies are covertly targeting su$$osed sus$ects who I/m sure are .usually0 nothing more than concerned citiIens e,ercising their democratic rights. 4y "$retending" to doubt a target and refusing to tal) with them agencies .li)e the AIA, *IA, (2SSA*, (I=, ASIS, 2&A etc0 can use their arsenal of "anti%citiIen" wea$ons in a trial of how to terrorise/silence/discredit $eo$le. Those res$onsible remain "beyond re$roach" using remote s$ace% based technologies etc and quoting "&ational Security" as their -ustification for silence and the secrecy orders $laced on the wea$ons themselves. As a result the $ublic don/t question this because they don/t )now the technologies e,ist. SoNwe have a situation wherein $atriotic, com$assionate $eo$le who are raising awareness on im$ortant issues can not only be terroriIed by government agencies .silenced on behalf of corru$t "business" interests0 but they can also be falsely accused to -ustify the surveillance in the first $lace. The "*on/t tal) to them" attitude of the ruling class and associated "clubs" fuels the situation, along with their involvement in harassment directed at the targets who are usually totally innocent, of anything. In the $ost cold war era crimes against citiIens are becoming a more substantial $art of agency o$eratives wor). +rotected agency/"business" o$erations .li)e the drug and arms trades, $rostitution, $aedo$hile networ)s etc0 cannot be questioned without consequences, es$ecially for ordinary, unconnected $eo$le. These same $eo$le can be offered u$ for e,$erimental $rograms where techniques and technologies are em$loyed to study how to control/silence themNThe visible results could be anything from minor stress through to institutionalisation or even death. This, of course is in )ee$ing with the (.2. of criminals who trade in human misery and murder .i.e. drug barons, arms dealers, terrorists etc0. This all leads to another question. Isn/t failure to act on the $art of an individual or agency $art of the terrorist cycleM The technology mentioned could solve the terrorist $roblem but that/s not what "they" want. Birstly, the s$ace%based equi$ment available allows all telecommunications to be interce$ted .'chelon0, then there/s the audio%visual monitoring of "$ersons of interest" and neuro$hone/brain%scanning of unconnected targetsNSo why e,$eriment with whistleblowers and decent $eo$le of any sort while ignoring )nown terroristsM (aybe Se$tember ty$e tragedies are allowed or even orchestrated by some vested interest grou$s with agency connections1 loathsome criminals who deliberately stir u$ trouble and actively wor) against $revention or a$$rehension. After all, 4ig 4rother does see all. So, because any "agent" moving in the field would be s$otted they use $atsies and (anchurian candidates to do their dirty wor) and ta)e the blame. This a$$lies equally to individual assassinations .e.g. Dohn 5ennon/s death0 and terrorist acts .li)e Se$tember 0. C%"S#RSHIP To control the flow of ideas and information "they" must control $ublishing, broadcasting and the mass media in general. So the number

of $o$ular, $ublished authors is )e$t to a manageable level. These, in turn, feed off the $lethora of un$ublished material and, in the case of harassers, surveillance/agency information as well. This indicates something further about the systems by which organiIations remain both $re-udiced and hidden. The ugly truth is that freedom of thought/e,$ression is an ideal not a reality. To dismiss writings is one matter. To harass/destroy the writer is another. &ow $ro$aganda can, li)e consent, be total invention. Aontrol of the mainstream media allows this to ha$$en. 'very media outlet is controlled otherwise classified information would be lea)ed to the general $ublic. So "they" $lace or hire $eo$le to fill crucial roles and thereby ensure this. A good e,am$le was the recent Iraqi war, 3##C. *ebate raged $rior to troo$ de$loyment, and in fact only three nations were actively involved, but once troo$s were committed to the fight the media was almost ##P behind the effort1 the $ublic reasoning being that our troo$s needed our total su$$ort. Eowever, there/s little democracy or common sense in that. The soldiers always have our sym$athy/su$$ort anyway but the instigators of any conflict, on either side, need to be questioned on their motives before everyone -ust acce$ts war as a necessary evil. The lin)s between the Arabic $olitical leaders and the terrorists, the wea$ons sales and build u$s, the stated intentions etc were all too readily acce$ted, as $resented. The money, the resources, the $ower u$ for grabs .on both sides0 were matters not fully addressed. 2nly afterwards were better questions raised about the legitimacy of the whole affair. 6hy, for e,am$le, is there still no concrete evidence for the U& to su$$ort the action, even after the eventM 6hy don/t they all assist .through member nations0 in the rebuilding of IraqM Another good e,am$le is in the area of dual $ur$oses. (any satellites, for instance, have frightening abilities .to torment, mind ra$e and )ill0 but the $ublic only hear about telecommunications, weather and recon ca$abilities. Similarly, $eo$le wor)ing as +I/s, security guards, -ournalists, (+/s etc can also wor) for and/or with "them", thereby com$romising their legitimate wor). Alearly, su$$ression of information occurs at many levels, and the world stage really is full of e,cellent actors. They say all the right things1 some even o$enly su$$orting charities, causes and so on but they secretly wor) in a cons$iratorial fashion to destroy genuinely good $eo$le. As a result the truth may never surface on many matters es$. where those s$ea)ing out are emotionally, $sychologically .even $hysically0 tormented for their troubles. +ublic figures contend with threatened $ublic ridicule/e,$osure .on other matters0 for dissenting but non $ublic figures can be tortured etc. &euro$hones, brain scanners and directed energy wea$ons can create a mobile +.2.6 situation that/s indescribably o$$ressive. To even question the ruling class/s crimes can leave some li)e modern day 9alileos .under house arrest % figuratively0 for merely e,$ressing their views. All violence is wrong but State s$onsored terrorism .emotional, $hysical or $sychological0 is the worst intimidation imaginable, es$ecially

I%S +retend you/ve never used electricity or watched a $lane in the s)y.$osed to. harassment. The most $owerful vested interest grou$s. Also.when it/s media bac)ed.by the masses0 of all the educational.ecute the events for which they ta)e sole blame. The average. such evil is fostered.am$le is the illicit drug trade1 one of the scourges of most modern societies. there are no U. An e.and sometimes with "feedbac)" in the same item0 terroriIing their own fellow citiIens who are genuinely concerned. It/s claimed that the most $owerful wea$on in the hands of the o$$ressor is the mind of the o$$ressed. *rugs are used to control/occu$y both those in $ublic life who indulge and those non $ublic figures who follow their lead but cannot co$e or even afford it long term. 2nly com$licit or com$liant $eo$le reach the u$$er levels of these sectors so we find media identities denouncing terrorists on the one hand while at the same time . through their agents/em$loyees. 0H% 0%CH"#$#. So.$erience would you believe itM (any technologies have military a$$lications that their inventor didn/t envisage. human rights. 2"4%RS0A"4I". Bor instance. Individually. To control our minds they need acce$tance and absor$tion . the U. conceal the lies and dece$tion are essential to their $lans. if you were told about them by honest $eo$le with )nowledge/e. The technologies are veiled by secrecy orders and the motives blurred by (+/s and the media but there can be no e. religious $ersecution and much more. These can have secrecy orders $laced on them and then only military bodies/contractors can wor) on develo$ing and .using neuro$hone voices etc0 to e.& wea$ons ins$ectors swarming over *efence/AIA/&ASA facilities searching for evidence of advanced wea$onry that/s being tested on the citiIenry.cuses. media. 0H% HGP#CRISG The hardest thing to come to gri$s with is the breathta)ing hy$ocrisy of our $olitical/media/business leaders.$eriments % using these very same technologies. "societies" and individuals are. but the $ublic don/t understand how. "They" count on that. es$. 7et the very strategies to covertly silence those who are awa)e to the truth are $erfected by e. li)e the mass media that sha$es our very thin)ing. These are the connections that $oint to the ugly truth. wea$ons of mass destruction. $sycho$aths li)e (artin 4ryant and Timothy (cFeigh can be mani$ulated/steered onto a collision course with their unsus$ecting victims by monsters who brainwash/$rovo)e them . let alone why. 6estern democracies. &ot only is there no authority to investigate the agency criminals behind it. lin)ed to and/or controlled by organised crime and corru$t bureaucracies. torture. Bollowing the money/control trail is a good indicator of who it is that/s behind it. li)e $ublic "acting". decent citiIen ta)es time to gras$ the conce$t as it is evil on a scale that/s difficult to acce$t. in res$onse. Those elements of the truth which. false institutionaliIation. we need to read and see a little less and thin) a lot more. are guilty of gross hy$ocrisy on matters li)e terrorism. government $ro$aganda that we/re e. Borget all the modern inventions you ta)e for granted. &ow.S.

The two together $rovide a means of remote torture/interrogation/deceit. morgues.$eriments1 studies in controlling other human beings remotely. *A8+A . law enforcers.$eriments mentioned in this material are no longer -ust volunteers. one recent TF ad for brain tissue donors focused on schiIo$hrenia studies.advancing them.S satellites can trac)/monitor anyone using tags. *efence contractors. Their reassurances ring hollow. $hotogra$hs ta)en etc over a lifetime. Bor brain/thought monitoring the evo)ed $otential emitted by the brain is scanned then decoded/inter$reted by U. as outlined in this article. criminals. students etc./> audio%visual satellite surveillance as "$eo$le of interest".by$assing the ears0. that/s fine but where/s the guarantee that the donated $arts go where they should and what of "the rest"M Interestingly. The signal travels the nervous system to the brain . brainwaves etc etc. Again. Instead.The *efence Advanced 8esearch +ro-ects Agency0 has a $rogram called 5IB'529 which records TF viewing. 5aw enforcers . They can be (+/s. 2stensibly. 2nce develo$ed these inventions can be tested and misused under a "&ational Security" screen of silence. infrared. $ersonalities. These days the living guinea $igs for the e.S/94/Israeli su$ercom$uters with a brainwave vocabulary. '. in $olitics etc can. Eorrific anecdotes have been relayed on this alone1 stories involving hos$itals. agency o$$ressorsNall of these have access but not honest law enforcers or the general $ublic. 0H% P#$I0ICS #1 H2MA" R%S%ARCH 6e hear more of illegal research involving animals than $eo$le yet cancer cures. to reiterate . 'ven organ donors ris) having more ta)en than they $lanned for.honest ones0 cannot access this equi$ment but criminals in the agencies. . activists.g. Again. Those involved can then be $laced on 3. In fact. Also neuro$hones relay noise/voices via microwave/laser delivery systems. $eo$le in institutions. the &SA system that monitors all telecommunications worldwide. Bor e. terrorists etc. in media circles.for those unfamiliar with what this means0 U. their defence is the "&ational Security"/"Alassified" tag but most of them. 5S* trials. 6ith 'chelon advanced com$uters highlight communications "of interest" for human o$eratives. Another is 'AE'52&.am$le. universities etc. 2n to$ of that the neuro$hone and brainwave scanning technologies facilitate the torture and mental ra$e of chosen targets. have been used and now anyone offending/questioning $owerful criminals can be offered u$ to those involved in these e. hel$less and alone. are terrorists themselves. so insidious and dece$tive are their methods that "they" use statistics to encourage drivers to indicate their willingness to donate organs on their licenses. This also smac)s of another "cover" for illegal research. nuclear wea$ons testing and so on have all involved human guinea $igs.

for creative targets. their $artner.Unfortunately there is no human equivalent of the 8S+AA.g. their life. fears/attitudes etc can be moulded by the lies they/re told and so on. In addition. can be $lanted in further attem$ts to influence human thin)ing and reactions. elections. This terrorises. thought. Things you wouldn/t see done to a dog are done to humans in the name of science.Aam$aign Against Euman 8ights Abuse0 do their best without resources or a $ublic $rofile but their im$act on the $roblem is minimal. of course. crowd mood management during marches. even . Than)fully no other s$ecies is so "intelligently" organised. The AitiIens Aommission on Euman 8ights . In the case of o$$osite se. whistleblowers. Again. mans inhumanity to man has few limits.$ression etc can be selected. 9reat fun for all concerned es$ecially the filth that set the target u$ in the first $lace.by their enemies0. the US navy/s &ational 8esearch 5aboratory in 6ashington has already conducted e. '. 2ther $ur$oses for the "research" may be to enhance methods of com$uter/human interfacing to the $oint that com$uters can almost thin) li)e humans. humiliating treatment these monsters can dish out. defence $ersonnel are sub-ected to the testing of some very nasty lethal and non/lethal wea$onry . sadly. . They thereby want to discover how to deal .g. in fact any honest/decent $eo$le who e. love.AAE8 % Ahurch of Scientology0 and AAE8A . writers of anti%crime wor)s. There is literally no limit to the level of degrading. even false memories . In fact. Stolen memories can also be used for robotics. religion and the money/control they generate. biological. when will a targeted $erson lose their tem$er.a $ersonal favorite of $sychiatrists we/re told0 can also be carried out without reliance on the targeted $ersons recollections. for these $rograms. They ho$e to learn how to $redict/normaliIe/control human behaviour. their -ob. Subliminal suggestions. riots can be arranged/attem$ted using ''9 feedbac) over a large area.tensive research on com$uter chi$s with living brain cells.and the war$ing of surveillance results0. neuro$hones were used on Iraqi soldiers. The goons delivering all of this harassment/torture can also facilitate ancillary $erversions such as gambling on the outcomes e. And. e.g. Bor others still. Ahemical.and altering if $ossible0 belief systems. 5ong term dream analysis . ideas can be stolen or im$lanted. silences and discredits them $ersonally but more so it gives their tormentors o$$ortunities to study methods of covertly influencing .covertly0 with dissenters1 $eo$le who see through the lies and $ro$aganda and s$ea) out against evil $ractices. monitors still more evil "en-oyment" can be found.ercise their rights to freedom of s$eech. cloning and all manner of mischief including selling results to interested $arties.on both sides0. actions etc. Eowever. Aross sections of the community can also be tested as a grou$1 usually without their )nowledge e.

enslaved victims and so on form the bul) of the numbers but I/m sure "science" ta)es its share. The sym$toms are coordinated .S/"alien" ca$tors0 or worse still. Dunee -ail is $rivately run by Americans who hand$ic) their victims/inmates.the "father" or Star 6ars0 said. nursing homes.$ression of such information is of concernN Another control frea). that "messaging directly into a target mind with low frequency waves" was $ossible. it/s no sur$rise to learn that &S6 -ails. (ore $atent nonsense. 8unaways. criminals. Also.they/re usually $olitical of financial reasons0.g. murder victims. said< "There are no $roven biological effects from electromagnetic radiation". it/s unnecessary in one sense since mind modifiers.li)e (artin 4ryant0 to commit horrendous crimes for reasons only the criminally insane could com$rehend . '( radiation/laser/microwave wea$ons can mimic signals emitted by the brain and nervous system. brain%scanner and radiation technologies can achieve total. in some cases. Although not too many remote targets can be successfully "triggered" to commit crimes li)e 4ryant/s they must still endure torture and de$rivation of $hysical. Bor e.am$le. at 9oulburn and Dunee. 6hy the actM The su$$ression. The inmate . &evertheless.C#.S scientist. 4ut this had been )nown for decades before that and he would have )nown it. ''9 feedbac) devices. 7et a colleague. in !!".as taught through agency modified te.deliberately0 to mirror mental illness which com$licit $sychiatrists diagnose. &aIi/U.ts0.### a year in Australia alone0. custody $awns.e. *r Schmitt. have large numbers of $risoners com$laining of neuro$hone harassment . worth mentioning are the $eo$le who "disa$$ear" . Bor instance. neuro$hones. $rotected witnesses. these devices are in reserve to effect obedience and conformity to the &ew 6orld 2rders ways of thin)ing. 7ou could be forgiven for wondering if some weren/t s$irited away to some hidden facility for more face to face ty$e research. Those few who survive to return to loved ones may be deluded . So. o$enly confessed to using a magnetic inter$reted neuron du$licator on inmates at San :uentin $rison where he was chief $sychiatrist.voices in the head0. etcNare -ust $laygrounds for the monsters behind all of this. by their U.nuclear wea$ons can also be tested on troo$s. if $olitical $ro$aganda and media imaging fail.from 9oulburn0 who relayed this information in the first instance has been set u$.a &AT2 chief0 s$ea)s of com$ulsory im$lants for newborns. submissive control of large sections of the citiIenry without their coo$eration or even their )nowledge. our -ails. 0H% R%S%ARCH%RS *r Stefan +ossony . 7es they have waysN Incidentally. emotional and mental liberty. Balse medical records . *r Eerman + Schner. robbed and so on for his troubles. $rogrammed . on cue. This is an evil. In any event. brainwashing etc. &eedless to say interference with $otentially violent criminals can have dire consequences. insane notion yet its dangers have been ignored. Dohn Ale. . The relevant devices can also disru$t that system. then timely o$en e. li)e our asylums.ander .

sym$athetically and o$enly studied the victims of radiation wea$ons at 9reenham Aommon. larceny.t cover.humanoid0 robotics. the future is rosy. This "inferior". genetic ones. $erversion and total control.4y the way. $atents and so on . The results are a$$alling. others harassed by neuro$hone voices have. instead.including our "secretive" grou$s0.relating to the high tech devices described herein0 to a -ury which su$$orted his contention that they/d been used on himself and others. ma-ority will of course have less to loo) forward to. 2ther interesting views on human research come from (athew S (eselson who said "we/ll learn how to mani$ulate every life $rocess. This was another des$icable series of murders by "the state" aimed at $eaceful anti nuclear $rotestors. aside from $lans to cull the worlds $o$ulation bac) to a manageable billion or two . They/ll survive unscathed and continue to moc) those of us who their delusions tell them are inferior.and you won/t feel a thing0 the covert agencies are wor)ing towards total invasion of every home. astronauts submit to it for research and celebrities may agree for security .$aid for by the state to discredit this man0 they could not have him labeled as mentally unfit. mental ones.have been $re$ared claiming he has a heart condition . on their eventual release from $rison.$ense of the citiIenry. 0H% 1202R%( Bor the $rivileged few. the silent. The real motives are illegal research. Today. (icrochi$$ing for security/I* $ur$oses is only the ne. And this faced with a hostile -udge. "Inferior" because we thin) and act differently to themselves. u$ to and including euthanasia/e. overall. emotional ones" and *r 8obin Aou$land who tal)s of "wea$ons that can cause $sychosis. Unfortunately. directed energy wea$ons or any other diabolical $rograms which misuse modern technological advances at the e. human cloning research.-ust in case they want to dis$ose of himN0 and a history of violence in Ireland . dream analysis. The law and the $arliaments lag way behindNand intentionally so.a country he has not even visited0. one biblical inter$retation refers to microchi$ enslavement of the world at the end of time0. largely law abiding. . every mind on the $lanet.cusable evil directed at decent. the com$licit. e$ile$sy. . blindness etc.termination through incurable disease/cancer etc." Instead of referring lovingly to such madness these "gents" would do well to follow the lead of *r 8osalie 4ertell who. The fact remains that. corru$tible crown $rosecutor and three government $sychiatrists all of whom claimed total ignorance. To elaborate. either been set u$ or )illed almost immediately. 5i)e the 5S* trials and the nuclear tests decades ago we have $rotected military/agency o$erations going on which are removed from $ublic scrutiny by secretive government/"business" bodies.legal/moral0 on neurotechnology. 4rainscanning technology is enough of a danger in itself. ine. 7et the same victim successfully introduced articles. advanced . there is little o$en discussion . honest $eo$le from all wal)s of life. 'ven armed with false $sychiatric assessments .

+erha$s it is only an illustrative notion li)e the "one world government" described in my un$ublished fictional novel. to date. So. !!!. Unfortunately the secret research conducted was largely inhuman and counter$roductive. Eowever.$ur$oses but the $ublic agrees at its $eril.S senator . wea$ons/s$ace research etc0 then an "alien" sham was viewed as being as good as any available to shift the blame and divert unwanted attention. 2thers more trustworthy than us have it all under control.ternal distractions. insert stolen human memories . nothing has been done in re$ly. including the abuse of remote mind control wea$ons. % ###"/!!. "In the year 33"3" . Anyway. the !!P that would be sic)ened by the truth must sim$ly defer to their greater wisdom.to $lay hero0 in a scenario of their own creation.Ahristians Against (ental Slavery0. no causes to unify the haves and have nots. Dan 3?th. Security and Boreign +olicy". AAE8A . microchi$$ing is unnecessary given the satellite%based technologies now available.(+/s/-ournalists/"businessmen"0 ma)e a s$ort out of destroying decent $eo$le . $erha$s the two most significant moves have been made by the 'uro$ean +arliament and The United &ations. Eowever. 'verything is watered down. In that story.usually covertly0 today that/s $robably an unnecessary scenario. It/s a cover1 another diversion. A. In the fantasy agencies. 8egardless.$erimentation. These include The International Aommittee of The 8ed Aross. . Sadly it continues to this day. criminal masters.be it social inequity. Unfortunately that sounded a little too close to today/s reality for their li)ing. es$ecially in an age where $rovo)ed global terrorism was about to ta)e centre stageN4ut a$$arently we don/t need to )now the truth. Influential individuals li)e U. drugs.%astronaut0 Dohn 9lenn. would use secret/classified technologies to disastrous effect then rally $ublic su$$ort . military or otherwise. no one to blame for anything . given there were no more )ingdoms to conquer. Also the U&. The 'uro$ean +arliament $assed the "8esolution on the 'nvironment. !! 0.tracted via brainwave scanning0 then use neuro$hone relayed instructions etc to get them to organise/ run the whole world on behalf of their faceless.S re$ *ennis Kucinich and +resident 4ill Alinton have introduced bills and so on which address the $roblems associated with illegal human e. The ?#/s was to be the "decade of the brain" according to the U.The AitiIens Aommission on Euman 8ights % Ahurch of Scientology0 and AA(S .e. no e. U. unchec)ed.S government. %"#2. 9iven all of this.H . This called for a world wide convention to ban all wea$ons for human mani$ulation. AAE8 .+rogress in the war on $sychological/emotional terror0. given the enthusiastic way corru$t $ower bro)ers .H IS %"#2.and e. you could be forgiven for entertaining fanciful ideas such as the thought that scientists could create human clones.AitiIens Against Euman 8ights Abuse0. as said earlier. This fact has been recogniIed recently by a number of $rominent international organiIations.

$olitical $risoners.at least0 have already been e. a recent TF $rogram with that title.or )nowledge in the case of most0. short or long term.mind reading0 technologies alone re$resent the greatest threat to the "free" world that there has ever been. . As) yourself why. military/$olitical conquest and control. They can call it conditioning or any other eu$hemism they li)e. mani$ulation. to a$$ly a term Amnesty International uses for $hysical. $utting them alongside nuclear and chemical wea$ons as wea$ons of $otential "mass destruction" because of the mani$ulative $ossibilities. surveillance feedbac) and more. Some I/ve s$o)en to say they cannot imagine anything more frightening than mental ra$e. 4ut when the corru$t agencies eventually run their "Thought +olice" scans over the entire $lanet . 4ecause they antici$ate further calls for treaties/bans on wea$ons for human torture and mani$ulation the US government is now systematically shifting res$onsibility for some of these technologies from the *efence *e$artment to the internal *e$artment of 'nergy.starting with the most intrusive invasions of $rivacy0 ma)e these devices horrific/evil beyond the com$rehension of most $eo$le.$erimented on without their consent .and worst0 inventions of all time have been facilitated by the microchi$. This is to evade the im$act of any treaty/ban.through U&I*I8 . Bor e.am$le. o$$ression. P%RS#"A$ C#MM%"0S In my own view the greatest . The brain scanning .in the same way 'chelon monitors all telecommunications already0 then anyone even doubting what they/re told by those in high $laces will draw "s$ecial attention" from human o$eratives.3##C0. 6ith no regulation or watchdog. Again.acerbate a victim/s $ain by actively $artici$ating1 contributing to the suffering of targets with lies/dece$tion. . because our media is controlled by com$licit vested interest grou$s they not only remain silent on such matters but are li)ely to e. In fact the media is more li)ely to war$ $ublic $erce$tion on matters li)e "mind control" than it is to inform them. the horrific human rights abuses . "(ind Aontrol" . Aside from theft. an Idi Amin or any other fiend for whom "crimes against humanity" are mere recreational $ursuits. Secretary of 'nergy 2/5eary has a$$arently admitted that half a million US citiIens . victims li)e +auline Eanson and &elson (andela0. And this before they even mouthe their concerns let alone . recognised and listed "mind control" wea$ons. a Saddam Eussein. The U& too wants an international treaty to ban these wea$ons. torture.e. the fact is the victims are true "$risoners of conscience".g.the United &ations Institute for *isarmament 8esearch0. well )nown e.See Addendum for a list of organiIations and contacts re formal o$$osition to the wea$ons in question0. They $ublished material for the world wide media to use/disseminate but they have failed to do so. with no em$owered law enforcement agency to investigate and no $olitician free of fear of favour it/s little wonder that the U& has been largely ignored on these mattersNso far. focuses on hy$notism not high tech satellite interference. This confession alone should ran) the emotional/$sychological/$hysical torture and terror involved alongside anything orchestrated by a *r (engele.

can be influenced unduly. ta)e $art in court $roceedings or fight a foreign war without reference to $ersonal . class. or else. for the worse.am$le. only reactN and react as e. Also. This raises an ancillary matter. . If confronted these $eo$le feign ignorance and delude themselves into believing they are not to blame1 being beyond re$roach. And the writers can/t be blamed in isolation.ercise your democratic rights can lead to you losing them altogether. 2$$ression/re$ression will lead to com$lete su$$ression. 7et to vote for $olitical re$resentatives. tormented and often totally destroyed .where there/s national service0 are all . a system where attem$ts to e. over time. from my observations.including sly references to $rivate words/actions/thoughts0 is res$onsible for the grief of many targeted individuals. malleable and fearfully silent are tolerated. The ones that do wind u$ having those children harassed as well . 2ur media and $olitical identities are often at the heart of the $roblem .or can be0 com$ulsory.mentally0 ra$ed.### die of starvation alone every day. say or thin) only what they/re told . This one alone could enslave the entire world and change it.voting0. the right to vote for one of two "controlled" $olitical $arties .$ected. and few will be any the wiser. *ifferences of o$inion on matters relating to crime/corru$tion already to$ the list. religious and ideological "cleansing" can be carried out very slowly. s$eech and e.$ression of any sort will be only a memory . cultural. o$$onents of all manner of in-ustices are ridiculed. In such an environment . -udicial duty . The one safe democratic right. . diseased.the rest inca$able of forming governments0. singers. 7et again.-ury service0 and military duty . *emocracy will become even more of a facade/farce than it already is. 2nly the corru$tible. using stealth and dece$tion. 6e are being told not to thin). set u$. Those still disagreeing will become afraid to even e.or sym$athetic with the criminal activities in question0 so they will not intervene.informed0 o$inion is anything but democratic.which we call a democracy0 is it democratic to ma)e any service/duty com$ulsoryM 'lectoral duty .some from birth0. forever. Breedom of thought. robbed. it is vital to understanding the $roblem that the reader realises that "they" vet all who enter $ublic life1 es$ecially in $olitics and the mainstream media. very few whistleblowers seem to have children once they/re criminally harassed. Bor e. 'ven the silent ma-ority who do. In such a situation those in the affluent west who have a conscience are also silenced on certain matters1 $owerless to hel$ the starving. Today.$ress their views1 es$ecially when they see the dire consequences for others.and $robably a forbidden one at that0. not only by $ro$aganda/lies but by mood/thought management technologies that $eo$le are unaware of. (eanwhile mass media surveillance feedbac) .deviating only between a narrow band of o$inions0 could be affected. 6hat of the sourcesM And what of the actors.usually in $rivate0 using high tech. war ravaged and o$$ressed $eo$les of the rest of the world where 3".convey them in a written form. If the systems and individuals in question draw -ustifiable criticism or re-ection that should be addressed not sugar coated by com$ulsory endorsement. In the long run society/s views can be altered to corres$ond with what the ruling elite believe.

7et for others it/s as if they legitimise the $revailing system.those removed from the sane. they/re following in his footste$s. these $eo$le have nothing but disdain and derision for anyone suggesting that integrity and fair $lay should be the norm. to monitor through all obstacles.cuse. our secret societies. obeys and $rotects. .$resenters that deliver the $ainM "It/s my -ob"N"I only read it"N"I do what I/m told" "I didn/t )now". $ower and science0NTechnology allows them to see and hear from afar.altations of $osition. . for true believers. those that can/t e.istence to some sort of cosmic accident. Theories which seem to credit our e. 7ou don/t have to do anything wrong1 4ig 4rother and his associates are the wrong doers and they monitor/harass those who question their crimes. for the ma-ority. level $laying field is not their idea of good s$ort. They are motivated by greed not altruism. and therefore not sub-ect to it. 6ell we have it already1 a world where crime $ays and the grou$s/societies behind it influence every sector in the community. Ee/s the agent/criminal who thwarts the law enforcer. the o$$ressor etc. 5aw enforcers should have the resources to investigate these high tech crimes but the criminals monitor them too and so stay "one ste$ ahead". by hate not loveNand standing on a $odium or sitting behind a des) and $retending to be something they/re not. to read men/s minds and create/destroy life itself in ever more biIarre waysNbut they are not 9ods. So $erha$s a more correct title for such a collection of rogues would be "The Sons of Satan" because. As for those that 4ig 4rother fosters. no matter how fancifully described. Binally. is ultimately trans$arent to more and more. no matter how good the act. our vested interest grou$s either order. The web of cons$irational arrangements woven $erverts -ustice and creates class resentment. effect or allow all manner of ills in our world today. our free will is 9od given. (eanwhile. (ay I suggest that secretive organiIations and individuals wishing to ta)e his $lace . whether they believe in him or not.$lain let alone create whole universes. &one of these is a real/legitimate e. conscience. des$ite the media staging. by endorsing such theories/beliefs. *eluding themselves into actually believing that they are rightfully above the law. the law of the -ungle. Eonest endeavour is to be moc)ed by thieves in high $laces and those s$ea)ing of -usticeM 8idiculed A&* crucifiedN Again.and remove that gift0 band togetherN 5ac)ing integrity. They are used to drive a wedge between victims and any source of assistance. An honest. Ee wor)s for the drug baron. So the old argument that you don/t need to be alarmed if you/re doing nothing wrong is seriously flawed. for those unaware of the fact % 4ig 4rother is &2T the law. faith or good intention they $roclaim all things are $ossible for man. This should change but I sus$ect it won/t. Brom my $ers$ective. don/t wor) for us. the arms dealer. moral world by the e. All things good or evil or bothM I thin) we )now. 9od cannot be removed from the $icture no matter how inconvenient that may be for "them".

C#"C$2SI#" 2ur democratic and human rights are in -eo$ardy. Affluent onloo)ers are unaffected and so ignore the dangers for others and the shameful truth is hidden by $olitical/media/business grou$s. TE'7 A8' BI9ETI&9 TE' SA2&A'&T8ATI2& AA(+T SITUATI2& 8'< +25ITIAA5 TA89'TS 6E2 A8' 2++8'SS'* A2F'8T57.%###"/!!. US 8'+ *'&&IS KUAI&IAE . one way or another.AA55'* S8'S25UTI2& 2& TE' '&FI82&('&T.TE' U& I&STITUT' B28 *ISA8(A('&T 8'S'A8AE. right now. www. only "$rogress". Those $romoting evil.$enseM To ob-ect is to invite terrorists into your life1 to silence/torture/discredit you.m). The answers are also unclear for the individual but silence is definitely not one of them. and it/s not a cons$iracy theory it/s a reality. It is for the U& and similarly em$owered bodies to stand u$ to this o$enly and $ublicly.com (I&* DUSTIA' B28(A557 AAE8A . +rogress for whoM And at who/s e. A44%"42M B28 "FIATI(S" A*FIA' A&* SU++28T AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E TE' B25526I&9 289A&ISATI2&S/+'2+5'< (I&* DUSTIA' &'6S 982U+ A2&TAAT G A55'& 4A8K'8 alb@datafilter.us 28 welsh@mind-ustice.-ust as "they". 6EIAE +ASS'* A 8'S25UTI2& . S'AU8IT7 A&* B28'I9& +25IA7T0 A. unidir@unorg. =## TE' U& N I& +A8TIAU5A8 U&I*I8 .net/Rmcf/victim%hm.The Euman 8ights Aommittee should also hel$ but are slow to react0. 9'&'FA. dignity and control in our own lives is on the horiIon. *ialogue is avoided. es$ecially where ma-ority views and interests sim$ly don/t rate.ca. TE' 'U82+'A& +A85IA('&T.A27' #33 >C.*%2E0. They mould things to suit their own $ur$oses yet the rest of us are told "you can/t change the world". Bor many it/s already here. . E' I&T82*UA'* A 4I55 T2 4A& 6'A+2&S I& S+AA'. A2((ITT'' G *. &o reversals.davis.htm0 TE' I&T'8&ATI2&A5 8'* A82SS.AITIQ'&S A9AI&ST EU(A& 8I9ETS A4US'0 A2&TAAT G AE'875 6'5SE welsh@dcn. in turn $rotect them0.ch0 6EIAE &26 2BBIAIA557 8'A29&IS'S &2&%5'TEA5/(I&* A2&T825 6'A+2&S A&* 8'A2(('&*S TE'I8 8'(2FA5. $erverting -ustice and su$$ressing the truth must be held accountable and sto$$ed. They $rotect the ugly o$erations described in this article . A total loss of $rivacy.org &2T'< TE'7 A5S2 8U& FIATI(S ST28I'S 2& TE' I&T'8&'T G S'' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( . IT 6AS AA55'* STE' S+AA' +8'S'8FATI2& . The &ew 6orld order will eventually enslave us. DA& 3?TE !! 6EIAE AA55'* B28 A 6285* 6I*' A2&F'&TI2& T2 4A& TE'S' 6'A+2&S B28 EU(A& (A&I+U5ATI2&.

u) A(&'ST7 I&T'8&ATI2&A5 DU*7 6A55. .net Doan Barr Eeffington.gov0 +U45IA AATS 3"= A&* 3"> . ##VS 2B FIATI(S ST28I'S0 *I EA88IS2&.ca.senate. 6EIAE 6AS 6AT'8'* *26& A&* 'LA5U*'* TE' T'8(S TEAT 6288I'* TE2S' 8'S+2&SI45' B28 TE' 'FI5 T'AE&25297 I& :U'STI2&. A8 "C" SU(T'8FI55' B528I*A CC"?" USA *8 8AU&I KI5*' .htm . Activist and former Fice +resident US +sychotronics Association.michigan.S'' htt$<//www.baird@surveillanceissues. (IAEI9A& 92F'8&28 .surveillanceissues.www.dcn. gdeborahdu$re@gmail. -oaneheff@aol. Sept3#ct.us/Rwelsh % #3%C.com Article rain&as'ing and ItHs ConseIuences y Paul aird HHard %-idenceH pp@C3>.3?/ 3/#C0 2UT5A6 USI&9 '( 6'A+2&S 2& A&72&' .m). +eace / E. '* S8'S2&A&A'T (A9AQI&' =?.E8 3!>>0 .org.#30 !=C" #>"3 . "o 9.AA(+AI9& A9AI&ST +25ITIAA5 +S7AEIAT870 AA(S G AE8ISTIA&S A9AI&ST ('&TA5 S5AF'87.com *erric) 8obinson. IA'SE. Association for Eonest Attorneys. +ro$aganda and lies can be delivered through .net TE' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( G www.com A&* TE' 6'4SIT' www.8. dcr= ?@msn. S+S7AE2T82&IA 6'A+2&ST A&* S (22* (A&A9'('&TT 6'8' 8'B'88'* T2 I& E8 3!>>1 'FI*'&A' TEAT TE' T'AE&25297 'LISTS.com 28 FIA '5'A&28 6EIT' G eleanor@8aven .+'&A5T7 G "78S T2 5IB'0 TE' AEU8AE 2B SAI'&T25297 G AA++ . U&B28TU&AT'57 TE' 4I55 EA* T2 4' 8'I&T82*UA'* AS E8 C= =. @CC: As most of us realise there are numerous ways to mani$ulate $eo$le/s thoughts and beliefs. lasurg@comcast. A2&TAAT< D2E& A55(A& . BI&5A&*0 Kilde(*@aol.com 57&& SU89A552. E8 -ournalist.com0 A5S2 info@slavery.net.AEA0.htm0 TE' U.DohnU6UAllman@hotmail.aminer..AAT 2B 3## T. The '. '*IT28 S'L+2SU8'T. ausorn@hy$erma.com *r Dohn Eall info@satwea$ons.au (I&* A2&T825 (A9AQI&' G A2&TAAT< 82& +ATT2& endureUtoUtheUend@yahoo.S A2&98'SSI2&A5 8'A28*S SE26 TEAT S(I&* A2&T825T.E0 28 $.'L AEI'B ('*IAA5 2BBIA'8.davis.com 52AA557. BBAES.net/Rmcf/victm%hm.. SU++28T A&* I&B28(ATI2& AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E +AU5 4AI8* G +E2&'< . Vol :.com *eborah *u$re.

deliver com$uter%generated or relayed voices to the brain. The com$licit mainstream media co%o$erates fully because of the legal ramifications and the fact that . 0H% PR%0%"C% A "&ational Security"cover allows those res$onsible to +8'T'&* that their innocent targets are guilty of somethingN or under sus$icion or $otentially dangerous or anything that they can tell themselves to somehow -ustify the inhuman treatment they mete out to their enemies1 in secret. the media and so on.education. Their secret . In $articular. Read t'e rest of t'e article *P41 file do&nload/ Article A" #V%RVI%W #" S%CR%0 S2RV%I$$A"C% A"4 HARASSM%"0 0%CH"#$#. These secret wea$ons can cause targets to suicide.traterrestrial nature.I%S C#V%R0 C%"S#RSHIP Aorru$t government agencies and their criminal contacts can covertly attac) honest citiIens es$ecially those who criticiIe their criminal o$erations or conduct. including by their brains unique electronic resonance frequencies. es$ecially if they/ve been criminally com$romised. the status of $ublic figures of all sorts allows them to be used in the brainwashing $rocess. The result of all of this is that many innocent $eo$le who attem$t to highlight im$ortant issues are silenced.usually remote. be driven to madness and so on but most victims avoid these $itfalls and sim$ly see) hel$ from doctors. $aranormal or e. discredited or institutionaliIed. read minds and cause other seemingly ine. create or change moods and reactions. This is hidden from $ublic scrutiny by bogus "&ational Security" laws drafted by the US government and its allies. commit murders. It can monitor audio%visually. -ournalists etc. 'ven that is generally not a good move because ignorance. literature. inflict $ain/disease. isolated. (+/s.$licable ha$$enings of an a$$arent $sychic. law enforcers.as with the bul) of the entertainment industry0 it is criminally owned and managed. They can abuse these $eo$le using high tech satellite surveillance equi$ment as well as satellite%based $sychotronic and directed energy wea$ons. satellite%based0 technology can trac) targets by many means. fear and com$licity mean that little or no hel$ is forthcoming from these .

odus from the forces. basically. Bor many .in $art0 written and set u$ by corru$t government agency $ersonnel .es$ecially in the U. if they get too close to their o$erations .for money and o$$ortunity0. ine. 6riters wor)ing for criminals/agencies sew the results into $ublic figures s$eeches. li)e other $rofessionals. confirmed for me $ersonally0.by the AIA etc0 as they enter $ublic life to ensure that they/ll remain silent/co%o$erative/$liable. Their conduct is illegal. scri$ts etc as they/re gleaned from the surveillance. *ii/ +olice ignorance $revents honest law enforcers from believing/hel$ing victims. are not officially told about any of this though some learn of it during their careers. of their words. indefensible. didn/t ha$$en and the com$lainant must be delusional./> surveillance o$erations carried out on targets1 the gathering. Their $osition therefore $rotects government agencies and clever criminals.including (+/s and -ournalists0 a further $retence involves the self%delusion that this is all somehow necessary to hide the truth or silence certain o$inions that are different to their own. PSGCHIA0RGS R#$% The $sychiatric diagnostic manuals are .S. allowing the following in-ustices<% .A0 so as to $rovide an easy means of discrediting $eo$le who com$lain about covert harassment. Aelebrities may be told lies about the target or who/what the target is but. 4ev 5awson.$eo$le.2R%SH R#$% +ublic figures are fed the results of 3. $AW %"1#RC%RS R#$% +olice. thoughts and actions. P2 $IC 1I.cusable and inhuman and they belong in $rison for their $art in it.as one%time acting &S6 +olice Aommissioner.%services $ersonnel who leave with "classified" information about corru$t agency $ractices. Knowledge of this would cause an outcry and a mass e. they/ll do it regardless . +sych students are basically taught that if you can/t see it or it leaves no evidence it doesn/t e. (ost can be easily blac)mailed/threatened by agencies/criminals and are sim$ly $u$$ets dangling from the "9odfathers" strings with "4ig 4rother" overseeing their o$erations and intervening when necessary.ist. using the relevant technology. All involved have sold out and sold their souls. This then accom$anies their general denial that such horrific thing even ha$$en let alone that they/re involved $ersonally. They are not told becauseN *i/ They themselves can be monitored/harassed by wealthy criminals. +eo$le are screened . thus discrediting and isolating them. Similar monitoring occurs for e. 'ven those merely acquiescing are accessories/accom$lices because they/re $roviding a "legitimate" cover for these criminal $ractices.

*i/ All com$laints about covert harassment can be dismissed as "$aranoia". Some even wor) within the actual e. torture. sad etc C#MM#" MISC#"C%P0I#"S .$erimental $rograms that are designed to study human res$onses to "remote control" stimuli. 1A RICA0%4. *i-/ All com$laints about o$$ression. Intention to res$ond criminally yourself Intention to -oin them in some way or other 8efusal to be "set u$" by the media Intention to hide something $ublicly 8efusal to be mani$ulated in any way by criminals Association with fellow victims of high tech harassment &atural. attractions or aversions. 4%$24%4 A"4 #20 #1 C#"0%J0 +%JC2S%S+ 1#R 0H% M%4IA.A.$eriment for $olitical/economic advantage. (ost $sychiatrists discredit com$lainants out of ignorance or self interest but others . bad.%"CG HARASSM%"0 #1 I""#C%"0 P%#P$% CIRC2MS0A"C% S$o)en or written o$$osition to criminal activity Bictional writing about corru$tion. conflicts and cons$iracies. lifestyles etc Intentions that are mad. abduction etc can be dismissed as "fantasy".including the s$y agency $sychiatrists who coined most of the numbered terms above0 act with full )nowledge and total malice. normal defences to remote harassment Intention to remain idle/useless Intention to ado$t their beliefs. war etc &atural anger at criminal harassment by $ublic figures 2bserving and commenting on what criminal $ublic figures are doing 4%$I %RA0% MISI"0%RPR%0A0I#" Intention to act as a vigilante or investigator Intention to advocate real%life revolutionary action. *iii/ All com$laints about media feedbac) of surveillance can be dismissed as "delusional". successes or failuresN and all as an e. Those behind the $rograms hel$ to create assassins and vegetables. *ii/ All com$laints about voice to brain technology can be dismissed as"schiIo$hrenia".

$ray. At the entry. S$ea) only to honest. famine. the cosa nostra. They control the media and hence our $erce$tion/)nowledge of their role (any wor) for/with criminals in the drug trade. 4y doing this you defeat their attem$ts to silence and discredit you. intelligent.$eriments.0#PIC "&ational Security" laws 0H% RAI"WASHI". 4y doing this you $artially thwart their monstrous remote control e. $re% election and election. courageous $eo$le about your own . They $rotect us 0H% 0R20H They/re mainly a cover for the crimes of the gov/t/military/cor$orate conglomerate They/re mostly thugs wor)ing for o$$ressors The world is run by . They do what the wealthy criminals as) or they/re out of office . war $romotion. the AIA. the mossad etc0.and for0 co% cons$irators .the mafia. illicit drugs All are unavoidable A4VIC% 1#R VIC0IMS 5ive as normal a life as $ossible1 wor). *IA. the illuminati. (I=. scandals/blac)mail etc control them. stages. $lay.or worse0 All could be greatly reduced if not eliminated . socialise. diseases. ideas $iracy etc. $overty. (aintain the rage1 continue to s$ea) out and write about their crimes es$ecially the hellish mistreatment they force $eo$le to endure. (ost are $honies All $oliticians are vetted by the AIA etc.but it/s not $rofitable to do so0 S$ies Aons$iracy theories They hel$ and $rotect us They/re $aranoid beliefs +ublic figures They/re worthy of our res$ect/trust *emocracy 6e choose our re$resentatives and they wor) for us 6ar.

usually as a result of criminal/dubious activity0 and donVt want their crimes revealed.situation1 to avoid frustration. and they mani$ulate. law enforcement. In effect. This effectively gives those directing s$y and/or crime o$erations direct control over world events and how they are $erceived as well as social attitudes. 4y serving corru$t masters through their dece$tions. heroic venture it is. Again.through ownershi$0 and $ractically . Their first and best sell is to brainwash the $ublic into believing that they are heroes. articles. Also misinformation officers. organised crime figures. their mani$ulations. TheyVre villains and this essay addresses that truth. write for the mass media including writing news re$orts.through staffing0 control/censor the truth and/or totally $revent $ublication of it. Their functions/methods are often no less than crimes against humanity itself. Eowever. es$ecially in a democracy. beaurocracies etc. The 4ard once wrote that all the worldVs a stage and at least as far as modern day $ublic figures are concerned. in fact. Ao$e and survive. (any other writers are also corru$tible or worse. A brief e. (any s$ies are $laced in or recruited into )ey roles . even religious organisations but todayVs s$ies are mostly des) bound rather than o$erating in the field1 they monitor surveillance screens. Se. most s$ies victimise ordinary citiIens.including history boo)s0 etc. '. songs.$lanation of some of these methods follows . I&B28(ATI2& A2&T825 Agencies have for a long time relied on controlling the flow of information to control our minds. many of these also being agency connected. that is clearly true. their victimisations and other state sanctioned crimes they ma)e themselves enemies of the $eo$le. Article SPI%S K VI$$AI"S "#0 H%R#%S I&T82*UATI2& S$ying is an age old $ractice carried out on behalf of grou$s. Eitler was infamous for organiIing boo) burnings but these days thatVs hardly necessary as todayVs villains financially . our minds.am$les include . law%abiding citiIens that inhabit it. 4ut by doing their dirty wor) s$ies become traitors to their real country which. violence and so on are not stringently censored but the truth regarding many im$ortant matters is brutally su$$ressed. average. they write. -ournalism.. governments. cor$orations. This essay also deals with the various methods used by s$ies to betray us but the focus is on their treachery. movies. healthcare. boo)s . They $lace o$eratives everywhere that dece$tion is convenient< $olitics. &ow. Borget the s$y v s$y scenarios of fictional fame.in no $articular order0. Aontrary to the mass media $ortrayal of s$ying as some noble. ads. few $eo$le realise that most $layers on the world stage are not only $erforming scri$ted roles but that those scri$ts are often $re$ared by writers who are s$y agency $lants or recruits. li)e $ro$aganda e.both $ublic and non $ublic0 where they can betray the general $ublic with immunity from detection/$rosecution. o$inions and even in some cases. should be the vast ma-ority of the general $o$ulationN not the land or its wealth or those that corru$tly control both but the normal. that element is SThe countryT which s$ies $rotect in that they own it financially . this is done not on behalf of the general community but for the benefit of the criminal element that controls and $reys on that community. 2f course in reality theyVre not. That control has never been tighter than it is today.$erts of all sorts. more times than not a significant $art of an overall cons$iracy to o$$ress innocent citiIens and su$$ress the truth. comedy.

They $refer instead to believe the fantasies that theyVve been fed./>1 many are also tormented and tortured through the use of satellite%based directed energy wea$ons and $sychotronic attac)s using neuro$hones . $sychiatry. 4anned/censored writers. em$loyees etc0 is $roof $ositive that aside from those $rimarily guilty of the crimes in question there are many others $re$ared to turn a blind eye for material reward. $ublic figures also have audio/visual monitoring 3.via satellite e. through fear etc. Selfish a$athy and fear are $roblematic enough when loo)ing at $ublicised issues li)e the environment. $overty./>. madmen and other criminals are also monitored but rarely sto$$ed1 creating a chaotic state of affairs for governments and agencies to control with legislation and high%tech interference in $eo$les lives. 2fficial state secrets $rivilege allows these criminals to cover their activities with bogus national security laws. climate change. wea$ons/drug $roliferation etc but thereVs something worseN The censorshi$/misinformation issue is by its very nature self%concealing and so the real reasons for other big $roblems often remain hidden from $ublic view and so $rotected from community comment. The e.cuses and self delusional belief systems ado$ted by those associating with these criminals . I believe this to be the single biggest $roblem of all. of course. $eo$le have become so comfortable with certain government/media/cor$orate lies. so conditioned to being S$rotectedT from the truth.g. Sadly.the covert methodology and secrecy order $rotected technology outlined in this essay. all real time conversations. wealthy businessmen.by design and law0 thus allowing a range of crimes.other community leaders. (onitoring of S$ersons of interestT who are not $ublic figures . the 'chelon system0. Also course wor) in $hysics.strangely enough0 terrorists. If $eo$le )now and acce$t that many $olice are corru$t. This secrecy in turn allows state sanctioned treachery when o$en government is the only acce$table democratic method SU8F'I55A&A'/(2&IT28I&9/EA8ASS('&T +ersons of interest .voice to s)ull technology0. war/terrorism. not the corru$t who refuse to ac)nowledge but the inaction of the a$athetic and fearful who donVt want to )now. un)nown to most.. They have no idea of the crimes s$ies commit to $rotect the ruling criminal elite from criticism. law enforcement. This is never more so than when tal)ing about the crimes of the ruling classes1 $ublic figures. $owerful agency $ersonnel etc.see S*IST8AATI2&ST below0. and even some thoughts to create a mental slavery scenario where ordinary disem$owered $eo$le can have their ideas stolen without recourse to the law.both good and bad0 are monitored via satellite 3. not the unintelligent who canVt understand. $eo$le would wonder what else theyVre used for if they were used to sto$ crimeN TE'BT 2B I&T'55'ATUA5 +82+'8T7 Aom$uters/s$ies monitor telecommunications as well as all submitted writings. that many $ublic icons are untrustworthy. whistleblowers and anti%crime cam$aigners etc also have harassment 3. The real issues get scant and incom$lete coverage. This allows convenient events to occur without reference to the technology that could easily sto$ them but then. Bor starters. Then thereVs the distracted general $ublic. mind reading technologies and so on.. all of us have our telecommunications monitored ./>N 2n to$ of that . even ethics reveals none of it . mateshi$. (any donVt even )now there is a Scensorshi$T $roblem1 brainwashed by mass media $ro$aganda into believing the media and thin)ing that s$ies are good not evil. that businessmen will rob them why are they so slow to see that agency $ersonnel are better $laced than any of them to get away with murder etc. that they actually donVt want to hear or read the uglier truths. brainwashed not to care about anything that doesnVt directly affect them as individuals .

These $resenters are accom$lices who follow the instructions of criminal e. in fact. 2ne recent e. a rogue s$y networ) o$erating under the aus$ices of the US intelligence a$$aratus. bad etc as theyVre surrounded by coincidences.$lanation they can be institutionaliIed or at least severely embarrassed when the $resenter feigns ignorance and treats the victim li)e a stal)er or something. on a given morning a victim might say SIVve had a gutful of corru$t governmentsT.am$le. theyVre innocent. The theft is covered with ridicule .the oldest s$y tric) of all0 and denial. These S9ladioT villains carried out bombings across 'uro$e for over C decades . aircraft swoo$s and emergency vehicle Sa$$earancesT0 involves the satellite/com$uter collection and dissemination of surveillance results and the Sfeeding bac)T of these results through media scri$ts. comedy. Bor e. Similar set u$s can be carried out against individuals to frame them to loo) li)e criminals when. s$ies fuel this $rocess by setting it all u$ to distance victims from any $ossible source of hel$0. so this $ractice.ce$t maybe for tam$ering with mail and $ersonal items. Throughout history the guilty have branded the innocent to cover their trac)s and destroy their critics. having sold their souls for o$$ortunity. he may $lay golf. The intention is to criminally harass the victim in the ho$e that they go mad.ecutives and agency liars. They do this not only because theyVre thieves but because they will not tolerate honest men and women in their midst .t0.out of conte.am$le was confirmed by e.incessantly0 sometimes for decades. It can involve leading questions.almost e. even vehemently o$$osed to crime. This feedbac) method involves the most basic of s$y methodology< to destroy o$$onents by ridicule. Italian +resident Brancesco Aossiga who admitted he hel$ed set u$ 2$eration 9ladio. If they com$lain to friends.e. is no different to &ero burning 8ome and blaming it on the Ahristians. Unfortunately many $rominent $eo$le have no integrity. wee)s. through events li)e The 6orld Trade Aentre tragedy of /#!/# .actually also hel$s the corru$t to stay in touch with the common man . 6ith catch cries of SdonVt tal) to him/themT or Sdo something for your countryT or a combination of threats and rewards they also gain the co%o$eration . 4ecause only the corru$tible are acce$ted into $ublic life itVs no sur$rise that most $ublic figures are $re$ared to steal from the disem$owered. 5ater that day he tunes into his favorite news $rogram or reads his favorite afternoon news$a$er etc only to find a clear focus on stories involving the very things he said . family. 2K. 4roadcasting Authority and Dournalists Association. misquotes and/or a$$arent Smista)esT or covers. ('*IA B''*4AAK I should start by $ointing out that this is very common and is a criminal $ractice well )nown to all media bodies including AustraliaVs +ress Aouncil. As the days.clusively0 owned and controlled by organised crime and influenced by corru$t agency connections. the most common of all harassment techniques . Again the agencies and their masters do this to conceal their own activities by discrediting their o$$onents. authorities they can a$$ear $aranoid and be discredited . all aimed at branding their ideological $olitical o$$onents as terrorists.the silenced ma-ority0 and $resents $o$ular views and so on which are alien to the $rivileged few who run society. To date nothing has been done to $revent it.ending in the ?#Vs0.li)e the s$reading of false rumours and the encouraging of $ersonal ridicule. he may ma)e his car re$ayment etc etc.thereVs been a )ind of Sethic cleansingT0 and so have only one way of accessing and using those $eo$les ideas. 5aw%abiding $eo$le with integrity would not $artici$ate in any of this. They are no better than their $u$$eteers. BA5S' B5A9 2+'8ATI2&S The $resent day $ortrayal of many (uslims as craIed terrorists. months roll by the coincidences multi$ly and the situation is re$eated through ads. The main reason for this is that the mainstream media is today made u$ of com$anies which are . If victims a$$roach the $resenters of the surveillance scri$ted material for an e. songs etc etc each and every day .

murdered. $sychiatrists and others hel$ to discredit those $resenting the truth. li)e )nowledgeable scientists.$erts and so on and so forth. celebrities who o$$ose crime in high $laces. The more time thatVs s$ent on trivia and self gratification the harder it is for $eo$le to dis$lay integrity. Eonest $sychiatrists who try to blow the whistle on the $ractice are.such as cor$orate fraudsters. division is created between those few good $eo$le who may be closer to these criminals and those good $eo$le observing from afar. Bor $sychV e. a$athy ta)es hold. The encouragement of this situation is another agency function. This removes any $ossible conflict. I&STI55I&9 B'A8 A&* S'5B *'5USI2&A5 4'5I'B S7ST'(S &aturally mere mention of organisations li)e the AIA or the (ossad or 2ffice of . In other words. whistleblowers who have details on s$ecific wrongdoings etc etc are the innocent ones that can be )illed. 4ut whether it be a harmless $astime or a sordid $reoccu$ation the effect is the sameN whilever $eo$le are focused on en-oying their own time and money with little or no concern for others they are out of the socio%$olitical equation. hel$ the victimVs not the victimisers. 6hatVs not so well )nown is that the $sychV te. +'8F'8TI&9 TE' A2U8S' 2B DUSTIA' ItVs not -ust (asonic organisations that interfere here.ts were $re$ared/vetted by agency $sychiatrists to allow their colleagues to be used to silence anyone s$ea)ing the harsher truths.of associates who should. Then thereVs also the more wides$read )illings effected through things li)e the $romotion of the use of dangerous foods/chemicals or the use of a$$liances li)e mobile $hones. $lane or car crash etc0 or wor)ing off $ersonal health $roblem .from a witness to a victim0. ItVs all $art of the cons$iracies of silence which are run on certain im$ortant matters. they can sto$ $roceedings/arguments with secrecy orders. agency $ersonnel can masquerade as almost anyone . statesmen Swar mongersT and drug barons0 are $rotected and are $ositively $ortrayed to the $eo$le. and drugs and roc) nV rollT. They also sit behind the scenes and ensure that whilst media/government hy$ocrites willingly line u$ and condemn small time criminals . the 4ritish s$o)e of Sbeer and s)ittlesT and todayVs catch cry remains Sse. corru$tible court and law enforcement officials.$etty thieves.(anchurian candidates can be remote%controlled through brainwashing0 the agencies are often the attac) dogs that do the dirty wor) of the ruling elite. In addition. The AIA even has contingency $lans for culling a high $ercentage of the worldVs entire $o$ulation. altruism and com$assion when confronted with lifeVs harsher realities. *IST8AATI2&S In 8oman times rulers offered Sbread and circusesT. Terms such as SbrainwashingT and S$aranoid schiIo$hreniaT were in fact $enned by s$y agency $sychiatrists. they can $revent investigations by $olice or health e.$erts used in court $roceedings freeing the guilty and branding the innocent are well )nown $ractices. That elite then sit bac) smugly in denial and delusion about their role in the crimes in question.cancers. Also. in reality. heart attac)s etc can be induced via technology0 or an a$$arent assassination . drug abusers etc0 that more serious criminals . (any agency targets as well as agency whistleblowers have been destroyed in this way. (U8*'8S Scientists who )now too much about secret wea$onry/$lans or who may $ass on their )nowledge/s)ills to others. 6hether it be by a convenient accident . $rinci$ally to brand victims of covert harassment as being deranged and therefore not to be believed.overdose. ThereVs also the su$$ression of cures for cancer and other diseases and the introduction of others1 such as AI*S. thugs.

(eanwhile. s$ies and the ruling elite etc are $rotected. 9oons from the secret service and other covert grou$s are all too often used to harass the innocent to $rotect the guilty from criticism. fear etc may be the emotional res$onses but they do nothing illegal or immoral in res$onse1 -ust defend themselves. Eowever.the accused from The +ort Arthur massacre0 and Dohn Aha$man . The result is that instead of being thrown to the lions with the innocent victims they -oin the crowd and en-oy the blood s$ort. Bor e. So it is with those agency/crime accom$lices who are guilty by association1 those who turn a blind eye to what their mates or celebrity friends or business acquaintances are u$ to. secrecy orders and all manner of official $rotection for crimes of the state are lined u$ to hide $owerful criminals.the man who )illed Dohn 5ennon0.am$le neuro$hone in$ut . (odern (anchurian Aandidates li)e these can be fired u$ from a great distance.cuses. only lies and cover%u$s. ItVs not that members of the $ublic have done anything wrong but they )now that s$ies have. +82F2AATI2& The wor) of an agent $rovocateur has never been more effective than it is today. Aside from whatVs already been stated. *ISA8'*ITI&9 A&* +U45IA 48AI&6ASEI&9 Aside from the obvious $ersonal $romotion or destruction of the re$utations of individuals via. Sadly theyVll su$$ort their $owerful contacts and sell out the innocent.2ne denial by a smiling celebrity negates a mountain of information0. siren wailing and face to face conflicts. a SnobodyVs $erfectT e. $revent. lies/rumours/harassment etc . 4ut. military acts.being themselves the greatest criminals of all0 donVt want that. those controlling the technology . Arime could be all but wi$ed out. detect. Farious harassment methods from surveillance feedbac) to audio torture by neuro$hone transmissions to high tech brainwave monitoring and even directed energy blasts are available to hurt/$rovo)e their targets. Aorru$t agency $ersonnel and their criminal associates can also arrange aircraft swoo$s. They need du$es and sca$egoats to do their dirty wor) and high tech satellite equi$ment allows them to organise this remotely. if the resources/technology mentioned in this $iece was made available to honest law enforcers instead of corru$tible s$ies then everything from truth serums to satellite surveillance and mind reading technologies could be used to monitor.Eomeland Security creates a $anic in $eo$le because dee$ down inside they very well )now that s$y agencies cannot be trusted. even from criticism. by the very technology that should be used to sto$ them.cuse with regard to $owerful criminals and a She must be madT delusion with regard to the innocent. They co%o$erate out of fear. 6ith most $eo$le sim$le anger.and almost every victim is confused . They want the mayhem to continue to -ustify crushing everyoneVs basic human/civil rights so they fight their Swar on terrorT and launch Scriminal crac)downsTetc. of course. ItVs all about control and money. They must do this with stars in their eyes. 'ven many members of the clergy are $re$ared to sell their souls for the gains received in this way. when this $rovocation is directed at $otential criminals or those mentally limited in some way the res$onse can be catastro$hic. self interest etc and will not give the time of day to their associateVs targets.a form of remote brainwashing when used on the wea)%minded0 was used on (artin 4ryant . ca$ture. The level of hy$ocrisy is astounding. And in fact $eo$le li)e this are more and more often becoming the useful $u$$ets of s$ies who are tagged/monitored themselves and so are confined to surveillance/harassment room o$erations. interrogate etc. S'A8'A7 &ational security legislation. There are no e. .

cause earthqua)es etc . if $owerful criminals want to warn a government on a serious $olicy matter they can arrange for a se. 2n to$ of this mental slavery is $art of the overall slave trade which is currently third .$lanation leading bac) to the ruling elite . 45AAK(AI5 The crime/s$y controlled media $ic)s and chooses the timing. Aou$le that with secret technology that can move ob-ects in any way and at frightening s$eed. and/or $ut a voice in your head and/or read your mind and/or cause you to hallucinate and/or feel $ain.and )nowledgeable0 regulatory or investigative bodies the agencies can act as they wish1 brea)ing any legal/moral code and feeding off the $o$ulation at will. The message being to do . interrogation.using equi$ment li)e EAA8+ in Alas)a0 etc. remote torment/torture. &o longer are these o$erations restricted to the $hysical tam$ering with Smissing $ersonsT or Salien abducteesT. $osition etc should be no defence yet laws and resources are made and allocated so as to $rovide cover for all manner of evil right u$ to and including illegal . Satellite technology can also start fires. All tal) of a Sneed to )nowT. mind%reading software and mood management techniques0 allows many mind control e. sto$ or destroy monitored $ersons.istence of aliens. $ower. $sychic $henomena etc. These include the $romotion within the general community of notions such as the e. military s$ies0 can alter the weather.$erimentation indicates that the o$$ressive control of the $olitically aware $o$ulation is increasing.incl satellite based neuro$hones. All three are $artially run by the AIA and other agencies and their criminal associates. slant and effects of its re$orts so as to warn. caring. Bor e.or not do0 something that may have no connection to the SstoryT at all. set u$s.es and scams run .am$le. In fact.e. anger. across the broad s$ectrum of thin)ing. (ore seriously. 6hy is it doneM 9overnments and cor$orations etc may want to silence or discredit someone1 they may want human guinea $igs for an illegal e.$eriment that no one would ever volunteer for1 they may want to mani$ulate $eo$le .without detection0. +ersonally I believe that in each and every case of a$$arent $aranormal $sychic/alien $henomena there is a logical e. with access to geo$hysical wea$onry.behind the wea$ons and drug trades0 on the list of illegal but lucrative human activities.about what has been said or how theyVve been set u$0 there are also elaborate hoa. Eow is it doneM 'asyN 6ith the surveillance systems IVve outlined.who betray us all by their secrecy on such matters0. ItVs all manVs inhumanity to man. todayVs remote technologies are used to mani$ulate/restrict members of the wider $o$ulation. Aom$uters hold a wealth of information on everyone. scandal involving (+s to be $ublicised or focus on some Ssli$ of the tongueT and blow it out of $ro$ortion. &ASA/military s$ending0 etc etc. s$ies . The e. murder and more.g. control. ItVs all $ossible and from quite a distance away< S$ace. through a false $sychic01 they may want general community acce$tance to legitimiIe an o$eration . the cover $rovided by bogus laws. SclassifiedT documents etc is usually little more than a $honey cover for sanctioned crime.e. And these are the $eo$le that are $rotected from scrutiny by bogus national security legislation and secrecy $rovisionsN 6ithout totally inde$endent .g. sorrow etc etc. 'verything else is the result of brainwashing and delusion.using the secret technology mentioned0. shoot down $lanes etc .es$.$eriments as well as dream/idea/thought studies. )nowledgeable $eo$le. Balse beliefs flourish as a result.$anding sco$e of illegal human e. ghosts. wealth. That is all. S$rotecting the $o$ulationT. Agency $ersonnel can deliver many nasty warnings to get the co%o$eration of others 'L+'8I('&TS The modern term for brainwashing is mind control and todayVs technology . There is a 9od and there is man.

To shrin) from the term Scons$iracyT li)e it im$lies some sort of $aranoia is to ignore the real world and retreat into fantasy land. 28AE'ST8AT'* A2&S+I8AAI'S These range from cons$iracies of silence concerning o$$ressed citiIens .the media0 do to $eo$le that cross themT said an em$loyee of the institution in question. Their harassment cam$aigns can be as sim$le as interfering with mail.$erience gathered over nearly 3# years. see the earlier reference to 2$eration 9ladio under SBalse Blag o$erationsT0. money laundering. ItVs real and s$ies are the main cul$rits. is criminally controlled and is also one of these $rotected o$erations. financial scams and more are. I later fielded .some using (anchurian candidates or du$es0 and tragic events li)e The &ew 7or) 6orld Trade Aentre disaster. 2ne of these organisations was ASI2N having com$leted their testing $rocedures I was at a final interview when I was confronted by the question< SAre you $re$ared to do anything that youVre told to without questionMT This immediately set off alarm bells. military. Similarly disturbing was the question I was as)ed when a$$lying for wor) with a $olitician.$erimentation. run by cons$iracies of one sort or another. Again.Scons$iracy to murderTetc0. defamation and other laws the $rotection afforded the criminals far outweighs that granted to their victims. e.tent. observation.$erts/victims anecdotes and $ersonal e. The term even a$$ears on the statute boo)s .human e. the drug trade.am$le involved an a$$lication to a TF station for wor). A third e. In between we have individual assassinations . it concerned corru$tion and what IVd do if the $roverbial bag of money landed on my des). illegal e. To verify my $osition and convince the reader of my $ersonal integrity and genuine concern I should $oint out that I am a Uni graduate who has tried his hand at a variety of -obs. That $articular station was later res$onsible for a set u$ in which an unsuccessful attem$t was made to silence me by having me committed. $aedo$hile networ)s. res$onsible for our o$inions. criticism etc by s$y agencies which $rofit directly or indirectly from such criminal activity. Alearly in all three cases my honesty was not to be tolerated. (y $rivacy may well have been invaded from that $oint. Alearly I would be as)ed to do things that were immoral or illegal etc so at this $oint I said S&oT and abru$tly wal)ed out.e. Afterwards I criticised the media for their crimes of $rivacy invasion and harassment. I have held res$onsible $ositions in both the $ublic and $rivate sector. The entertainment industry. yet out of ignorance/curiosity I have a$$lied for a number of -obs over the years with em$loyers which I later learnt were involved in criminal activity. bills etc right through to organiIing overt/covert torment and high tech torture. to a large e. $rostitution rings.. The world is. +'8S2&A5 'L+'8I'&A' 6hatVs written here is based on research.falsely branded as anything from nuts to terrorists0 right through to large scale o$erations li)e wars and false terrorist threats . in effect. I have neither committed nor seriously contem$lated any wrongdoing of any sort. I later learned that many media targets had been silenced that way. +82T'AT'* 2+'8ATI2&S The arms trade. distractions etc.. Aertainly agency em$loyees are monitored when they leave their em$loyment1 $erha$s -ob a$$licants are similarly studied. ban) a/cVs. (y honest answer was clearly unacce$table1 only the corru$tible are welcome. In the case of national security.$erimentation and environmental ruin. the final question $ut me off. The bigger cons$iracies $resent the world itself in the wrong light to an unsus$ecting $o$ulation. SThis is what they . shielded from law enforcement intervention.g.

including $ublishing0 and corru$t s$y agencies which can access high tech surveillance/harassment equi$ment became clearer from that $oint . they -ust follow orders and thatVs no e. a fictional anti%corru$tion novel .e. the media.which was not based on my own e.isting systems. li)e the ins$ector generalVs office are a band aid in a battlefield1 useless. Alearly they were as hel$less as the victims. '.am$le.multisourced and multi%faceted harassment from cor$orations. A2&A5USI2& The crimes committed by s$ies are. 289A&ISATI2&S There are countless bodies re$orting on agency misconduct but.wrongly assuming the novel was based on todayVs criminals0 came at me covertly to destroy me and $revent any chance of $ublication. body. 6e need inde$endent watchdogs in these areas but. $rotected from scrutiny by corru$t laws. !!#% !! 0 as $owerful criminals . government and . &ASAVs Ins$ector 9eneralVs office suggested $rayer was the only answer to all of this. Dac) (c5amb . $olitics.cuse legally. $olice officer0 runs an organisation called S+olice and military against The &ew 6orld 2rderT through which he tries to educate $olice and military em$loyees about the ways they can be tric)ed into o$$ressing innocent $eo$le. Advanced surveillance / harassment technologies . Bor e. 5esser criminals are a$$rehended.but covertly0 destroyed. Those actually see)ing the truth and/or challenging the crimes of the ruling classes are brutally . more im$ortantly we need them for the clandestine and dangerously $owerful world of s$ying where corru$tion is rife. In the absence of a genuine regulatory framewor) and $ro$er inde$endent su$ervision of s$y o$erations all that individuals li)e myself can do is try to raise $ublic awareness of the $roblems.secretive0 technology. These same $eo$le use s$ies and goons to do their dirty wor) and then go into denial about their role in it all. you live without o$$ression only if youVre totally self%absorbed and distracted to the $oint when you donVt want the truth1 you donVt care. If they only )new. The connections between organised crime . free s$eech and other a$$arent rights.cuse morally and it should be no e. They commit crimes against humanity itself and lead the law%abiding ma-ority in a direction theyVd rather not go.cuse. Today. These s$ies are not the fictional heroes of entertainment fame but real life villains who betray the $eo$le. In other words. more generally.$eriences0. As for democracy. tried and $unished and often vilified by more serious criminals masquerading as community leaders. the media and others. the media and ma-or cor$orate entities are $rimarily $rotected criminal o$erations with s$ies used as the enforcers. corru$t law enforcement bodies and a corru$t media. 7ou have the freedom to consume and live in blissful ignorance but that is all. It is clearly &2T a free world. itVs all illusionary1 the illusions being facilitated by agency criminals. ItVs no e.which runs the entire entertainment industry. Eowever many wrongdoers are not tric)ed at all. There needs to be a system of chec)s and balances on $ersonnel and resources for bodies that can )ill/mani$ulate the mind.foreign0 agencies etc after I wrote SIn the year 33"3T. li)e those of connected criminals. s$irit and emotions as effectively as they can using modern .

e. it is "thought%activated". They are designed to monitor and control those with )nowledge / views which concern $owerful criminals.good or bad0 to be used to torment you. the results being analysed by thought% activated com$uters. VIS2A$ M#"I0#RI". It is also worth noting that mind reading technologies allow for stolen memories .via satellite0. eg. haIe etc0 seen by "targeted" individuals. 5aser % facilitated listening devices . Fisual interference . fraud and . +%JP%RIM%"0A$+ %L2IPM%"0 eg. +ersonal egos and self interest should be $ut aside as these too can lead to isolation for victims.Information on technologies which can affect weather $atterns. In other words. VIS2A$ S2RV%I$$A"C% The best a$$roach is to ignore the feedbac) and lodge com$laints with the $olitical unit of the relevant Bederal +olice de$artment. Aural signals .g.see "Technologies" $age01 weather satellites and "others". many with dual .I%S eg< "8emote" mind control. Advice for victims R%! A24I# . 8emember.hologra$hs.$AS%R HARASSM%"0 eg. R%! "%2R#PH#"% HARASSM%"0 A"4 RAI" WAV% M#"I0#RI". cause earthqua)es etc should be sought from other websites0. Unfortunately this sort of satellite monitoring is common and nothing can be done to sto$ it 4UT com$laints ensure $hysical safety. This also hinders investigators . They facilitate illegal research. .tensive "Star 6ars" technologies. Fictims should endeavour to allow for the fact that fellow victims nearby are $robably in different $rograms1 so as to $revent networ)ing and comraderie amongst targets. Thin)ing on a "non%worded". 4rain wave monitoring . The technologies are usually "non%lethal/. AB+0 as they cannot identify common $atterns.satellite or ground based % see "Technologies" $age01 rifle mi)es1 misused communications and military satellites. multi%functional level and )ee$ing busy seem to hel$ as they reduce the effectiveness of the relevant com$uter equi$ment.un$ublicised0 ca$abilities. %L2IPM%"0 eg. du$lication. SA0%$$I0%. eg.voices/music/noise0 heard by "targeted" individuals.tensive and the equi$ment feeds off s$ecifics.%AV%S4R#PPI". &4< Information currently available indicates that the US Star 6ars $ro-ect was largely a front for setting u$ these other technologies. 1202R% SA0%$$I0% 0%CH"#$#. eg< (ore e. Thermal imaging satellites1 aircraft%based "monitors" . don/t thin) too intently on any one to$ic or on s$elling etc because the com$uter/s vocabulary is e.

Aam$aign Against +olitical +sychiatry0 % Ahristians Against (ental Slavery % AA(S % Dohn Allman .com Tel !>33 "C"= =#> Ba.info@slavery. % The Ahurch of Scientology % AA++ . These.m). E8 3!>>. .%###"/!! Dan 3?./0 (asach Technologies 5td % www.& Institute for *isarmament 8esearch unidir@unorg.cI % UK +eace and +rogress +arty % info@$eaceand$rogress.org.(an)ind 8esearch United0.net They sell 9+/6indow films #R.A"ISA0I#"S 0# C#"0AC0 1#R S2PP#R0 % (ind Dustice% Aontact % Aheryl 6elsh welsh@mind-ustice. com$laints can be lodged with Bederal +olice and the Eead of State .org % (ind Dustice &ews 9rou$ % Aontact Allen 4ar)er alb@datafilters.S. they are available . 'lectronic 4rain 5in)ing . "$sychotronic wea$ons" etc but was later watered down.8&(0.8.*%2E0 % he introduced a bill to ban wea$ons in s$ace . along with military/agency facilities li)e the AIA/s 5angley 8esearch Aentre and the &SA/s Bort (eade Aentre are involved in 8emote &eural (onitoring .htm % TE' U& . == >. They recognise non%lethal/ "(ind control" wea$ons and recommend they be banned. 9eneva. WH#HS I"V#$V%4 Some of the com$anies involved in high tech /human research/ include <% 8aytheon. % The International Aommittee of the 8ed Aross.. *ome and (agalin Inc and (8U . Systems and 'lectronics Inc.'450 and other hideously inhuman $ro-ects designed to study methods of controlling/using human beings without their a$$roval. =## Ba.net/Rmcf/victm%hm. % #3 3>CC 3#"> % U.other crimes. !! called for a world wide ban on wea$ons for human mani$ulation. Aontact % *ominique 5oye Tel % #3 3>C..0 It originally mentioned "mind control". Technology +atents 55A. % The 'uro$ean +arliament % 8esolution A.org I"4IVI42A$S % *r &ic) 4egich % Author. they will not hel$.U&I*I8 % The U.masach./1 Tintamerica % www. Eowever.The S$ace +reservation AAT of 3## .tintamerica. They sell custom designed 8B Shields .com % The (ind Aontrol Borum % www. 'uro$ean +arty etc0 drnic)@alas)a. for "$olitical and legal reasons". 9eneral *ynamics. 5obbyist ..com % Southeastern Ahristians % *r 9illam.ch0.net . 8e$ *ennis Kucinich .com % (ovement to ban technical mani$ulation of humans % (o-mir 4abace) mbabace)@iol.to the U&. R1 SHI%$4S Although I believe advertised "defence" devices are of dubious value.u)0 % Amnesty International % (ind Aontrol Activists % mcactivism@yahoogrou$s.or 5eader0 of your country of residence. &ote<% The military have scanners which can detect the monitoring/interference but. E. southeastern@yahoo.

com % *r Dohn Eall info@satwea$ons. discreditation. 2*&I.since /!= when this escalated0 the &9IA . &SA. BBAES.com n.co.$erimenting on media/environment/criminal critics. These $rograms involve the use of $sychotronic.com % Doan Barr Eeffington. again. (. should note that the *e$artments of *efence.com % Ted Dac)son % media commentator % ted-l@minds$ring. +articular note should be ta)en of the remote viewing o$erations at the AIA/s 5angley 8esearch Aentre and the &SA/s Bort (eade. 8'('(4'8 TEAT 6EI5ST +8'AIS' *'AI+E'8I&9 2B EU(A& TE2U9ET 9ATE'8'* B82( 48AI& 6AF' (2&IT28I&9 I&F25F'S SI(I5IA8 S2BT6A8' B28 A55 TA89'TS. 4oth have large teams wor)ing on $rograms li)e "(indstar" which involve e. State etc as well as the AIA.com % *erric) 8obinson. 5ong term unem$loyment. The US Eouse +ermanent Select Aommittee on intelligence should be loo)ing into the relevant crimes as should the US Eouse oversight and government reform subcommittee on national security and foreign affairs. Any a$$roaches to these bodies through (+S. The systematic covert o$$ression. technology allows illegal e.$onents of high tech e.b.com % 4ob S. % Aarole Smith % +yschologist. .Bormerly Binland/s Ahief (edical 2fficer0 )ildemd@yahoo. *IA.com The following have been involved in saving victims from institutionalisation by using letters from targeted individuals. 'nergy. % *eborah *u$re % gdeborahdu$re@gmail.chec) the internet0 although I. Fictims should be aware that the definition of $aranoid schiIo$hrenia as "amended".$erimentation and more in relation to caring. This is so that $sychiatrists can be used to discredit victims by -oining them with those who have a genuine condition. isolation and other social $roblems also fit the $sych $rofile of schiIo$hrenics but. 6e must search for ways to inform the $ublic.8. $ersonally.com *efensive technologies are advertised by the '(B Safety Su$erstore . $lace little faith in the ability of any device available to the $ublic to chec) fields or waves of the sort used by the $er$etrators. Eomeland Security.$eriments to involve the remote causation of all these "sym$toms". dcr= ?@msn. -oaneheff@aol.. The $sych bibles do not contain that "classified" information. directed energy and '( wea$ons1 satellite facilitated and with media mafia feedbac). (aryland Aom$le.&ational 9eos$atial%Intelligence Agency0 are all involved or com$licit in the crimes in question.8. &82. Activist % ted@tedgunderson.AEA0. evil and satanic. Although. Treasury. includes victims references to voices and the belief that someone/s reading/controlling their mind. I share her view that all $yschic/alien "$henomena" can be traced to the e. most victims of technology crimes finish u$ in the same $osition and so can easily be confused with those having the disorder. by% $assing the criminally com$licit media whose members have clearly sold their souls on this issue and many others. 2ffice of Eomeland Security and . It is a /silent holocaust/. *ewell % bobsdewell@gmail. They are inhuman.% *r 8auni Kilde % .u) % Ted 9underson % E. Activisit % newcriteria@blueyonder.$erimentation. honest citiIens branded as dissidents by criminals in high $laces is one of the greatest hidden crimes of the last "# years. 'AAE I&*IFI*UA5 EAS A U&I:U' '5'AT82&IA 8'S2&A&A' B8':U'&A7 (AKI&9 . Association for Eonest Attorneys. e.

www.htm0 TE' I&T'8&ATI2&A5 8'* A82SS.m). 0. $age ??3. 3#C. TE'7 A8' BI9ETI&9 TE' SA2&A'&T8ATI2& AA(+T SITUATI2& 8'< +25ITIAA5 TA89'TS 6E2 A8' 2++8'SS'* A2F'8T57. Title FIII. In U... Sec. $age CC. Statutes%at%5arge.ca. AATI2&S 'TA IS TE' 48AI&.a0. SI&A' TE' S2U8A' 2B A55 628*S. +ublic 5aw !>%C>". A list of "Arimes Against Eumanity" under the guise of legitimate e.com (I&* DUSTIA' B28(A557 AAE8A ." S2U8A' +ublic 5aw !"%>!. ??3. CC. 3 .org/docs/history/e. !>>. S'ATI2& "3# "AE'(IAA5 A&* 4I2529IAIA5 6A8BA8' +8298A(" "The use of human sub-ects will be allowed for the testing of chemical and biological agents by the U.net/Rmcf/victim%hm.S.$eriments. S2 72U8 48AI& 6AF'S A5526 72U T2 4' T8AAK'*/(2&IT28'* 3.$eriments involving the use of chemical and biological WwarfareX agents on civilian $o$ulations Wwithin the United StatesX. The Torture +revention Society % torture$revention@yahoo.TE' U& I&STITUT' B28 *ISA8(A('&T 8'S'A8AE. *e$artment of *efense./>. Fol. !=. Statutes%at% 5arge.5.org &2T'< TE'7 A5S2 8U& FIATI(S ST28I'S 2& TE' I&T'8&'T G S'' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( .mnwelldir. accounting to Aongressional committees with res$ect to the e. !"%>!X TIT5' "#.davis. Sec. *ec. ! Stat. This is clearly outrageous in itself.and deliberately so0. +U45IA 5A6 !"%>! W+.ncvc. you find will +ublic 5aw !>%C>".AITIQ'&S A9AI&ST EU(A& 8I9ETS A4US'0 A2&TAAT G AE'875 6'5SE welsh@dcn. you will find +ublic 5aw !"%>!. &2 2TE'8 T8A&S(ITT'8 IS &'A'SSA87. Fol ! . =## TE' U& N I& +A8TIAU5A8 U&I*I8 . title II.S. 9'&'FA.us 28 welsh@mind-ustice.A27' #33 >C. .$eriments and studies".S. Duly C#. but $sychotronic '( and directed energy wea$ons are also used these days. != Stat. In U.com The Stal)ing 8esource Aentre % gethel$@ncvc. Satellite faciliation of the inhuman studies in question $resents international law $roblems .htm and similar sites. ?#?.org See www. !?3.TE'I8 48AI& A& I&*'+'&*'&T 8'A'IF'8/T8A&S(ITT'8. "The Secretary of *efense WmayX conduct test and e. A2((ITT'' G *. AEA+T'8 C3.$erimentation can be found at htt$<//www.org/src A*FIA' A&* SU++28T AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E TE' B25526I&9 289A&ISATI2&S/+'2+5'< (I&* DUSTIA' &'6S 982U+ A2&TAAT G A55'& 4A8K'8 alb@datafilter.

unidir@unog.ch0 6EIAE &26 2BBIAIA557 8'A29&IS'S &2&%5'TEA5/(I&* A2&T825 6'A+2&S A&* 8'A2(('&*S TE'I8 8'(2FA5. .The Euman 8ights Aommittee should also hel$ but are slow to react0. TE' 'U82+'A& +A85IA('&T, 6EIAE +ASS'* A 8'S25UTI2& .AA55'* S8'S25UTI2& 2& TE' '&FI82&('&T, S'AU8IT7 A&* B28'I9& +25IA7T0 A;%###"/!!, DA& 3?TE !! 6EIAE AA55'* B28 A 6285* 6I*' A2&F'&TI2& T2 4A& TE'S' 6'A+2&S B28 EU(A& (A&I+U5ATI2&. US 8'+ *'&&IS KUAI&IAE .*%2E0. E' I&T82*UA'* A 4I55 T2 4A& 6'A+2&S I& S+AA'. IT 6AS AA55'* STE' S+AA' +8'S'8FATI2& AAT 2B 3## T.E8 3!>>0 .S'' htt$<//www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Rwelsh %#3%C.htm0 G info@Kucinich.us TE' U.S A2&98'SSI2&A5 8'A28*S SE26 TEAT S(I&* A2&T825T, S+S7AE2T82&IA 6'A+2&ST A&* S (22* (A&A9'('&TT 6'8' 8'B'88'* T2 I& E8 3!>>1 'FI*'&A' TEAT TE' T'AE&25297 'LISTS. U&B28TU&AT'57 TE' 4I55 EA* T2 4' 8'I&T82*UA'* AS E8 C= =, 6EIAE 6AS 6AT'8'* *26& A&* 'LA5U*'* TE' T'8(S TEAT 6288I'* TE2S' 8'S+2&SI45' B28 TE' 'FI5 T'AE&25297 I& :U'STI2&. (IAEI9A& 92F'8&28 .www.senate.michigan.gov0 +U45IA AATS 3"= A&* 3"> .3?/ 3/#C0 2UT5A6 USI&9 '( 6'A+2&S 2& A&72&' .+'&A5T7 G "78S T2 5IB'0 TE' AEU8AE 2B SAI'&T25297 G AA++ .AA(+AI9& A9AI&ST +25ITIAA5 +S7AEIAT870 AAE8 G KI( AU55'& A&* ASE5'I9E (AS6A& .#30 !3 ;>?> AA(S G AE8ISTIA&S A9AI&ST ('&TA5 S5AF'87. A2&TAAT< D2E& A55(A& .DohnU6UAllman@hotmail.com0 A5S2 info@slavery.org.u) A(&'ST7 I&T'8&ATI2&A5 DU*7 6A55, '* S8'S2&A&A'T (A9AQI&' =?; A8 "C" SU(T'8FI55' B528I*A CC"?" USA *8 8AU&I KI5*' .'L AEI'B ('*IAA5 2BBIA'8, BI&5A&*0 Kilde(*@aol.com 28 FIA '5'A&28 6EIT' G eleanor@8aven .net TE' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( G www.m).net/Rmcf/victm%hm.htm . ##VS 2B FIATI(S ST28I'S0 *I EA88IS2&, '*IT28 S'L+2SU8'T, ausorn@hy$erma,.net.au (I&* A2&T825 (A9AQI&' G A2&TAAT< 82& +ATT2& endureUtoUtheUend@yahoo.com U& Euman 8ights Aommittee registry@ohchr.org 57&& SU89A55A, +'AA' HE.8 AATIFIST, B28('8 FIA' +8'SI*'&T G U.S +S7AE2T82&IAS ASS2AIATI2& G lasurg@commast.net *'428AE *U+8', AATIFIST, gdeborahdu$re@yahoo.com IA'SE .International Aoalition Aam$aign0 US 8'+ DI( 9U'ST .+E< ## ==#"C" ===;0 Dim.9uest@house.mo.gov TE' 6285*6I*' AA(+AI9& A9AI&ST T28TU8' A&* A4US' USI&9 *I8'AT'* '&'897 A&* &'U82529IAA5 6'A+2&S G D2E& BI&AE -ohnfinchti@e,cite.com or (Amailtcam@gmail.com TE' B'*'8ATI2& A9AI&ST (I&* A2&T825 'U82+' G htt$<//www.mindcontrol% victims.eu/, (Amailteam@gmail.com, moni)a.stoces@gmail.com, danny.bonte@gmail.com

B8''*2( B82( A2F'8T EA8ASS('&T A&* SU8F'I55A&A' .BBAES0 htt$<//freedomfchs.com/, info@freedomfchs.com, dblaron=>@yahoo.com, derric)robinson@gmail.com +A252 *28I92 www.associaIionevittimearmielettroniche%mentali.org, basmau@libero.it $aola.marIianl@libero.it, antanarivo@libero.it MIKROWELLENTERROR.DE http://www.mikrowe ienterror.!e/" in#o$mikrowe enterror.!e TE' (2SA26 E2USI&9 'A25297 A2((ITT'' A&* TE' ST.+'T'8S42U89E S2AI'T7 2B +'8S2&S SU4D'AT T2 8'(2T' A2&T8255'* 4I2'&'89'TIA T'8828 htt$<//www.moscomeco.narod.ru/, $ealle@mail.ru, moscomeco@mail.ru, mos)ome)ologia@narod.ru S25'I5 (AFIS G +'AA'+I&* htt$<//soleilmavis.google$ages.com/ soleilmavis@yahoo.com TAKAEI82 92T2 htt$<//www"f.biglobe.ne.-$P>eterre/inde,Uenglish.html, htt$<//www.miral .com/ (2D(I8 4A4AA'K htt$<//web.lol.cI/mhIIrI/, mbabace)@iol.cI S6'T5A&A SAEU&I& *imitriSchunin@gm,.de, )a; ;C%?!=@online.de 82*I& A&*8IA rudyrud3##;@yahoo.fr (2' E2S&7 G 8U5' 2B 5A6 *'B'&*'8S moeUhosny@yahoo.ca 6A5*'(A8 52TQ wlotI3##C@web.de, wiotI3##3@mail.ru 6A5T'8 (A*5I9'8 wmadliger@yahoo.de *A8IUS (2AKUS dariusUmoc)us@yahoo.com D'A& F'8ST8A'T'& G *'A5A8ATI2& 2B A5A8('* AITIQ'&S verstraeten.-ean@belgacom.net *'&IS' S +2(+5 cralimoltd@aol.com, l$erlowitI@yahoo.com '5'A&28 6EIT' htt$<//www.raven .net, ewraven @sym$atico.ca, 'leanor@ravon .net 'leanor@shoestringradio.net *8 824'8T *U&AA&, (8 (A8SEA55 TE2(AS G TE' (AT8IL *'AI+E'8'* htt$<//www.themati,deci$hered.com/, directedenergy@hotmail.com, mindavenger@hotmail.com marsboy=?C@yahoo.com The Torture +revention Society % torture$revention@yahoo.com 52AA557, SU++28T A&* I&B28(ATI2& AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E +AU5 4AI8* G +E2&'< .#30 !=C" #>"3 .E0 28 $.baird@surveillanceissues.com A&* TE' 6'4SIT' www.surveillanceissues.com

Aurrent *evelo$ments
4ob 4oyce, inventor of a method of charging batteries with free energy, has had a verichi$ removed that was $lanted by an agency see)ing to rob/destroy him.

Another, Desse 4eltran, witnessed a $olice murder and was similarly chi$$ed. Eis chi$ removal story was .oddly enough0 covered by mainstream Bo, &ews. I believe this was allowed to be $ublicised as a diversion from the fact that satellites are now res$onsible for most monitoring1 no chi$s are necessary.

*id 7ou Know
All users of mobile $hones can be monitored via satellite and "affected" if necessary. Aside from the microwave health dangers, the current can be remotely increased 3#,### times to fry your brains in a second. Ahechnyan leader, 9eneral *udayev may have been )illed that way. Ee was on his mobile. (ost $ublic figures are constantly "monitored" by corru$t government agencies .es$. the AIA0 and their criminal contacts. .Some of them even bragged about it to me0. It/s not a matter of "if you have nothing to hide, why worry" but rather "if you have nothing to hide, you are a worry". 2nly those in tune with the thin)ing of the "&aIis" of The &ew 6orld 2rder, only those who can be bought, blac)mailed, controlled and so on are allowed into mainstream $olitics, -ournalism etc. these days. This affects us all because these then are the $eo$le who determine/influence how we live and die. Bor instance, I )now of many ca$able, "good" $eo$le who are e,cluded or $ressured not to act because they o$$ose criminals in high $laces. This is "thought $olicing" in the real world. It/s sic)ening. Aovert surveillance is also used to rob inventors, writers etc who have been re-ected or "e,cluded". The $ublished, in fact, often feed off the un$ublished, es$ecially through editors "sym$athetic" with "establishment" organisations and "business" interests. (edia entities s$read their legal business to create conflicts of interest should a victim wish to sue. Any litigation against $owerful media identities can also be $erverted courtesy of surveillance $rovided by "connected" $eo$le. In this way they/re always one ste$ ahead and cannot lose any but the most "$ublic" cases. The victims of e,$erimentation .using remote viewing, neuro$hone and brainwave scanning technologies0 are often institutionalised $eo$le such as $risoners, $sychiatric $atients or nursing home residents. These $eo$le can be easily discredited and isolated .es$. in the USA0. &o%one would listen, no%one would care and mainstream $sychiatrists are all too willing to dismiss $olitical histories etc. and give the e,$edient diagnosis... es$ecially as most of these victims wouldn/t understand what/s ha$$ening. Eowever, these days more and more educated, fully functional individuals have become the targets of e,$eriments in "remote" control methods. These elude the tra$s but suffer nonetheless. These are usually the $olitical targets. So many $sychiatrists wor) for or with government agencies .and/or criminally connected organisations0 that the American +sychiatric Associations manual .a worldwide "bible" for the $rofession0 has been written in such a way that the effects of mind control technologies mirror those of $aranoid schiIo$hrenia. In fact "they" invented the term originally to discredit whistle blowers/targets of all sorts. "7ou cant $rove it so its not ha$$ening" is their catchcry. Therefore, this "state secret" $rotects all other secrets courtesy of a corru$tible $rofession, es$ecially those who amend the

"bible" of the $rofession. 'qually other $rofessionals hel$ to cover u$ the truth... Bor e,am$le... Those who have seen the movie "A 4eautiful (ind" may share my curiosity as to whether &obel +riIe winner, Dohn &ash, was actually a real agency target or genuinely schiIo$hrenic, as he was ultimately $ortrayed in the movie version of his life... as /edited/.M0 In fact, in an interview he made it clear he only heard voices and was $aid a hefty sum for the movie rights. The sim$le fact is that anyone wor)ing on codes for government or $re$aring game theory wor)s on cor$orate/government strategies is bound to attract agency attention. There is nothing in the circumstances which could not be e,$lained by the use of technology cou$led with confusion/betrayal. .8emember, the mafia/agency connection /influencing/ all media0. Some may also notice the careers of certain artists are given a boost for /co%o$erating/. '9. K. (inogue/s /Aant get you out of my head/ has introduced her to U.S. audiences... It/s a useful harassment tool in itself. Star 6ars is not only well under way but destructive laser wea$ons, li)e other satellite wea$ons, do not -ust target military aggressors. .thin) about fires etc.0 'ven s$ontaneous combustion mysteries etc. ',$erts estimate it would ta)e ##,### earth years to travel to a $lanet su$$orting similar lifeforms .if such a thing e,isted0. The resources allocated to searching could feed the world but are, in effect, often misused on other technologies directed at us, right now. The 'uro$ean $arliament recommends that all telecommunications .e.g. emails0 should be encry$ted as $rotection against echelon the US s$y satellite/com$uter system which allows theft of intellectual $ro$erty etc. +olice lines .and senior investigators0 are monitored by covert agencies and criminals. This $rotects drug barons etc whilst also endangering $olice investigators and informants .eg "$ro-ect &oah" ty$e calls0. Any useful idea, scri$t, invention etc solicited through the media .via a contest or otherwise0 can be stolen/used and/or used as $art of a harassment $rogramme against you. C#,### $eo$le disa$$ear each year in Australia alone. &ot all are custody, )idna$, runaway, slavery ty$e matters. Some become human guinea $igs in government or $rivate institutions and elsewhere. Eistory boo)s are weighted, even commissioned, to s$read $ro$aganda. 2ther boo)s .eg dictionaries0 can dis$lay o$inions as truth. The word "religion" for e,am$le, evo)es an emotional res$onse in most of us. Some dictionaries define it as "a system of belief in a deity" or "worshi$ of a su$ernatural $ower" while others call it "su$erstition". .Eardly ob-ective0. ASI2, ASIS, The 2ffice of &ational Assessments and other agencies coo$erate with corru$t U.S agencies to the $oint of com$lete com$liance regardless of $roof or intention. They also facilitate cam$aigns of harassment and intimidation to discredit and destroy victims of U.S agency or crime syndicate hatred1 using technology to o$$ress innocent $eo$le.

ecuted 2)lahoma Aity bomber0 D2E& AEA+(A& . Those who are not silent are threatened. as a security guard. with the results of such brain/thought finger$rinting.Dohn 5ennon/s assassin % -ailed0 *AFIS K28'SE . 6ithout equity and uniformity in sentencing the system is corru$ted and biased. $re-udiced decisions that fly in the face of what a fair -udicial system should be all about. with u$ to 3# digital channels0. institutionalised $ersons .6aco siege massacre % murdered0 (A8TI& 487A&T . artificial intelligence and AIA mind control e. (obile $hone signals . 6ithout e.and your cause0 out. 'wen Aameron. illegally.and others0 can be similarly tam$ered with. *r Aarl Sanders. culture or chemistry s$ecific0. trac)ing/harassment and more.'. blood donors. with &ASA/s hel$. Infamous AIA doctors Sidney 9ottlieb. the newborn. was an e. soldier wor)ing for Aals$an 8esearch .a defense contractor0. those o$erated on in hos$ital etc etc. $eo$le without the cash/advice needed to access their rights are shafted. 6ithin a generation A55 of us will be listed.many years ago0. . Aircuit -udges can be sent to target $articular crimes in $articular areas with heavy% handed. has admitted that service $ersonnel were im$lanted and trac)ed during the latest Iraqi war . Aals$an are into microsco$ic telemetrics. 2)lahoma Aity bomber. will run security chec)s by scanning the brainwaves/thoughts of sus$ected terrorists A&* others.transmission % 3C ? to 3C!?(EQ. Bree Ee$atitis 4 shots were offered to members of the San Brancisco gay community . Agencies have devices to record heartbeats remotely and fire bac) the inverse signal.$eriments .ce$tion all who acce$ted the offer died of AI*SNi. fraud. they were murdered. security/access.6ell )nown )illers/assassins triggered by neuro$hone voices .-ails and asylums0. the recently deceased. em$loyees of covert government agencies. defense contractors and the armed forces are monitored to ensure they remain silent about what they/ve learnt.race. 'ven those who $ursue a cause may sell you . The hereditary factor means that $artial *&A information is also available on those related to those on the databases. *&A can be the )ey to $ersonaliIing high tech crime against individuals or grou$s. Aontrary to media re$orts the airlines and the U. and worse. Timothy (cFeigh. wea$onry . causing an arrhythmia to be introduced1 )illing the target "naturally". sam$les etc can be used for $ro-ects on cloning.+ort Arthur massacre % -ailed0 *&A databases held by $rivate research institutes include information on< (ilitary $ersonnel. '. 5ouis Dolyn 6est and various/assorted &aIi scientists were involved at Aals$an. class. The information.S government not only $lan to code $assengers into ris) categories but. 9od )nows what else they/ll do. li)e com$romised or fearful $ublic figures.which left evidence mirroring mental illness and thus $roviding a $lausible cover0 include<% TI(2TE7 (cF'I9E .e. inventor of the Intelligence (anned Interface 4iochi$. 4ecause you get only the -ustice you can afford.including neuro$hone/voice harassment0.

g. they/re human.li)e satellite%based brainwave scanners.S *e$artment of *efense to the Dustice and 'nergy *e$artments to esca$e the im$act of any international bans/treaties.And there/s a $otential here to set u$ the targets that "they" want discredited. who dares to even thin) of o$$osing $owerful / wealthy criminals. &2T alien. +ar)lea0 and you/d find a very high $ercentage of high ris) $risoners diagnosed by government/$rison "$sychiatrists" as having $aranoid schiIo$hrenia1 suffering from auditory hallucinations.$eriments conducted on these inmates.es.em$t the holders from customs chec)s1 meaning -ewellery bo. Dunee. Aarnets e. neuro$hones etc0 is being transferred from the U. '. Silverwater.iety and so on. The "suited u$" o$erators of these scams could be total fa)es or the victims of failed $rocedures .5ong 4ay. including criminals. '. a man named 8oyal 8ife discovered a cancer treatment that wor)ed effectively for every $atient in his trials. 8emote &eural (onitoring reveals everything you thin)/see/hear etc through your brain/s res$onses on to the scanners/satellites/com$uters/monitors. 'ither way. media camera cases etc can be used to trans$ort drugs etc without the criminals concerned being caught. including details of how he was abused and silenced. control and e. 'g If you don/t want "them" loo)ing at you in detail don/t loo) at yourself in a mirror and the information won/t go through your brain etc etc.including neurologists/$sychiatrists0 )ee$ e.none having children after targeting begins0. There is a document called a Aarnet used by frequent travellers of certain ty$es.S. an. This could cause the 4. Kem$sey and 6indsor $risons in &S6 are $rivately run. A web search under his name will reveal a wealth of su$$ressed information. "Alien" sightings often involve $olitical targets or their families.tensive files on the brainwave $atterns of $atients. The $rivatiIation of &S6 state $risons is allowing corru$t connections .6 finger$rints to read li)e those of actual criminals or terrorists rather than law%abiding $ersons who/ve been targeted by such criminals. The goal is to have no%one remaining.mainly from the U. And 9overnments and media bodies are fully aware that inmates are being used as guinea $igs. terrorists.A0 to buy. in the future. Add 9oulburn and a few in Sydney . 4ac) in the early $art of the last century. 5i)ewise the system could be wor)ed and by$assed by the $eo$le who are genuine threats1 incl. there is no real need for audio/visual monitoring. "(indstar" is one of the $rograms wherein targets are used as mental slaves1 treated .$eriment in $risons at will.9 '. (ilitary/agency officials arrange it. I/m informed that it/s entirely feasible for the monitors of $olitical/whistleblower targets to use their high tech equi$ment to remotely influence the recorded brainwaves of such screened travelers. 8es$onsibility for classified wea$onry .$erts . The "Silent Eolocaust" is an "ethic" cleansing $rogram involving the genocidal removal of those who question $owerful criminals. brainwave scanners and ''A feedbac) are three of the control mechanisms involved in the illegal e. &euro$hone technology. at air$ort security.e. The brainwave $atterns / thin)ing of such $eo$le draws the attention of criminals and so such $eo$le are being bred out .$eriments in a human Ioo0. The brain being a transmitter and receiver for the high tech/ signals referred to on this site.

community leaders etc I will focus on the bureaucratic. evil $ractices also hel$ the $er$s gather in$ut from the honest ma-ority who are e. Bor e.ecutives.li)ewise for law enforcers0.be they agency $eo$le. Bor e. organised crime $ersonnel or whatever0 may be told the source was someone else or from a number of sources. " out of # local targets mention golf.cluded from their systems by the vetting of corru$t agencies. 7ou need to question the information u$on which you base your own views. Aoincidences fed bac) through the media $rove that monitoring/harassment are ta)ing $lace but the source of the material may not be clear to those delivering the $ain. run on a $rogram they all watch will hit all " of them. Fested interests dictate at every level in $ublic life. The reader must realise this and dismiss the $ro$aganda and carefully $rogrammed notions. The basis of the $roblem is that these include criminal/agency infiltrators who war$ the social framewor) to suit themselves. entertainment etc. 2ther leaders around them are either com$licit or else they acquiesce . It is not always our a$$arent leaders but those that they. business. 0H% M%4IA A"4 P2 $IC 4#MAI" +ro$aganda s$read courtesy of a controlled mainstream media goes further than subliminal advertising . $ic)ed from a $ool of stories. legal. even glorified role models. it is all the sameNwith res$ect to morality. hide their secret agendas well. methods and attitudes we are guided by these "leaders" to ado$t certain acce$table behaviour $atterns and views. either before or after attaining their $ositions. These $eo$le are our real social engineers and they are unfortunately above the law. which these $eo$le $lant. 'g. 6hether they be religious. Article Social 'ngineering % Arimes Against Eumanity 4y +aul 4aird "Eard 'vidence" $$3"%C3. by correlating target coincidences many can be hit with the same material. answer to that influence usNand their motives are not always good ones. $olitical. Fol 3. Eowever. organised crime is rife in $olitics. ta. 'qually. manners.a doIen $ieces of feedbac) may hurt a target on any given day but those delivering it . They thin) they/re moc)ing someone else but the true target is the one hurt. $resenters and so on who are recruited by agency/criminal contacts.am$le. Such cruel. even subservience.see the attached schedule of $atents0 and biased re$orting. .li)e celebrities in one "remote" sense. in turn.am$le. so as to $rovo)e res$onses/ideas that can be used or moc)ed etc. Aontrol the media and you control the world has more than an element of truth to it. business and entertainment ran)s. once you recognise who does the real guiding you begin to understand who and what really controls our modern societies. Those e. $olitical or $eer grou$ leaders. &o . and slee$ing $ills on a given day so items on all three. +utting aside local teachers. 3##3 I"0R#42C0I#" Bor as long as there have been leaders running our world communities there have been formalised $rocesses designed to encourage conformity.

In e. In other words. The rest they "use" as instructed. tone and content of that information which is $resented is often tainted.treme cases. If cornered on all of this. $owerful $eo$le to com$lain to. 0H% . as a ta. a "*" notice is used .am$le. (any are -ust good actors who deceive their acquaintances as well as the $ublic. Also. the relevant media identities would quote national security $rovision. so there are no decent. su$$ression of information and misinformation are the $rimary functions of these overstaffed . censorshi$ is thought of as the function of boards which sift out or rate movies. ( =.targets all too often totally missed0 but unofficially the agencies/ s$ies $revent $ublication/airing of material that would actually benefit the general $ublic. Unfortunately. the timing. Accusations are dismissed as $aranoia. '.%"CI%S 3 C%"S#RSHIP A"4 MISI"1#RMA0I#" 6hether it be the (ossad. etc. They are the reason you don/t )now about any of this. This is done effectively because those not vetted out of the $rominent ran)s deny that such things ha$$en. Bor e. they sell us out by their obedience and silence. e. It also covers the technologies and systems of terrorism/tyranny used by governments. 2thers. 6histleblowers who are honest. The resulting coincidences are carefully $resented so as to avoid $rosecution whilst targeting writers. but little )nown $ractise of surveillance feedbac).cuses for $artici$ating .Bor e.am$le. and violence are the official targets . the AIA or even our own ASIS criminals. Under this o$$ressive system genuine details are s$liced with the results of covert surveillance to harass those viewers who challenge criminals in high $laces. Eistorians can get government grants to write a story the way "they" want it told. Dustice today is often -ust a meaningless word. which are thought unsuitable for certain sections of the $ublic.$licit se. In the age of the real "4ig 4rother" there is little the media donVt )now but theyVre corru$tible and choose to only $resent a small $ortion of the information at their dis$osal. This includes the common. oath acts.$ression.changing our rights for their fame/fortune. decent and caring enough to breach such criminal attem$ts to silence them have actually been incarcerated for their trouble by re$ressive governments masquerading as democratically elected re$resentatives of the $eo$le. They are willing $artners in the social engineering $rocess. criminals. songs.#V%R"M%"0 A. (any of our more $o$ular celebrities are. These whistleblowers and cam$aigners are alienated and discredited using secretive methods li)e surveillance feedbac).$ost cold war0 o$erations.instead of hel$ing the victims0. An e. whose writings never enter the $ublic domain.am$le of how this affects the reader can be found in the instance of historical records.ercise their "democratic" rights to free s$eech/thought/e.$ayer. because $eo$le tend to believe what/s in blac) and white and question anecdotal evidence to the contrary this is a very effective method of influencing . fund all of this but you are not entitled to )now how the money is s$ent. 7ou. defamation laws and other convenient e.in Australia0 to sto$ $ublication of writings covering such matters. with Ao%o$erative editors/ assistance. are covertly tortured and harassed for trying to e. in fact. lobbyists and so on who o$$ose dishonesty and the su$$ression of information. 4ut their reasoning is lame. $eo$le whose activities really should be o$ened u$ to $ublic scrutiny are often $ortrayed $ositively to $reserve their re$utation and usefulness. This is information dealing with blatant corru$tion and sanctioned crimes carried out by $owerful/$rotected criminals.

That $erson must conform with $arty $olicy.as it should0 but the o$$onents of criminals.am$le is the use of a $olitical candidate. That is not democracy but a sham. Today there are a number of US $atented devices. Their favoured method is the use of non%lethal wea$ons. (an/s inhumanity to man again is in evidence. emotional. which. 4ut of course. even more shameful. H2MA" %JP%RIM%"0A0I#" 3 0H#2. It searches not for criminals . #0H%R C#V%R0 M%0H#4S It is now $ublic )nowledge that the 'chelon satellite system monitors all telecommunications worldwide. $ublic figures0. are usually $olitical targets. This is fundamental in a system where only two $arties have a realistic chance of victory. arms and drug trading etc.$eriments included the annihilation of $sychiatric $atients and homeless $eo$le during early nuclear tests. The victims.even the unborn0 are among the most vulnerable in our community. . see)ing $reselection to run for a $arliamentary seat. is strongly influenced by senior $arty members and their "business" contacts. Terrorism. A s$ecific e. Those not in tune with "their" way of thin)ing will be dealt with.If it were used $ro$erly.for agency o$eratives0 those of interest to agencies. They do not involve traditional hy$notic or brainwashing techniques but wor) via electrical im$ulses in$ut into the brain via satellite lasers etc. are for sale or interce$tion . e. (odern day s$ies use these technologies to monitor us and each other . They are hel$less and easily disbelieved1 some even have $olitical enemies. In the case of the young there have no doubt been some $oor souls sub-ected to "womb to tomb" studies which *r (engele himself would have envied. there is too much money involved0.$eriments used uni students. The media can feed it bac) to the targets if they choose to or are $ersuaded to do so. A &euro$hone converts sound into electrical im$ulses. A descri$tion of the technology will e. which bounce beams off geo%synchronous orbiting satellites. 2$$ose their views and you are out.Alternatively microwaves can . Another e. These incor$orate satellite/com$uter technologies. .H0 C#"0R#$ .$eriments these are often the first chosen. the elderly . 6hen starting illegal human e. the mentally unstable. the incarcerated and the young .es$ecially in nursing homes0. +eo$le of interest are then $laced under round%the%cloc) audio/visual satellite surveillance. information is $ower and des$ite what you are told. today. 6hat of minor $artiesM Inde$endentsM 5obbyistsM If they $rovide too much resistance they can be harassed and silencedNcovertly and not -ust through the media. which you are com$letely unaware of. &otably.am$le of one of these devices is the &euro$hone. Eowever. Again the results from the I8IS system etc. on%the%ground ty$e methods are still in evidence but are becoming rarer. It has been used on a limited cross section of the community for many years. Traditional financial. Alass warfare leaves us with $rominent citiIens who are either com$licit or too self%absorbed to hel$ the victims. the $eo$le have very little of either. It is insane monsters li)e him who are also behind the whole &ew 6orld 2rder idea. which can then be directed at the trac)ed target using ground%based emitters. These $u$$eteers dictate absolutely on issues li)e drugs. 2ther. could be wi$ed out. In fact.$lain why.es$.See the schedule of $atents0 Some of the secret technologies mentioned here have been used for over "# years.$ublic $erce$tions. in turn. which actually facilitate the influencing of human thought $rocess from remote locations. It highlights . information on this device has been classified/su$$ressed for over forty years.es$ecially by the media0. arms and green $olicies. Sadly. in the fifties the AIA 5S* e. It is a US system for hire.

denying it all. the audio/visual viewing of the $rominent $eo$le she contacts . *efence/agency whistleblowers -oin the list of victims at this $oint.with a $roven brainwave vocabulary develo$ed through research0 that they can instantaneously inter$ret the thoughts of millions of $eo$le.des$ite who may be in the $ath of the laser beam0 because we all have unique bioelectrical resonance frequencies in our brains. +olitical targets are chosen for these studies because they are real life "loose cannons" that "they" want silenced. There is no need for any direct contact1 no wire. it was this very to$ic which was the focal $oint of my covertly banned novel. no $olice intervention and no lawsuits. music. 9overnment/(edia "statisticians" tell them that is so. (a)e no mista)e.I"%%RI". In addition to this . S#CIA$ %". lam$ooning the dece$tions and betrayals which they sub-ect us to. Dust $ray you are dead by then. "In the 7ear 33"3". 6hat is heard is what is transmitted< audible voices. li)e the 'AE'52& telecommunications interce$tion system. 4y the way. 6hat does it mean for social engineeringM A target can be threatened.and the rest of us0 the study of remotely influencing $eo$le/s thoughts and actions is their $rinci$al $ur$ose. ta)e another belief held by the ma-ority of US citiIens< that there are alien life forms out there. $ermanently. Aside from $roviding illegal research material for thought%enhanced robotics and the $ossible microchi$$ing of clones .u$ to and including Star 6ars wea$ons0.am$le of how thoroughly you have been mushroomed and misled.be used in a similar fashion0.money actually s$ent mostly on the secretive earth%focussed satellite $rograms0 and the military $lay "bad co$". actually introducing terms li)e "$aranoid schiIo$hrenia" to successfully discredit those victims who com$lain. +olitical $sychiatry is an effective tool for discrediting whistleblowers worldwide. though more ca$able of unique solutions and ideas. 2nly the target hears it . by$assing the ears. The '(+ brain stimulation is encoded for that $ur$ose. 6hen there are enough of these to cover the entire world $o$ulation. The system is satellite based. (edia/'ntertainment figures reinforce this belief. So. su$$ose an anti%war or anti%drugs cam$aigner starts lobbying heavily1 writing/cam$aigning in a manner that/s causing concern. 3 A" I$$2S0RA0I#" Birstly. &ASA uses this to boost s$ending through congress . The fact that the reader finds this astounding is -ust another e. is not more $owerful than US *efence *e$artment com$uters. com$uter ta$es/conversation etc. the thought $olice will rule the world absolutely. no electrodes. not even a tres$asser on your $ro$erty. The following is similar. com$ared to your brain/s mere ". com$eting for funds yet remaining ha$$y to boost their own stoc)$ile of secret and not%so%secret wea$ons . She must be silenced but she/s a .### bits/sec. disorientated or deceived without the ris)s associated with $hysical confrontation1 no chance of identifying the $er$etrator. The im$ulses travel your nervous system from the $oint of im$act to the brain.and then herself0. This is a full on social control system that o$erates T2*A7. to illustrate. Agency $ersonnel even infiltrated the medical/$sychiatric $rofessions. 2nly defence de$artment scanners can $rove what/s ha$$ening and the military will not intervene to hel$ against government agencies. Aontrary to $o$ular belief the human mind. These can o$erate at over 3# billion bits/sec each. Eer efforts are first noticed through the 'AE'52& system and later. There is no evidence.and worse0 is a system of utterly horrendous $otential which allows satellites to scan the magnetic field around the head of trac)ed targets and feed the brainwave $atterns to com$uters so $owerful .

sometime later. #0H%R C#"0R#$$%4 SCAMS The use of satellite%based technologies . &otably. Ee was deceived and is now used. If he had. threatsNwhatever it ta)es to ensure they get their evil way. The threat has wor)ed. he/d be dead.. secrecy $rovisions.as this would $rovide evidence and relief for the target0. military $rototy$e secreted in hidden underground hangers. and they didn/t want $eo$le )nowing.ecutive orders are su$$osedly banned1 restricted to more serious matters. These effectively allow non verbal communication. +sychic e. As for historical accounts. Those "alien believers" scoffing at this may mention $hotogra$hs. She also correctly sus$ects that the "aliens" were suited%u$ agency minions. (isinformation is -ust as effective as su$$ression of information as a means of ma)ing you believe what "they" want you to believe. . using drugs to cloud the tired children/s $erce$tion.such as the ones mentioned in the attached schedule0.. while she wor)s late . 2ne night. The "tele$athic" abilities were undoubtedly $rovided courtesy of the brain scanning/neuro$hone technologies mentioned earlier. $ersonal $sychic abilities. the mother gets the message.$erience is -ust as li)ely to be the du$e as the deceiver. can facilitate countless dece$tions. The mother finds them daIed. And all conveniently blamed on a none. her children are wo)en from their bed by "aliens" who communicate with them "tele$athically". She will never s$ea) out again as long as she lives.cuse.if any0 travels the antici$ated line but the $ublic is undecided. it was all a government sham..US citiIen.amination0. the o$$ortunity to carry out illegal human research is also $rovided by such incidents.and wind u$ totally discredited0 reveal that the children were &2T im$lanted . Incidentally. +atriotism. cave $aintings and the li)e. &ot sur$risingly the targets are usually connected in some way to something or someone "$olitical" The effectiveness of the incident. living in a democracy where e. all of these can be fa)ed using the available technologies. oath acts.so there is no evidence0 only cut and stitched to ma)e it loo) that way. confused and frightened. fabrications have littered those at every level since time began. 8egardless. religious encounters with 9od.her husband long since abandoning her and their two children because of the harassment that her lobbying draws0. And there are -ust as many of these "monsters" today as ever. The biIarre scenario unfolds as follows. I/m not saying that $eo$le don/t see and e. The flow of information is more controlled than you thin) and your beliefs are affected by that.$erience "something" but they are deceived as to its true source /meaning. eyewitness accounts . In other words. And the $erson having the e.verified under hy$nosis/$olygra$h e. (any times o$erations have been sto$$ed mid%stream by government agents.istent "alien" threat. 2ne of many. es$ecially the neuro$hone and brain%scanners.. 6ithout being too rude these $eo$le are deceived/deluded. They/re -ust better $rotected.. The media coverage . The children are sedated and $laced in the alien/s s$aceshi$ where they are im$lanted with microchi$s before being released. discreetly ordered by the mother.$eriences involving ghosts. I )now a man who swears he saw dead aliens at 8oswell.%rays. where in the $ast real im$lants have been inserted no doctor has been allowed to remove them . They/ll use it as an e. (eanwhile. who was smart enough not to over%react .s0 being similar to the earlier . So what of the "s$aceshi$"M +robably some $reviously unsighted. They may also refer to ancient carvings. Bor instance.

3= vol ?. Thin) about the other $ossibilities. conce$tion. "6e need a $rogram of $sychosurgery and $olitical control of our society. no s$ies were involved $hysically but gun control $olicies and the need for the e. while reading the attached schedules of $atents as) yourself how different the world would be if -ust a few of the sim$ler satellite%based surveillance technologies were made available to honest law enforcers. And they have no one to turn to for hel$. US (ilitary contractors are at least twenty%five years ahead of academics and their $ublicly lauded advances. Bor now. 6ith microchi$$ing they could control everyone as wellM (icrochi$$ing for security. looms as more than a sci%fi movie scenario. Also. the $ain.in vain0 to e. dishonest $oliticians.6aco0 and (artin 4ryant . In fact our storytellers are often using their inside information of "8eal" advances to $resent fantasies which are no more biIarre then reality. Those who understand this realise how our $ublic heroes are often the villains who $rovo)e these $eo$le in the first $lace. A $erha$s even more worrying a$$lication is the am$le anecdotal evidence that seriously disturbed $eo$le can be triggered by these same technologies.$eriences" at all . and its all $ossible right now.-ust as there are genuine schiIo$hrenics0 but (2ST are staged incidents or set%u$s.0 Such insanity s$ea)s for itself. Aloning. secrecy $rovisions etc. the terminations etc. That is not to say there are no legitimate "e. the targets remain the hel$less and those o$$osing criminal $ractices1 whistleblowers. identification $ur$oses is only the tric) to sell the idea. if at all.US Aongressional 8ecorder &o.$eriments in remotely controlling humans continue with the accom$anying crimes against humanity. 6e must electronically control the brain. agency officials and other media/"business" contracts access all these technologies through defence and other connections.illustration./3/>. Today/s e. 0H% 1202R% Aom$uter/"human brain cell" interfacing has already been ta)en to levels that few $eo$le a$$reciate. Instead. Israel etc have su$er com$uters with ca$abilities four million times that of a human mind. born from a nest of synthetic uteruses and microchi$$ed by 4ig 4rother.ander. 'veryone who deviates from the given norm can be mutilated. des$ite their actual criminal or insane mentalities. 7ou won/t hear about these $ublicly for at least thirty years. The $ros$ect of an army of clones.+ort Arthur0 were sub-ected to neuro$hone harassment and other agency $rodding.istence of the agencies themselves seemed to be amongst the agencies/ motives. do%gooders and the li)e. )ee$ $eo$le in the dar). Eow many would they need to monitor the entire worldM Also. how long before every newborn child is microchi$$ed as suggested by &AT2/s Dohn Ale. *avid Koresh . (an does not have the right to develo$ his own mind.%director of &euro$sychiatry. Again. to $rotect the ruling class from an increasingly sus$icious and o$$ressed world citiIenry. The $ur$ose is $hysical control of the mind. The dead villains are therefore often also victims themselves. . e. troublema)ers.$ose their crimes. Again. They then use them against those who try . 3. the subliminals. 7ale University (edical School. Also worth mentioning is the real concern that if the 'AE'52& satellite system allows every telecommunication to be monitored right now. Ill conclude with a quote from *r Dose *elgado. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain" . how long before the brain scanning technologies can be similarly a$$liedM 8emembering that the USA. microchi$$ed warriors. single se.

!!3. . 8obert Fan *ic).>. 9uy Adams and Desse Aarden Dnr. . (ethod and A$$aratus for 8educing +hysiological Stress. !!3..#3> 6ayne 4run)an.Again. The sub-ect is $ositioned in the '( field for a $eriod of time sufficient to reduce stress. A system for $roducing aural $sychological disturbances and $artial deafness of the enemy during combat situations. but could be a$$lied for negative $ur$oses as well. Dames 9all. US +atent J". So.>. !!=. A silent communications system in which nonaural carriers in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the ad-acent ultrasonic frequency s$ectrum are am$litude modulated with the desire intelligence and $ro$agated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain."==..using technology0 and if your only sources of information are media/$olitically based you are still a victim. Danuary 3. $IS0 #1 PA0%"0S . US +atent J". An analgesic noise generator. 2ctober ?.C>. 'ach burst is made u$ of # to 3# uniformly s$aced $ulses tightly grou$ed together1 burst width is between "## nanoseconds and ## microseconds1 $ulse width between # nanoseconds to microsecond. Silent Subliminal +resentation System. it is )nown that many of these technologies are now satellite based. 2ctober C .. US +atent J". !?!.?>>. &oise 9enerator and Transmitter. 8esonance0 A listing of various technologies available that can be combined for use in direct or subliminal mind control systems. Andrew Blanders. +hysiological stress in a human is treated by generating a wea) electromagnetic field about a quartI crystal. A method for directly inducing sound into the head of a $erson using microwaves in the range of ## (EI to #. US +atent J".>#C 2liver 5owry. Similar to above. US +atent J. 6e have no idea what the government may have in classified research. Dames 9all."=3. a wea) electromagnetic field is generated around a grounded electrode. 3C. Duly 3. A system for altering the states of human consciousness involving the use of simultaneous a$$lication of multi$le stimuli.#C. (ethod and System for Altering Aonsciousness. .### (EI. Eowever. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio in$ut to create the sensation of hearing in the $erson whose head is irradiated. sub-ects become more vulnerable to hy$nosis0 (ethod and A$$aratus for 8educing +hysiological Stress. Dune 3C. US +atent J. !>>. +lease note that these are mainly $rivate inventions intended for $ositive uses. +5'AS' TEI&K B28 72U8S'5B.?!!.. US +atent J".8ecall the 8ussian 5I*A $atent< by reducing stress.C..C?.?#. US +atent JC.. 8obert Fan *ic). "!. having differing frequencies."!>. +sycho%Acoustic +ro-ector. are your thoughts still your own or have they already conditioned youM 7ou may consider that you/re immune because you never s$ea) out on any to$ic but if those who try to s$ea) u$ on your behalf are silenced . Eearing System. (ethod and System for Altering Aonsciousness. Bebruary 3C. modulated with a waveform of frequency modulated bursts. !!=. 2ctober 3>. 3C. !> .Dudy 6all. $referably sounds.

A. !?C. US +atent J".. .. (ethod of Ahanging a +erson/s 4ehaviour. Duly 3C. The $erson to be treated views a $rogram of a video $ictures a$$earing on a screen.. Alan *ens)y. US +atent J.. location of data dis$lay within the video image etc. !!=.C. Eoward Eaynes.. on a magnetic ta$e recorder. *ecember .A baseline for the audio $rogram signal.>#". EI $rovides an A.% = EI.. to electronic signals in the ultrasonic frequency range. Aurtis Ayers. Subliminal (essage 9enerator. (ay C#. Danuary ".3>#. data read out to determine the frame sync $ulses of the video signal..er filters the security tones. This . 2ctober . The $rogram as viewed by the $erson/s unconscious mind acts to condition the $erson/s thought $atterns in a manner.ed frequency security tones and combines them with a subliminal message signal to $roduce an encoded message signal which is recorded on audio ta$e or the li)e. including human voice. US +atent C.?. such as music or voice. as well as to retain al$ha%rhythm.># . *ata to be dis$layed is combined with a com$osite video signal. An am$litude controlled subliminal message may be mi. KaIumi (asa)i. C. Also a$$licable to cable television and com$uters. Duly 3?.?##. Sound 8ecording System.C. !??.>>>. Su$erim$osing (ethod and A$$aratus Useful for Subliminal (essages. Bebruary 3>. !??.C...C!". Ultrasonic S$eech Translator and Aommunication System. 8obert Sweet. US +atent J.% = EI beat sound."3!."C!. EI or lower signal is sensed by the listener/s ear to create an Al$ha or Theta state in the brain when the ta$e is $layed bac).. A combined subliminal and su$raliminal message generator for use with a television receiver $ermits com$lete control of subliminal messages and their $resentation. from the subliminal message and combines the message signals with selected low frequency signals associated with enhanced rela. An auditory subliminal $rogramming system includes a subliminal message encoder that generates fi. including . Brequency reduction in human brain wave is inducible by allowing human brain to $erceive . transmitting the ultrasonic signal by way of acoustical $ressure waves across a carrier medium.Bebruary 33. *ata may be dis$layed as a subliminal message. Auditory Subliminal +rogramming System. !?!. US +atent J". In recording an audio $rogram. US +atent J". !!C. 5ouis 4arbara. (. 8ichard SchultI and 8aymond *ole-s. Auditory Subliminal (essage System and (ethod. Duly 3=. 'lectroence$halogra$hic study revealed that the beat sound is effective to reduce beta% rhythm into al$ha%rhythm. !!.ed with bac)ground music. A wireless communication system undetectable by radio frequency methods for converting audio signals. com$rising at least one sound source generating a set of low frequency signals different from each other in frequency by . 8ene 5undy and *avid Tyler. may be derived from $re%recorded or live signal. which alters that $erson/s behaviour.. if $resent. !!3. an AA signal generator o$erating at a frequency below . A method of conditioning a $erson/s unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the $ersons behaviour which does not require the services of a trained thera$ist. .. Such beat sound can easily be $roduced with an a$$aratus.ation and concentration to $roduce a com$osite auditory subliminal signal A$$aratus for Inducing Brequency 8eduction in 4rain 6ave. Dose$h 6ilson. Similar to above.?C.> >.A)erman. !>!.. US +atent J. The decoder/mi.=##. US +atent J.

US +atent J"."?=. !!.C=?. &on%Audible S$eech 9eneration (ethod and A$$aratus. stimulating."#C." =.gases. !?#. A$$aratus for the electro$hysiological stimulation of a $atient for creating an analgesic condition in the $atient to induce slee$. using a signal generator to modify current am$litude and frequency in a direction to achieve bioelectrical characteristics in the sub-ect related to the actual bioelectrical characteristics monitored. !!=.BB80 . 2ctober ?. treat $sychosomatic disorders. or any other brain.## awarded by the U. The music is acoustically fed bac) to the brain after a time delay calculated to shift the $hase of the feedbac) in order to reinforce s$ecific or desired ongoing ''9 activity. US +atent J". and by interaction with a com$uter. 2ctober . Inc. A method and a$$aratus for a$$lying a musical feedbac) signal to the human brain. &orman (ac5eod.C"3.?=C. This invention was made with 9overnment su$$ort under contract *'%AA#"%?. US +atent J. 8obert (onroe. (ar) *avis."#3. A signal re$resenting the ongoing electroence$halogra$hic . US +atent J. A$$aratus for 'lectro$hysiological Stimulation. 2ctober . A device for rela. (ethod and A$$aratus for Transcutaneous 'lectrical Stimulation. !!. !?!.C3=..33>. 5earning%8ela. a$$lying cutaneous electrical stimulation to the sub-ect. Im$roved methods and a$$aratus for entraining human brain $atterns. !?!. US +atent J".. +referably.. US +atent J. The music drives the brain into resonance with the music to $rovide a closed loo$ or $hysiological feedbac) affect.ing.??C. (arch 3. ? . (ethod and 8ecording for +roducing Sounds and (essages to Achieve Al$ha and Theta 4rainwave States and +ositive 'motional States in Eumans.#83 .. The music is com$rised of at least one voice that follows the moment%by%moment contour of the ''9 in real time to reinforce the desired ''9 activity. A non%audible s$eech generation a$$aratus and method for $roducing non%audible s$eech signals which includes an ultrasonic transducer or vibrator for $ro-ecting a series of glottal sha$ed ultrasonic $ulses to the vocal trac) of a s$ea)er. !?". and to aid in the induction of electrohy$nosis and altered states of consciousness.S.. and reconverting the ultrasonic acoustical $ressure waves bac) to the original audio signal.?3 ... Al. A$ril .''90 signal of a brain $referably is obtained from the electrode location on the scal$ )nown as AQ or +C in clinical notation. !?3.C"=. Also.!=>. US +atent J. Defferson Katims. Bebruary =..#=>.ation *evice. and/or driving brainwave form function in a human sub-ect. *e$artment of 'nergy to (artin (arietta 'nergy Systems. A method and a$$aratus for monitoring and obtaining actual bioelectrical characteristics of a sub-ect under $redetermined conditions of evo)ed res$onse stimuli.. and solids. liquids. (ethod of and A$$aratus for Inducing *esired States of Aonsciousness. A signal $rocessor converts the ongoing ''9 into electrical signals which are converted into music by synthesisers. 4ruce (eland and 4ernard 9indes. the musical feedbac) com$rises additional voices that embody $sychoacoustic $rinci$les as well as $rovide the content and direction normally su$$lied by the thera$ist in conventional biofeedbac).. to induce controllable $sychological and $hysiological res$onses. &ovember 3?. US +atent J. (ethod and A$$aratus for Translating the ''9 into (usic to Induce and Aontrol Farious +sychological and +hysiological States to Aontrol a (usical Instrument.C ". em$loying frequency following res$onse . *ecember 3. *enis 9eorges. Knis$el et.

9. US +atent J".!.Fasiliev. An a$$aratus for transforming a voice signal of a tal)er into a voice signal having characteristics of a different $erson. 4rain wave $atterns associated with rela. See "(ind 8eading Aom$uter". !?#. South Australia.F. A digital $ulse generator and shift register re$etitively $roduce bursts of digital $ulses at a first ad-ustable re$etition frequency.8abichev. su$erim$osed on desired stereo signals. A $ortable device also is described. See 9'&'SIS.. 5.. A$$aratus for Transforming Foice Using &etwor)s. facilitate attainment of desired states of consciousness. (ethod of Inducing (ental.techniques. In another embodiment. this is the $atent for 5I*A. Fol. The $atient or victim receives the four $hysical stimuli named in the title which are calibrated such that he "e. Dune C. +g=>.. US +atent J. !!C. In yet another embodiment. F.S. C#. US +atent J". by inducement of a binaural beat $henomenon.+.CC". TI('. University of (issouri.$eriences $sychical rela. characteristic of a given state of consciousness are combined to yield an ''9 waveform to which sub-ects may be susce$tible more readily. A.Kennedy. Dune 33. Duly st. !?3. originally develo$ed in !>. ..+ultin. Sound and FEB 'lectromagnetic 8adiation. +. Same idea as above. US +atent JC. ! . +g. (ethod and A$$aratus for 8e$etitively +roducing a &oise%5i)e Audible Signal. by 5awrence +inneo at Stanford 8esearch Institute. *evice for the Induction of S$ecific 4rain 6ave +atterns.Ilina. (ay 3".#. *on/t let the nice title fool you. 8ichard Alar). a $lurality of electroence$halogram . Same idea as above.> #. >". US +atent J.ed and meditative states in a sub-ect are gradually induced without deleterious chemical or neurologic side effects. *ecember !! ."=3. *r. A low $ass am$lifier may be connected to the $in) noise filter to generate a train of $ulses having a re$etition frequency near > EI.i.3". 6illiam &agle. A com$uter $rogram to read your thoughts < Aom$uter $rogram to inter$ret ''9 $atterns that corres$ond to words.? J=. Dohn 6illiamson. T. !>. !>C. A method having a$$licability in re$lication of desired consciousness states1 in the training of an individual to re$licate such a state of consciousness without further audio stimulation1 and in the transferring of such states from the one human being to another through the im$osition of one individuals ''9.7.3 C. Blinders University. develo$ed by *r *onald 7or) and *r Thomas Densen.>>C. Aalifornia.8a)u and 5. 4edford +ar). (arch . entrainment $rinci$les are a$$lied in the wor) environment to induce and maintain a desired level of consciousness.ation and gradual transference to slee$" and "The whole system of stimuli which is addressed to the $atient/s organism ma)es use of the first signal system channels. slee$ $atterns are re$roduced based on observed brain $atterns during $ortions of a slee$ cycle1 entrainment $rinci$les are a$$lied to induce slee$. *avid (organ. 5ight.e. the rece$tor Iones of the a$$ro$riate .. !!". &ovember 3#. 'motional and +hysical States of Aonsciousness Including S$ecific (ental Activity in Euman 4eings.''90 waveforms. A$$aratus for the Treatment of &euro$sychic and Somatic *iseases with Eeat. In one embodiment. on another individual. which $ulses a light source in synchronism with the audible noise%li)e signal. 8obert (onroe. the infamous Soviet brainwashing machine.B.

The modulated com$onent of the reflected microwave forms on Selectronic finger$rintT of the target.create artificial intelligence0. later named the "&euro$hone". (eans for Aiding Eearing. U. !?!./>= TA89'T T8AAKI&9 '5'AT82&IA 5IB' *'T'ATI2& S7ST'(.. A method of transmitting audio information via a radio frequency signal modulated with the audio info through electrodes $laced on the sub-ect/s s)in causing the sensation of hearing the audio information in the brain. U. thereby $roviding for a curative effect.S +AT'&T J">?"="C 3?/>/!? T)iyuna et al.e.C!C. A radio frequency receiver for receiving transmitted signals corres$onding to audible sounds. A com$le. (eans for Aiding Eearing by 'lectrical Stimulation of the Bacial &erve System. US +atent JC. 9ills +atric) Blanagan. 3#/.?"# .= 3.3>!. .>. To detect the internal condition of surveillance targets in criminal investigations by ''9. August 33. *F EA452F. A++A8ATUS A&* ('TE2* B28 8'(2T'57 (2&IT28I&9 A&* A5T'8I&9 48AI& 6AF'S 8. Duly =. no matter the $atient/s $sychic condition or his attitude towards the treatment $rocedure" &on%Invasive (ethod and A$$aratus for (odulating 4rain Signals through an '. intellect. !>3..S +AT'&T JC!" C.?"?. An u$graded form of the above $atient.+atric) Blanagan.analysers so that the second signal system channels . !=". US +atent J. with features1 $ermitting distinction. and magnitude to move through coils and curtaneously a$$lied conductive electrodes in order to stimulate the nervous system and reduce $ain in humans. != .!!C.. *ecember 3=. sha$e. This invention incor$orates the discovery of new $rinci$les which utilise magnetic and electric fields generated by time varying square wave currents of $recise re$etition. +erha$s the most remar)able thing about this $atient is that Blanagan was only . August ?.. Eenry +uharich and Dose$h 5awrence. $syche0 are avoided.mind. Uses transistors.!>#.ternal (agnetic or 'lectric Bield to 8educe +ain. Bebruary 3C. Similar to Blanagans $atents. 'liIabeth 8auscher and 6illiam Fan 4ise. width. Eenry +uharich.=.citation *evice. $ro$ose transmitter im$lants and utilise neural networ)s . Eearing *evice. (arch >. >#.==C. A method and a$$aratus for simulation of hearing in mammals by introduction of a $lurality of microwaves into the regions of the auditory corte. A2((U&IAATI2& S7ST'( A&* ('TE2* I&A5U*I&9 48AI& 6AF' A&A57SIS A&*/28 US' 2B 48AI& AATIFIT7 U. !=?. (eans for converting audible signals to electrical signals and conveying them to viable nerves of the facial system.!!". 9. +hili$ Stoc)lin. (ethod and System for Sim$lifying S$eech 6aveforms. read minds0.S +AT'&T J". s$eech waveform is sim$lified so that it can be transmitted directly through earth or water as a waveform and understood directly or after am$lification. US +atent JC. US +atent J.??!.S +AT'&T J=# !! /. To em$loy word recognition. . !?!. &ervous System '. one terminal of which im$arts modulated electrical signals to facial nerve to induce hearing in sub-ect/s brain. US +atent J3.i. US +atent JC. !/"/!".9 (A5'AE."3=. S7ST'( A&* ('TE2* B28 +8'*IATI&9 I&T'8&A5 A2&*ITI2& 2B 5IF' 42*7. years old when he invented itO Uses vacuum tubes. U./## A (ardirossian.

=!. radar. infrared and acoustic sensor fusion is used to identify. closed circuit monitoring and other security or law enforcement surveillance is not questioned where it is "warranted" . . '%mail.SclassifiedT0 are not listed here. the communication is highlighted for agency o$eratives and you may gain "s$ecial attention" . (any are now satellite based and.=>>>>.>. retina scans. See also US +atents &o.called 'chelon0. tele. cellular.##C#>.?"#. devices covered by secrecy $rovisions . fa. =/ /!#. J=. I&T'8AATIF' T8A&S'AT28 *'FIA' G A2(('8AIA5 H (I5ITA87 98A*'.S7ST'( A&* ('TE2* B28 I&T8USI2& *'T'ATI2& USI&9 A TI(' *2(AI& 8A*A8 A88A7. $olitical mani$ulation and $lanetary degradation. Article &aIis of the &ew 6orld 2rder 4ig 4rother in the 3 st Aentury by +aul 4aird '. 3 / /!". U.# Again.S +AT'&T J. and com$uter data message. $ublic figures and those o$$osing activities li)e drug traffic)ing. (any )now that *&A databases.#">. see) and locate targets. This system em$loys com$uter/satellite technologies so advanced that they can interce$t and analyse %V%RG $hone call. 5. &evertheless.$% #"%MW#R$4WI4%8 The agency com$uters can scan A$$ satellite.? 1 J ". are de$loyed to use against the law abiding citiIens of ostensibly free states. If they find any.$osure Fol > J3 (ay%Dune 3### $$ C3%C. 5.S +AT'&T J=. loc)ing onto and trac)ing of human targets. %V%RG SI".S $atent J". I"0R#42C0I#" (ost $eo$le are aware of the vast com$uter databases )e$t by government de$artments. Eowever. ". *r 5awrence Barwell.?.6 Bullerton et al. hand$rint scans and such are becoming more common$lace.See the ne. 0'e Problems We All S'are The ma-or concern is the &SA/s global s$y system .C==. and fibre%o$tic contacts.>C. loo)ing for the )ey words/$hrases contained in their com$uter "dictionary". 4rain finger$rinting U. Allows detailed imaging not -ust vital organ monitoring. arms build u$s/sales. microwave. 5aser.to solve or $revent crime0.?!C? "..>.= 1 =. Unfortunately those "others" include law enforcers. covert agencies and cor$orate entities.3>3 1 J".C"3 1 J =. U. covert agencies and their criminal contacts use more sinister and advanced technologies to monitor "others"..3.8owan. few )now of the more advanced technologies used to monitor them 8I9ET &26O +hone ta$$ing. des$ite stated $ur$oses. *escribes the acquisition.C>C 1 J ".t heading0.

8emember that much of what and who we are .tent. of Australia/s *efence Signals *irectorate. the (afia etc. They are the ones sub-ected to remote/e. with the sanction of our own governments.am$les of media su$$ression. Anti%nuclear activists. most of these are monitored around the cloc) on a real time audio/visual basis. Instead.es$ecially lobbying0 the following are very closely monitored< 6histle%4lowers. 'qually. +ublic figures can be warned through surfacing scandals.&otably. Birstly. has $ublicly admitted Australia/s role in this monitoring. Dohn Ale. 6hether they realise it or not.such as were used on Iraqi troo$s during the 9ulf 6ar0 and . outs$o)en religious figures. and s$y on their o$$onents. &on%+ublic figures can receive subtle media feedbac)1 referencing things said or done in $rivate in a "careful" manner. Technology once used against the Soviets is now used against us.such as the drug trade0.0. (uch of what they gather is never used $ublicly. There is "# PRIVACG. 9reen$eace and The International 8ed Aross. if corru$t sections of the mass media are controlled by the (afia/AIA . courtesy of satellite systems develo$ed by defence contractors in the US. for instance. neuro$hones . '. also wants all humans im$lanted.0 use it to $rotect their o$erations.AIA. 0'e Mass Media Role It/s said "what you don/t )now won/t hurt you". oaths and sanctions hel$ the common interests of media owners and other controllers are very interesting indeed. as well as organisations li)e Amnesty International. Anti%drugs cam$aigners.. $eo$le )now there are satellite systems ca$able of trac)ing vehicles. 0'ose "ot Silenced y Special Attention These are usually $eo$le without high $rofile contacts. . include the very technologies being discussed here. threats. It is this information which gives them much of their $ower. As) yourself how long international terrorism.and they are0 then surveillance results can be "used"1 es$ecially if the frequencies of the monitoring signals are made available to the media who can "tune in" using their $owerful communications equi$ment. which are $olice "tagged" but they are ignorant of the $reviously mentioned audio/visual monitoring systems and the systems mentioned in the ne. To control the $o$ulation "they" must control the media to some e. at birth. 'ven handwritten material $re$ared indoors can be immediately accessed under this system.ander. only $rivately. Some $rominent $ublic figures also feature in this category. $eo$le acce$t that regulations require them to have certain $ets im$lanted with microchi$s but they have no idea that the head of &AT2/s non%lethal wea$ons initiative.inducing illnesses/$ain via remote satellite0. 9overnment secrecy $rovisions. Eowever.delivering verbal.and what we believe0 is carefully influenced by media $resentation/$ro$aganda. those accessing it . In these ways the mainstream media can o$$ress $olitical targets.t section.$erimental technologies li)e infrasound laser wea$ons . 0'ose W'o 4ra& Special Attention 4ecause of interce$ted communications . noises etc. silent subliminals . (artin 4rady. crime syndicates and the li)e would survive if this system were made available to honest law enforcers.

5ittle wonder that this valuable system of o$$ression and mani$ulation has been shrouded in secrecy for over forty years.8 0'e "europ'one *2SPatent >><>@A<. %7ample @ rain Wa-e Scanners *2S . In the same manner. Some.enabling actual mind reading0. Eowever. . affect all of us. suicides etc. Eow does it wor)M 6ell the C* hologra$hic sound of the neuro$hone can ma)e the voices a$$ear to be coming from any direction the o$erator intends. li)e the 'AE'52& system. Their use is a gross violation of human rights. some are deceived into believing the sound comes from switched off TF/s or radios. sound etc. blurred vision and so on can be effected using satellite lasers aimed at trac)ed human targets. 2ne use is ''9 cloning where the $atterns evident when you are angry or sad or fearful etc. . since its invention in !"?. An e. can be effected by using these technologies on the unwary and susce$tible.o-ernment Classified/ These can be hidden in a com$uter screen or wall. This is their goal. . It is called $olitical $sychiatry and it/s their favourite method for silencing $eo$le who )now too much. can be fed bac) in an attem$t to influence your emotional/$sychological state. the victim is sane and these dece$tions are A9'&A7 T8IAKS USI&9 &'U82+E2&' T'AE&2529I'S. The AIA and US (ilitary intelligence are the main faciliators of this mode of torture but others do have access to it. are com$licit1 even selecting targets. So. They have ways to quieten o$$onents aside from using the media and one day these methods may. -ournalists and "businessmen". 4ut o$enly or subliminally a$$lied. 6orse still some have had been triggered to commit acts of violence by "Satan" or the "laughter/comments" of strangers around them. li)e corru$t $oliticians. (ore times than not. (any in $ublic life )now that there are millions targeted yet they do nothing. visual holograms. government agents or )nowledgeable whistle blowers0 the constant torment of loud threats. assassinations. These are terrible technologies available only to agencies and defence $ersonnel. A directional . 2thers hear it as "ghosts" or "voices from 9od" whilst some have had "encounters with tele$athic aliens" or "invisible" agents.<B=/ This is a device that converts sound to electrical im$ulses. noise etc is bearable though very annoying. Bor those aware of this technology . for others it/s a confusing -ourney towards being discredited and institutionalised.such as e. %7ample . 2nly the target hears the voices.8emember from the last section that the o$erative $robably has an audio/visual feedbac) available in real%time0.brain wave scanners . but the most $owerful are satellite mounted and can trac) a target whilst scanning the magnetic field around his/her head. The sym$toms mirror those of mental illness and one word to the wrong medico or state $olice officer and you/re committed.satellite0 laser or microwave aimed at the body allows a signal to travel the targets nervous system directly to the brain.change of favours if you li)e.

I/m equally sure that $sychic $henomena and "coincidences" concerning intellectual $ro$erty can be arranged using brain%scanning technologies. Amnesty International. Therefore. The combined use of brain wave scanning and neuro$hone technology allows a non% verbal. Bor instance. I urge the readers of this article to ma)e contact with the re$resentatives of humanitarian organisations and as) them to $ressure governments to act. +lease don/t ignore it. The U& needs to establish a Satellite committee and allow wea$ons ins$ectors to ins$ect &ASA .sitting at a terminal thousands of miles away0. use of brain wave scanners occurs when ''9 results are relayed to US 9overnment facilities where the actual thoughts of the target can be inter$reted. 'ven with the $rogressive monitoring system now in $lace. I/m sure their e. 2nly those "in" with them would $rofit. The $rogram was develo$ed through e.et al0 $ayloads for non%lethal wea$onry such as neuro$hones and brain wave scanners. more effective and frightening. in fact. Aredit for ideas. it made many of them in the first $lace. This article contains a clear warning. The first two should e. Such techniques clearly hel$ed to end the cold war but can the victors be trusted not to use them against their own $eo$le. remote interrogation or torture to be carried out by agency $ersonnel . The media/(afia/AIA connection can ruin anyone/s career -ust as. 8auni 5eena Kilde. inventions and strategies would always go to one of "their" $eo$le. If com$uter advancements eventually allow 'F'87 citiIen to be brain wave scanned constantly . instantaneously. Aensorshi$ could ta)e $lace at the ideas stage1 before writing. The International 8ed Aross and the U& should all hel$. (* . And no military or federal law enforcement agency would assist1 for $olitical reasons.Another. those most li)ely to interfere with criminals are easily tagged. This is done by a com$uter $rogram with a brain wave vocabulary. C#"C$2SI#" 4ecause $oliticians are our elected re$resentatives only they can .a)a the AIA/s 5S* e.tensive trials on a grou$ of volunteers . 2bviously not.$eriments in control are also facilitating advances in artificial intelligence using data gained from "silent" interactions with human minds. only those who questioned nothing would esca$e scrutiny. All the $ublic )nows is that stro)e victims can thin) words onto a screen using the thought% activated movement of a com$uter cursor.$and their mandates and $olicies to enable them to o$$ose those res$onsible for the relevant human rights abuses.$eriments decades ago0. It/s an un$leasant truth but ignoring it won/t change it. submission etc. (any in $ublic life sim$ly cannot be trusted. Micro&a-e Mind Control ! (odern Torture and Aontrol (echanisms eliminating Euman 8ights and +rivacy by *r. &evertheless.li)e the com$lete monitoring of the 'AE'52& communications system0 then the "thought $olicing" of the &ew 6orld 2rder will ma)e life unbelievably o$$ressive and anything but democratic.ultimately0 hel$. they will not do so without $rom$ting. Imagine if thoughts themselves are su$$ressed.

Se$tember 3". !!! .






!!! *r 8auni Kilde . and Cybernetics S+'KU5A Crd :uarter 2ctober 3C.Microc'ip Implants. Mindcontrol.





I"0R#42C0I#" It has become a standard clichY to declare that. Eowever.. &o .on ma-or issues0 the only true re$resentatives of the silent ma-ority are often isolated activists. in fact. cam$aigners and other marginalised figures who are neither in authority nor $ublicly recogniIable $ersons. 3##=. not ruled by that $rinci$le but by a number of small vested interest grou$s which are largely made u$ of wealthy criminals. after studying the influence and $ower held by those within certain minority grou$s you begin to understand that society is. 4ecause of this .Article MI"#RI0G R2$%S "Eard 'vidence" Fol =. The big issues are rarely dealt with fairly. . whistleblowers. o$enly or honestly. of any sort. $$ 3!%CC. 2n other matters where elected officials or famous faces do s$ea) for the ma-ority it/s only because it/s in their best interests to do so or it/s a distraction1 an issue of little real im$ortance. the ma-ority rules. on most matters and in most res$ects.

*iii/ P#W%R12$ CRIMI"A$S &ews &aIis. Some of the crimes and dece$tions used to neutralise these $eo$le are mentioned in this article. su$er rich grou$ based in Israel and 5ondon boasting member families li)e the 8othschilds and the 8oc)efellers. in turn. Some of it is nothing more than identification for the $ur$oses of socialisation but some is far more sinister1 eg criminal organisations li)e the Illuminati. criminals are only concerned with their own $osition and have no regard for how it affects others. "They" will argue that official state secrets.treme $re-udicesN In general we are all stereoty$ed and com$artmentalised by ourselves and others based on our views. ridiculed and . So. terrorism and so on by secretly s$onsoring the enemies of -ustice. the e. 2f course.ture of mobsters all . *es$ite the media mafia brainwashing that tells us that we live in a free society and that cons$iracy theories are mostly based on $aranoia. The truth is that all involved in any of the $ractices described herein are criminals and traitors to man)ind itself. our a$$earances and our beliefs. rather than wor)ing for society those $lotting and $lanning in secret inevitably wor) against it thereby betraying the most im$ortant of all clubs< man)ind. much more must remain hidden from $ublic view for the $ur$oses of national security. controls citiIens views. Such $eo$le lust after wealth and control and use their lac)ies to do their dirty wor)1 corru$t $oliticians. our lifestyles.+eo$le who resent this situation . WH#HS #R WHA0HS 0# $AM%( *i/ C$2 S A"4 C$2 M%"0A$I0G +eo$le often use clubs to e. military madmen. soulless s$ies and a mi.am$le is the Illuminati. (ost such arrangements amount to ma-or criminal activity.istence of high $owered advanced technologies.$ect/deserve. Eowever. So this secrecy is $art of their system of terrorism. 9rou$s li)e this organise or foster war. the lin)s between agencies. theft and control by stealth. the media mafia etc. The $owers that be and their criminal associates )now all of these things already1 the only ones )e$t in the dar) are the $eo$le. They also have a total lac) of conscience about their role1 being blinded by the rewards. In brief.and want the truth told0 are scorned. media and criminal grou$s and much. $eo$le don/t really )now this because those advocating the truth are belittled by the criminals they o$$ose. This "club" is a$$arently a (asonic. agency/military madmen. because these $oliticians often really don/t have a good feel for what the general $o$ulation e. An illustrative e. the $owerful minorities . These same secretive grou$s also control the mainstream media which. Also. &aturally. one of the more general means of dece$tion is secrecy. Those o$$osing them are dealt with.with ready access0 are all the more li)ely to be able to $resent their arguments in isolation. This then determines the tenure of governments. the fact is that on the really big issues the truth has no chance of standing u$ alongside the lies because it/s hidden from view. 8emember. *ii/ 0H% $AWS So why aren/t the laws of the land drafted in such a way as to em$ower honest law enforcers to deal with hidden crime at this levelM 4ecause although elected re$resentatives draft the laws "minority" grou$s effectively lobby/$ressure $oliticians to do their bidding. $olitical $u$$ets. thus rendering them useless to the ma-ority. that argument is a trans$arent nonsense.hibit e.sometimes brutally0 silenced. The Alub of 8ome and The (afia. the truth is that the world is actually run by grou$s who deliberately organise cons$iracies to maintain control. They do so to control the hearts and minds of the general $o$ulation whilst destroying our world for their short term gains.

ed/matched/inserted . as are the technologies. Some can detect.$lay their $art.&ational Security Agency0 in $laces li)e Bort (eade. $rotected. even thought $rocesses. the military.US *efense Intelligence Agency0 and the &SA . *i-/ A4VA"C%4 C#MP20%R. advanced satellite/com$uter systems.am$le. File e. *-i/ 0H% PSGCHIA0RIC 1RA0%R"I0G (edia brainwashing sets things u$ so that $sychiatrists can be used to discredit those targeted by the technologies involved. $rivate conversations/communications. allows the thief/harasser to delude themselves about how they obtained the information. If the truth were to be )nown they/d all be im$risoned instead many are trusted. that $eo$le hearing voices are schiIo$hrenic and that anyone claiming to be $ersecuted using remote technologies of any sort must be $aranoid. Again. That information can be gleaned from other com$uters. li)e some agents. $oliticians and big "business". by stealth.via com$uter0 from surveillance results. neuro$hone voices and directed energy wea$ons torture are conducted on the targets to the immense amusement of those involved including the minority elite and their goon squads. social conscience and integrity. $erformers. secrets and more. and followed by the unsus$ecting ma-ority. for mutual advantage. The hy$ocrisy of this is that $ublicly they "AAT" as if they they/re caring. 4y failing to ac)nowledge that s$ies and connected criminals use high tech equi$ment the $sych "$rofessionals" can dismiss all victims com$laints and label them as $aranoid etc. The crimes of these organisations are deliberately hidden from the $ublic. monitor. They dutifully a$$ly these diagnoses and often institutionalise the targets. They wor) in unison. li)e the s$y agencies. 8ichmond. far more damage than good is done by secret s$y/military technologies. (aryland and by the AIA etc in $laces li)e the 5angley 8esearch Aentre. the mass media mostly attracts and acce$ts $eo$le with limited com$assion. 6hether agency or syndicate connected. maintaining a code of silence on the im$ortant issues that ought to be addressed $ublicly1 thereby betraying most citiIens.over 33# trillion calculations $er second0. This is so even when they farm out the technology and/or the information to $rivate sector criminals.subliminally or audibly0. Firginia. for e. statesmen and so on can be fed the results in any number of ways. they/re agreeable they can receive someone else/s words or thoughts directly via neuro$hone in$ut . Similarly. rather than wor)ing for disclosure of the truth. The equi$ment is set u$ by government agencies li)e the *IA . 'g they/ll say that $eo$le getting remote messages or feedbac) from the mass media are delusional. the same cul$rits wor) together to silence and discredit those who advocate real democratic freedoms and $ublic disclosure of the crimes committed under the guise of "national security". res$onsible $eo$le and there are many deceived by that. +ersonally I believe that many of them realise what they/re doing but are too . com$licit writers. admired. by corru$t secrecy laws. This. reading off an autocue allows TF/radio $resenters to distance themselves from the theft/harassment they are affecting when large sections of that material is mi. If. *-/ C#MP$ICI0 R%C%P0#RS Audio visual surveillance and brain ra$e technologies yield ideas.. Unfortunately. li)e in$utting ideas whilst someone is aslee$. Sadly. collect and collate information at a $henomenal rate .$eriments involving brain ra$e.SA0%$$I0% SGS0%MS :uite sim$ly. Anyone o$$osing/questioning this or other im$ortant matters can be $laced in one of their electronic &aIi concentration cam$s where they are slowly )illed. television terrorists and others also monster and isolate those who try to disturb their corru$t code of silence. If they/re as)ed to do something wrong they rarely hesitate )nowing that they cannot be questioned or caught and that their "-obs" de$end on it. Ta)e.

anyone who questions their actual motives or the truth behind the facades is crushed quietly but thoroughly. debilitation. T8A&S'AT28 *'FIA'SN these effect the satellite location.eg US +at J " 3C?!! 3C/=/!3 D.I%S The ruling minority mould society to suit their $ur$oses through brainwashing1 $ro$aganda and mushrooming. as $art of the ruling minority. AU*I2%FISUA5 SAT'55IT' (2&IT28I&9N these target $ublic figures and citiIens "of interest".eg US +at J.?!C? " =/ /!# 5.to -ustify their e. They/re clearly not being used for that $ur$ose but abused to hurt ordinary citiIens. but they/re outside the reach of the law . 48AI&6AF' A&A57S'8SN these allow satellite brainwave scanning or neural monitoring $lus electronic brain lin) u$s with thought % deci$hering com$uter software . 3. • • Again. as always.9A55 H US +at J"3?!. even death . And the worst amongst them are actively involved in destroying decent $eo$le to cover for their corru$t masters. is self interest. In this res$ect they ran) with $oliticians and -ournalists. In other words. 0H% 0%CH"#$#. crime etc.4. Again. B5A&A9A&0. It/s all com$letely indefensible. defence of the official secrecy surrounding these technologies is $atent nonsense. &'U82+E2&' S7ST'(SN these allow the satellite or microwave transmissions of voices etc directly to the brain of targets . war./## A. 826A&0. these technologies could wi$e out terrorism.C! 33/3/!. It seems to me that if there were any honest $sychiatrists we would be better served if they were able to a$$ly themselves to dealing with beaurocratic control frea)s. o$$ressive means of doing this involve the use of advanced satellite/com$uter systems of which the $ublic is unaware. movement of ob-ects.>!># >/C/>3 +.$eriments./>. 0H% APP$ICA0I#"S The technologies -ust listed allow for many crimes/dece$tions as well as illegal human e.as the system stands0 and so their $ower lust goes unchec)ed. they wor) for/with corru$t agencies and other criminals before.eg US +at J=# !! /. Some of these are as follows<% . &. trac)ing etc of targets . during and after their foul e. The answer. A few of these are<% • • • • 'AE'52& SAT'55IT' S7ST'(SN these are &SA systems designed to monitor A55 telecommunications worldwide scanning for $ersons "of interest". If $sychiatrists must meddle with their quac)ery . $rey on the rest of society. (A8*I82SSIA&0 *I8'AT'* '&'897 6'A+2&SN these are too numerous to list but they allow destruction.eg US +at J CC!C3>! =/>/=? +. They do so whilst "acting". that/s the real reason why it/s never discussed o$enly.istence0 why don/t they ever tac)le such real $roblems. megalomaniacs and cor$orate fraudsters who. B5A&A9A& and US +at JC=. of course.$eriments.selfish/evil to care. $ersonal illness. $ro$erly a$$lied. D. Some of the more sinister. 9A55 allowing control of consciousness/moods of the target0.

or audibly. 6hatever the $osition at whatever time.as $lanned by monitors0 can even be fed into their dreams/thoughts.equally the monitors )now what events they are about to stage. This $rovides a double% barrelled attac) on victims and halves the wor)load for "ghost"/s$y writers who need to )ee$ $roviding material and harass targets at the same time. using silent sound during slee$/dreams. In other words.ie straight from their minds before the thought is s$o)en let alone written0. This would also allow those thieving material to defend any accusation because they have had no contact with those transferring the thoughts/ideas or the victim and can consciously call the thoughts their own.$erience form all other e. deceiving and worse. the target hel$s harass themselves in a cruel. all targets are victims of one of the cruelest most criminal systems of o$$ression ever devised. *iii/ +PSGCHIC+ %JP%RI%"C%S (any let their egoes and imaginations bloc) their minds on this one.of any sort0 directly or indirectly. the only real $sychic e.*i/ 0#R02R% 2bviously covert torture can be carried out on targets in remote locations or situations without the need for the sort of criminal harassment that might leave evidence. this way. 8emember that invasion of a $ersons own mind . $ublished writers wor) for covert agencies and other criminals. Again. falling for the fame tra$.not -ust $ublic figure criminals0 are in on it. 'ffectively. Some believe they are ins$iring thoughts and changes and so are $re$ared to endure a lac) of $rivacy for their influence. *i-/ PARA"#RMA$ %JP%RI%"C%S Similarly $eo$le who honestly believe they/ve heard/seen ghosts or seen ob-ects move . (any writers.the mind is a $owerful instrument0 even in the case of dreams or so%called "$remonitions". In fact if targets are involved the future . 4y monitoring those $eo$le that the ruling minority wants silenced . This is worse when mind reading/neuro$hone in$ut ma)es one $erson receive anothers thoughts subliminally . Intuition and e. whistleblowers and human rights cam$aigners are marginalised.$lanations .$erimenting. *ii/ 0H%10 #1 I"0%$$%C02A$ PR#P%R0G (any well )nown.$eriences are the result of electronic tele$athy. 8emember that surveillance results/frequencies can be fed to the media leading to almost instantaneous live%to%air feedbac) if the target is tuned in. in reality. the gullible. targets react in different ways . &otably.an unimaginably evil crime in itself0 allows ideas to be $assed to com$licit writers . observing media "coincidences". criminal game of cat and mouse. discredited and destroyed in this manner. This is a very common $ractice.at different times0N Some targets continue to $roduce ideas. Therefore. They also o$$ress monitored targets by feeding their own words bac) to them through the insertion of those words/ideas/"coincidences" into the corru$tible medias scri$ts. So. misinter$reting the maliciousness of all of this because $ublic figures are involved.$eo$le who thin) freely and honestly0 they not only marginaliIe them but they also steal every idea at its source . could come to believe that they are $sychic. what news/scri$ts are about to be $resented and can feed you that subliminally0. It/s all a tric) and many are monitored without their )nowledge. they/re scams arranged courtesy of meddling by military/agency/criminal $er$s who are stealing. one indirect method is the voluntary acce$tance of neuro$hone in$ut which relays others thoughts. This could be done subliminally. Some fall a$art1 believing others . e.

use human thoughts for artificial intelligence/robotics research. It/s usually a warning.eg 66II0 and these creatures -ust rea$ the rewards without a thought for their fellow man. certainly radio telesco$es and dee$ s$ace listening devices e.across a room or ")now where the bodies are buried" are victims/du$es.often all three0. (artin 4ryant were both $rovo)ed and set u$ by various agency scum who wanted to create disquiet and raise certain issues on behalf of their masters1 our minority rulers. &ow. (any missing $ersons or "alien abductees" are also used in illegal government studies. (edia entertainment focusing on all of this would be harmless fun but for the fact that many believe in the $aranormal as a result. alien fairytales foster $ublic a$$roval of an obscene waste of vast amounts of government . 5i)e $rovo)ed/allowable terrorism.as it always has0 but they also stimulate and analyse dreams. convincing manner. *-/ A$I%" %"C#2"0%RS 8emember.and $rivate0 money1 wasted on wea$ons of war. The $resenters )now that man%made hoa. o$inions etc are constantly being conducted. when neuro$hone voices are transmitted into the head of a $otentially violent $erson disaster can follow1 es$ecially if they/re also stu$id enough to really believe what the transmissions tell them.AI"S0 H2MA"I0G (any "madmen" are "triggered" by remote controlling mechanisms made available to military and agency organisations.am$le. thoughts. Bor e. Timothy (cFeigh and the +ort Arthur massacre $er$etrator. so it/s not sur$rising that tragedies li)e the &ew 7or) twin towers disaster are not only staged but then used.administered without your consent0 as well as being $resented with a high tech "show" . $hysical $ain levels. harm etc from remote locations . If you have no )nowledge of that fact and are mesmeriIed by drugs .$eriment or $ro$aganda . The truth is it/s all military or agency nonsense designed to mani$ulate $eo$le. an e. As with other scams criticised here. s$ace research etc. . thought $rocesses and so on can be created and altered via satellite using various secret technologies. And most of the funds end u$ being s$ent on even more evil technologies . (uch of it involves media dece$tion . I $ersonally don/t believe in anything e.ce$t heaven and earth and the $lace the $er$s will end u$. and even carry out cloning studies.involving military "s$aceshi$s" and costumed "aliens"0 you could be forgiven for falling for this tric). using mind reading and neuro$hone technologies a non verbal conversation can be conducted. 2)lahoma city bomber.including satellites0 e. Unfortunately the evil minority $rofits from war. using their surveillance ca$abilities for good instead of evil. terrorism. (oods.A$ H2MA" %JP%RIM%"0S 4ecause the $owers that be can now listen.traterrestrials. watch.$eriences are wrongly recorded or staged and the rest are errors of one sort or another. because they/re convinced themselves.such as those mentioned $reviously0 rather than actual searches for so%called e. tal). The truth is most "su$ernatural" e. They $ro$ u$ the covers for what/s really going on by relaying their eerie tales in a vivid. carnage and the insecurity and misery they create. Tens of millions of lives could be lost in a war . *-ii/ I$$%.ing is rife but the $ublic aren/t given that )nowledge and so many form their o$inions based on limited information. $rovo)e and manouvre combatants.ist but many more viewing/listening devices are aimed at the earth1 tormenting easy targets. to foster sus$icion/hatred of certain ethnic/religious grou$s etc etc. *-i/ 0%RR#RISM & #0H%R CRIM%S A.$eriments in controlling $eo$les actions. The fact is that these mani$ulators not only caused these events and many more but they could $revent most similar occurrences if they wanted to. 4y used I mean used to direct $ublic o$inion where they want it to go1 to acce$t reductions in civil liberties.

su$$ressive and secretive attitude of our minority "rulers" are the real $roblem. The 'uro$ean +arliament and the International 8ed Aross have not been re$orted o$enly where covert torture/o$$ression mechanisms have been highlighted so what chance do isolated grou$s or individuals have. anti%$ersonnel wea$onry on those $romoting the truth.caused by no one or nothing in $articular0 who are to blame. 6hilever the laws .ert over the worldwide.or life0 is more im$ortant. Again. The law enforcement agencies are $owerless to sto$ this as they are understaffed. underresourced. 'ven critical statements from $ublicly recogniIable bodies li)e the U& . Anyone who can dismiss in their minds and hearts the significance of hurting their fellow human beings . these same $eo$le control the surveillance technologies which could all but wi$e out ma-or crime but they choose instead to use it to $rotect themselves from questions. This veil of secrecy is a disgraceful. &obody/s career . to ensure this wor)s. Individually and/or collectively $ublic figures should ma)e a stand but they do not because they have been desensitised. They also very effectively cover u$ the whole thing by mani$ulating $u$$ets on the world stage through the control they e. . e.U&I*I80. In turn. These in turn are wor)ing for the minority elite. ma)ing us gullible acce$tors of the surveillance society yet to be fully revealed. They do so by training their covert. undertrained and under the direction of the same government bodies which facilitate and foster the relevant crimes and o$$ression. dehumanised and bastardiIed courtesy of the $rocesses of selection and the system they wor) within. It is the criminal thin)ing that allows one grou$ of $eo$le to believe they are better than others and so have the right to mistreat them. those who )now and do not try to tell the $ublic are traitors to man)ind itself. Eowever. even if it was raised then new methods would ta)e their $lace. the media never $resent the truth on ma-or crime or the really big issues because they are controlled by those res$onsible. The selfish. Also.The $ublic would overwhelmingly o$$ose any and all of this if they )new but they cannot because they are not told.and the consequences0 is a $otentially dangerous creature. mainstream media. treacherous means of dismissing the views of the vast ma-ority of the worlds citiIens but again. 'qually.and law enforcers0 are made to lag behind these advances honest. They target $eo$le who )now the ugly truth as well as those who can be used as "remote%controlled" assassins. A" #V%RVI%W (ilitary $ower bro)ers and s$y masters are behind all of this. su$erior.$osure and im$risonment. TE' 4ASIA S2U8A' 2B TE' +8245'( &ew methods of covert o$$ression are being discovered all the time. decent $eo$le will be secretly $urged from "society" and given no o$$ortunity to $ublicly address the big issues. to silence and destroy them. they are all warned not to tal) to their victims or $eo$le wor)ing to raise awareness on the issues in question. The media are more li)ely to cover u$ and condition/brainwash the $ublic with things li)e $aranormal/$sychic/alien stories and so%called reality TF. terrorists. to victims those $u$$ets dis$lay their master/s real $aranoia by their reactions to the words/actions of whistleblowers and others who try to alert the ma-ority to the truth. (eanwhile they use terrorism etc to tighten their gri$ on society. And it/s not -ust atheists or those believing life is some incidental by $roduct of a big bang . etc. So whilst the wea$ons used are of concern the mentality that fosters their use is of even greater concern. If no one thought that way it couldn/t ha$$en.

6hilst basic human nature can be used as an e. beer and s)ittles. 2nce again. disease. To do otherwise is to foster corru$tion and this is what our society has been doing for many decades. 'verything should be trans$arent and everyone accountable. a traitor. cover the truth on ma-or matters and distract us with bread and circuses. churches. If authority figures do not e. hoo ha and hoo$la. Their hearts and minds don/t envelo$ anything but self $romotion and dece$tion. li)e Satan himself. famine and so on yet our emotions are more li)ely to be focused on isolated acts of terrorism and madness . Unless and until this is achieved you might as well as) an honest. Those not against them are for them and so their associates betray us as well. democracy etc yet be $re$ared to condone and/or commit crimes when it suits them1 crimes against those s$ea)ing the truth on something that they want hidden.$ect him or her to $lace their faith in authority figures who are clearly corru$tible. Bor e.cuse these attitudes are taught and are difficult to change so $eo$le should be taught otherwise in the first $lace. to one degree or another. It/s totally unacce$table for vested interested grou$s . 'verything is $resented so as to foster certain beliefs. many tens of thousands of $eo$le die every day due to war. &ow. The $rinci$les brought to mind by symbols li)e national flags and anthems . for the criminal and his accom$lices. to sca$egoat and to deceive.tent to which criminals and hy$ocrites now rule our societies.often0 as well as celebrity gossi$ etc. $ublic accountability and truth in re$orting are not going to be dealt with whilever they su$$ort criminals for their own $ersonal gain.tent to which such idealism is re-ected or moc)ed by those who only $ay li$ service to what is right is the e. &o dece$tions. 'ven when ma-or events are covered . And those agreeing to the secrecy surrounding the ma-or betrayals going on today are in no ethical/moral $osition to -udge what the $ublic should or should not )now because they are blinded by corru$tion. the agencies and their connections will. Such evil cannot be eradicated but it could be minimiIed if genuine efforts were made to engender our youth with the necessary values through education. &o e. the media.am$le. These are the a$athetic self%servers who may not $arta)e in crimes themselves but are quite ha$$y to assist those that do if it suits their $ur$ose. govts etc0 to tal) about free s$eech. The only acce$table o$tion is total disclosure. 7ou are then loo)ing at concealing their crimes when you as) $eo$le to res$ect them.occasionally0 and mundane "cat u$ a tree" ty$e matters . to hide. The media in $articular are controlled controllers who set the agenda. wal)ing alongside the corru$tible we have others who are also $art of the $roblem. Aommunity education on moral and ethical values should encom$ass the need to face and embrace the truth on all matters. current efforts by governments to teach children to res$ect authority only serve the whole community if those ta)ing on res$onsibilities . And ma)e no mista)e.in $ublic and $rivate life0 behave in a manner worthy of that res$ect.such as acts of terrorism0 there is no reference to the real causes or the real cul$rits. the need to attain and maintain a high level of good character and the acce$tance of the common humanity of all $eo$le. regardless. -ustice etc. role modeling and so on. fair $lay. things to hide behind.hibit integrity. Anyone involved in that $rocess is.ce$tions. Burther to the "friendshi$/mateshi$" issueN Those associating with criminals must realise that ma-or issues such as human rights. morality and goodwill but instead see) control through $ersonal o$$ortunism then they betray the community. -ustice and freedom0 are -ust words. informed citiIen to believe in Santa Alaus as to e. 7ou can res$ect their rights and not res$ond criminally yourself but the veil of res$ectability should be lifted before genuine res$ect is e. . integrity. use moc)ery and more to silence all tal) of doing what is right with a "you/re $laying 9od" taunt.equality. there is only one acce$table scenario< the truth in all things.$ected of anyone.incl. Bor e. It/s a chea$ tric). The e. 2nly then could ma-ority rule deliver equality.am$le.

it must be said that because influential criminals do control not only the bul) of the worlds wealth but also the more effective methods of information transfer . beaurocracy etc.am$le relates to vital information connecting (+/s with vested interest grou$s . (aybe if we can somehow encourage that we may one day breed enough $eo$le of good character to deal with the $roblems generated by the criminal minority who rule our world. $$ . in general.=%"" Clic6 'ere to read t'e article . needs to have certain values reem$hasised if it is to avoid eventual deterioration. Accordingly. es$ecially by those lured by $romises made by our minority rulers. So. allowing well%$laced villains to dictate to us all.+*B Bile *ownload0 I"0R#42C0I#" This article contains discussion of genuine human/democratic rights and civil liberties abuses with a focus on the restrictions to -ustice and individual freedom occurring whenever and wherever the truth is su$$ressed. Anyone attem$ting to e.clusive develo$ment rights and $reventing the $ublic from s$eculating on how it could be misused. instead of governments being truly o$en and re$resentative of the general $o$ulation they usually reflect elitist attitudes on how society should be run and ma)e decisions that favour the influential few. Birstly. The systems of accountability . to silence any wealthy/influential members of the community who may have an attac) of conscience over the matter they use national security legislation.as our $ublic villains do0 they could not o$enly o$$ose any suggestion that society. maybe even institutionaliIed. Also.Since few of us maintain our youthful idealism the sort of morality/ethics we all need to acce$t the truth can often be lost. at least. The rest of us are $atroniIed with rhetoric and lies. Another e. It/s all very neat. secret deals and so on0.affiliations. tight and totally undemocratic.$ression0 it is $ossible for them to severely limit $eo$les choices through censorshi$ of the truth. To com$lete the argument. threats of scandals etc. 6e also need laws and law enforcers to deal with the sort of technological evil referred to in this $iece.and $ersonal e. Article C%"S#RI".including the media0 are inadequate and corru$t. (+/s don/t .am$le.$ose the truth will then be covertly victimised. to acce$t them1 es$ecially in "business" dealings. one long term answer is community/youth education1 so that there are too many strong willed $eo$le of integrity for them to ignore or destroy. contributions. Since evil cannot $resent itself as such but must hide . That can only ha$$en if the balance between good and evil is shifted.$ected to trust $eo$le who are clearly not worthy of our trust. defamation laws. In fact secrecy orders are there to hel$ governments to hide their crimes. Aorru$ted minds are more li)ely to $romote criminal attitudes or. 0H% 0R20H *RIP 4%M#CRACG/ 4y +aul 4aird "Eard 'vidence" Fol >. Such $eo$le then bully/harass others into silence or a$athy thus removing any obstacles to their criminal em$ires.or one of its contractors0 wants to develo$ an invention with a military a$$lication they get the government to $lace a secrecy order on it thereby gaining e. At the moment it is all too easy for them to select corru$tible $ersons for influential or authoritative community roles in the media. As a result the $ublic is frequently hoodwin)ed by $oliticians and those that direct them. &o .. Bor e. being e. the voting. government. lobbying and $rotesting decisions that $eo$le ma)e are often badly s)ewed because they are not in $ossession of all the facts. if a defence de$artment .

&4< The lin)s between organised crime.and with full )nowledge of the truth0 the media can also be res$onsible for s$reading false rumours and/or lodging false com$laints with corru$t $olice. Alternatively. yet they should re$resent their views and ideals. In any event.government by the $eo$le0 has become a remote notion not based in reality. Unfortunately democracy .ecutive level0. 5ittle wonder they say "control the media and you control the world". Two thirds of what is gathered by the media is never $resented. 2ur best solutions lie with our willingness to be o$en to the absolute truth and our demands that it be given to us. investigating "$rotected" $ublic figures is almost im$ossible. large sections of the mainstream media are controlled by criminals with vested interests . All they have to do is deny it or ma)e themselves "unavailable" to any would be investigator .eg the drug syndicates0.es$.re$resent the $eo$le -ust because they/re from the $eo$le. This hel$s them to avoid enquiries by honest law enforcers who are often monitored themselves. In this manner the $olitical $rocess is war$ed beyond the mere agency vetting of those entering $olitics in the first $lace1 ta)ing it towards a situation where transient $olitical figures are tightly "controlled" by the media which can destroy them -ust as quic)ly as it builds them u$. In turn.with lawyers at the ready0.change for the surveillance material. It/s only tal).mafia0 e. 2nly total disclosure will suffice as those entrusted with $ower are usually untrustworthy1 abusing authority.or by0 corru$t agency officials or criminals in e. Clic6 'ere to read t'e rest of t'e article . 6ith reference to innocent surveillance targets . the covert government agencies and the media . 8emember.ecutives. 2ffice of Eomeland Security etc. direct monitoring of surveillance frequencies is arranged whereby corru$t media $ersonnel monitor the audio . much being used only to blac)mail / o$$ress $olitical targets. cor$orate criminals or $olitical $layers. the media don/t inform the $ublic or re$resent community standards on many issues1 instead they harass and ostracise those that do1 . theft of intellectual $ro$erty can be the motive. 'qually. Sometimes favours / goods are e. The barrier is $laced there by agencies. .refusing to even confront them lest their consciences be threatened by the truth0.mainly at the e. The results are used to arrange "coincidences" for the target to see or hear1 ie to o$$ress them. large sections of the media / entertainment industry are controlled by organised crime .+*B Bile *ownload0 USI&9 SU8F'I55A&A' 8'SU5TS % TE' ('*IA 6hat ha$$ensM (oney is $aid to .sometimes visual0 frequencies of surveillance o$erations set u$ by the AIA. o$$ortunity and ability to ma)e secret matters that belong in the $ublic domain. Also.changed instead The reci$ients are usually media . in the US0.

4y as)ing leading questions of interviewees. It will "a$$ear" that the celebrity has been told what the target said . covertly. 2nly the disem$owered get surveillance feedbac). It is only necessary for a few in each media outlet to be corru$tible for damage to be done through (A&7 articles. 4iIarre coincidencesM &ot when you throw in actual $hrases used by the target. The media do have a $olitical agenda and brea) many laws. $hrases and events which ma)e it clear to the target that they have no $rivacy.am$le of $rioritiIing< A target could s$end their day as follows<% ZFisiting a heart s$ecialist. Ztal)ing golf and. Aonstant re$etition of this trans$arent means of harassment is very annoying. o$$ressive $ractice. 6hyM The $ur$ose is not to lure the target for an interview . what you say or write . advertisements.a $ositive comment drawing a ha$$y res$onse and so on0. EowM The feedbac) $rocedures include the "s$i)ing" of articles.to varying degrees0. carefully editing and ta)ing matters out of $ro$er conte. And they do something similar with $hotos/video. (ost would not )now the origins of the "inserted" material but many are aware they are $arty to a corru$t. 5i)e most .6hoM &otably. It/s clear that such $eo$le are targeted by the media mafia. Z$aying utilities bills. A sim$le e. $rogram $romos.t they can $aint a dece$tive $icture. often using stories filed for another occasion or over em$hasiIing the im$ortance of relatively insignificant news.ecutives0 to $resenters can be involved in what is broadcast or $rinted.with no reference to the source.in $rivate0 that celebrity/s $icture . misquotes and deliberate mista)es .using names. 6hen and whereM Also the media mafia can arrange for the harassment of non $ublic figures to come from different sources.in $rivate0 but the results are not often fed bac). timing when certain stories or shows run. +ublic figures are also monitored closely .etc0 will soon a$$ear somewhere the victim is li)ely to see it.and other e. from story editors to floor managers. 'ven song/music selections for bac)ground can be "familiar" or coincidental to monitored targets. and this ha$$ens night after night. of course0. Bor e.am$le if a target mentions a $ublic figure . Allowing them to "agenda set" is -ust one of the lures/tra$s. 2n to$ of this they can $rioritise stories on news H current affairs $rograms. $erha$s Zmentioning obscure or long since retired celebrities at some stage. S$ecifically. and a very familiar/annoying one for their targets. statistics.or research a story0 but to harass you. 6hen viewing a current affairs $rogram that night there may well be items touching on each of these to$ics . etc. 2ther media tric)s involve $resenting half truths. anyone from researchers to writers. no/s etc0. items. from $roducers . dates.or do0 is "used" on a timely basis again and again and again in $rint or on air . news and current affairs items with comments.

news. +roof that such things have been tried is. Usually only those who are corru$tible gain $rominent $ositions within a corru$t media em$ire.even0 a non $ublic figure the s)e$tic should as) himself whether that $erson would have such highly $aid o$$ortunities in the first $lace if they &eren+t corru$tible. songs etc which are to be broadcast .$erimental0 Using subliminal messages.C (ay%Dune 3## The (edia (afia . These $eo$le are often monitored around the cloc).$oliticians they are directed by vested interests. &o. &aturally this would wor) better during live broadcasts. &o one who questions corru$t $ractices survives for long1 their careers being halted. Fol . Article 4y +aul 4aird Eard 'vidence. The effect would be as annoying as conventional audio%visual media feedbac) but less involvement would be needed on the $art of on%air $resenters. In other words.without their )nowledge0. An agency o$erative need only have access to whats yet to be aired or insert material of his/her own by arrangement. relayed via technologies mentioned in this web site. (ore biIarre is the $ossibility that a targeted $ersons thoughts/words could be subliminally fed to on%air $resenters . instead of as)ing why a highly $aid -ournalist / entertainer etc would be com$romised -ust to damage . unavailable. 'qually $erverse is the $otential to scan on%air $resenters/writers for their thoughts and subliminally feed those to the victim and/or feed a monitors words etc to both victim and $resenters so correlations occur in s$eech and thought. commentary. as with any -ob / career. Also stories / rumours are often released on a timely basis to $ressure honest .common0 methods these $ossibilites could lead to dece$tions and setu$s eg some targets may believe that they are $sychic or directly accuse $resenters of s$ying. Alternative method of arranging /coincidences/ . They would then occasionally re$eat the targets thoughts/words during ad%lib $eriods.whether $rerecorded or live0 can be $lanted. ability is not the only criterion for selection in $ublic life. of course.e.or semi honest0 $ublic figures and law enforcers on certain issues. 2ften the media watchdog role is merely a $ublic facade $resented to win $ublic favour / confidence. 8emember. )ee$ing those who will "sto$ at nothing" at least "one ste$ ahead". without even realising it. 5i)e conventional .

*rugs financially fuel the (afia and the AIA. lobbyists.changed or relayed. 8emember that two thirds of what is newsworthy is never re$orted but through systems li)e 'chelon. Therefore. results can be bought. ridiculing. In fact. The victims of such attention include law enforcers.music.am$le. The electronic media $artici$ate as reci$ients of the agency information. Alternatively. control large sections of the worldwide mass media. covert 9overnment agencies and a com$licit media (afia. which facilitate round%the%cloc) monitoring. 9overnment agencies have access to com$uter%driven satellites. Sce$tics need to )now at the outset that this is one of the media"s roles1 a very common $ractice with res$ect to media targets .es$ecially $eo$le who are not $ublic figures0. The surveillance results are used to create coincidences for the target to see and hear. film and radio0. writers. but that same scourge hides successfully behind "legitimate" business o$erations including the entertainment industry . I am describing lin)s between organised "businessmen".S.am$le is the drug trade. then you draw their interest and you are monitored around%the%cloc) by audio/visual satellite systems so advanced that you have no $rivacy at all.A have access to defence%develo$ed technologies. hel$ing to su$$ress information and views. why doesn"t anyone $oint the fingerNM 2bservant readers may see that one of the answers is fear1 fear of recrimination or vilification or merely loss of -ob o$$ortunities. 6hat they do not )now is how they manage to do this so effectively.es$ecially after her death0 are another e. Those that s$o)e out on behalf of 5ady *iana . They have equi$ment to tune in. good or bad. es$ecially in the USA. which monitor all telecommunications worldwide. They o$$ress the targets. Some were "quiet" for some considerable timeN Another case of media control. even $rivate investigators can be used on a sim$ler level to su$$ly information to media outlets. . $olitical discussion or criticism of media tactics is often the catalyst for this sort of harassment. 5etter writing. Their veiled acce$tance is at odds with the li$ service $aid by celebrities to drug% related health and social $roblems. the media )nows most of what goes on. in fact anyone questioning the status quo by s$ea)ing out against corru$tion in high $laces. siren wailing and more around homes. discrediting and silencing those with o$$osing views. "buIIes". The system is called 'chelon. vehicles and individuals1 on a timely basis. They then "use" that information to terrorise their victims.S. 9overnment agencies li)e the AIA and &.(ost $eo$le are aware that organised crime and covert 9overnment agencies. A sim$le and readily understood e. television. If certain $hrases or to$ics are mentioned. Ho& do t'ey operate( U. -ustice cam$aigners. e. These surveillance signals have frequencies which can be "given" or "lea)ed" to the media. Common met'ods include! Using corru$tible aircraft $ilots and emergency services $ersonnel to arrange aircraft .

and ratings0.tended vilification of media magnate Ahristo$her S)ase. In other words. for e. yet constant flow . editors. . bribes etc. The more foolish can be discredited through corru$t law enforcers or medicos1 ie if they ma)e a foolish move in res$onse to references to $rivate conversations etc.out of conte.0. availability and character of the target as well as what they are doing to -ustify drawing criminals attention.am$le is the e. Any member of the entertainment industry can be involved in this very common $ractice.ecutives and others can be involved.am$le. vendettas. These involve references to things said or done in $rivate on a timely re$etitive basis . articles. news items. A $erfect e. 6ithout com$licity or silence. confused or deceived etc. Instead. 4y owning/controlling the media. in fact A&7TEI&9 written or read can be tainted. advertisements. Ho& freIuently does t'is 'appen( Earassing the enemies of criminals through the media (afia is e. or a news$a$er they do not readN another reason for constant monitoring. ideas. without $ower or influence the under classes are silenced. talent is only one $rerequisite for any -ob.a daily or even hourly occurrence0.and any other righteous cause0 is now a $rinci$al function of the mainstream media. 6hen $ublicly $resented material contains familiar $hrases. Those who $ursued him the most vigorously have done worse themselves. 2sing Sur-eillance Results8 The methods chosen de$end on the habits. e. blatant bias and smear cam$aignsN "They" won"t ever let the truth get in the way of destroying their o$$onents. no media identity could survive. writers. The ho$e is that this will )ee$ them occu$ied. to$ics and events in a unique. we are listening to criminals. influencing how $eo$le see and inter$ret everythingN yet no one watches the watchdogsN. the self%regulated industry motors on carefully.tremely common.$ress your views $rovided you do not o$$ose criminals in high $laces. It only ta)es a few to create a web of harassment for innocent victims to endure. This means that you only actually have democratic freedom to e. but it is done covertly. 8esearchers. theft of intellectual $ro$erty .on occasions0 for the monitoring. sto$$ing whatever it is they were doing . My 1a-ourite "e&s Station*(/ Again.lobbying. The media "watchdog" role is only a fa[ade to win $ublic a$$roval . as mentioned earlier.t and obviously without referring to the source0. The use of . $erformers. 5ies of fact and omission. S$ecifically. ordination of media "coincidences". C (onitoring agency surveillance frequencies also facilitates blac)mail etc through the co% .3 Surveillance based on harassment which can hel$ fuel scams. &otably.es$ecially by writers0 is also a motive . 8idicule and o$$ression of disem$owered cam$aigners for -ustice and true democracy . $resenters. criminals avoid o$en challenge. 5ittle wonder the only values and views which many es$ouse are those fed to them by $ublic figures who have themselves been com$romised by a system which would have re-ected them had they questioned the corru$tion around them. cannot be achieved via res$onses on a $rogram he/she does not watch. union/business/$olitical connections to restrict wor) o$$ortunities disem$owers and discredits the victims. The target can then be annoyed. Silencing an ob-ector or covert censorshi$ of a writer. but the $ublic will never hear the full truth of it. although some media $layers have more corru$tible em$loyees than others. writing etc.

In addition. and wor)ing a secret agenda. . $aedo$hile/$ornogra$hy networ)s. Conclusion Those s$ea)ing out on im$ortant issues should be $rotected from the $ractices outlined in this article. The more li)ely it is the activity will ma)e criminals rich. Eowever. cash for comment scandals.S. Stories occasionally surface about scams. $olitical corru$tion. &o one can sto$ media tyrants. I have met some -ournalists who refused to harass innocent $eo$le nor would they stand by and see their colleagues do it. The real reason is that information em$owers $eo$le so criminals insist on controlling the flow of information. &aturally. (edia identities may not always )now who they are harassing. are $rotected by corru$t crime/agency figures. but these are $resented by another arm of the mainstream media and they amount only to in%fighting. some going as far as to -oin the criminals in harassing innocent citiIens. government *efence/AIA etc want to )ee$ secret . they )now. $rostitution etcN these are $ractically "$rotected" from $ublic scrutiny. in turn. (edia ownershi$ laws allow criminals . $lanted staff. no law enforcement or industry body has the $ower to do so. government agency global control systems.8emember that we are loo)ing at an industry dominated by criminals. losing -obs as well as o$$ortunities. or indirectly through sym$athetic.organised or otherwise0 to silence $rivate citiIens on im$ortant issues. In balancing though. wea$ons sales. defence "notices" and government secrecy $rovisions in general are obstacles. "Alassified" tags. $ro$aganda. 2nly in organised $ublications li)e "Eard 'vidence" magaIine will differing views and absolute truths a$$ear on a regular basis. ads. +eo$le still believe far too much of what they are told by the media. The number one way to do that is by controlling the media directly through ownershi$.'ver wondered why some comments. manufactured re$orts and so on. which are su$$ressed include medical brea)throughs. which the U. etc made no senseM0 The fact is they care only for the $rivileges of their $ositions and .am$les of newsworthy items. The $o$ular myths.so they can use them for evil $ur$oses rather than our benefit0. Eowever. 7et $eo$le sus$ectNThey may not be able to follow the money trail to US agencies or crime bosses but they do see the media in-ustices1 how it feeds off society while returning half truths. su$$lied by the entertainment industry itself survive. laser wea$on develo$ments and various other scientific advances. &obody would be fooled if they did not. nuclear $roliferation. but when they read material edited to contain surveillance results. they are out of the industry for ta)ing that stand and can now hel$ no one. #pinion I could write a boo) on the matter but the summation is Breedom of the $ress should not grant a freedom to o$$ress. U. they. 7es your stationN every station. '. but stories with lesser im$act are constantly run. *rug traffic)ing. then the more li)ely it is o$$onents will be attac)ed. both -ournalists A&* $oliticians are $re$ared to betray us with their silence. Bor this they were harassed themselves. environmental degradation.$osure.S. the media run to)en stories which $ay li$ service to what"s right. Dust as the media $rotects their co%cons$irators from e.

li)e ta. It means nothing that they re$ort what is to become $ublic )nowledge when that evades or ignores the vast ma-ority of news. se. bribes. systems. good fortune or talent. etc0 through to assistance with the concealment of matters which are of concern to the general $ublic as well as law enforcers. &o .$eriments in "remote control" of individuals situations. The truth is that in our ca$italistic. In turn they $ush their ideas. in their efforts to gain more information. and "They" do. murder and so on0 many betray society in other ways. rules and wills onto the rest of us. Its little wonder many harbour an inherent distrust of the media.of sorts0 between them and those that question those methods. These range from the co%o$eration of those com$romised . have been de$loyed . the targets are chosen for these $rograms. It is not quite the world you thin) it is. designed to harm and not )ill. military/agency $ersonnel can access satellite or ground%based equi$ment designed to torment and run e.through drugs. Through media/$olitical connections. most do not care because they do not )now or do not see how it affects their rights and their lives. Some media heavyweights have even gone as far as to a$$rove murders to silence those too forthright to give in to blac)mail. theft. It is worth adding that those not silenced or discredited by these methods may have to endure further high%tech harassment at the hands of those res$onsible. aside from actual crimes . Article 4y +aul 4aird "Eard 'vidence". committed by that section of the community which sees itself as above the rest of us. I"0R#42C0I#" The myth that we live in a free country and within a fair. Accordingly not all are guilty. money%driven world there remains a clear hierarchy< the ruling class and the underclasses. satellite surveillance )ee$s tabs on everyone whos ever so much as written an angry letter to a news$a$er editor on more than one or two occasions. which form the basis of this article. what can be done to raise $ublic awarenessM Again. Also. Fol 3. threats etc.. Aorru$t U. Those forming $art of the elite grou$ in question may be there by virtue of birth. but those that are can achieve and maintain their $ositions via corru$t and covert means. money. the ruling class often resorts to illegal methods which create a class warfare . So. it is all too trueN control the media and you control the world. CRIMI"A$ A$$IA"C%S A"4 C#V%R0 CRIM%S Arimes of the 8uling Alass . if a $ublic figure would endure a vendetta for addressing these matters and U. ra$e.es$. "very little" is the answer.S. Some very nasty laser driven devices. Those few who )now the truth see through their act and des$ise their hy$ocrisy but the restN. association. Dune 3##3 $$ C#%C. $aedo$hilia. Unfortunately. Then there is the media com$licity in harassing victims. semi%ideal system has already been debun)ed. It is these offences. $ower and wealth.S. on satellites0 to silence good men and women worldwide who will not be warned offN something else the media won"t tell you. Unfortunately. evasion. The media are ta)en at face value by most.scorn the associated res$onsibilities.

State and Bederal0 cannot access these technologies to solve crime. lobbyists.S *efence *e$artment and other agencies. sac)ed or worse if they/re too $ersistent. The results can be used to rob. U. )nowledge and huge sums of money. In fact the AIA.am$le. some celebrities have been interrogated. This is es$ecially so since they/re not only dealing with the clout of "$ublic figures" but are wor)ing for or with fellow law enforcers who have been . Terrorism. harass or humiliate targets. including media and $olitical figures. including the media mafia. The Alub of 8ome. fraud etc0 but rarely for crimes where there is no money trail to follow unless there are )nown enemies to set it u$.am$le the advanced satellite surveillance systems made available by the U. They also )ee$ a close eye on many celebrities. 6hether you/re tal)ing about the 4ildeburg club. Some of the better .$erimental $rograms. Sure. 2ften wealthy $ublic figures actually $in$oint the targets themselves. Targets include com$etitors.ta. They have access to technology. (any in high $laces are also as vulnerable. li)e ma)ing charitable contributions. Ta)e for e. are even s$ied on and harassed themselves by various criminals. 5awyers and e. Some $olice. *iligent investigators can be transferred.a $ossibility re Se$t # M0 0H% HGP#CRISI%S A"4 C#V%RS They say you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. for instance. They/ll even go as far as to call in e. luring $ublic o$inion in a certain direction and covering with $ublicised acts. The AIA doesn/t deal effectively with terrorists but instead its em$loyees vow to do whatever they/re told without question. researchers. evasion. inventors. Instead honest $olice are thwarted in their attem$ts to investigate big time criminals. law enforcers etc. It is a willingness to com$ly with instructions from their criminal em$loyers which forms the basis for career o$$ortunities for all but the most talented amongst them. &otably.S agencies. as if they lived in "glass houses".or can be0 got at. The 'chelon. screens entrants to the most $ublic ran)s of the media. can access audio%visual material as well as interce$t telecommunications. human e. li)e the AIA and &SA. Ironically some celebrities hel$ to harass targets who are not $ublic figures. 2ne of the reasons the u$$er classes are above the law is that they can access methods/technologies. They/ll harass innocent civilians even going as far as to set them u$ in one of their remote. Aelebrities and other wealthy individuals sim$ly ma)e themselves unavailable to assist with $olice enquiries. $owerful $eo$le in $olitics. so corru$tible $ublic figures have to be good actors< $aying li$ service to what/s right.ecutives wor)ing for organiIed criminals can ma)e their lives hell. blac)mail. -ournalism and big "business" would be incarcerated. The (afia of any other grou$. In truth they themselves are little more than terrorists and would thin) nothing of )illing their own and $inning it on someone else .et al0 leave the victims totally defenseless. monitor all government ministers from all governments worldwide. Iris satellite systems . cons$iracies/crimes abound.6ealth allows secrecy for some -ust as it robs others of their $rivacy. Ultimately the to$ of the list of sus$ects is nearly always the AIA/(afia.ecutives and lawyers to sto$ $olice harassing them and/or lodge false counter com$laints against those who want them investigated. If they could. the illegal arms and drug trades would be wi$ed out. which the rest of the community cannot. even -ailed for money related offences . Bor e. the $olice . illegal. $olitics etc. That secrecy allows crimes to be carried out undetected and unchallenged. writers. Aorru$t "businessmen".

7et the same $eo$le who can do this. druggies and so on whilst indulging in worse themselves and/or wor)ing for corru$t "businessmen" who foster $etty crimes by committing serious ones< li)e drug traffic)ing.and many not so $ublic ones too0 and allow it to "surface" if and when they deem it to be a$$ro$riate for their $ur$oses. And the $ublic swallows all of it. there are criminals in high $laces who have received humanitarian awards. The less hy$ocritical ones will merely go into denial or fail to hel$. 2ccasionally some are set%u$ or sca$egoated because they/ve lost their /$rotected/ status for some $olitical or monetary reason. This is a very common $ractice.when 5abor is in $ower0 and to avoid smear cam$aigns over things li)e $aedo$hilia. $sychiatrists etc.es$. In fact the church itself has its own s$ies. 4%C%I0 & PR#PA. )nighthoods etc while secretly devoting their time and resources to destroying decent $eo$le both in and out of $ublic life. Bor instance. corru$tion.results achieved by so doing include the go%soft a$$roach .as a smo)e screen0 at thieves. regarding such $ractices. The fact is the media.in reality0 on drugs and the su$$ression of information regarding U. so to o$$ose a $owerful media magnate. through the agencies.es$ecially $oliticians and -ournalists0 are merely criminals with some acting ability. anti corru$tion lobbyists/cam$aigners using advanced audio% visual satellite surveillance equi$ment. anti drugs. There are not enough other o$$ortunities to go after. In fact two%thirds of what/s )nown to the media is never revealed $ublicly but it/s all used. . The victim is thereby harassed when they listen/view< $ic)ing u$ on the cry$tic and not so cry$tic references sewn into the on%air material. set agendas/to$ics for discussion etc. the Aatholic Ahurch co%o$erates with the Australian 5abor +arty and their many media connections. they tune in and the e. interviews and so on to drug ta)ing. The organiIed crime syndicates. the media mafia co%o$erates fully with the covert agencies who s$y on anti nuclear. film. anti%war. (any of the more corru$t . mainly by feeding bac) surveillance results. . In the same way most $ublic figures glad hand and associate with )nown criminals. to o$enly question $owerful $ublic figures on this can lead to set%u$s involving $olice.A. who /destroy what they cannot control/ are -ust as li)ely to receive $ublic $raise and adulation from others around them. es$ecially in the U. for e.S. Those who are not com$licit therefore acquiesce out of fear. Interweaving these results into what/s written.am$le. Eowever. even $artici$ating in the harassment themselves. They do so for government funding . (edia identities .ecutives ensure writers feed "coincidental" $hrases.li)e the (afia0 control the media and entertainment industries. out of fear of those who arrange such cons$iracies. The frequencies of the surveillance are fed to the mainstream media technicians. or at least acquiesce. arms traffic)ing.S/4ig 4rother technologies. instead of hel$ing cam$aigners against crimes li)e drug $roliferation. ma)ing favourable references in music. 'ven church and other community leaders a$$rove. violent crime etc. This is a $rimary and criminal media function of which most are totally ignorant. may be the end of a career.A"4A . editors and the li)e have $resenters read the "coincidences" out. To elaborate.even violence0 these same $ublic "icons" harass such $eo$le covertly. which is tantamount to criminal harassment. Bor instance. have something on most $ublic figures . Still others go a ste$ further. ideas and to$ics to the on air $resenters. 'qually. The rest actually $rofit by $artici$ating in anything from $olitical comedy to " cash for comment" broadcasting to murder. -ournalists0 hurl ridicule .

Again $ublic ignorance of these $ractices is understandable. us. writers of all sorts etc0 but also via falsified/staged sightings . targets are harassed and $ro$aganda reinforced.using military aircraft etc0 and tam$ering with recorded history. writers. The "bread and circuses" o$erate as a smo)e screen leaving most ha$$y to "consume and be silent". 'ditors.am$le of $ublic brainwashing than the general $erce$tions regarding so%called alien life forms. there is little genuine difference between $olitical $arties in the two $arty system so when you vote you are res$onding to media hy$e surrounding a false $lebiscite because "they" mani$ulate the voter $references . The only o$inions aired $ublicly.the cover is national security0. enlightened age this must be so.treme e. The $ublic doesn/t realise that surveillance satellites. The ruling classes. S$ort and other entertainment -ust li)e religion and "national conscience" ty$e causes. There is no more e.brainwashing tools in themselves0 $romote different brands/$roducts which may actually be owned by the one conglomerate. C%"S#RSHIP Aovert agency $ersonnel and crime figures are s$read throughout the business. many of whom have sim$ly sold us out.$erimentation. star wars and other "nasty" technologies are the real focus of the s$ending. $lay. The military and &ASA then $lay out a denial vs. .moviema)ers. or be destroyed by. regarding how they/ve done this well it/s mainly courtesy of the a$$roach of the mass media .istence through their $ublic role but $rivately/secretively they illegally $lot and mani$ulate. So while they can/t even get along with their neighbours. In 6estern democracies life is free and easy for most< 7ou wor). confirmation scenario and so the fantasy builds. $olitical. 4ut the freedoms on offer are illusionary. In the same way that advertisements . A sort of "blame it on the aliens" or "he/s mad" cover. This is becomingly increasingly im$ortant as technology allows 4I9 482TE'8 interference and monitoring on a level few readers would a$$reciate. media ran)s. This coming from $eo$le too arrogant to acce$t the e.istence of a 9od who may -ust consider us more im$ortant than any human mind can ac)nowledge. even vote. -ustify their e. 6hat was considered insanity by most ## years ago is today embraced as truth and because we live in a more informed. none of this would be $ossible without the co%o$eration of the mass media and many $ublic figures. Birstly.S 9overnment want $eo$le believing and a number of devious ways that they have used to convince them. it focuses attention elsewhere than on the secretive ways of the &ew 6orld 2rder. 8ightM 6rongO There are a number of very good reasons why the U. literary. $resenters and so on are involved in seeing to it that vital information is su$$ressed. it also acts as a cover for illegal harassment and illegal human e. 2f course. The ob-ects of these "sightings" are usually $olitical targets or human guinea $igs . These are not mentioned . through big business. In the end we finish u$ thin)ing and believing what we/re conditioned to thin) and believe.es$ecially re< alien abductions0 but you won/t read this in a news$a$er. can/t even deal with the conflicts that surround us here they a$$rove of wasting time and money searching for aliens who would either destroy.on im$ortant matters0 are those of these $eo$le. Secondly. in . the agencies. the media and so on. are used as distractions from other im$ortant matters. Instead you/re more li)ely to read how arrogant we would be to believe we are the only inhabitants of the universe. Binally. So what are the reasons for this charadeM 6ell it draws $ublic a$$roval for the s$ace $rogram and *efence s$ending. Those trying.on the whole0 and both $arties1 through connections with the leaders.

it is difficult for the truth to surface. A good e. Another e. it/s called $olitical $sychiatry.for those tuned in enough to a$$reciate it. So these activities go on undetected. This is class warfare at its worst. P#$I0ICA$ PSGCHIA0RG 4ecause wealthy criminals can access covert methods to not only commit crimes but to cover them u$ there e. So the chances of a fair assessment from a government $sychiatrist are about the same as getting a divorce lawyer to advise a client to tal) things through with his or her s$ouse rather than $ursuing costly legal $roceedings. There are no blue$rints to $resent.$lained it wor)s li)e this< 6hen a disem$owered individual tries to e.even $aedo$hile networ)s0 are allowed to thrive. are silenced. 2thers will not -oin in the conversations out of fear and so the accuser stands alone and totally vulnerable.$ose corru$t $ractices. It/s es$ecially effective when targeting $eo$le with neuro$hones or brain scanners.ists an age%old defence to accusations of wrongdoing. has been a$$roached many times by innocent victims of agency/media harassment. It effectively discredits and thereby silences whistleblowers who have not been discouraged by covert harassment techniques such as aircraft swoo$s.and no lawyer has the courage to ta)e on media magnates or governments on such a secretive $ractice anyway0. editor or $ublic figure can safely $lead ignorance.am$le of the ways that the ruling class use corru$tible $sychiatrists is in deflecting any accusations of media surveillance feedbac). Such $eo$le are beneath contem$t yet their $ublic standing and the . media feedbac) etc. They are threatened with a visit to "Eealthquest" where government $sychiatrists could cost you your -ob if not your freedom. The $ublic only absorbs what it is fed.via microwave or satellite0. be it misinformation or worse. Sim$ly e. corru$t emergency services $ersonnel. The wor)ings of $ublishing houses. Eow much of this history is fictionM 6ho )nows.am$le is the neuro$hone.$ose $ractices or $articular crimes being committed by ruling class members they are branded as $aranoid because they are unable to $rovide evidence to bac) their claims . She not only fails to hel$ but also sells each and every one of them out1 using corru$t co$s in attem$ts to have them committed. no $roof to su$$ly. but in a world where s)e$tics and others are entrained from birth to acce$t whatever they read in blac) and white and question anecdotal evidence to the contrary. 2ne TF news $resenter. 4y its very nature such a $ractice is criminal conduct but because of the methods used it cannot be $roven decisively in a court of law . saying they harass her. In this way $aedo$hilia . semi%controlled. An e. This is es$ecially true in relation to covert $ractices and technologies cloa)ed by government secrecy orders and legislation. writer. the term "$aranoid schiIo$hrenia" was originally $enned by a $sychiatrist wor)ing for the AIA0.$erts. recording com$anies and the li)e are therefore.#%year%old technology allows broadcasting directly into the brains of targeted individuals . This . "If you can/t $rove it it/s not ha$$ening" is the assum$tion made by the so%called e. movie studios. They not only feign ignorance of $ractices and technologies outside of their e. 'ven history boo)s are $re$ared by "chosen" writers1 they/re then $laced on school syllabuses and fed to our youth to regurgitate in e. So a com$licit researcher. harassment and embarrassment if they try. to e. The AIA and /(afia/ terrorise $eo$le with it but the general $ublic is ignorant of this $ractice.vain.$erience but they will not bite the hand that feeds them. If high%tech is used and they com$lain this only worsens the situation.am$le involves the teachers in &S6 state schools who name $aedo$hiles in the system. for instance. The $olice cannot or will not investigate the allegations because they will meet resistance. &o chance at all. using surveillance results.ams and essays.

This is again $roof of the different rights of different classes. which they then see) to s$read. (. im$risonment/commitment even murder are all methods used to silence $eo$le or get them to do what "they" want. siren wailing and general harassment are also common. &otably this instills fear into others. . democracy and everything our society is su$$osed to stand for. (ichael because they embarrassed or questioned $owerful industry figures etc. set u$ assassinations or sim$ly arrange accidents . 5ady *i and 9. 9eldof or (other Theresa but rather those o$$osing criminality in the community from influential $ositions. Dac)son and 9. fear for their lives. Eonest $olice are also )e$t in the dar) about such $ractices . non%lethal wea$ons0. the sus$icious deaths of (. All must be corru$tible or at least self%absorbed and fearful or they are e.g. war. smear cam$aigns were launched against singers (. 8edford and F. co$s etc0 as well as set%u$s.5 King and others were actually murdered for o$$osing racism. abductions. R2$I". blac)listing. I/m not referring to charitable wor)s by 4. The combination of greed and o$$ortunity hel$s to formulate o$inions.e. Kelly0.i. These $eo$le can to$$le governments. brainwashing. brainwashed or harassed into )illing . %JC%P0I#"S 2ver the years a few have sli$$ed the net and gone on to ta)e courageous. This is the antithesis of fair $lay.(onroe. Bear for their careers. many are $re$ared to commit crimes to advance. 2ne of the ways this is fostered is the agency/criminal vetting of those entering the more $rominent $ositions in $ublic life.using covert surveillance results gathered by agency $ersonnel.treme cases a du$e can be $ersuaded. the law enforcers sus$ect but the agencies and their "business" connections run the world and o$erate uno$$osed and unquestioned. #0H%R M%0H#4S 4lac)mailing.cluded.and technologies0 and would in any event be dissuaded from investigating the criminal conduct of the $ublic figures or fellow officers involved. 8edgrave were harassed over their $olitical stances and The Kennedy/s. C$ASS A00I024%S 6hether "born to rule" or attaining wealth and thereby ado$ting a su$erior attitude.or ta)ing the blame for )illing0 a $ublic figure but the real cul$rits are the mani$ulators of the AIA. dangerously moral stances.e. organised crime etc. . This is generally true but not where the system and those running it sift out the good. as is the use of certain satellite%based and microwave wea$ons . The (afia etc who encourage .or carry out0 the crime. +I/S. Aomments li)e "$ut them down and )ee$ them down" and "this is what ha$$ens when you educate the $oor" reflect not only a readiness to embrace corru$tion but a desire to eliminate those who do not. The media )now.am$le. Actors 8. Aircraft swoo$s. This is contrary to the widely held belief that there are good and bad $eo$le in all sections of the community. media. Bor e. Unfortunately this is the case in modern $olitics and mainstream -ournalism.$ublic relations/legal machine behind them ensures they are not questioned on such conduct. Those few who are o) are usually too afraid to intervene. In e.

If questioned about wor)ing for or with such $eo$le most entertainers would claim to be drug free or quote the usual lines about it being relatively harmless but the statistics s$ea) for themselves. nonetheless. Article The Ultimate 4las$hemy < (ind 8eading Technologies etc 4y +aul 4aird (ay 3##" This article is unashamedly scathing in its criticism of those behind the offences in question. 'qually they can/t afford deto.PRIM% %JAMP$% 3 4R2. The only difference is that the ruling classes today hide their crimes and attitudes better. drugs.S It/s no secret that the AIA/(afia connection is largely drug funded. $rograms etc. Instead. C#"C$2SI#" The ruling classes are clearly made u$ of some of the community/s worst criminals leaving targets not only o$en to harassment but with no one to turn to for hel$. The ruling classes "do drugs" but for the rest of the community. (any who see the folly in allowing their children to $lay in traffic. suffer and/or die as a result. as an acce$table $art of life. The logical a$$roaches . in a "democracy". 2thers still owe favours to. media contacts. They can/t drag "do%gooders" out of bed at 3<##am and have them thrown into some hellhole to be tortured to death. Eere. we in the 6estern democracies are no freer than our counter$arts elsewhere in the world. $olitical maneuvering. Those who can be trusted are fearful1 many monitored themselves by $owerful criminals using high tech satellite equi$ment. It ruins their lives. To understand and acce$t the horrible truth to follow. from all wal)s of life. Their delusions and our a$athy must be challenged. $oliticians. receive su$$ort from or glad hand the offenders in question . "their" attitudes $ermeate society. 2ne drug can lead to something stronger and so on and many. cons$iracy etc. Eowever. It/s all about money and control. -ournalists. Read t'e rest of t'e article *P41 file do&nload/ . 4ut dare anyone e. the drugs "do them". while o$$onents are silenced and discredited. The wealthy can afford the habit with little or no ris) of detection. As a result none will be questioned let alone caught and $unished.$ress this sim$le truth too o$enly and they will be harassed for it. media feedbac). they have to use satellite s$ying and harassment technologies. covert agencies and organised crime figures really do control the entire world. the $oor often steal or $rostitute themselves to $ay for it. corru$tion and all manner of criminal conduct are to go unquestioned. drawing others to acce$t that invasions of $rivacy. church leaders0 reveal the truth about their role. "businessmen"0. The truth is. In fact serfs in Beudal 'ngland or slaves in ancient 'gy$t served masters no more evil than some of those we deal with today.em$loyers.to $olice. They/re defending the indefensible for the $ersonal satisfaction and rewards it brings them. or who wouldn/t even consider entering a few rounds of 8ussian roulette will. the reader must first realise that corru$t beaurocracies. ha$$ily embrace a lifestyle that su$$orts this o$eration and the rewards are not only measured monetarily.

7et others. on many crucial social and economic issues.S based military/agency/cor$orate crime conglomerate would not have been $ossible without the vast ca$abilities of e. C#"C%A$I". $$ . The gullible are deceived and the few that )now o$$ressed. &o. Some cons$iracies are more benign than others but all of them involve undue secrecy and the $resum$tion that those involved have the right to influence the lives of others. This is why. who have the relevant information. (ar/A$r / #. Read t'e rest of t'e article *P41 file do&nload/ Aons$iracies of Silence Article T8UTE A&* 2+I&I2& I"0R#42C0I#" In the absence of absolute $roof the truth can be dismissed as erroneous o$inion by those who do not wish to acce$t it.eg misled voters0. $$ .Article Aom$uter State 4y +aul 4aird Duly 3##= "Eard 'vidence" Fol =. &o 3. run by cons$iracies of one sort of another. ". 4y brainwashing the $ublic into believing that everyone and everything $resented $ublicly should be ta)en at face value and that those tal)ing of cons$iracies..tremely advanced com$uter systems.$ress false o$inions based on corru$t vested interests .Fol #. "Eard 'vidence". As a result there is an imbalance between truth and o$inion which criminals foster. 0H% 0R20H .%" There is no doubt that the global conquest which has been secretly carried out by the U. criminal o$erations. *es$ite the stigma thatVs been deliberately attached to the word Scons$iracyT our modern world is.$ress their o$inions . often e. This allows for a minimal amount of real challenge / contradiction to their lucrative. Read t'e rest of t'e article *P41 file do&nload/ Article 4y +aul 4aird Duly 3##! 3# #.=% " . in fact. without their )nowledge or consent. lies and covert o$erations are $aranoid $owerful criminals esca$e detection and condemnation. $eo$le are not $resented with all the facts before they form and e.eg $oliticians0.

while such countries im$rison or )ill those critical of their governments our su$$osed "free world" governments are really no better. criminal or both. If our military and $olitical leaders were totally trustworthy there/d be no concern but they/re not to be believed so the $ublic needs greater access to the truth not less. A current e.H0 A"4 WR#". In the case of used s$ies. scams. where it IS $ossible to feed. The only difference is that with free s$eech and democracy o$erating as facades covert rumour s$reading. harassed and dis$araged by the media and their agency connections but I believe that this is $rimarily to discredit whistleblowers and reenforce $rotections for the flow of classified information. $rivacy. influence etc. Eowever. dignity and more a$$ear to $resent affluent citiIens . our criminal controllers need to also control our thin)ing. $overty etc. had to be right when he said we should love our neighbours as ourselves. &ot sur$risingly there/s little of great im$ortance in what was "allowed"to be lea)ed by 6i)ilea)s. only embarrassing commentary. where freedom of e. goes undetected and un$unished. If it was serious we would never have heard about it.8 In my view anyone or anything that encourages one $erson to hurt another is wrong1 immoral. HGP#CRISG +olitical leaders in 6estern democracies often criticise the human rights records of communist and third world countries. Eowever. Anything that brea)s down the character and integrity of the controllers $u$$ets will wor) < drugs. Desus Ahrist. They do this because they $rofit from these things one way or another and so want . blac)listing. we/re told that/s im$ossible by those who moc) "The way. (a)ing these $eo$le believe that they are above the law and above the rest of us is ste$ one. Bunny too how those guilty of the biggest crimes are the ones who see right and wrong as a "9rey area" whilst others -ust admit their mista)es. shelter and $rotect the whole world. entertainers. crime. celebrity. If we/re not distracted by self interest we might $ut $ressure on them to do something too difficult to really hel$ our $oorer neighbours. in this age of advanced trans$ortation and communication. the truth and the life"because it/s not in their avaricious best interests to recognise Ahrist/s faultless call to care. o$$ressive techniques and technologies are concealed from the $ublic. 6ith covert attac)s on such $eo$le orchestrated by the agencies and organised crime figures they are easily discredited and silenced. RI." &ational Security" is often quoted as a defence to calls for more o$en and accountable government. whether you recognise him as 9od or -ust a great $hiloso$her. all of us0 with the o$$ortunity to hel$ others.$ression. surveillance and harassment are used to destroy such $eo$le without detection. Today there/s a clear focus on (uslim countries and those run by hostile military regimes.5iars and hy$ocrites disguise their deeds by twisting the facts. Ariminals are the worst of these but since less than "P of -ailable offenders are actually a$$rehended most crime. In this way the most hidden cons$iracies. In 6estern domocracies. and rightly so.. Aorru$t s$ies and organised crime figures organise this on behalf of $ower bro)ers who want to stifle discussion of the real reasons for wars. clothe.. In the case of governments. Ee/s been framed. es$ecially that committed by wealthy.am$le is the treatment given to 6i)ilea)s founder Dulian Assange. $rotected o$erators. Ee/s been treated li)e $ublic enemy no for releasing US di$lomatic documents online. (+s and so on money is not the only reward / motivation. 6histleblowers and detractors who draw sus$icion to such secrecy can be discredited in many ways1 the sim$lest being to say they have no $roof and are therefore mad.

6ith $ublic adulation guaranteeing their influence they/re ideally $laced to deceive us. see more and more of a certain lifestyle $ortrayed $ublicly but rather than e. The $oint is that in a democracy every citiIen deserves the right to hold and e.. for e. at the e. Those questioning this for religious or other reasons are covertly harassed1 their rights removed by a criminal element.ts and discussion of their criminal and anti%social conduct is ludicrous.$ressing their concerns they remain silent. The reason is entertainers serve a far greater monetary and influential $ur$ose0. Bor criminals to see) to stifle illustrative fictional te. 'ntertainers are also e. Also $rotecting criminals from accusations are today/s beefed u$ defamation laws. Their targets. the only thing that should be censored is something actually inciting hatred and violence.. "who do I have to )ill" rings true because they/ll do almost anything for money or advantage. 'ntertainers. mislead and corru$t others through their $ublic $u$$ets those disagreeing with them too o$enly can be robbed of their $rivacy. of course. ideas. though it/s less than good. those e. insult.uals who control or wor) within the entertainment industry1 they want lifestyle change from others. minority status or the $olitical correctness that $rotects them from comment.$ressing views and truths that these $eo$le want su$$ressed.$erimentation $romoted because acce$tance is not enough for many homose. 'g . Ariminal conduct adversely affects the rest of the $o$ulation .$osed to underage grou$ies ma)ing them blac)mailable as $edo$hiles. gay themes are constantly overre$resented .There are many teachers -ailed for this but few $ublic figures are investigated.$ose the truth. authority. statistics inflated and e. 'g 3.. In truth.am$le.These $resent the world the way they want us to see it.them to continue. As well as the $roblems mentioned above these mislead the $ublic and betray them with their silence on many im$ortant matters.$ression has been war$ed for most and utterly destroyed for others. +oliticians and -ournalists.while criminals may freely offend. . *rugs are about control first and money second and it/s no sur$rise to learn that the agencies and organised crime figures are involved for both reasons. They sell their souls and for them the old saying. Some even willingly submit to subliminal influence and humiliation rather than turning on their $u$$eteers. infidelities and so on and it/s easy to see how they are sto$$ed from ste$$ing out of line. Add any financial wrongdoings. lost the argument and is most li)ely wrong in o$inion as well as action./> harassment are the norm. The side that resorts to criminal conduct of any sort has.am$le.$ress their own views without fear of re$ercussions from criminals hiding behind celebrity. 4%M#CRACG A"4 CRIM% 2ur democratic right to freedom of thought / e. dignity. C%$% RI0G W#RSHIP8 +eo$le on the world stage front for organised crime figures and members of secret societies as well as coo$erating with corru$t agency $ersonnel.$ense of others. Add to this their criminal mistreatment of those who attem$t to e. So . $eace of mind and sometimes even their lives. are treated li)e $olitical $risoners in mobile concentration cam$s so the mistreatment cannot be $roven1 satellite surveillance and 3. Bor e. That is not the ma-or concern.. Almost all ta)e illegal drugs. The main worry is that drugs ma)e them malleable and susce$tible to criminal suggestions. The silent ma-ority may.

you dro$$ed that gum wra$$er" ty$e defence is trans$arent nonsense. Today/s morality is tomorrow/s immorality etc. Today/s fashion is tomorrow/s folly. 4ecause the wealthy and influential have initiated these changes those not sharing these "modern" views are often criminally harassed. . it/s green and falling without criminal retribution or sanction. 4y the way.even twenty0 if you claimed to believe in aliens. theory or whatever that they genuinely believe to be true.who favour / $romote their own0 and the arrogant "it/s all about ('" generation turning from 9od the situation is reversed.$ressing a view is not a crime but to harass someone for their view IS a crime. given the growing s)e$ticism about the official version of the ! 6TA disaster and the suggestion that the (ossad / AIA were involved is it any wonder that a few would also question the holocaust.that/s why there are laws and law enforcers. Again. $eo$le should be able to stand in a $ublic square and o$enly declare that the s)y is down. &evertheless. whether the abuse be harmless and o$en or criminal and invasive. o$inion.than)s largely to &ASA and Eollywood0. (odern man is not always right or nothing would ever change.am$le the -ailing of 9erd Eonsi) for denying the holocaust. If you don/t li)e it or disagree you can ignore it . it/s stu$id. And moc)ery of older or newer ways and o$inions doesn/t alter that it only accentuates the insecurity behind it all. embraced homose.. Are the relevant authorities afraid that he may successfully alter views or are they claiming that he/s inciting hatred / violenceM I don/t thin) that either is li)ely. bogus &ational Security laws are also an obvious attem$t to hide military / agency crimes that the $ublic should )now about. media and (+s s$ea) the truth so that faith in authority can be restored. even tell others they should ignore it. the $oint is that regardless of the time frame or the $o$ular view of the day everyone should feel confident and safe enough to e. idea.but ho$efully not criminally attac)ed0.. Inde$endent and untouchable investigative bodies should be able to ensure that the agencies. (ost citiIens have nothing at all to hide but it/s im$ossible to trust or res$ect anyone in authority that s$ies on you es$ecially if they harass you with the results and insult you with their lies. with large sections of the mass media now owned and run by homose.uals . '. with belief in aliens reaching ?#P in the US . #PI"I#"S A$0%R%4 Bifty years ago . Aensorshi$ of o$inions can also $revent any modification of views.$ress their honest and sincere views without fear of re$ercussions from criminals who see) to enforce their own views. To try to bully critics of crime into silence with a "you/re not $erfect. Today. remember that cons$iracies and lies abound in $ublic life. M#4%R" A"4 A"CI%"0 MA" (ost o$inions and lifestyles are cyclical1 constantly changing. It/s not only undemocratic to silence cons$iracy theorists. In fact.uality or were a self confessed atheist you/d be ridiculed . In addition. Ta)e for e. military. Bunny how mere mention of these organisations brings instant re$risal from the controlled mass media. 6hen you say "you can/t hear him s$ea) " or "you can/t read that boo)" you raise curiosity and sus$icion. casting doubt on the validity of the criminal/s o$inions as well. (y view is that $eo$le ought to be able to $ut forward whatever.

the $oint is that it/s not a free society in the $ast.'. Eowever. 6itnesses confirm this and there/s even film of an e.am$le . Today they/ve been lured out of the closet by the very same media that not so long ago was o$$ressing them. democratic environment but we/re su$$osed to and yet there/s little difference today in the cruelty meted out to those $resenting new/old or counter cultural ideas. of $eo$le .tremely $o$ular than)s largely to the mass media $romotion of both. Today.$losives were $laced . free s$eech and freedom.by someone0 inside the buildings and detonated on cue.ist to facilitate that.am$le 3. including firemen. 'g 3 A more recent e.. 6TA staff and more. $resent or future unless you can say that there are no negative consequences for holding a view or ado$ting a lifestyle A&* there is no criminally a$$lied $ressure to be or thin) or act in one way or another. Again.many un)nown0 to establish and $reserve our basic rights to dignity. Eomose.. It should be an achievable system wherein equality is the central $rinci$le. Instead e. are $roven to be correct.*es$ite that we only get one version of events.$losion. Ee was later vindicated but their small% minded fears had ruined his life. To have those as)ing questions covertly attac)ed by so many is unthin)ably evil. tattoos and body $iercing are e. Eo$efully by then effective technologies will e. 6e may not have all the facts but that/s $art of why we doubt. If it offends $owerful $eo$le who are $re$ared to react criminally then you will suffer. That also a$$lies to those running new conce$ts or cons$iracy theories es$ecially as many. 7et again. in time. there would be. Surveys show that even half the US $o$ulation . to as) $eo$le to believe everything they/re told by unscru$ulous $ublic figures is unreasonable.es$. I use this e.am$le again because it/s one where significant change has ta)en $lace over a very short $eriod of time. for many. 3# #. 4ut what ha$$ens when $ublic o$inion sways bac) and those $eo$le are no longer comfortable in full view. Those saying too much can be harassed for it but anecdotal evidence from $eo$le who were actually there. 'g 9alileo was under house arrest until his death than)s to the ignorance and evil o$$ression of the church / government of his day. Ee certainly didn/t live in an enlightened. with secret $olice and organised crime dictating to the rest of us I suggest that true democracy is badly in need of a renewal. 'ven those loo)ing at things from different $ers$ectives can be hounded.. $rivacy.am$le is the mistreatment of those doubting the official version of the 6orld Trade Aentre disaster of 3## . (any brave men and women fought and died in various wars and other conflicts . within the law. 4ut what ha$$ens when fashions change and a significant no.the most brainwashed0 don/t believe the gov/t/media on this one. 2ddly enough (ossad bac)ed security com$anies allowed the $lanes to be ta)en from the air$orts in the first $lace and now all travellers bear the brunt of lost rights and air$ort security chec)s because of this. 9iven the way today/s community "leaders" behave when they/re out of $ublic view you/d have to wonder if democracy is -ust a cloa) for dagger%wielding criminals to hide behind.uals.. '..$erts say< aviation fuel could not generate enough heat to melt the structures and cause the colla$ses. bac)s u$ what $rofessional engineers and fire e. women0 want their body art totally removed. There should be no alteration in how the rest of us treat them but. (any believe that the (ossad or the AIA were involved1 churning u$ sym$athy for Israel and hatred for other middle east countries. #PI"I#"S 1#R SA$% .

"learned" $eo$le. $sychiatrists.though the world is run by cons$irators0.the flag being the last resort for any scoundrel0.am$les. lifestyles. #PI"I#"S All of this ma)es many afraid to e. Try to blame them for any criminal or immoral influence and they/ll try to silence you with reference to any minor matter they thin) you may be guilty of. celebrities may endorse $roducts. It/s as if they believe they are above the rest of us and have an e. Instead they/re dictating trends. commentators and researchers0 are more than willing to misre$resent their o$inions in e. how can you trust anyone unless they/re $re$ared to s$ea)/write the absolute truth regardless of the consequences. As well as hiding behind celebrity and all that goes with it these criminals try to mirror guilt bac) onto the few who are not afraid to criticise their crimes. who are influenced by $ublic figures. I suggest that for many who $rostitute their views it/s all about $ower and learning has nothing to do with it e. (+s. Also. It/s self dece$tion that only the $rince of lies could arrange.am$le. S$y agency investigators and medical researchers are $rime e. 'qually. $sychiatrists have hel$ed )illers get off on insanity $leas and committed whistleblowers for s$ea)ing the truth. If a $owerful criminal wants a detractor harassed because their views/information may cost him money or embarrass him he can use corru$t agency officials to have that $erson listed as a subversive or a threat and see him/her covertly harassed. 1%AR #1 %JPR%SSI". Agency officials have no interest in the truth1 they/ll $roduce re$orts or harass $eo$le as instructed by their $olitical/media/business connections. Bor most citiIens fear of ridicule from those around them. It/s all arrant nonsense and very trans$arent if you care to thin) about it.ercise their rights but see) to stifle ours. is enough.tra right1 the right to evade scrutiny and criticism for their crimes The ones best $rotected are often the very ones who most deserve to be im$risoned. morality and more without fear of challenge.cigarette com$anies have been )nown to $ay doctors to re$ort that smo)ing isn/t harmful . to the stage where they are )nown to these criminals. %JAMP$%S #1 0HI". (oney becomes the truth and the real truth often never surfaces because others are afraid to question the corru$t "o$inions" of $owerful. $overty etc etc and they/ll accuse you of being a cons$iracy theorist . Again.-ournalists.$erience that when they find nothing they/ll try to embarass you instead with constant.am$le0 . All involved in such $ractices are criminals.S 0HA0 AR% C%"S#R%4 . Bor e. And I can say from e. Accuse them of betraying the $ublic with dece$tion on serious matters li)e who and what is behind the drug trade.ce$t as a barrier to contradiction. im$ly that $oliticians are sending innocents to their death in unnecessary wars and they/ll call you un$atriotic . read. These $eo$le will do. lifestyles or systems that they don/t even a$$rove of. They freely e. who/s really res$onsible for terrorism. Bor those $ushing $ast that.(any $rofessionals . s$ies. . subtle surveillance feedbac)1 o$$ressing you with surveillance and commentary.remote emotional and $sychological torture and harassment can be organised by gang stal)ers including celebrities. &one of this would survive $ublic scrutiny but whilever it/s done covertly the cul$rits manage to tell themselves that they/re right and that their targets deserve to be attac)ed.change for money or advantage. say whatever they/re told regardless of the source or the intended target.for e.$ress their o$inions at all which is $recisely what the criminals/bullies behind the scenes want.

. To silence critics and those searching for the truth through covert means is "master $lan" mentality and a crime against humanity that even the worst dictator would baul) at. megalomaniacal criminals can maintain control of everything as long as $ossible.. including that owned by the "have nots". wealthy vested interests on the false assum$tion that might . Accordingly they have no concern for how they offend others. since they can/t be trusted themselves and cannot relate to honest $eo$le. regarding them with disdain and sus$icion. inventions li)e frictionless engines etc. 4ecause of the many satellites in geosynchronous orbit every word. I do not res$ect or trust the views of criminals on the to$ics in question ./>by the AIA/ &SA/ (ilitary etc. Arimes li)e arms/drug/$eo$le traffic)ing aren/t $ro$erly dealt with because of this. Z Those who "have" want even more.ce$t to the e. If we return the favour they react criminally since they o$erate within a legal/moral vacuum. MG S0A"C% The media and $oliticians have a moral and civic duty to tell the general $ublic the full truth on matters li)e the middle east conflict. Z There are no coincidences. $olitical influence/$ressure. They do not res$ect us or our rights and see us as inferior beings that they can mistreat as they wish. They have no genuine regard for those who have little. Z Those entering $ublic life are corru$tible and/or self %serving. action and thought can be monitored if they choose to do so.. &othing that you achieve for yourself has any value e.The following are $ersonal views. Z 6e are alone in the universe... ! . most events are stage managed. 'qually. To do less is to serve corru$t.s0. Z There is no $rivacy. $rovo)ed or allowed so as to -ustify war.but secretly0 devoted to satellite de$loyment which is aimed bac) at us from dee$ s$ace1 ie surveillance and harassment technologies use us . for which I/ve been attac)ed covertly. resource grabs and security clam$downs which greatly diminish our rights and freedoms. I ob-ect strenuously to such $eo$le telling us what to thin) and how to live. that funding is $rimarily . the environment and crime.ist. As a result $eo$le are mushroomed and $rogress stymied so that a few wealthy. Such events are orchestrated. and all to secure continued financial advantage for those who gain from the status quo. they )ee$ secret technologies from us as well as cures for diseases.\\0 is always right. sometimes as guinea $igs. PHI$#S#PHG (y belief is that 5ife is 9od/s test and to $ass you have to $ut others before yourself. It is also a betrayal of trust and an abuse of $osition. This is un$o$ular with &ASA etc because they use Eollywood and their own $ro$aganda machine to boost funding. The air of vulnerability evident after events li)e ! doesn/t really e.tent it allows you to . All $ublic figures are monitored 3. satellite ca$abilities. most of them stated in a banned boo).where full disclosure and accountability are absent0. Eowever.

C#"C$2SI#" These days $oliticians. PA2$ AIR4 PRIVACG A"4 H2MA" RI. res$ect. the sad fact is that . to hurt others to silence them or to feather their own nest at the e. Eowever. (any celebrities are actively involved in o$$ressing those s$ea)ing or writing the truth and they betray the general $ublic in the $rocess. Bailing that.baird@surveillanceissues. &o%one has the right to misre$resent the truth $ublicly. half truths and nonsense that they/re $resented by the mass media.$ense of others. Those seeing through all of this are the ones criminally and covertly attac)ed. A lac) of honesty and integrity $ermeates the ran)s of our most visible citiIens whilst insincere "world stage" acts cover this well.hel$ others.. the rest of us need to resume thin)ing for ourselves rather than laIily acce$ting the lies of the many criminals in $ublic life. Those with o$$osing views are often silenced via covert criminal conduct which all in $ublic life are aware of.H0S A4V#CA0% $. 4ecause of this covert and undemocratic o$$ression many truths are hidden.allowing for many false o$inions to be foisted on an unsus$ecting $ublic. (ushroomed as they are most $eo$le have views that reflect the level of information.com www.ercising their own rights $ublicly and commanding attention in a sort of illustrative "you have this right too" manner.with the e.surveillanceissues. dignity and so on by clearly e. media $ersonalities and other community leaders reference free s$eech.ce$tion of staged to)enism to create a democratic veneer0 only those sharing their views are allowed to be heard in $ublic or tolerated in $rivate. This situation will only change if $ublic figures have a change of heart and renounce their criminal ways. A series of diversionary discussions and distractions are $araded leading the $ublic far from the truth..com .



AAS' STU*7 4ac)ground .

drugs. The reasons for their ob-ections are many. hour a day surveillance and was fielding feedbac) from corru$t sections of the entertainment industry1 es$ecially the media. A$$arently.6illesee I tried meeting some of his colleagues . a senior Bederal +olice e.6hat the media did is highlighted under "Beedbac)"0 ] 6hile reading this account $lease )ee$ in mind the wide reaching influence of covert agencies and organised crime throughout our community. 2thers wor)ing with these criminals are too selfish. many $ublishers. The $ersonal re$ercussions are outlined below. T. .. 'arly in !!= he did. in fact. Also.In !! I wrote a $olitical satire entitled "In the 7ear 33"3" . Although I was told it was because the matter was "$olitically sensitive". as) the AB+ to investigate the surveillance but they were unable to . I/ve res$onded to the harassment defensively but verbally. editors and writers accessed co$ies.6illesee0 by one +. In any event.efficiently0 for "legal reasons".see "(eetings" Dan !>0. scared or a$athetic to intervene. any misinter$reted or "altered" writings etc should be ignored.I who did investigate. &2T'< '.including the drug trade/media/agency connection0 I was $uIIled by this.I industries0 that the word was out to "wash your hands of it" meaning not to tal) to me and . $seudonym0. agency member0 informed me that the +rime (inister "is aware of" the situation but that "his hands are tied".+. because wealthy criminals may ma)e false accusations I state. media dece$tion. having sold his horse racing interests. he was to be trusted. I also lobbied on $rivacy laws. Three $eo$le . 6ho KnowsM The following $eo$le )now who is involved< Eo'n Ho&ard .Australian 5iberal +rime (inister0. that not only have I never committed any wrongdoing whatsoever but I have never even contem$lated any wrongdoing.M Eaving little )nowledge of corru$tion in that industry or any other . and all manner of immorality were o$enly attac)ed in the novel.incl. As a result. as fact. Aorru$tion. anger and even humour but that/s all. Ao$ies were circulated $rematurely by a Ahicago literary agent. with indignation. Although the fictional novel was ultimately to be $laced in a "virtual reality" setting the submitted draft drew too much attention because it was critical of many things which criminals in high $laces do to get what they want and control others. I was already under 3. 4arber. 4efore a second draft was $re$ared it was clear covert censorshi$ would $revent any $ossibility of $ublication.. .F $resenter (.b0 being referred to media identities . war.from the security/+. A few "well $laced" $eo$le in each area can create havoc for those being silenced.es$. being unable to see (.am$les of feedbac) that made me aware of the "set u$" $ossibilities included<% .a0 5earning . Accordingly.ecutive and an e.

9. This was even confirmed by one AA+ director. agency officials and the media A8' involved as are their counter$arts in the US. Aubbin. technological attac)s on decent $eo$le who s$o)e/wrote about evil in high $laces. Matt 1rancis . 6ithin a wee) he was gone and cannot be found. Ros C'il-ers . Those harassed for hel$ing me R#SS SA2"4%RS. Alston/s office0 % Ee )new and tried to hel$. &ote< Ahannel ! owner. 4AVI4 SA"4%RS#". They couldn/t hel$ because of who is involved. adding it had " o$ened his eyes" to realise the full e. Kerry +ac)er is not the only media magnate who wants me silenced.Bederal Aabinet Secretary/s 2ffice0 % Ee s$o)e with current +(. Ee was forced to move because of the covert harassment he endured. Ste-e 4uffield . AB+0 % 2n his retirement he told me that he/d always believed me totally but there was a wall of secrecy which he couldn/t brea) through.'. Ee called and volunteered to ma)e a documentary on the covert. 8emember. e. head of religious $rogramming at Ah 3. Sen.for him to intervene0. Ms E8 onner . "elson C'ad . (r. This is $art of what ma)es it "aw)ward" for others to hel$. Ee confirmed all my sus$icions about the media/s involvement and advised me. 'ntertainment Industry connection. Dohn Eoward. 4%9rade moviema)er. It is.'. Ee said it sic)ened himNhowever. It/s "aw)ward" because Bederal 5abor $oliticians. $oliceman0 % Ahannel ! -ournalists . in fact.e. I lobbied heavily on $rivacy laws for years with Dohn Eoward himself su$$orting my views. &o media $layer would want the general $ublic becoming fully aware of the invasions of $rivacy and crimes which -ournalists and agency officials commit. &ewman/s office0 % Said many wor)ing in $olitics )new I was monitored/harassed because of the boo). agency / $rivate investigator0 % She s$o)e with +aul Keating when he was 5abor +rime (inister and told me he was actually $art of the vendetta against me. in writing.in $articular 8ay (artin and others wor)ing on "A Aurrent Affair"0 were involved. who said the situation was "too aw)ward" .Sen. he and those he a$$roached to hel$ were frightened/blac)mailed into dro$$ing the $lan . $olitical crimes0.'.'.tent of what actually goes on . &o one would tal) and it all "smells of -ournalists and $oliticians" he said. This and the Boreign Agency. Mic6 Roberts .Investigator/'. a criminal cons$iracy of silence. Eoward/s office0 % Knew but now refuses to discuss it1 even with liberal staffers. D. Warren College .&4< If the media could "tune in" so could the AB+.i.

a ma-or ban) and the Australian ta. Silence.e. 9raham Aane. a $olitical statement I ma)e in $rivate .0. Farious means of harassment H $ersecution lac6listing Since mid !! I have been )e$t from full%time gainful em$loyment.or even hover overhead0 as I wal)/drive.g..0 (any obstacles stand between me and real wor) although I have been "allowed" sim$le wor)< telemar)eting.I.Sydney Uni0 but is cautious about offering real hel$ to victims. (y mail . &othing is ever said. however they have not accosted me at any stage. H#MI AHRAMA$I % &euroscience/$sychiatry % 6estmead Eos$ital. e. If I/m on the street. S$ecial 4ranch . when a $articular Ahannel ! or Ahannel > current affairs $rogram is running0. "Instructions" were $robably circulated by those involved in criminal activities. S%A" %4WAR4S.es$. Deff Sundin. Occ%sion% & p'( ic #ig'res" who I)ve never met" wo' ! st%re %t me. eg< one letter had a drawing of a surveillance satellite monitoring me and the words "Eave a nice day". then they hang u$. #-ert Intimidation I/ve been followed and harassed by corru$t +.ation office. This can be triggered by an event . from the USA0 is often interce$ted.. 9oing to the mailbo.sometimes bringing in u$ to three "cho$$ers" immediately0 or a time of day .clearly going nowhere in $articular0.com$letely. Ee now wor)s at The Aentre Bor The (ind . This is des$ite the fact I have degrees in 5aw and 'conomics and a solid wor)ing bac)ground that includes time with The Ahamber of Aommerce. 'mbarrassingly. At crucial moments. Ee was wor)ing on his own neuro$hone so his harassment was largely due to his own wor). cran) $hone calls come through to my home. Ahris 6oods and (ar) Andrews also hel$ed but weren/t harassed. e. (ic) 8oberts. IB I get it then it/s either o$ened/annotated or a re$ly of little consequence. these often coincide with tri$s to the bathroom etc. &o%one would dare hel$.g. Siren "wailing" can also be triggered in a similar manner to the aircraft harassment. .eg. This can ha$$en countless times on any given day or night in clear view of friends/relatives.&S6 +olice0 and AB+ officers. ambulances will wait on corners or sto$ their sirens as they a$$roach me1 often turning around .2ne $rivate investigator told me the word was out that e-eryone was to "wash their hands" of the matter. for obvious reasons. *t % #'nction . Eelico$ters and small $lanes deliberately "buII" my home and follow ./s and $olice.

Keating and Ahannel ! "A Aurrent Affair" $ersonnel were actively involved. advertisements.he ! %t St +eorge Le%g'es . the s$eed of feedbac) $ic)ed u$ again in later years. &otably by late !!= the direct media monitoring of the . Alearly the $resenters were signalled and "fed". (uch of the feedbac) involves subtle but constant death threats.tensively "used" by many writers / editors1 es$ecially those wor)ing for 8u$ert (urdoch . but one even o$enly admitted his own $eo$le were $artially to blame.agency0 signals sto$$ed as more advanced satellite systems were em$loyed. '(" +r%h%m Rich%r!son -L%(or .TF / radio0. 1eedbac6 Aountless s$eeches.M 3ohn 4ow%r!" who w%s % so there0" goons wo' ! o# %ccoste! me. Now i# I)! %ppro%che! him #or %n e2p %n%tion -or .eg< Ear$er Aollins. though covertly "banned" by the criminals concerned.There he !e ivere! % 1ovi% %cco'nt o# his own corr'ption. This was made most obvious by comments made by "live to air" broadcasters .%rt& N'm(ers m%n %n! .elected (arch /!=0 were not actively involved in the harassment so other means of attac)ing me were found. my relatives were also frequently monitored in the early /!#/s. Sur-eillance Brom !! until this day I have been under 3. 6ith the advent of neuro$hone harassment and brain scanning . . These came not only from the surveillance results but also the boo) which. +rivate investigators confirmed that e. corru$t dis$atchers and bribes to $ilots . *s is % simi %r intimi!%tion" priv%c& inv%sion %n! h%rr%ssment. &ot only did I find some TF e. the Telegra$h etc0.ecutives that admitted such thefts and harassment techniques are used. The results have been made available to $oliticians and -ournalists. &4< Balse alarms. 6ithout their )nowledge. This is not po itics it)s oppression %n! it)s % crime.in my case0 there was a less direct .&otably some 5abor $oliticians wor)ed for Kerry +ac)er/s Ahannel ! after retiring eg< 8ichardson. the feedbac) of thoughts can be even more o$$ressive than the feedbac) of wordsN 4oth continue to this day. Eowever. (any media $ersonnel in Sydney were clearly informed of the relevant audio surveillance frequencies and were monitoring directly until late !!=.h / Emp o&ee0 entere! the %'!itori'm #rom % si!e entr%nce %n! st%re! %t me nonstop" %s he w% ke! thro'gh the room" all the way to the podium. Eowever I am uncertain of the $recise reason. scri$ts and "writings" have been $e$$ered with my ideas/words/$hrases.delayed or relayed0 feedbac)Nas if the media could no longer directly monitor the signals.for flight deviations0 all hel$ effect these forms of harassment. +(. but there were many others. (y enquiries revealed all of these are common $ractices. . It is sus$ected this may be due to the fact that the 5iberal government . hour a day satellite audio/visual surveillance. was also e. +. In any event. Eaw)e0. news items.

She was not the only one. 8ay (artin. then $resenter Dana 6endt was quoted in a magaIine as saying< "I guess I/ll go to my grave not being able to thin) $ast the end of my nose". +I/s AB+ officers and even one Ahannel ! director had admitted to me that a Ah ! AAA $ersonnel were involved.+rior to being elected in (arch !!= (r Eoward had been su$$ortive of my views0 Also.am$les of feedbac) .! $resenter.In my case. . on the day my mum received her cancer test results . the switch .and various0 unanswered letters to (r Eoward and his Aabinet A&* had used Foterlobby to question (+s on the need for enforceable $rivacy laws.. AoincidencesM Imagine such coincidences ha$$ening a doIen times a day % for years % and you/ll a$$reciate why this "$arroting" is so useful to them. (eetings . (r 9raeme Aubbin.not e. 3. PHRAS%S % eg< Dust before "A Current Affair" ended on Ahannel ! for !!3. whichever $rograms I viewed would -oin in but the current affairs shows were the worst. Then $resenter D. And it was not the only reference in the article.A.by Ahannel !0 . They suggested viewers use a com$any called Foterlobby. Subsequent items on *r Eolt coincided with treatment milestones for my mum. . PR#M#S % eg< Kerry +ac)er/s AA+ *irector.Dan !>0 8emember. ..to more advanced monitoring systems0 also coincided with the +(/s office instructing that I would no longer receive re$lies to my corres$ondence1 though the significance may be minor. C.. (any of the on air $resenters wor)ing at ! featured in that ad1 I believe most )new what they were doing.actly a common saying0. 6endt delivered constant feedbac) / coincidences for years1 fed by agency/syndicate writers. 4IR%C0 1%%4 ACF % eg< 2n at least two memorable occasions I res$onded to "live" taunts by Ahannel ! em$loyees only to have the entire transmission cut com$letely and immediately. Ah. researchers etc.tremely o$$ressive. The lin) is that I/d -ust contacted the +rime (inister/s chief of staff about my many .)nowing it would be overheard0 -ust $rior to that interview . It/s e. Aynical attac)s li)e this test your $atience and $rove that those behind the harassment will sto$ at nothing. #0H%R +C#I"CI4%"C%S+ % eg< AAA.Aug #.$erimental target1 for an illegal human research $rogramme. Bor all I )now I may merely have been ta)ing the $lace of another $olitically selected e. ran an item on $oliticians who don/t answer corres$ondence. a comment I made .A. '. admitted that the "I A( AEA&&'5 !" $romo was in fact aimed AT me.0 *r Dohn Eolts "cancer" treatments featured on Ah!/s A.

'g. Mi6e Mine'an .', Ah.!, AAA, UTS0 A security guard tried to $revent our a$$ointment ta)ing $lace1 under instructions from an "un)nown" outside caller. Similarly, (inehan was interru$ted constantly by $hone calls. 2n the last call he slammed the $hone down e,claiming< "They/re telling me to get out. &owO" Eowever he had already told me that my situation was "not uncommon". Ee suggested I see Dana 6endt. Ee seemed genuinely worried. Although it seems na^ve now, at the time I thought -ournalists .et al0 may hel$ re the brainwave/neuro$hone torture. I even contacted one or two who had $ersonally harassed me with surveillance feedbac). 'g. 3 Eana Wendt .', Ah.!, AAA, Ah.> etc0 "6endt was a$$roached firstly because, although she/d harassed me, she was fighting with Ah> e,ecs at the time and I thought she may be disgruntled enough to hel$ me1 es$. as the level of harassment had recently escalated considerably. Secondly, one of her $redecessors, (i)e (inehan, who seemed genuine, suggested that I should contact her. As I neared her 'astwood office I saw her in the street and introduced myself. She said to meet her in her office in one hour. Eowever, during that hour she was called to the station and dismissed. I was also harassed. Seeing this as a clear attem$t to sto$ her tal)ing to me I located her home through her $artner/s details and arrived to find her having a music lesson. She warned me that TF e,ecs control everything, including her, but, rather than refusing to tal), suggested I call her secretary for an a$$ointment. It would have been more honest to say "9o away. I won/t hel$ you" I/d been lured into a mincer and what followed was $robably set u$ by (essrs *avid 5ec)ie, Ah > 9(, and 8ice who both went from Ah ! to Ah> with 6endt0. 'astwood $olice later harrassed me, at the request of their "friends" at Ah.>. They refused to s$ea) to 6endt $ersonally. I was told not to ma)e any a$$ointment and was ta)en to a $sychiatric hos$ital as a "warning". 4efore I was assessed and released .by a bemused $sychiatrist who saw no reason for my being there at all0 ")nowledgeable" staff told me that at least si, others who sought assistance from 6endt had also been sent there. "This is what you get for crossing them "said one senior nurse. .They )new yet co%o$erated0. An B2I request indicated that *etectives +olloc) and S$urr were warning me on behalf of Ah> e,ecs but +olice Internal Affairs did nothing .es$. as TF identities were involved0. I also discovered that the +olice "$sych" .a *r. 8. 4ure)0 had claimed that our C minute discussion too) ;" mins and had later tried to erase his annotation claiming I suffered from "auditory hallucinations". Ee had to try to remove it before I got it because I hadn/t mentioned that to anyone during the incident, including him. The honest $sychiatrist at the hos$ital who had let me go also observed this but left it to me to $ursue the corru$t $arties. Since this worrying e$isode I have learnt much about the role of mainstream media identities from agency officials, on%air targets etc. 5ittle wonder su$$ression and o$$ression are rife in this country .and many other western "democracies"0. The media mafia has far too much $ower.

'g. C Ferry Pac6er .media magnate, AA+ etc0 6hile I waited at rece$tion (r +ac)er and his son e,ited the car $ar) and too) the lift1 Dames +ac)er loo)ing bac) at me before disa$$earing into the elevator. Si, goons then surrounded me, the leader claiming I/d been u$ to +ac)er/s Crd floor office si, times. .I wasn/t even sure +ac)er would be there. Also, this was my only visit and I was on the ground floor0. 6hen I scoffed, as)ing for $roof of this lie, he said "2h -ust get out anyway". I did. I wasn/t going to give them an e,cuse to set something u$. &.4. 4ecause of these e,$eriences no further attem$ts have been made to resolve this situation face to face. 'm$loyees of media magnates, Singleton, +ac)er and (urdoch are all involved in my situation. Some, I/m told, are also involved heavily in the drug trade .hence the mafia / A.I.A lin)s, and the technology access0. It/s also worth noting that in !!#%! , when this all started, all three media bosses were staunchly behind the Australian 5abor +arty1 the central source of the $roblem. Eowever, em$loyees of others, li)e Ah > owner Kerry Sto)es, were also clearly involved.

(y own situation is )nown to many and some of the more biIarre/significant "coincidences" have been deliberately omitted. Eowever, the brief illustration has ho$efully served its $ur$ose. 5i)e the covert agencies themselves .es$ecially the AIA, 2ffice of Eomeland Security0, those using surveillance results to torment innocent $eo$le are little more than modern day .electronic0 &aIis. (any are $rominent $ublic figures with no fear of the law and little or no res$ect for others. Aontrolling $ublic $erce$tion / o$inion through such $eo$le is a $riority for both the agencies and those whose interests they $rotect. 2bviously only those who are "co% o$erative" gain $rominent $ositions within the relevant media circles. In fact some sections of the media are res$onsible for gross human rights abuses including .ironically0 the su$$ression of free s$eech. 2nce again, freedom of the $ress should not grant a freedom to o$$ress. " < If a target is relatively unaffected by the media feedbac) or "tunes out" to all media / entertainment out$ut .to avoid the feedbac) / harassment0 then other, more advanced forms of harassment .li)e the neuro$hone and brain wave analysers0 can ta)e their $lace. This switch may also occur if the agency / criminals res$onsible wish to $revent direct monitoring of their frequencies by the media, Bederal +olice etc .for whatever reason0. In fact remote neural monitoring .8&(0 uses the brain as a transmitter .and receiver0. In (engele%li)e e,$eriments, targets are used and sometimes )illed. Those surviving, li)e e,%members of secret societies, agencies etc, are

discredited to negate the truth of their claims.

Religious Persecution Although I am of the Aatholic faith, and was subtly ridiculed for that, the Aatholic Ahurch .which is closely aligned with the Australian 5abor +arty, which fostered the situation0 has also harassed me using the results of the surveillance. 6hile some $riests were sym$athetic .one even admitting he/d heard about the "banned" boo)0, others did as the church hierarchy instructed. The lin)s between the church, the 5abor $arty and overseas crime figures are well )nown. There may have been some "$ressure" a$$lied. 5i)e other hy$ocrites and users corru$t members of the wealthy Aatholic hierarchy will use and abuse the word of 9od .and his children0 to get their way. 'ven sainted $ersons li)e (ary (cKillo$, today used for sainty /cover" were once $ersecuted for daring to s$ea) their mind. 5i)e other deluded megalomaniacs, many in the church live far from /Ahrist%li)e/ lives. To victimise $eo$le criminally for their views, is ine,cusible and evil. If Ahrist were here today he would also be $ersecuted by these vi$ers. "ote! It is interesting that one of the guilty $riests, an e, bi)ie named Kevin 5ee, was chosen as a contestant on the +entridge Dail Ahallenge run by A. *enton, 8adio 3mmm, &ov 3## . A$$arently he won. 2dd coincidences li)e this were common in the early !#s. .I wonder who else he harrassed0. "europ'one,Aural Harassment Since Se$tember !!=, I/ve been receiving constant/clear threats and $ro$aganda from an un)nown agency/criminal source1 $robably the AIA, 2ffice of Eomeland Security. This method of "torture" .which seems to be )nown to many $olitical/media entities0 is usually delivered courtesy of a satellite which trac)s you, $ersonally. A laser directs live tal), noise and com$uter%generated music at the body. It travels the nervous system as electrical im$ulses and registers in the brain1 by$assing normal hearing mechanisms. 2nly the target hears it. +rominent -ournalists and senior federal $olice say it/s "not uncommon" and I )now there are thousands of $olitical victims in the USA and hundreds here. The motives for this form of o$$ression seem to go beyond $roviding an "annoyance". The ho$e "seems" to be that the victim will be discredited if they react badly to the verbal taunts 28 a$$roach the wrong $eo$le for assistance. Bor e,am$le, media "mafia" $ersonnel, $olitically na^ve medicos or ignorant $olice could ma)e matters

worse. In the US, where the authorities refuse to concede their own government encourages such activities, the com$lainants are often committed. (eanwhile, senior federal $olice, some $olitical aides and human rights activists are the most su$$ortive here. (any are honest enough to admit they )now which technologies big brother agencies and criminals can access. Eowever $ractical hel$ cannot be offered. %7perimentation 3 rain &a-e Monitoring

Also since Se$tember !!=, I/ve been humiliated as a target of an e,$erimental technology .again, satellite based0 which allows the magnetic field around your head to be monitored. This $owerful scanning and trac)ing system delivers the results to an un)nown .$robably US0 facility with an advanced com$uter system ca$able of inter$reting the brain wave $atterns it receives1 instantaneously. The aural feedbac) then ma)es for a means of remote interrogation and/or $sychological torture. Aombined with audio/visual surveillance the overall situation is li)e being in an electronic +26 cam$. 2ne senior AB+ e,ecutive said this may continue for many years and they are $owerless to sto$ it. The human rights abuses I/m e,$eriencing are considerable. Eowever, what concerns me most is that ostensibly democratic governments can allow the develo$ment and "use" of such evil technologies to stifle free s$eech. Murdered W'istleblo&ers Although I never met either man &eurosurgeon/$sychiatrist, Alistair Stuart and 4lac) (ountain Tower .Aanberra0 chief technician, 4ill 8oy were both threatened, harassed then )illed for trying to disclose information on high tech surveillance/harassment .4ill/s area0 and $olitical $sychiatry .Alistair/s concern0. The e,treme measures ta)en to sto$ good men who would have s$o)en with )nowledge A&* authority serves as a warning to others. It, of course, doesn/t e,cuse the active $artici$ation of so many criminals in $ublic life who hel$ re$ress and destroy decent $eo$le merely for s$ea)ing the truthNInstead of hel$ing, the media are the worst $rotagonists. They/re antagonists, not allies, of the truth and those that see) it. Conclusion (any $ublic figures betray us by their silence on these matters. (any $oliticians/-ournalists are actively o$$ressing others themselves1 by stealth. And you won/t read about it because the media are themselves $art of the $roblem. I h%ve over 5"666 victims on m& he p #i es. ,orrespon!ence with other c%mp%igners in!ic%tes 7/8 mi ion %re t%rgete! wor !wi!e. Despite the c%mp%igning / e##orts o# ne%r & 7"666 %!voc%tes #or priv%c& %n! h'm%n rights -who tr& to spre%! in#orm%tion vi% the net etc0 the perpetr%tors 'se co'nterme%s'res to mis e%! (oth victims %n! potenti% #'t're investig%tors. 9irst &" %cts ike The

*s we %s this those responsi( e % so commission %genc& personne to set 'p misin#orm%tion sites %n! #i ter ies thro'gh the contro e! me!i%. In this w%& i# I ever p'( ishe! it it wo' ! %ppe%r th%t I h%! sto en i!e%s #rom them. We%ther #orec%sts/comm'nic%tions %n! so on %re 'se! %s the covers ('t m'ch o# wh%t is o't there is mis'se!. 9or e2%mp e" i# &o' se%rch 'n!er <he%ring voices< &o') (e (om(%r!e! with nonsense %(o't schi=ophreni%. Eaving conceded the e.$ress your concerns.. AAE'S. The (ook w%s thoro'gh & <'se!< piece (& piece (& !i##erent writers.oinci!ences %re % so %rr%nge! not on & to m%ke the victims %ppe%r p%r%noi! ('t % so to !iscre!it wh%tever the&)ve s%i! or !one to !r%w %ttention in the #irst p %ce. it may be worth noting the comments of a senior investigator from &ASA/s Ins$ector 9eneral/s office.Inventions Secrec& *ct" 7/:7 -. The c%t% &st #or m& own h%r%ssment w%s m& 'np'( ishe! (ook <In the &e%r 88:8<" written in 7//6>/7 %n! circ' %te! to %gents %n! p'( ishers in 7//7.. One h%rsh tr'th" #or e2%mp e" is th%t there %re c'rrent & over 86"666 s%te ites %ime! (%ck %t the e%rth m%n& #%ci it%ting high tech) h%r%ssment o# innocent civi i%ns in or!er to si ence them. The 'uro$ean +arliament and U&I*I8.Re#erences come 'p to the s%me &e%r -88:80 #or events in pop' %r sci #i pieces written *9TER m& (ook? eg mo!ern movies/episo!es o# St%r Trek" Dr Who etc written post 7//7.<In the &e%r 88:8< . I# &o' se%rch 'n!er <min! re%!ing< &o') get r'((ish %(o't ps&chics. AAE8A.-I !on)t w%tch %n& o# these (& the w%& ('t !iscovere! this (& sc%nning the we(0. +lease contact the U&. Binally. N%tion% Sec'rit& egis %tion %n! more he ps to keep the tr'th #rom the peop e. . Fictims or concerned citiIens can also contact the AA5U. (ind Dustice. *!!e! to this is the tre%cher& %n! &ing o# the po itici%ns %n! 1o'rn% ists who know #' we wh%t the tr'th is &et rem%in si ent %n! comp icit (ec%'se it s'its their own evi p'rposes.-Something m%n& peop e wo' ! !o i# it w%s p'( ishe!0. Wh%t %re the o!!s %g%inst th%t (eing % coinci!ence@ Aet since I)m not % p'( ic #ig're %n! those invo ve! either %re p'( ic #ig'res or work with them their ce e(rit& wo' ! win o't %n! the tr'th wo' ! (e ost. IA'SE. The gener% p'( ic is there#ore on & %w%re o# % sm% #r%ction o# wh%t)s possi( e in this wor !. * goo! e2%mp e o# how this is s'(t e & %rr%nge! c%n (e seen i# &o' se%rch 'n!er the tit e o# the (ook.. BBAES.S0 conce% over :"666 secret techno ogies. the International 8ed Aross or Amnesty International to e. Eg. 5etters of Interest .istence of the technologies mentioned in these $ages A&* commenting on the evil uses made of such anti%$ersonnel wea$onry he advised< "I suggest you $ray". AA(S. To #in! sites ike m&/this one -which !et%i in#orm%tion on hi!!en techno ogies0 is th's m%!e e2tr% !i##ic' t.










. 'arthlin) +ublishing Ao$ies of /Satellite Tyranny/ by +aul 4aird. See www.K. The battle for your mind".Aust0 +ty 5td +2 4o. "Towards a new alchemy % The (illennium Science" *r &ic) 4egich. *anny Benton. >C? Dimboomba :5* . *r &ic) 4egich. +lenum +ress. neuro$hone voices and more.us/$ages/dcwor)sho$s.7. im$lants. 'arth +ulse +ress . !!!.Includes numerous $atents0 "'arth 8ising. 4aird. .Anchorage !!"0. "4eyond Treason" % www. Science (ysteries< 4eyond the Truth< The 8eal (en in 4lac).3?# Australia +hone< . " .$eriments on the military and civilian $o$ulations. . "Eeroes/. . a com$ilation of the articles on this site.##/. *r Aolin 8oss.info/bluebird #$g "8emote Aontrol.? >3#" 'mail< auforn@big$ond.$eriments".$rogrammed )illers0. 3##!.$eriments . 4ruce 4urgess. 'arth$ulse +ress. *r &ic) 4egich and Deanne (anning. See www. Dames 8oderic).ecutive +roducers. "Third 6orld +ress Inc. +rofessor Dames A. 9:. !?! "Angels *on/t +lay This EAA8+". 3##=.info/nationbetrayed #$g "4luebird".Anchorage Alas)a !"0 "A &ation 4etrayed". U. '.$eriment e.eg.#>0 "". 8ussell Shorto. Aontent % (ind Aontrol '. . 5in. hy$nosis. The 8evolution".g. *ic) 8ussell.wantto)now. *andelion / Transmedia Aor$oration. 2thers include cry$tic reference to mind control or /voices/ in fictional $rograms e.(arch !!"0 "Armageddon< Killing Them Softly". (KU5T8A0 and (anchurian candidates .am$les include brainwashing. '. &. 'arth +ulse +ress Inc. Steve 5ynch. 'arthlin) +ublishing . +remiere Issue. !!?.. Aarol 8utI. can be obtained from % *iane Brola.truthemergency.com !!= % 9loria &aylor. +revailing 6inds.(arch !!"0 "*amage Aontrol and Euman 8adiation '. Actual targets include /fall guys/ 5ee Earvey 2swald and Sirhan Sirhan and $rogrammed )illers Dohn Aha$man and Timothy (cFeigh.S$ring !!"0 "'lectromagnetic Interaction with 4iological Systems". video highlighting government e. F'8T'L +U45IAATI2&S "Satellite Tyranny" % +.wantto)now. Aovert Action :uarterly.html Aontent % A !# min. "The .TF 8eferences *iscovery Ahannel !. 9lenn Alcalay. 4oo) 8eferences "&on%5ethal 6ea$ons". "Eermans Eead" etc.

"The 9reat Aons$iracy". 4rad Alifton. =/". +art . &o 3. '..$osure. 6arren Eough. Te) &ath 8iIal.*r Kilde was the chief medical officer for Binland0 Alic) here to read the article "(icrochi$ Im$lants.S government". The *aily Telegra$h.=""0. The &ews (onitor. Tel< 3 . 'nigma (agaIine. .$erimentation on humans". $age vol 3 .$osure. C .. . (ind Aontrol and Aybernetics".See "Surveillance"0 "(ind 6ars % 4ig 4rother is out to get you". "&aIis of the &ew 6orld 2rder. 6ashington. DE. 0. $$ C% = . S$e)ula. "Soul Aatcher Fol 3". +aul 4aird. . Articles "The (edia (afia". Se$t 3".Aontact Tel< . Dudy 6all . *r 8auni.*...Duly C st.. "Eard 'vidence" magaIine. = =3? . no. $$C3%C.. &aomi Toy. 5eena Kilde. *r 8auni Kilde (. 6eb Site "+roof of Anti +ersonnel Technologies % Illegal e."Torture.See "Technologies"0 "Eigh Tech Aivilian Aontrol Studies". *r 8obert *ucan". Derry 6. !!"0 "Schneidas Eears Foices". discrediting article "Secret 6ea$onry % +ast +resent and Buture".Duly 3#th. $$C.%?>.% C" . S$e)ula.. Alic) here to read the article "&on%consensual brainwave and $ersonality studies by the U. . no. #.'ditor "8esonance"0. . BAL ..*. (elbourne. 2ct%&ov /!! .. Tim 8ifat.. Sydney. &'LUS. vol. /!. .Beb 3"th. (ay%Dune 3## . A'9 +ublishing. (. 3##!. . Fol . 4ig 4rother in the 3 st Aentury" +aul 4aird. !!>0 $age . 2ctober 3C. Crd quarter. Fol >. +aul 4aird. = =3. '. discrediting article "Dana/s Banatic". UK ISSU' =. !3. The S$otlight. US news and world re$ort..*irector of Fanguard Sciences. AmaIon. !!?. . no. !!> . . The *aily Telegra$h.See "Surveillance 8esults"0 "(icrowave (ind Aontrol< (odern torture and control mechanisms eliminating human rights and $rivacy". )illing me softly". "Aerial (ind Aontrol % The threat to Aivil 5iberties". Sydney. vol. 3### . vol ". "A &ew 4reed % Satellite terrorism in America". no.$$3!%C30 &ewsfront % "6onder 6ea$ons". !!>0 . /!! . !!>0 $$"=%">. $$ C. . *ec)er. *ouglas +asterna). !!?.*r Dohn Eall.(ay 3#th. Aheryl 6elsh. '.$osure. Sunday Eerald Sun. 3". .%C".

Dudy 6all.see /Surveillance 8esults/ section0. "The (ilitary use of electromagnetic. Dan%Beb 3## . +aul 4aird. $$ 3!%CC. &o "._ 3##C. &o ". &o. "Eard 'vidence" . &o 3. . 'ditor 8esonance . "Social 'ngineering%Arimes against humanity" +. (ay%Dune #!. . &o . Se$t%2ct.see the Technologies section0 "8emote 4ehavioural Influence Technology 'vidence" Dohn D (c(urtrey.%" . "The Sons of Satan" % +.see "Using Surveillance 8esults" $age0 "Eard 'vidence". "Eard 'vidence" Fol =.3 ."U.. 3##. (ar%A$r 3##" $$ " %"= "The Ultimate 4las$hemy < (ind 8eading Technologies etc". +aul 4aird. $$ 33%3=.S. "8eview of $atents relating to synthetic tele$athy". "&ew *awn".. 4aird "Eard 'vidence" Fol 3. Dune 3##3 $ C#%C! .. microwave and mind control technology".=%"" . . +aul 4aird.. 5obster JC. "Aom$uter State".see "Using Surveillance 8esults" $age0 "Aensoring The Truth . Truth and 2$inion . Duly 3##> $$ . Dudy 6all." and = Duly % Se$t 3##" "(inority 8ules". Fol .8I+ *emocracy0".see "Using Surveillance 8esults" $age0 . "Eard 'vidence" Fol >..see "Technologies" $age0 "Aons$iracies of Silence". &o 3. "The Shoc)ing (enace 2f Satellite Surveillance "Eard 'vidence" Fol ! &o C.. .see the Technologies section0 Dan%Beb 3##. 3C/ 3/3##C0 "'lectromagnetic and Informational 6ea$ons < The 8emote (ani$ulation of the Euman 4rain" (o-mir 4abace). (. Fol ". +aul 4aird. (arch #! $$ C?% .see "Using Surveillance 8esults" $age0 . &o . $$ . &o C. $$ . &o . Armen Fictorian. +aul 4aird.S (ilitary use of mind control wea$ons confirmed". . 4aird "Eard 'vidence" Fol. "EA8* 'FI*'&A'". 3##=. 'd 8esonance. Fol 3. UK. &o . "Eard 'vidence" Fol !. .4aird.see "Surveillance" $age0 "S$ies % Fillians not Eeroes". (ar/A$r / #. Eull.See "Surveillance"0 "Synthetic Tele$athy" % *r 8ichard Alan (iller "Arimes of the 8uling Alass" % +.. "Eard 'vidence" Fol =.Fol #. $ages ?%3" "4rainwashing and it/s Aonsequences"..4aird "Eard 'vidence" $$ 3"%C3. $$ 3#%C . +.=% " . (ay 3##" .Includes countless $atents on subliminal mind control technologies0. +aul 4aird.

" > Aom$uter / Euman interfacing . (ainstream (edia / 'ntertainment &2T'< 8eferences are subtle and ambiguous as the industry is criminally controlled with many actively $artici$ating in harassment H cover u$s. They only $ublish stories discrediting those who react badly.th day" % mind reading and cloning ..cover % $sychic /alien invasion/ story0 "S$iderman I" % &euro$hones used on )illers .or foolishly0 to the harassment.&2T'< 6hilst articles on the available technology can be located. for e. "The Eothman +ro$hecies" % &euro$hone H 4rain scanning e.or will not0 run sym$athetic items. accounts relating to actual $olitical targets are rare. Aover %` 4ased on a true story. "The (atri. In short. 5abelled as a $sychic $henomena0.cover % sci fi0 "Fanilla S)y" % Aom$uter / Euman interfacing . <Aons$iracy Theory" % Aovert victimisation of innocent $eo$le.$erimentation. "'nemy 2f The State" % &82 H &SA Satellite Surveillance.. "A 4eautiful (ind" % &euro$hone Earassment / Setu$ . So. $rogramming/e. Aover %` A futuristic / fantasy tale0.cover % sci fi0 "Inde$endence *ay" % &euro$hones and government cons$iracy . 2thers are a$$arently $owerless to sto$ them.am$le. This com$lies with government secrecy $rovisions and ma)es writers and entertainments $artially to blame for the su$$ression/brainwashing that allows for innocents to be destroyed without a $ublic outcry. Aover %` the story refers to $sychics in a futuristic setting0. "The si.$eriments . (any writers source information from military and agency contacts then cover themselves by using it only for /ins$iration/1 altering the facts/conte.t. the true ca$abilities of military/s$y/mafia technologies may be attributed to /$sychic aliens/. Aover %` 4ased on a true story where schiIo$hrenia was the e.various0 % &on verbal communication .cover % a schiIo$hrenic comic boo) villian0 "Star 6ars" . . cloning . The media cannot .$lanation0. 'qually the true mistreatment of innocent targets is also hidden. (ovies "(inority 8e$ort" % (ind reading and thought $olicing .cover % $sychic aliens0 "The Truman Show" % +ersonal surveillance . certain sections of the media are both )nowledgable A&* com$licit.cover sci fi0 8e$licant" % mind reading.

" Aant get you out of my head " etc. I/ll be watching you 0" .$oints to the willingness of agencies .. (y head s$ea)s a language I can/t understand.or "the voices in your head" . es$.es$. (usic " I *2&/T 5IK' (2&*A7S" . "Aa$ricorn 2ne" ...And they whis$ered into your brain... "+rogramming the &ation". 'ntertainment industry insiders.I&SI*' (7 E'A*0" Eillary *uff "E2T'5 AA5IB28&IA" es$..." .".there/s a voice inside my head says you/ll never ma)e it"0. "*e-a Fu" . (iley Ayrus ."Stranger Than Biction" % &euro$hone / voices "I&A'+TI2&".. *is$lays how satellite technology can be used to clearly show / record $eo$le in real time I&side buildings etc.... 3# #. ". they $ut you on a treadmill. Aover %` 4ased on a true story of a young murderer. " >".. 8efers to the in$ut and e..$ose that truth and $rovide ho$e that we can reclaim our democratic inde$endence by raising awareness..Aover%the colloquial use of that $hrase0 "5ITT5' F2IA' .$erts e. released !/?/ . "TE' F2IA' 6ITEI&" % Ahristina Aguilera "9528IA" es$N. ". 2ur beliefs and views are coloured by the lies and subliminals we/re fed. "The Alimb". Any of these can also be used to harass monitored listeners / Fiewers through corru$t d-s.0 "B''5" es$ "I sit and tal) to 9od but he -ust laughs at my $lans... $oliticians.." .there/s a voice in my head. " 'very breath you ta)e ...es$. Aovers "4ig 4rother" mani$ulation through the media. $oliticians and technology e. ". Aover %` 4ased on the true stories of murdered celebrities (arilyn (unroe H 5ady *i0.traction of ideas during slee$.. "and those voices from far away )ee$ calling meN wa)e you u$ in the middle of the night -ust to hear them sayN" 2thers ma)ing cry$tic references include < " If you could read my mind ".es$. "Silicon chi$ inside her head is switched to overload. the military etc. a documentary by Deff 6arwic). 8elated 6ebsites .including &ASA0 to deceive the $ublic to get what they want. it won/t leave me alone ." "922*47' &28(A D'A& / '&95ISE 82S'" . Det..

AitiIens Against the Aovert use of 4io &eural Telemetry 6ea$ons *r. 8auni Kilde Aheryl 6elsh % AitiIens Against Euman 8ights Abuse Aheryl 6elsh % (ind Aontrol Borum +arasco$e (ind Aontrol< &euro$hone Illegal Euman ',$erimenting S$yIone AAE'S % Advocacy Aommittee for Euman ',$erimentation Survivors The Aentre for *emocracy and Technology The Seed< UK Alternative Information Breedom International Aommittee of the 8ed Aross Steve 4ratcher Bormer AIA Doe Fialls 'arth +ulse +ress Inc. (ind Aontrol Borums m)Iine .mind control magaIine0 Aarol 8utI .author of "A nation betrayed< Secret cold war e,$eriments $erformed on our children and other innocent $eo$le"0 (KU5T8A AIA mind control (KU5T8A continues 6A8 2& AATIFISTS (I5ITA87 EU(A& 'L+'8I('&TATI2& +82T2A25 ('*IA BI5T'8 522KI&9 4'EI&* TE' .A5I'&0 (I5ITA87 A4*UATI2& A9'&*A I(+82+A9A&*A 'FI*'&A' 2B (I5ITA87 KI*&A++I&9 2B A55'9'* UB2 A4*UAT''S A2&S+I8'.A2( "F2IA'S I& 72U8 E'A*" T26A8*S A +S7AE2 % AIFI5IS'* S2AI'T7 AIA +S7AE % 2+S +25ITIAA5 A288'ATI2&S www.us%government%torture.com AA(S, Dohn Allman htt$<//www.slavery.org.u) 4529I& S'8FIA' 6A&T T2 K&26 *r Dohn Eall (2&A8AE % The new +hoeni, +rogram % (arshall Thomas

A*FIA' A&* SU++28T AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E TE' B25526I&9 289A&ISATI2&S/+'2+5'<
(I&* DUSTIA' &'6S 982U+ A2&TAAT G A55'& 4A8K'8 alb@datafilter.com (I&* DUSTIA' B28(A557 AAE8A .AITIQ'&S A9AI&ST EU(A& 8I9ETS A4US'0

A2&TAAT G AE'875 6'5SE welsh@dcn.davis.ca.us 28 welsh@mind-ustice.org &2T'< TE'7 A5S2 8U& FIATI(S ST28I'S 2& TE' I&T'8&'T G S'' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( .www.m).net/Rmcf/victim%hm.htm0 TE' I&T'8&ATI2&A5 8'* A82SS, 9'&'FA. TE'7 A8' BI9ETI&9 TE' SA2&A'&T8ATI2& AA(+T SITUATI2& 8'< +25ITIAA5 TA89'TS 6E2 A8' 2++8'SS'* A2F'8T57. A2((ITT'' G *.A27' #33 >C; =## TE' U& N I& +A8TIAU5A8 U&I*I8 .TE' U& I&STITUT' B28 *ISA8(A('&T 8'S'A8AE, unidir@unog.ch0 6EIAE &26 2BBIAIA557 8'A29&IS'S &2&%5'TEA5/(I&* A2&T825 6'A+2&S A&* 8'A2(('&*S TE'I8 8'(2FA5. .The Euman 8ights Aommittee should also hel$ but are slow to react0. TE' 'U82+'A& +A85IA('&T, 6EIAE +ASS'* A 8'S25UTI2& .AA55'* S8'S25UTI2& 2& TE' '&FI82&('&T, S'AU8IT7 A&* B28'I9& +25IA7T0 A;%###"/!!, DA& 3?TE !! 6EIAE AA55'* B28 A 6285* 6I*' A2&F'&TI2& T2 4A& TE'S' 6'A+2&S B28 EU(A& (A&I+U5ATI2&. US 8'+ *'&&IS KUAI&IAE .*%2E0. E' I&T82*UA'* A 4I55 T2 4A& 6'A+2&S I& S+AA'. IT 6AS AA55'* STE' S+AA' +8'S'8FATI2& AAT 2B 3## T.E8 3!>>0 .S'' htt$<//www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Rwelsh %#3%C.htm0 G info@Kucinich.us TE' U.S A2&98'SSI2&A5 8'A28*S SE26 TEAT S(I&* A2&T825T, S+S7AE2T82&IA 6'A+2&ST A&* S (22* (A&A9'('&TT 6'8' 8'B'88'* T2 I& E8 3!>>1 'FI*'&A' TEAT TE' T'AE&25297 'LISTS. U&B28TU&AT'57 TE' 4I55 EA* T2 4' 8'I&T82*UA'* AS E8 C= =, 6EIAE 6AS 6AT'8'* *26& A&* 'LA5U*'* TE' T'8(S TEAT 6288I'* TE2S' 8'S+2&SI45' B28 TE' 'FI5 T'AE&25297 I& :U'STI2&. (IAEI9A& 92F'8&28 .www.senate.michigan.gov0 +U45IA AATS 3"= A&* 3"> .3?/ 3/#C0 2UT5A6 USI&9 '( 6'A+2&S 2& A&72&' .+'&A5T7 G "78S T2 5IB'0 TE' AEU8AE 2B SAI'&T25297 G AA++ .AA(+AI9& A9AI&ST +25ITIAA5 +S7AEIAT870 AAE8 G KI( AU55'& A&* ASE5'I9E (AS6A& .#30 !3 ;>?> AA(S G AE8ISTIA&S A9AI&ST ('&TA5 S5AF'87. A2&TAAT< D2E& A55(A& .DohnU6UAllman@hotmail.com0 A5S2 info@slavery.org.u) A(&'ST7 I&T'8&ATI2&A5 DU*7 6A55, '* S8'S2&A&A'T (A9AQI&' =?; A8 "C" SU(T'8FI55' B528I*A CC"?" USA *8 8AU&I KI5*' .'L AEI'B ('*IAA5 2BBIA'8, BI&5A&*0 Kilde(*@aol.com 28 FIA '5'A&28 6EIT' G eleanor@8aven .net TE' (I&* A2&T825 B28U( G www.m).net/Rmcf/victm%hm.htm . ##VS 2B FIATI(S ST28I'S0 *I EA88IS2&, '*IT28 S'L+2SU8'T, ausorn@hy$erma,.net.au (I&* A2&T825 (A9AQI&' G A2&TAAT< 82& +ATT2& endureUtoUtheUend@yahoo.com U& Euman 8ights Aommittee registry@ohchr.org 57&& SU89A55A, +'AA' HE.8 AATIFIST, B28('8 FIA' +8'SI*'&T G U.S +S7AE2T82&IAS ASS2AIATI2& G lasurg@commast.net *'428AE *U+8', AATIFIST, gdeborahdu$re@yahoo.com

IA'SE .International Aoalition Aam$aign0 US 8'+ DI( 9U'ST .+E< ## ==#"C" ===;0 Dim.9uest@house.mo.gov TE' 6285*6I*' AA(+AI9& A9AI&ST T28TU8' A&* A4US' USI&9 *I8'AT'* '&'897 A&* &'U82529IAA5 6'A+2&S G D2E& BI&AE -ohnfinchti@e,cite.com or (Amailtcam@gmail.com TE' B'*'8ATI2& A9AI&ST (I&* A2&T825 'U82+' G htt$<//www.mindcontrol% victims.eu/, (Amailteam@gmail.com, moni)a.stoces@gmail.com, danny.bonte@gmail.com B8''*2( B82( A2F'8T EA8ASS('&T A&* SU8F'I55A&A' .BBAES0 htt$<//freedomfchs.com/, info@freedomfchs.com, dblaron=>@yahoo.com, derric)robinson@gmail.com +A252 *28I92 www.associaIionevittimearmielettroniche%mentali.org, basmau@libero.it $aola.marIianl@libero.it, antanarivo@libero.it (IK826'55'&T'8828.*' htt$<//www.mi)rowelienterror.de/, info@mi)rowellenterror.de TE' (2SA26 E2USI&9 'A25297 A2((ITT'' A&* TE' ST.+'T'8S42U89E S2AI'T7 2B +'8S2&S SU4D'AT T2 8'(2T'A2&T8255'* 4I2'&'89'TIA T'8828 htt$<//www.moscomeco.narod.ru/, $ealle@mail.ru, moscomeco@mail.ru, mos)ome)ologia@narod.ru S25'I5 (AFIS G +'AA'+I&* htt$<//soleilmavis.google$ages.com/ soleilmavis@yahoo.com TAKAEI82 92T2 htt$<//www"f.biglobe.ne.-$P>eterre/inde,Uenglish.html, htt$<//www.miral .com/ (2D(I8 4A4AA'K htt$<//web.lol.cI/mhIIrI/, mbabace)@iol.cI S6'T5A&A SAEU&I& *imitriSchunin@gm,.de, )a; ;C%?!=@online.de 82*I& A&*8IA rudyrud3##;@yahoo.fr (2' E2S&7 G 8U5' 2B 5A6 *'B'&*'8S moeUhosny@yahoo.ca 6A5*'(A8 52TQ wlotI3##C@web.de, wiotI3##3@mail.ru 6A5T'8 (A*5I9'8 wmadliger@yahoo.de *A8IUS (2AKUS dariusUmoc)us@yahoo.com D'A& F'8ST8A'T'& G *'A5A8ATI2& 2B A5A8('* AITIQ'&S verstraeten.-ean@belgacom.net *'&IS' S +2(+5 cralimoltd@aol.com, l$erlowitI@yahoo.com '5'A&28 6EIT' htt$<//www.raven .net, ewraven @sym$atico.ca, 'leanor@ravon .net 'leanor@shoestringradio.net *8 824'8T *U&AA&, (8 (A8SEA55 TE2(AS G TE' (AT8IL *'AI+E'8'* htt$<//www.themati,deci$hered.com/, directedenergy@hotmail.com, mindavenger@hotmail.com marsboy=?C@yahoo.com Z*r Dohn Eall, Author, info@satwea$ons.com 52AA557, SU++28T A&* I&B28(ATI2& AA& 4' 24TAI&'* TE82U9E +AU5 4AI8* G +E2&'< .#30 !=C" #>"3 .E0 28 $.baird@surveillanceissues.com A&* TE' 6'4SIT' www.surveillanceissues.com

"Secret Societies and Breedom of S$eech" % Dohn B. Kennedy, != +ress Aonference Address .unre$orted0. To view see htt$<//www.youtube.com/watchMvaru;Tb5?awe'

"Secret geo$hysical, directed energy and neurological wea$ons % Technical and +olitical/Eistorical information." % US A2&98'SS, 'U82+'A& +A85/T H UK +A85/T % 4riefings on secret geo$hysical wea$ons and mind control. www.$olicestate$lanning.com/briefings.htm

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www.org www.%meric%n%ntigr%vit&. One o# the peop e #e%t're! in the episo!e is Tim Bent'r% o# *meric%n *ntigr%vit&" Inc.org/8e$ortsUStatementsUandUIssueU4riefs/TortureUandUt heU5aw/$age.amnestyusa.h%nne c% e! Beyond Invention" %n! speci#ic% & to the episo!e c% e! New Energy. 200 .e.oticwarfare$roof. 4ere %re the recommen!e! inksF HFGW Surveillance Applications Intelligence !ollection " #emote Imaging HFGW $ime-Standard %or the $elecom Industry S$AIF &''( )resentation Surveillance and HFGWs A !overt Imaging System Application Surveillance Applications o% High-Fre*uency Gravitational Waves . The show !isc'sses some prett& o't there st'## re %ting to prop' sion %n! energ&>gener%tion techno ogies.amnestyusa. Ro(ert D%ker.com De#enseReview wo' ! ike to % ert o'r re%!ers to % ver& interesting te evision progr%m on The Science .r%ne !e#rev %t gm%i . 49+W S'rvei %nce Techno og& is % (it o'tsi!e De#ense ReviewEs know e!ge (%se -i. in In The News. * #ew months %go" Tim sent 's some h&perte2t inks to speci#ic p%ges on his we(site th%t !e% with 4igh>9reC'enc& +r%vit%tion% W%ve -49+W0 S'rvei %nce Techno og& rese%rch (eing con!'cte! (&ph&sicist Dr.com0" who h%ppens to (e %n in!'str& #rien!/pro#ession% cont%ct o# o'rs.e. we !onEt know %n&thing %(o't it0" so weEre 1'st going to !irect o'r re%!ers to % #ew inks" so &o' c%n e%rn %(o't it !irect & #rom the in#o so'rce.doMida #>!? Hn aCHn3aC?HnCa #"3 ta)eaction.org High-Frequency Gravitational Wave (HFGW) Surveillance Technology On June 21. !y "avi# $rane (& D%vi! . -www.

high frequency gravity wave. ph#%$ 8$7ocit6 !c#9%ing r$fr#ction or . th$n th$ .2 375 6 !" p#g$%& 'PAC( )(C*+.otic )$chn <=i%ion 'p#c$ (xp7or. -.r#8it#tion#7 D#8$% !*2. #nd Dh$$7$r !1"73&.com.%$r8#tion in thr$$‐di5$n%ion% of #cti8iti$% :ithin #nd .-. high frequesncy gravity waves. Ca"i#ornia $%2$3 )hi% p#p$r $xp7or$% th$ po%%i.App7ic. Search terms for the article: hfgw. 880.. 5th Conf *95/1o. .#cA%c#tt$r :i77 c#9%$ it% %h#p$ #nd po7#ri>#tion to A$$p ch#nging HI '9ch #n #%%$rtion :i77 n$$d to . high frequency gravity waves.com. 1017-1025.$nding of ./ A+0 APP-ICA)I..9t th$ pot$nti#7 p#6off% #r$ $nor5o9%..#%$d %9r8$i77#nc$ %6%t$5% to i5#g$ %9. GRAVWAVE® LLC and Transportation Sciences Corp.E$ct i% di%c9%%$d in 4i%n$r.%or.com. 2 th '65p 'p#c$ +9c7. Ro(ert D%ker !irect & vi% em%i %t !rro(ert(%ker $ gr%vw%ve.D%& p#%% thro9gh 5o%t 5#t$ri#7 :ith 7itt7$ or no #tt$n9#tion. High-Frequency Gravitational Wave. latest on HFGW. App7ic#tion% of thi% t$chno7og6 inc79d$ %#t$77it$‐. surveillance high frequency waves. *igh‐2r$?9$nc6 .Prop97%ion. High-Frequency Gravitational Waves. )horn$. Ao' c%n cont%ct the comp%n& vi% em%i %t gr%vw%ve$c%.in 4icrogr#8. high frequency surveillance. Ao' c%n cont%ct Dr. 2or $x#5p7$.9?9$r?9$.$7o: %tr9ct9r$% #nd :ithin th$ (#rth #nd it% oc$#n%. Proc.i7it6 of 9ti7i>ing # no8$7 5$#n% of i5#ging to $%t#. High Frequency Gravitational Waves (HFGW).D%& #nd/or oth$r ch#r#ct$ri%tic% c#n .com.$ 5odifi$d .r9#r6 2007 -oc#tion: A7.org/10. 8123 Tuscany A enue. ick here to visit the the corpor%te we(site o# Dr. GIf th$ :#8$ i% # p97%$.+' I+)(1+A)I. th '65p +$: 2rontr% <29t9r$ Con 0#t$: 11-15 2$. . ick here to visit Dr. High Frequency Gravitational Wavess.rr. D%kerEs comp%n&" +r%vW%ve LL. +$: 4$xico !3'A& 1o.+A.1063/1.. high frequency gravity. High Frequency Wave Surveillance Applications of High‐Frequency Gravitational Waves AIP Conf. th$ ch#ng$ in po7#ri>#tion of # ..$ 8$rifi$d .P:r.$rt 4. D%kerEs person% we(site %t www. high frequency gravitational waves hfgw. doi:http://dx.DrRo(ertD%ker. 'p$cific#776. pp. 5th '65p 'p#c$ Co7oni>.2.6 # 5#t$ri#7 o..oth th$or$tic#776 #nd $xp$ri5$nt#776.E$ctF% t$xt9r$ #nd int$rn#7 %tr9ct9r$. .t$rr#n$#n . .7i%h # %6%t$5 of %9r8$i77#nc$ C # %6%t$5 th#t 5#6 #77o: for th$ o.doi.$d th$ir po7#ri>#tion.D p#%%ing thro9gh # 5#t$ri#7 o. !"aya de" Rey. high frequency gravitational waves. ick here to visit *meric%n*ntigr%vit&. Br.134-')AI2 2007: 11th Conf )h$r5oph6%.. @#A$r.9t #7tho9gh th$6 #r$ not #.

D :#8$7$ngth% of # f$: 5$t$r% to fr#ction% of # 5i77i5$t$r #nd th$ %$n%iti8it6 of th$ *2.2 375 6 !" p#g$%& .doi.9i7ding%.6 'h#:h#n !200 &. K 2007 A5$ric#n In%tit9t$ of Ph6%ic% AIP Conf$r$nc$ Proc$$ding%/ =o795$ 880/ I%%9$ 1 AIP Conf.org/10.$ d$t$ct$d .. hidd$n 5i%%i7$% #nd rocA$t%.%$r8#tor6 or -I..D% d9$ to th$ *2.5$rg$d %9. #nd oth$r int$rf$ro5$t$r d$t$ctor% c#nnot d$t$ct *2. 'hort *2.5#rin$%.D g$n$r#tor‐d$t$ctor %6%t$5 to po7#ri>#tion #ng7$ ch#ng$% of 6octor#di#n% to 10J 0 r#di#n% co97d #fford %9it#. $tc.1063/1. #% :$77 #% #co9%tic#7 %9r8$i77#nc$. oi7 #nd 5in$r#7 d$po%it%.6 -I. -ong‐:#8$7$ngth gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$% h#8ing tho9%#nd #nd 5i77ion 5$t$r :#8$7$ngth%.. http://dx. d$$p76 %9.:$#pon% of 5#%% d$%tr9ction or D40%.DF% %hort :#8$7$ngth% #% di%c9%%$d . p$r%onn$7 of int$r$%t in%id$ #nd .$hind .. Proc.r#8it#tion#7 . :hich c#n . 1017 !2007&. 880. )h$ -#%$r Int$rf$ro5$t$r .7$ r$%o79tion for pr#ctic#7 %9r8$i77#nc$ %6%t$5%. #r$ of no pr#ctic#7 %9r8$i77#nc$ 8#79$ d9$ to th$ir diffr#ction #nd r$%97ting poor r$%o79tion.









'ci. ". 0 502 !2011& +ot$: 0i%ch#rging f9%$d %i7ic# t$%t 5#%%$% :ith ioni>$d nitrog$n 1$8. 01 501 !2007& 0$8$7op5$nt of # 7o: $n$rg6 ion %o9rc$ for 1. #. ". 'ci. 'ci. In%tr95. In%tr95. 'ci.#%$d po%ition contro7 of # %9%p$nd$d optic#7 . 101101 !2011& A %t#t$ o. 'ci.$r% for th$ %9%p$n%ion% of #d8#nc$d gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8.r#tion of # cr6og$nic . In%tr95.. 0" 502 !2011& App#r#t9% for di5$n%ion#7 ch#r#ct$ri>#tion of f9%$d %i7ic# fi. In%tr95.%$r8#tor6: -oc#7 contro7 %6%t$5 1$8. In%tr95. 'ci. In%tr95. In%tr95.$nch 9%$d in # gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor 1$8. In%tr95. In%tr95. 507" !200 & An in8$%tig#tion of $dd6-c9rr$nt d#5ping of 597ti-%t#g$ p$nd9795 %9%p$n%ion% for 9%$ in int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8. In%tr95.600   1$8.r#tor #t c$nti5$t$r :#8$7$ngth% 1$8. In%tr95.7#cA.%$r8$r for th$ =irgo in8$rt$d p$nd9795 1$8. 12 501 !2011& In8it$d 1$8i$: Artic7$: Int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it6 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8. ".on fi. "..r#tion 1$8. 'ci. 'ci.ptic% of th$ (nh#nc$d -#%$r Int$rf$ro5$t$r . $&.%$r8#tor6 int$rf$ro5$t$r% 1$8. 103302 !2006& 0$%ign #nd c#7i.$r r$inforc$d po765$r di5$n%ion#7 %t#. !. $'. In%tr95. 'ci. 08 503 !2008& -#rg$ #r$# 5#%% #n#76>$r in%tr95$nt for th$ ch$5ic#7 #n#76%i% of int$r%t$77#r d9%t p#rtic7$% 1$8.r#8it#tion#7-D#8$ . $'. $%. 0 6108 !2011& Co5p#ct 8i. 'ci. 3787 !2003& A c#5$r# .Surveillance Applications of High‐Frequency Gravitational Waves Related Articles (back to article) o o )h$r5#7 $ff$ct% in th$ Inp9t . 0"6107 !2008& 4#gn$tic po7#ri>#tion $ff$ct% of t$5p$r#t9r$ %$n%or% #nd h$#t$r% in -I'A P#thfind$r 1$8. 'ci.r#tion i%o7#tion #nd %9%p$n%ion for A9%tr#7i#n Int$rn#tion#7 . 'ci. $%. 'ci. In%tr95. 03310" !2012& C#r.r#8it#tion#7 . 256 !2003& o o o o o o o o o o o o o . $$. $&. ". 516 !200 & 4od$-c7$#ning #nd inE$ction optic% of th$ gr#8it#tion#7-:#8$ d$t$ctor .3L ∼ 6 A$=& d$t$ctor 1$8. 11 502 !200"& A 5#%% #n#76%i% t$chni?9$ 9%ing coincid$nc$ 5$#%9r$5$nt% fro5 th$ Int$r%t$77#r @o9nd#r6 (xp7or$r-*i ! ∼ 0. 'ci. In%tr95.'I+A ion 5od$ c#7i.(. $ . 'ci.i7it6 in8$%tig#tion% for 9%$ on th$ 7#%$r int$rf$ro5$t$r %p#c$ #nt$nn# 5i%%ion t$7$%cop$ 1$8.od6 c#7i. In%tr95.

In%tr95. 'ci. 13 5 !2000& '9%p$n%ion 7#%t %t#g$% for th$ 5irror% of th$ =irgo int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ #nt$nn# 1$8. 'ci.7$ -C r$%on#tor op$r#ting #t cr6og$nic t$5p$r#t9r$ 1$8. )%. 'ci. 'ci.. 1553 !1"""& *igh O t9n#. 'ci. 2136 !2002& 4$#%9r$5$nt of th$ tr#n%f$r f9nction of th$ %t$$ring fi7t$r of th$ =irgo %9p$r #tt$n9#tor %9%p$n%ion 1$8. %9%p$n%ion %6%t$5 1$8. 282 !2000& Contro7 of th$ do9. 'ci.. In%tr95. )%.in#r6 in%pir#7%M 1$8. 3318 !2002& 0$8$7op5$nt of # 7ight %o9rc$ :ith #n inE$ction-7ocA$d +d:/A. In%tr95. $#.r#tion t$chni?9$ for # r$%on#nt-5#%% gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor 1$8. $". In%tr95. In%tr95. 36 3 !2001& In$rti#7 contro7 of th$ 5irror %9%p$n%ion% of th$ =I1. $(. )%. In%tr95.$= $7$ctron% 1$8. %9p$r#tt$n9#tor p$rfor5#nc$ for %$i%5ic noi%$ %9ppr$%%ion 1$8. 'ci. 'ci. In%tr95. 2206 !2000& 4$#%9r$5$nt of 5$ch#nic#7 8i. $!. 'ci. 'ci.7$ p$nd9795 optic% %9%p$n%ion %6%t$5 of # 30 5 tri#ng97#r 2#. In%tr95. $#. In%tr95. $!. 2777 !1""8& I5pro8$d 7o: fr$?9$nc6 %$i%5ic noi%$ i%o7#tion %6%t$5 for gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8. $!. 'ci. In%tr95. In%tr95. $(. 7#%$r #nd # ring-5od$ c7$#n$r for th$ )A4A 300 gr#8it#tion#7-:#8$ d$t$ctor 1$8. 'ci.r#tion i%o7#tion %9pport %6%t$5 for # tr9nc#t$d ico%#h$dr#7 gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ #nt$nn# 1$8. 'ci. 3055 !1""8& (dd6 c9rr$nt d#5ping of high O p$nd9795% in gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ction $xp$ri5$nt% 1$8. In%tr95. $". In%tr95. 253" !2000& =i. $(. int$rf$ro5$t$r for gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ction 1$8. 3 63 !1"""& An in8$rt$d p$nd9795 pr$i%o7#tor %t#g$ for th$ =I1. $(. $#. 'ci. $(.%$r8#tor6 int$rf$r$ :ith th$ d$t$ction of gr#8it6 :#8$% fro5 . 28"0 !2000& .o Di77 th$ 7$8$7 of %$i%5ic noi%$ #t -i8ing%ton . In%tr95. 2507 !1"""& 2in#7 i%o7#tion %t#g$ for # %ph$ric#7 gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ #nt$nn# 1$8.6 . $!. 600 1$8. 2552 !2000& 2977 %c#7$ protot6p$ of high O p$nd9795 for int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8. )%. 3653 !2001& Acc9r#t$ c#7i. In%tr95. 'ci. 'ci. 'ci..(..r6LPNrot c#8it6 1$8.6 0. 600 trip7$ p$nd9795 %9%p$n%ion %6%t$5: '$i%5ic i%o7#tion #nd contro7 1$8. 'ci. 2781 !1""8& o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o . In%tr95. 'ci. 365" !2002& 4ono7ithic f9%$d %i7ic# %9%p$n%ion for th$ =irgo gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$% d$t$ctor 1$8. 36"0 !1""8& A%p$ct% of th$ %9%p$n%ion %6%t$5 for . In%tr95. In%tr95. 3" 6 !2002& A 7o: noi%$ th$r5o5$t$r r$#do9t for r9th$ni95 oxid$ r$%i%tor% 1$8. 3635 !2001& 4$#%9r$5$nt of th$ =I1. $". $(.(. In%tr95. 'ci.r#tion% $xcit$d in #795in95 r$%on#tor% . In%tr95.

i7i>#tion 1$8.#nd 7#%$r fr$?9$nc6 %t#. 'ci./ 'CI(+C(' I+)(1+A)I.r9#r6 200" . In%tr95.r#tion i%o7#tion %6%t$5 1$8.: P$rfor5#nc$ of # t:o-%t#g$ %9%p$n%ion 1$8.2. Ph6%. 'ci. P1. In%tr95. ) . 2531 !1""8& An int$rf$ro5$tric d$8ic$ to 5$#%9r$ th$ 5$ch#nic#7 tr#n%f$r f9nction of th$ =I1.+A. In%tr95. )). )%. 'ci.332627" !12 p#g$%& 'PAC(.#nd 5i77i5$t$r :#8$ r$c$i8$r% 1$8. )). 3553 !1""7& 4$#%9r$5$nt of po%ition #nd ori$nt#tion of optic#7 $7$5$nt% in int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it6 :#8$ d$t$ctor% 1$8. 'ci. In%tr95. )%. In%tr95. In%tr95. 2672 !1""5& 1#dio fr$?9$nc6 %9p$rcond9cting p#r#5$tric tr#n%d9c$r for gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ #nt$nn#$ 1$8.i7it6 #nd it% d$%ign i5p7ic#tion% for :id$ .1063/1. In%tr95. 353 !1""6& *igh‐$7$ctron‐5o.+ < (+(1. ) . 1882 !1""8& . 'ci. In%tr95.#nd #cc$7$ro5$t$r 9%ing #n ind9cti8$ di%p7#c$5$nt %$n%or 1$8. 55 !1""8& In8$%tig#tion of 8io7in 5od$ O for :ir$% of 8#rio9% 5#t$ri#7% 1$8. 'ci. 106 !1""5& o o o o o o o o Applications of High‐Frequency Gravitational Waves to the Global War on *error :http://dx. 160 !1""7& I5pro8$d 597ti%t#g$ :id$ .#r d$t$ctor% 1$8. 223 !1""7& 0igit#776 contro77$d int$rf$ro5$t$r protot6p$ for gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ction 1$8. )). 5irror% %9%p$n%ion% 1$8. 'ci. )%.ptic#7 tr#n%d9ction ch#in for gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ .1434 'P('I2 ‐2010: 1 th Conf$r$nc$ on )h$r5oph6%ic% App7ic#tion% in 4icrogr#8it6 7th '65po%i95 on +$: 2ronti$r% in 'p#c$ Prop97%ion 'ci$nc$% 2nd '65po%i95 on A%tro%ocio7og6 1%t '65po%i95 on *igh 2r$?9$nc6 .r#8it#tion#7 D#8$% 0#t$: 2 L26 2$. 3"0 !1""7& 'i597#tion of gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor% Co5p9t.P3-'I.org/10. 305 !1""5& '$n%iti8it6 #n#76%i% of # r$%on#nt‐5#%% gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ #nt$nn# :ith # p#r#5$tric tr#n%d9c$r 1$8. In%tr95. In%tr95. In%tr95.. )$. 'ci.o o o o o o o 497ti%t#g$ #cti8$ 8i. 'ci. ((.i7it6‐tr#n%i%tor g#in %t#. In%tr95. 600 !1""7& 4$ch#nic#7 fi7t$r% for th$ gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$% d$t$ctor =I1. 2751 !1""5& -o: noi%$ :id$. ) . ) .doi.. 'ci. 'ci. ) . )). ) . 8 !1""7& (%ti5#tion of th$r5#7 noi%$ in th$ 5irror% of 7#%$r int$rf$ro5$tric gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$ d$t$ctor%: ):o point corr$7#tion f9nction 1$8. 'ci. 'ci. 31"7 !1""7& (8#79#tion of #n $77iptic#7 grid 5irror $7$ctro%t#tic #n#76>$r for %p#c$ #pp7ic#tion% 1$8. In%tr95. 'ci. In%tr95.

# %ign#7 g$n$r#t$d on th$ oppo%it$ %id$ of th$ (#rth.i7it6 to p#%% thro9gh #77 5#t$ri#7 :itho9t #tt$n9#tion.D% do not int$r#ct :ith #nd #r$ not #.D% prod9c$ in # 5icro:#8$ g9id$ !@ir5ingh#5 3ni8$r%it6 0$t$ctor& #nd .E$ct% %9ch #% 5i%%i7$%.$#5% h#8ing th$ %#5$ fr$?9$nc6.r#8it#tion#7 .D 0$t$ctor h#% .D r$%$#rch #nd d$8$7op5$nt #nd %9ch #n 1<0 progr#5 i% r$co55$nd$d for i55$di#t$ initi#tion.%$r8#tor6 !-I.97A #co9%tic r$%on#tor% or 2@A1% $n$rgi>$d . thr$$ *2.D g$n$r#tor% h#8$ .$ pr#ctic#7 6$t th$or$tic#776 po%%i.$ ?9#ntifi$d #nd $%t#.7$.$rt 4.6 th$ ch#ng$ in po7#ri>#tion *2.D d$t$ctor.9i7t o9t%id$ th$ 3nit$d 't#t$% #nd #n 97tr# high‐%$n%iti8$ -i‐@#A$r *2. *2. :hich c#n . .600.7$.6 con8$ntion#7 4#gn$tron%. It#7i#n% #nd Chin$%$.. th$ir pr$%$nc$ c#n .6 d$t$ction photon% g$n$r#t$d fro5 $7$ctro5#gn$tic .$$n propo%$d th$or$tic#776 .D%.-oc#tion: *9nt%8i77$ !A7#.doi.D% co97d .(. .$d . Proc.$$n .7i%h$d #% pr#ctic#7 .i7it6‐of‐int$rc$pt !-PI&.#7 :#r on t$rror #r$ no: r$#7i%tic .n$ %9ch co559nic#tion% %6%t$5. )h$ %6%t$5 i% th$or$tic#776 c#p#.$t:$$n #nti‐t$rrori%t #%%$t%.#nd% of pi$>o$7$ctric cr6%t#7. %9ch #% th$ir #.#. :hich 5#6 or 5#6 not . %9r8$i77#nc$ thro9gh . Gra Wa e® LLC and Transportation Sciences Corporation. -.. .#%$d 9pon . =irgo. 1208. high‐. *2.. $t #7.D% in th$ 7#.$ con%tr9ct$d fro5 off‐th$‐%h$7f $7$5$nt%. thro9gh 9%$ of th$ -i‐@#A$r *2.$r5#n%. CA $%2$3 App7ic#tion% of high‐fr$?9$nc6 gr#8it#tion#7 :#8$% or *2. i% di%c9%%$d.6 th$ir di%tortion of %p#c$ti5$ #% 5$#%9r$d .D% to th$ g7o.$$n propo%$d. 501 !2010&. A7tho9gh *2. inc79ding G5o8ingI %p#c$ o. @#A$r. fi75‐.org/10. . 8$r6 7o:‐ pro.1063/1. '9ch #pp7ic#tion% c#n on76 . dir$ction #nd ph#%$ #% th$ *2.#5#& 1o.$ 9ti7i>$d for 9nint$rr9pti.$c#9%$ t$chno7og6 d$8$7op$d .6 th$ 19%%i#n%.%or.6 .r#8D#8$P --C #nd oth$r in%tit9tion% o8$r%$#% c#n 7$#d to d$8ic$%.D% in # %9p$ri5po%$d 5#gn$tic fi$7d !-i‐@#A$r *2.6 th$ -#%$r Int$rf$ro5$t$r . AIP Conf$r$nc$ Proc$$ding%/ =o795$ 1208/ I%%9$ 1 AIP Conf. Br. In f#ct. th#t c#n g$n$r#t$ #nd d$t$ct *2. #nti‐5i%%i7$% #nd :#rh$#d% in f7ight.#nd:idth co559nic#tion% #5ong #nd . #r$ prop97%ion.$ d$t$ct$d .6 th$ proof‐ of‐conc$pt g$n$r#tion #nd d$t$ction of *2..D d$t$ctor% h#8$ . )h$ *2. 8123 Tuscany A e.D #pp7ic#tion% #r$ 5oti8#tion% for *2.332627" !12 p#g$%& . http://dx.D g$n$r#tion d$8ic$ or tr#n%5itt$r #7t$rn#ti8$ %$7$ct$d i% .D 0$t$ctor&.6 oth$r %9ch in%tr95$nt%.or#tor6 $xp$ri5$nt.6 ordin#r6 5#tt$r. @$c#9%$ of th$ir 9ni?9$ ch#r#ct$ri%tic%. %o5$ #7r$#d6 con%tr9ct$d.9i7ding% #nd th$ (#rth it%$7f #nd r$5ot$ initi#tion of n9c7$#r $8$nt%. Pot$nti#7 th$or$tic#7 #pp7ic#tion%.&. .7$ of tr#n%5itting #nd d$t$cting. )h$%$ i5port#nt pot$nti#7 *2. !"aya de" Rey.













&". Ph6%. 0 2107 !2011& 4#gn$tic :or5ho7$ %o79tion% in (in%t$inL.ctonionic 4#x:$77Q% $?9#tion% for .o8$ 5#%%-%h$77 c#%$ B. 013513 !2012& )h$ @iot-'#8#rt op$r#tor #nd $7$ctrod6n#5ic% on %9.r$$n-f9nction% of th$ c7#%%ic#7 off-%h$77 $7$ctrod6n#5ic% 9nd$r th$ 5#nif$%t76 co8#ri#nt r$7#ti8i%tic d6n#5ic% of 't9$cA$7. &". 4#th. 4#th. Ph6%. 022"02 !2011& (7$ctro5#gn$tic . 4#th.o7icit6 of 4#x:$77Q% $?9#tion% :ith # 7oc#7 con%tit9ti8$ 7#: B. &(. &". 4#th. 102"02 !2011& )h$ origin of th$ 'chott t$r5 in th$ $7$ctro5#gn$tic %$7f forc$ of # c7#%%ic#7 point ch#rg$ B. 4#th. Ph6%. 0 2502 !2011& 'c#tt$ring #%65ptotic% for # ch#rg$d p#rtic7$ co9p7$d to th$ 4#x:$77 fi$7d B. 4#th. &". 0"2"02 !2011& . )h$ #. &!. 0 2"03 !2011& (7$ctro5#gn$tic 5od$% of #n infinit$ c67indric#7 %#5p7$ of t:o-7$8$7 #to5% B. Ph6%. 4#th.Applications of High‐Frequency Gravitational Waves to the Global War on *error Related Articles (back to article) o o o o o o o o 1#di#tion-r$#ction in c7#%%ic#7 off-%h$77 $7$ctrod6n#5ic%. 053511 !2011& . Ph6%. Ph6%. 102"01 !2010& o o o o o o o o .7$ #rr#6% of %9. &". Ph6%. 4#th. &". 082"01 !2011& .n th$ . &". 012105 !2011& Con8$rg$nt p$rt9r. &!.#9%%L@onn$t gr#8it6 :ith po:$r 4#x:$77 in8#ri#nt %o9rc$ B. 0 2701 !2011& 4#th$5#tic#7 5od$7 I.n th$ tr#n%ition fro5 5icro%copic to 5#cro%copic $7$ctrod6n#5ic% B. 032"02 !2012& 4#x:$77Q% $?9#tion% #nd $7$ctro5#gn$tic -#gr#ngi#n d$n%it6 in fr#ction#7 for5 B.#ti8$ po:$r %$ri$% %o79tion of th$ %t#tion#r6 4#x:$77L@ornLInf$7d fi$7d $?9#tion% :ith r$g97#r %o9rc$% B. &!. &". Ph6%. Ph6%. 4#th. (7$ctron #nd ?9#nt95 5$ch#nic% AIP Ad8#nc$% (. 4#th. &". 4#th. Ph6%. 4#th. &".i-i%otropic 5$di# B. 123701 !2011& )h$ c#nonic#7 %tr9ct9r$ of Podo7%A6Q% g$n$r#7i>$d $7$ctrod6n#5ic% on th$ n977-p7#n$ B. 013102 !2012& +95$ric#7 #n#76%i% of # 597ti-%65p7$ctic %ch$5$ for th$ ti5$-do5#in 4#x:$77Q% $?9#tion% B.do5#in% of th$ thr$$-%ph$r$ B. Ph6%. Ph6%. &!. 4#th. Ph6%. I.n th$ h6p$r. 4#th. Ph6%. 4#th.:#8$7$ngth di$7$ctric c67ind$r% B.$rg B. Ph6%.o9nd %t#t$% in th$ r#di#tion contin995 for p$riodic do9. 033505 !2012& .

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$a#e any such wall o*solete an# unnecessary+ . the Foreign ntelligence %urveillance &ourt of 'eview overturne# a lower court(s #ecision an# sai# that Attorney General )ohn Ashcroft(s request for new "owers was reasona*le+ . enacte# as "art of "ostWatergate refor$s. terrorist attac5s+ t rule# that Ashcroft(s "ro"ose# . ha# sai# there $ust *e a well-#efine# wall se"arating #o$estic "olice agencies fro$ s"y agencies+ t accuse# the F7 of su*$itting incorrect infor$ation un#er oath in $ore than 05 cases. went so far as to say that changes to the )ustice 8e"art$ent(s "roce#ures were necessary 4to "rotect the "rivacy of A$ericans in these highly intrusive surveillances an# searches+4 )ustice 8e"art$ent lawyers argue# that the :%A .NET News August 5.4 Ashcroft sai#+ 4.he 5--"age ruling re$oves "roce#ural *arriers for fe#eral agents con#ucting surveillance un#er the .D& Dec %n Mc. characteri3ing it as a 4victory for li*erty.he review court agree# with Ashcroft. even suggesting that greater use of F %A surveillance conceiva*ly coul# have thwarte# the %e"t+ .' %gh St%## Writer" . saying that es"ionage or terrorist acts #i# not have to *e the "ri$ary "ur"ose of the investigation *ut only a 4significant "ur"ose+4 . tele"hone eaves#ro""ing an# surre"titious searches of resi#ences an# offices+ At a "ress conference 2on#ay afternoon.he law. inclu#ing one signe# *y then-F7 8irector 9ouis Freeh+ .his will greatly enhance our a*ility to "ut "ieces together that #ifferent agencies have+ *elieve this is a giant ste" forwar#+4 . signe# *y .he lower court.atriot Act. safety an# the security of the A$erican "eo"le+4 Ashcroft sai# the ruling $ar5s a new era of colla*oration *etween "olice an# intelligence agencies such as the & A an# the 6ational %ecurity Agency+ 4.atriot Act also change# the require$ents for F %A surveillance. "er$its swee"ing electronic surveillance. Ashcroft a""lau#e# the ruling./01 Foreign ntelligence %urveillance Act (F %A)+ . 2002 WASHINGTON--A secretive federal court on Monday granted police broad authority to onitor Internet use! record "eystro"es and e ploy other surveillance ethods against terror and espionage suspects# n an une!"ecte# an# near-co$"lete victory for law enforce$ent.his #ecision allows law enforce$ent officials to learn fro$ intelligence officials.resi#ent George W+ 7ush last fall. written in 2ay.. as a $eans of sort of allowing the infor$ation to flow fro$ one co$$unity to another.he lower court(s #ecision.he . an# vice versa. calle# the Foreign ntelligence %urveillance &ourt.

which "rohi*its unreasona*le searches an# eaves#ro""ing. a#o"ting the . attitu#es insi#e the )ustice 8e"art$ent *egan to shift in favor of ero#ing that wall."roce#ures. the "u*lic version of which was censore# for security reasons+ . s"y. the new rules coul# o"en the #oor to circu$vention of the Fourth A$en#$ent(s warrant require$ents+ .atriot Act. certainly co$e close+4 &ivil li*ertarians sai# they were alar$e# *y the ruling. 47ecause the F %A now a""lies to or#inary cri$inal $atters if they are #resse# u" as national security inquiries.he result< ru**er-sta$" =u#icial consent to "hone an# nternet surveillance.. saying that &ongress 4clearly #i# not "reclu#e or li$it the govern$ent(s use or "ro"ose# use of foreign intelligence infor$ation. in a cri$inal "rosecution+4 K 2007 A&erican 'nstitute o# !(ysics Ho*elan# Security +ill( . to authori3e electronic surveillance for foreign intelligence "ur"oses if 4there is "ro*a*le cause to *elieve4 that a terrorist.//5 'eno gui#elines instea#+ . when con#ucting surveillance in nor$al investigations+ 8uring the .he initial F %A court re=ecte# Ashcroft(s "roce#ures as not authori3e# *y the . or foreign "olitical organi3ation is involve#+ .olice are not require# to $eet the sa$e legal stan#ar#s that are require# un#er the Fourth A$en#$ent. an# F7 access to $e#ical. an# &ongress virtually eli$inate# it when enacting the . which inclu#e# evi#ence of certain 5in#s of cri$inal activity. the )ustice 8e"art$ent *egan inter"reting the law as li$iting F %A or#ers to cases in which no cri$inal "rosecution was "lanne#+ n . then-Attorney General )anet 'eno or#ere# a wall create# *etween F7 intelligence agents--who have security clearances-an# )ustice 8e"art$ent "rosecutors in F %A investigations+ 7ut *y $i#-200. e#ucational an# other *usiness recor#s that conceiva*ly relate to foreign intelligence "ro*es+4 F %A authori3es =u#ges on the secret court. even in regular cri$inal cases.. sai#.he review court re=ecte# that analysis 2on#ay.roce#ures4 that allowe# the free e!change of infor$ation a$ong the F7 . Ashcroft res"on#e# with new 4 ntelligence %haring . 4if they #o not $eet the $ini$u$ Fourth A$en#$ent warrant require$ents.atriot Act+ n 2arch 2002.//5. which always $eets *ehin# close# #oors. a senior fellow at the &ato nstitute. s"y agencies an# "rosecutors+ .he A$erican &ivil 9i*erties :nion an# the 6ational Association of &ri$inal 8efense 9awyers ha# file# frien#-of-the-court *riefs urging the a""eals court to u"hol# the lower court(s #ecision+ 'o*ert 9evy./10s.()y (atellite )rogra* .

$ th#t @ig @roth$r h#% fin#776 #rri8$d. # %$nior *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 offici#7 %#id 4ond#6 $8$ning. #ccording to th$ *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 offici#7 #nd -o% Ang$7$% Po7ic$ Chi$f Di77i#5 B.$hind. .$tt$r coordin#tion . )h$ +#tion#7 App7ic#tion% . . C *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 '$cr$t#r6 B#n$t +#po7it#no h#% d$cid$d to Ai77 # contro8$r%i#7 @9%h #d5ini%tr#tion progr#5 to 9%$ 3. 7#: $nforc$5$nt #nd %$c9rit6. h#% 7ong to9t$d th$ i5port#nc$ of . @9t it h#% .$ 7iA$ if on$ of th$%$ %#t$77it$% :$r$ dir$ct$d on 6o9r n$igh. .#nd . . i% not #n i%%9$ of 9rg$nc6.o9t th$ progr#5Q% pot$nti#7 intr9%i8$n$%%. :ho %poA$ on condition of #non65it6 .$rti$% of A5$ric#n%. SI d#r$ %#6 th$ r$#ction 5ight . .S 1$p. :h#t it :o97d . 't#t$ #nd 7oc#7 offici#7% #7%o h#d %$rio9% conc$rn% #. ch#ir:o5#n of th$ *o9%$ *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 Co55itt$$Q% int$77ig$nc$ #nd t$rrori%5 ri%A #%%$%%5$nt %9.). pr$%id$nt of th$ 4#Eor Citi$% Chi$f% A%%n. .i77.$for$ .$co5ing th$ %t#t$Q% go8$rnor. 0.C. *#r5#n. #nd th$ .#%$d %#t$77it$ i5#g$r6 for do5$%tic %9r8$i77#nc$.S @r#tton %#id in # B9n$ 21 7$tt$r to +#po7it#no.$c#9%$ th$ progr#5 i% c7#%%ifi$d.7#cA h$7icopt$r% c#nQt . SIn o9r 8i$:.S .$rti$% #d8oc#t$% -. @r#tton.$t:$$n f$d$r#7 #9thoriti$% #nd th$ir 7oc#7 #nd %t#t$ co9nt$rp#rt%.$$n d$7#6$d d9$ to conc$rn% .$ f#r .'. # %choo7 or p7#c$ of :or%hip -. SI5#gin$. th$ +A. +#po7it#no.6 %o5$ 7#:5#A$r% -. %p6 %#t$77it$% to co77$ct do5$%tic int$77ig$nc$ for co9nt$rt$rrori%5.6 pri8#c6 #nd ci8i7 7i. B#n$ *#r5#n !0-=$nic$& h#d r$c$nt76 introd9c$d 7$gi%7#tion th#t :o97d pr$8$nt *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 fro5 9%ing %p#c$-. :ho :#% Ari>on# #ttorn$6 g$n$r#7 . )h$ %$nior *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 offici#7.7i%h$d in 2007 to pro8id$ 9p-to-th$-5in9t$ $7$ctronic int$77ig$nc$ to 7oc#7 #nd %t#t$ 7#: $nforc$5$nt. thi% i% th$ fir%t opport9nit6 5#Eor 7#: $nforc$5$nt org#ni>#tion% h#8$ h#d to p#rticip#t$ in thi% %ignific#nt #nd co5p7$x initi#ti8$.ffic$ progr#5 :#% $%t#. for # 5o5$nt. .+.#nd :itho9t #n #d$?9#t$ 7$g#7 fr#5$:orA or op$r#ting proc$d9r$% in p7#c$ for r$g97#ting th$ir 9%$.9r go#7 i% $ff$cti8$ %h#ring of 7#: $nforc$5$nt infor5#tion th#t prot$ct% th$ pri8#c6 #nd ci8i7 7i.@6 Bo%h 4$6$r -o% Ang$7$% )i5$% DA'*I+.orhood or ho5$. cit$d pri8#c6 i%%9$%. %#id +#po7it#no h#d d$cid$d to nix it #ft$r con%97ting :ith %t#t$ #nd 7oc#7 7#: $nforc$5$nt offici#7% #nd 7$#rning th#t th$6 h#d f#r 5or$ pr$%%ing prioriti$% th#n 9%ing %#t$77it$% to co77$ct infor5#tion #nd $#8$%drop on p$op7$.th#t it :o97d intr9d$ on A5$ric#n%Q 7i8$%.co55itt$$.S %h$ %#id in # %t#t$5$nt :h$n %h$ introd9c$d h$r . S)o 56 Ano:7$dg$.

4ich#$7 P.6 th$ A%%oci#t$d Pr$%% on it% :$.$ 9%$d to g#th$r infor5#tion to h$7p #9thoriti$% d$#7 :ith n#t9r#7 di%#%t$r% %9ch #% h9rric#n$%. $#r76 in h$r t$n9r$. po7ic$ d$p#rt5$nt%. *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 :i77 foc9% on :orAing :ith 7oc#7 #nd %t#t$ #9thoriti$% on %h#ring infor5#tion #nd on $xp#nding # pi7ot progr#5 7#9nch$d . )h$6 #r$ foc9%ing on th$ prioriti$% th#t th$ %t#t$ #nd 7oc#7% h#8$ id$ntifi$d.$$n $xtr$5$76 co5p7ic#t$d.S 0o:ning %#id in #n int$r8i$:.S )h$ *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 offici#7 %#id. *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 %poA$%:o5#n A56 T9d:# %#id: S'$cr$t#r6 +#po7it#no . D$ $xp$ct to #nno9nc$ th$ r$%97t% of th#t r$8i$: %hort76.$ th$ priorit6 8$r%9% th$ $%t#. #nd to %9pport %$c9rit6 p7#nning for d$%ign#t$d Sn#tion#7 %p$ci#7 %$c9rit6 $8$nt%.7i%h th$ offic$. #nd :$ %9pport th#t. #t thi% ti5$. #nd rif$ :ith pri8#c6 #nd ci8i7 7i.$rti$% conc$rn%. d9ring :hich ti5$ th$ d$p#rt5$nt $ng#g$d dir$ct76 for th$ fir%t ti5$ :ith o9r %t#t$ #nd 7oc#7 int$77ig$nc$ p#rtn$r% on thi% i%%9$.%it$.'. th$ %$nior *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 offici#7 %#id. SDh#t :$Qr$ %#6ing i% th#t :$ h#8$ #77 th$%$ oth$r i%%9$% th#t :$ n$$d to g$t fix$d.S h$ :rot$ #% th$ r$pr$%$nt#ti8$ of 56 5#Eor 3.$7i$8$ th#t. th#t th$ progr#5 i% d$#d: S)h$6 #r$ not going to $%t#. it i% th$%$ $ffort% th#t %ho97d .7i%h5$nt of th$ +A.. A%A$d for co55$nt. .S %9ch #% po7itic#7 con8$ntion% #nd th$ '9p$r @o:7.$g#n # r$8i$: of th$ +A.S . th$ -AP0Q% d$p9t6 chi$f for co9nt$r-t$rrori%5 #nd cri5in#7 int$77ig$nc$.6 th$ -AP0 to g$t front-7in$ offic$r% to . th$ %$nior offici#7 %#id. p$riod.S +#po7it#noQ% d$ci%ion :#% fir%t r$port$d .$tt$r co77$ct #nd %h#r$ int$77ig$nc$ :ith $#ch oth$r #nd D#%hington. p#rticip#t$d in th$ r$c$nt di%c9%%ion% :ith *o5$7#nd '$c9rit6 #% th$ chi$f%Q #%%oci#tion r$pr$%$nt#ti8$ of po7ic$ int$77ig$nc$ co55#nd$r%. SItQ% not d$#d. SD$ . 0o:ning. ho:$8$r.)h$ %#t$77it$% :i77 %ti77 .9t d$-prioriti>$d. *$ %#id 9%ing th$ %#t$77it$% to co77$ct int$77ig$nc$ :o97d h#8$ . @r#tton #gr$$d.