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Food Chain: Producers Consumers Decomposers

Mina Cho

Teacher Information
Content Area: Science Grade Level: 6th Grade Summary: The purpose of this power point is to give students a
learning activity about producers, consumers, and decomposers.

Learning !"ective: Given pictures of different items, the students

will be able to distinguish the item as consumer, producer, or decomposer with 9 ! accuracy.

Content Standard: GL# $%$&'(') "#amine the roles of

consumers, producers, and decomposers in a biological community.

All living organisms are dependent on each other in the food chain.

$ll food chain starts with the Sun providing resource for Producers to ma%e its own food. Then Consumers eat producers and&or other consumers for energy. "ventually all living organisms die and Decomposers recycles its resources bac% to the soil for producers. Clic% to play a game' The (roducer, consumer, )ecomposer Game

(lants and Trees *a+e their o,n food through photosynthesis They do this by using light energy from the Sun, carbon
dio#ide from the air and water from the soil to produce food in form of glucose&sugar.


*hich of the following animal is classified as producer+

,es' The apple tree is a producer

-ow let.s learn about Consumers'

Co, is a consumer' /t cannot ma%e its own food and must consume to gain

Try again'

Sun is a source of energy for producers. Try again'

$nimals Cannot ma+e their o,n food "ats producers and&or other consumers 0 types of Consumers1
-er!ivores 2 eats only plants Carnivores 2 eats only animals mnivores 2 eats both plants and animals -umans are mnivores'

*hich of the following animal is classified as Consumer+

,es' The ra!!it is a consumer. The rabbit consumes producers such as lettuce, carrots, and

-ow let.s learn about Decomposers'

#arth is our /iosphere' /t cannot ma%e its own food and does not consume for

Try again'

/anana Tree is a Producer' /t can ma%e its own food through photosynthesis. Try again'

Fungi & Bacteria Eats decayed matters Eats dead producers and consumers They break dead plants and animals down and
decompose them

They release nutrients and minerals back to soil, which

will be used by producers again!

*hich of the following animal is classified as Decomposer+

,es' The mushroom is a decomposer. The mushroom is a fungi that lives on decayed organisms. /t brea%s down the decayed matter and turns it into nutrients and

-ow let.s learn Summari0e everything learned'

Trashcan is non3living' /t does not need energy 4 it does not need to eat. Try again'

Grasshopper is a Consumer' /t can eats producers such as leaves and plants. Try again'

All living organisms are dependent on each
other in the food chain.

Producers make their own food through


Consumers eat producers and/or other

consumers for energy

Decomposers eat decayed matter and turns it

into nutrients and minerals into the soil

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