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3 Credits

CUYAHOGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Western Campus Social Sciences Section 11425 Tuesday, Thursday: 910:15 a.m. WBT - C112_____ INSTRUCTOR: Catherine Rokicky, Ph.D. OFFICE HOURS: WHC-A114 Monday, Online Office Hours, 9-12 p.m. at Tuesdays, 8-9 a.m.; 1:15 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, 9 a.m. 1 p.m. Thursdays, 8-9 a.m.; 1:15 1:45 p.m. Other times by appointment OFFICE PHONE: (216) 987-5481 E-Mail Address: REQUIRED TEXTS: John Charles Chasteen. Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America, 3rd edition, 2006. Sonia Nazario, Enriques Journey, 2006.

Students are also responsible for reading handouts/articles that the instructor provides in class. COURSE PREREQUISITES: ENG 1010 or Departmental Approval CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Study of history of Latin America from indigenous civilizations to present time. Analysis of social, cultural, political, and economic development of the region and relations between Latin American nations and the United States. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the history, society, culture, and geography of Latin America. Special emphasis will be given to the nations of Mexico and Brazil. Also, special attention will be given to the issues pertaining to the relationship between Latin American countries and the United States. This course will help students to develop the ability to analyze historical problems, to appreciate the peoples and culture of Latin America, and to understand current issues facing these nations.

El Castillo Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Exam One Exam Two Final Exam Map Quiz Art Museum Visit & Essay Research Paper and Presentation Movie Review

85 points 100 points 110 points 25 points 40 points 90 points 50 points

NOTE: Students must complete ALL required assignments to earn a passing grade. GRADING SCALE: A (500-450) B (449-400) C (399-350) D (349-300) F (299 and below) The midterms and final exam will consist of questions that require a written response by the student in the form of an essay question, short answers and/or identifications and/or objective questions. The midterms and final exams will test knowledge of classroom material and assigned readings. The instructor provides a study guide that details the material to be covered as well as the format for the exams approximately a week prior to the exam date. Students will take a Map Quiz worth 25 points that asks them to identify the political boundaries and geographic features of Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. I will provide a study map for you to prepare for the quiz. Students are required to complete a five to six page research paper (typed on a word processor, single-sided, double spaced, regular font and margins) worth 60 points. The paper will focus on an aspect of Latin American history, society, and/or culture. Students will then contribute a 5 to 6 minute discussion of the research in class. The presentation is worth 30 points. The paper must be cited and include either footnotes/endnotes (Chicago Manual of Style) or in-text citations (MLA) and a bibliography. Students may collaborate with their colleagues in class to present their related work as a group. However, each student must complete her/his own individual paper. Group presentations will be allotted more time in class. The following dates will be set aside for presentations in class, and papers will be due on the same date as the presentation: April 29 and May 1. I will assign presentation dates after receiving the selected research topic from each student. Each student must turn-in a paper informing me of their topic and the method of presentation (individual or group) on Tuesday, March 4. A hand-out further explains the requirements for this paper/presentation. Students will view a movie with a topic or setting in Latin America and complete an analysis of the film. A detailed outline of this assignment will be handed out in class. The Movie Review assignment is due on Thursday, February 27.

NOTE: All assignments (exams, papers, assignments) must be completed on the date scheduled unless a valid excuse (written notice from a doctor, lawyer, judge, or other person of authority) is presented to the instructor. Make-up exams are by nature more difficult, and points will be deducted for exams/assignments that are completed late. The general rule is that a student is marked down one letter grade for each class in which an assignment is completed late. Students are expected, if possible, to notify the instructor of an absence before the exam or quiz is given.

ATTENDANCE: Students are required to attend each class. Attendance is taken each class by roll call or by an attendance sheet. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions. This includes answering questions posed by the instructor, asking questions, and completing required in class group work. Class participation and attendance will determine the grade of a student who is on the borderline between two grades. Extensive absences will result in the lowering of a students grade. BLACKBOARD SITE: A classroom website is available at You can log on through this address by clicking on the Blackboard toolbar. Then, you will have to enter your student identification number and password. The site contains instructions regarding logging in for first time users. I will post announcements and important course documents and information on the website. TUTORING: I am available to help students on an individual basis with any concerns about classroom or reading materials. Regular office hours are held as indicated at the top of this syllabus. Furthermore, I can arrange to meet students at other times if the posted hours are not convenient. WITHDRAWALS AND INCOMPLETES: The last day to withdraw from this course with no record on your transcripts is January 27. The last day to withdraw from this course with a grade of W is April 17. It is the responsibility of the student to withdraw from the course. A student who quits attending class, fails to complete assignments, fails to consult with me, and does not withdraw from the class by April 17 will earn a failing grade. Incompletes are given at my discretion upon consultation with the student in extenuating circumstances only. A student who fails to attend class, complete assignments on time, and consult me about his/her academic standing, and who also does not withdraw from the class will earn a failing grade.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability; if you have emergency medical information to share with me; or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please notify me or make an appointment with me to discuss your needs as soon as possible. PLAGIARISM: Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition, defines the verb plagiarize as to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as ones own; use (anothers production) without crediting the source; to commit literary theft; present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and is in violation of the student academic code. It is unacceptable. Students who plagiarize will receive a 0 for the assignment, AND are subject to immediate failure for this course. CLASSROOM CONDUCT: Cell phones: All cell phones must be turned off or placed on silent mode before entering the classroom. Cell phones or other electronic devices will not be permitted on the desk during exams. Text messaging: Text messaging during class is not permitted. Disruptive behavior: Any student that is disruptive to the classroom will be asked to leave. Arrival to class on time: Students are expected to arrive to class on time. Be respectful of others to make this a positive learning environment.

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

HISTORY 2080: LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY SPRING 2014 TENTATIVE COURSE CALENDAR: The items marked Text refer to Chasteen, Born in Blood and Fire. WEEK 1 Text: Introduction JAN. 14 Course Introduction JAN. 16 Introduction to Latin America _______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 2 Text: c. 1 JAN. 21 Geography of Latin America JAN. 23 Geography (cont.) Indigenous Peoples of Latin America ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 3 JAN. 28 Indigenous Peoples: the Aztecs; Indigenous Peoples JAN. 30 Indigenous Peoples: the Mayas _______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 4 FEB. 4 Indigenous Peoples: the Incas FEB. 6 The Conquest of the Aztecs & Incas Map Quiz (25 points) ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 5 Text: c. 2 FEB. 11 The Conquest (cont.) Colonial Societies of the Spanish and Portuguese FEB. 13 Colonial Societies (cont.) ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 6 FEB. 18 Colonial Societies (cont.) FEB. 20 EXAM ONE (85 points) ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 7 Text: c. 3, 4 FEB. 25 Independence Movements The Research Paper FEB. 27 Independence Movements (cont.) *Movie Review Due _______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 8 Text: c. 5, 6 MAR. 4 Social and Political Change in the Nineteenth Century: A Brief Overview Latin American Culture *Topic for Paper/Presentation Due MAR. 6 Latin American Culture (cont.) ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 9 MAR. 11, 13 NO CLASSES SPRING BREAK!!! _______________________________________________________________________

WEEK 10 Text: c. 7 MAR. 18 Land to the Tiller!: The Mexican Revolution MAR. 20 Mexican Revolution (cont.) ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 11 MAR. 25 Art & Revolution in Mexico: Mexican Muralist Movement MAR. 27 Mexico Today

WEEK 12 Text: pp. 248-251 & c. 8 APR. 1 EXAM TWO (100 points) APR. 3 Latin American Leaders in the 20th Century; Argentina and the Perons _______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 13 Text: c. 9 APR. 8 Latin American Revolutions in the 20th Century APR. 10 Latin American Revolutions (cont.) _______________________________________________________________________ WEEK 14 Text: c. 10 APR. 15 Cuba and the United States APR. 17 Cuba (cont.) ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 15 APR. 22 Latin America and the United States: Immigration, Drug Trafficking, Trade *Discussion of Enriques Journey APR. 24 Latin America and the U.S. (cont.) *Discussion of Enriques Journey (cont.) ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 16 APR. 29 Presentations and Papers Due MAY 1 Presentations and Papers Due ________________________________________________________________________ WEEK 17 FINAL EXAM WEEK MAY 10 Final Exam (110 points), 9:15 a.m. CBT-112

Machu Picchu, Peru