Contact: Jessica Dos Santos Director, Public Relations RELEASE Phone: ( !"# $%$&'(!" E&)ail: *+ossantos,-resti.



Pu--0 in the 1in+o2 New York, New York& (October "$, "3(4# 5 E6er0 0ear, retail -et stores across A)erica sell $33,333 +o.s, 2hile $ to )illion +o.s enter shelters/ 7ORA Or.anics is -artnerin. u- 2ith PETA to ins-ire a+o-tion as a 8irst o-tion/ On Satur+a0, October "$th, +o. lo6ers are encoura.e+ to *oin this Picture PA18ect e6ent in one o8 9e2 :or;<s lar.est an+ s=uarest +o. -ar;s, To)-;ins S=uare Do. Run/ Fro) noon until three o<cloc; -/)/, +o. lo6ers are heartene+, to atten+ the lar.est -et 8ashion e6ent in the 2orl+& The "4th Annual To)-;ins<s S=uare >allo2een Do. Para+e/ Follo2in. the -ara+e, -artici-ants an+ s-ectators are ur.e+ to atten+ the Picture PA18ect a+o-tion an+ 8un+raisin. e6ent/ Picture PA18ect 2ill start at t2o o<cloc; -/)/, an+ 2ill continue until +us;/ The e6ent 2ill ha6e an assort)ent o8 acti6ities throu.hout the +a0, 2hile ins-irin. 8a)ilies to a+o-t, not sho-/ The +a0 2ill allo2 +o.s an+ o2ners to 2a. aroun+ bone sha-e+ -ools, a +o. 2ash or e6en a -u--0 -atch 8or the little ones/ ?The cost o8 trans-ortation 8or the +o.s can be an obstacle, but our -artnershi- 2ith PETA 2ill )a;e it -ossible to brin. )ore +o.s to sa8et0,@ sa0s 7ORA Or.anics, Director, Miran+a 7err/ 7ORA an+ PETA .uest s-ea;ers 2ill be in atten+ance, alon. 2ith celebrit0 a--earances, such as R0an Aoslin., CharliBe Theron, Lea Michele, an+ )ore/ In su--ort o8 this e6ent, there 2ill be an arra0 o8 8oo+ truc;s 8eaturin. an+ 6e.etarian )enu o-tions/ A+)ission is 8ree 8or Picture PA18ect, an+ all -rocee+s )a+e 2ill be +onate+ to the local ani)al shelters, 2hich 2ill be s-otli.hte+ throu.hout the e6ent/ For )ore in8or)ation, -lease 6isit ;oraor.anics/co) or -eta/or./ &)ore& About KORA Organics

Miran+aCs -assion 8or charit0 has seen her +onate her ti)e an+ len+ her i)a.e to causes such as 7i+s >el-line, The 7oala Foun+ation an+ Earth >our/ Miran+a is an a+6ocate 8or all thin.s natural, health0 an+ or.anic/ She belie6es that e6er0 in+i6i+ual has a role to -la0 in -rotectin. the -lanet 8or 8uture .enerations an+ a+o-ts sustainabilit0 -ractices in her e6er0+a0 li8e/ In "33D Miran+a launche+ 7ORA Or.anics: a ran.e o8 s;incare, (33E Australian )a+e 2ith each -ro+uct o88erin. a uni=ue blen+ o8 essential oils, natural an+ certi8ie+ or.anic 7ORA Or.anics is Miran+aCs o2n co)-an0 an+ her +rea) co)e true/ In con*unction 2ith so)e o8 AustraliaCs )ost reno2ne+ or.anic che)ists an+ aro)a thera-ists, Miran+a create+ 7ORA Or.anics/ All o8 7ORA Or.anics -ro+ucts are 8ull0 Certi8ie+ Or.anic throu.h Eco&Cert an+ OFC/ 7ORA Or.anics F0 Miran+a 7err is not *ust a s;incare 5 it is a li8est0le choice an+ is 8ast beco)in. a co))unit0 +e+icate+ to the -ro)otion o8 all thin.s natural, certi8ie+ or.anic, sustainable, s-iritual an+ health0/ The ran.e ins-ires -eo-le .loball0 to nurture their bo+ies, e)brace their uni=ue beaut0 an+ +isco6er the )an0 bene8its o8 usin. certi8ie+ or.anic s;incare/ About PETA Peo-le 8or the Ethical Treat)ent o8 Ani)als, (PETA# is the lar.est ani)al ri.hts or.aniBation in the 2orl+, 2ith )ore than ! )illion )e)bers an+ su--orters/ PETA 8ocuses its attention on the 8our areas in 2hich the lar.est nu)bers o8 ani)als su88er the )ost intensel0 8or the lon.est -erio+s o8 ti)e: on 8actor0 8ar)s, in the clothin. tra+e, in laboratories, an+ in the entertain)ent in+ustr0/ 1e also 2or; on a 6ariet0 o8 other issues, inclu+in. the cruel ;illin. o8 bea6ers, bir+s, an+ other ?-ests@ as 2ell as cruelt0 to +o)esticate+ ani)als/ PETA 2or;s throu.h -ublic e+ucation, cruelt0 in6esti.ations, research, ani)al rescue, le.islation, s-ecial e6ents, celebrit0 in6ol6e)ent, an+ -rotest ca)-ai.ns/ &GGG& I8 0ou 2oul+ li;e a++itional in8or)ation about this e6ent, or to sche+ule an inter6ie2, -lease contact Jessica Dos Santos at ( !"#$%$&'(!" or *+ossantos,-resti.e-r/co)/

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