Repair of pipeline defectsBy Hot Tapping Technique

Hot Tapping Making a hole on pipeline for the purpose of jointing a section with an operating pipe line at operating pressure without shut down of operating line. .

2. Hook up a line with another line . 4. Take off a new line from existing line. Replacement of a section. Rerouting of line 3.Where Hot Tapping is required ? 1.

Avoid retrieval & transportation of bulk quantity of product. 6. . Avoid thruput loss. 3. Safe operation. Environmental friendly. no spillage of product 5. Fast operation.Advantages of Hot tapping 1. 4. Saving of money. 2.

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◦ PPEs to be worn by all the labours.Safety measures in Pipeline maintenance Recommendations ◦ EIC / Site engineer to ensure trench is prepared as per tender specification and site requirement. ◦ Display boards to be displayed showing trenching design and danger of working in trench. ◦ Adherence to safety guidelines shall be certified by Site Engineer / EIC and supervisor by generation of checklist type format. This to be ensisted by Site Engineer / EIC ◦ Provision of shuttering for trench more than 2.0 m ◦ All works to start with TOOL BOX TALK ◦ Surprise checks to be carried out by Senior executives . meter Required shuttering and scaffolding provided 13.3 GCC) Register of wage-cum-Muster Roll for the workmen opened at site Proof regarding qualification of the supervisor checked. 02.0 meter (6. 07. 10 11.1. 04. 09.5 OISD-GDN-192) Safe angle of repose 45 degree and 0. Ladder shall be extended from the bottom of the trench to at least3’3” above the surface of the ground.5.1. Trench more than 4’ to have one ladder for more than 100’. 16 Barricade at 1 M height (with red and white band. 06.5 meter up to 3. sling are tested and testing certificate(s) checked and available at site The Crane operator is holding valid driving licence and more than 21 years of age (10. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Safety helmet provided to all worker for safety of personnel working First Aid Box with medicines placed at site Drinking water available Trench beyond 1. Format for checks during trenching works Activity Status Clearance given by EIC to start excavation at the site Tool Box Talk given to all Contractor labour and supervisor Lift tools to be used at site viz. 14.10 OISD-GDN-192) Arrangement for entry into and exit from the trench.5.5 meter width and every 1.5 meter (6. crane.0 GCC) Excavation (10. 12. 03.0 GCC) Excavated material shall not be placed within 5’ of the edge of the trench or half of the trench deep which ever is more .( 10.5 meter depth Beyond 3. 01..S. self glowing caution board) for excavation beyond 1.1. 15.2.No.

These are mobilised to the repair site on requirement basis during any emergency. In case of non availability. Welding machine. .Mainline emergency Equipment Equipment required for Mainline emergencies: Generators. Pneumatic pump. the equipment are to be taken on hire basis. Cold cutting machine. Dewatering pump. Fire extinguishers etc are kept at stations/ base stations. Compressors.

Any defect noticed during trial run should be rectified immediately with proper maintenance The record of the trial run. Trial run should be taken for all equipment for 15 minutes on monthly basis and monitor the condition of each equipment and details should be noted. defects observed and maintenance carried out if any should be maintained as per the format.Maintenance of M/L equipment system All the equipment should be run trouble free during maintenance of any mainline work. .

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