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To: Ms. Hofmann From: Holly Huskey Date: 2/19/14 Re: Post library visit memo A.

Inquiry Question I am currently working with: Why does Atlanta attack sex trafficking in such a large quantity? B. Words/phrases/combinations used in library search - Sex trafficking in America - Sex trade in Atlanta - Human trafficking - Human trafficking in America C. One Good Source 1. Boxill, Nancy A, and Deborah J. Richardson. "Ending Sex Trafficking of Children in Atlanta." Affilia: Journal of Women & Social Work. 22.2 (2007). Print. 2. a. Summarize the source: The article talks about the sexual exploitation of children in the United States. It gives many statistics that are mind blowing. One of these are that the chance of being sexually exploited as a child are greater than the risk of death by a firearm, accidents, homicides and suicides. The article also goes on to explain how common it is and how many people are ether unaware of the epidemic or unwilling to act upon trying to stop it. The author also tries to give his audience an idea of how every child is at risk by giving as the fact that most children that are sexually exploited come from white middle class families. The author goes on to explain the problems risk factors and others issues. They also give a story of an 11 year old girl from Atlanta that was victim to child sex trafficking. b. Second paragraph: This article was eye opening even to me (someone with a knowledge of sex trafficking). It shocked me to hear all the statistics about child exploitation. What made a bigger impact to me though was how many of us have no idea what is going on in the place where we call home.

I would suggest that everyone read this article, it was a huge help with my research within my topic. It addressed the problem of sex trafficking in Atlanta and throughout America perfectly. There was nothing that I did not enjoy about this article. c. Third paragraph: This source is a creditable source and I know this by the sources and data quoted within the article. The author seemed to be very careful when choosing what information to use and what information to leave out. He also had a list of references at the end of the paper to show us exactly where all of his information was coming from and that it was creditatble. D. Where I am now: The library helped clear many things up for me, one of these things was me deciding to limit how broad my topic/ question is. I decided to change my question in order specialize my research. When looking up information on sex trafficking in Atlanta I decided that researching why Atlanta was a big hub for human trafficking instead of talking about many different things about sex trafficking in Atlanta was a good idea. One of the things that I am still confused about is how to turn a paper from strictly reciting statistics into a paper of inquiry.