So there we were, four teens making their way between what could be described from a birds-eye view

as a set of jagged teeth, Nick in front, myself behind him, Matt behind me and Dan bringing up the rear. The deeper we got into the gap between the two buildings the more we noticed the ground beneath us transist from moist to wet, until we found ourselves fording a small river to step up onto the ledge that would allow us access to the main grounds. “Jesus what’d they do built a freakin' moat?” Nick said as we held his camera high to avoid any splashing. “Wow I could have sworn somebody wasn’t bitching a second ago… what’s the matter tough guy you want me to lay my coat down for you so you won’t get your pumps wet?” Matt sneered, though his voice carried a hint of distraction that indicated that he was just as wary as the water. I looked back and sure enough he was looking straight down and making high loping strides through the water like a flamingo. I almost laughed when Nick tugged my sleeve and when I turned to face him my attention was immediately taken away by the view he was trying to show me. The first thing I thought of was the hotel from “The Shining”, specifically the scene with all the hedge animals that moved when Jack Nicholson wasn’t looking. I don’t know why, but that was the scariest part of the book for me; and at that moment I was lost in a strange sort of nostalgic horror. This is what a person who was molested by a clown as a kid must feel like when they go to the circus as an adult I thought. Directly behind the row of dilapidated old lodges was a concrete path that functioned as a walkway between the main resort building and the outdoor facilities. There were large bushes that at one time might have held a definitive artistic shape, but now they looked

like Edward Scissorhands had a nervous breakdown and produced images from his most perverse hallucinations. It was at this time that I turned to matt who had h\just made his way onto the ledge and was looking along with me at the grounds and said “I sure as hell hope that Edward Scissorhands isn’t bugging out in there…” I began to trail off because I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was but Matt had already heard enough. “Look guys I don’t know if this is the best idea, maybe we should come back tomorrow afternoon, I mean that way we won’t get caught in anymore water and we can see better and“And maybe tomorrow you’ll be less of a baby.” Nick snapped turning to help Dan up onto the platform. “Now we all agreed to do this thing and we have already come this far so let’s get it done. And for Christ’s sake Nick can you keep your Johnny Depp fantasies to yourself, your frightening the children.” With that he turned and made his way down the wide concrete walkway back towards the main lodge that could hardly be seen through the thicket of giant bushes. “Asshole.” Matt muttered as we readjusted his pack and begrudgingly followed. If there is one thing I admired about Nick it was that he was a great motivator. As we wound our way down the path the bushes began to separate as they gave way to trees and the whole area began to get light as the moonlight began to permeate the canopy above and illuminate various aspects of the area that we didn’t notice before. Like the fact that we had been walking alongside of the pool that was the supposed reason for the very haunting of this place.

“Holy shit dude is that the pool?” exclaimed Dan, causing all of us to jump about six feet. I didn’t know what startled me more, Dan coming out of nowhere and actually saying something or the fact that I didn’t even notice until he pointed it out. We had been walking alongside of the Olympic-sized in ground pool that had been the site of a suicide. A man had killed himself for reasons unbeknownst to us and we were treading on that unholy ground without even knowing it. Click- Nick snapped off a series of photos, and because the open space of the pool allowed so much moonlight to shine through he didn’t use the flash which kept our presence inconspicuous, at least for the moment. “Yeah that’s what I’m talking about!” he said and the grin was clearly apparent in his voice. “Hey Dan, get a reading on this would ya?” Dan nodded and produced the EMP gauge from his pack. He flicked it on and it made the kind of sound old TVs used to make as they were being tuned in. The sound got slightly louder as he waved it around the pool, and as we followed him we all noticed it getting louder, but we didn’t want to acknowledge it. It was almost like playing with an Ouija board (Are you moving it?). Went we had traversed nearly the entire circumference of the pool Dan suddenly came to a stop as the gauge began to make a high-pitched whine. Dan waved the gauge to and fro like a metal detector and was able to zero in on the location of the disturbance; it was coming from the dead space over the edge of the pool, about 6 feet from where we were standing. “You’re not going to believe this guys… I mean this is ri-Goddamn-diculous!”

Dan said, looking from the gauge, to the space, to us and then back to the gauge in disbelief. “What’s up bro, what is the gauge picking up?” I asked, trying to sound casual. “According to the gauge we are standing next to something that is giving off the electromagnetic pulse of a home generator…” He said, or at least I think that’s what he said because I was already gone before he finished.

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