k|vers of noney N¥C March 2014 Þerformers

Itoro Udof|a ls a flrsL generaLlon nlgerlan
wrlLer, muslclan and communlLy educaLor. She
spends mosL of her Llme worklng for Lhe
llberaLlon of 8lack Chlldren from sLruggllng
backgrounds and creaLlng alLernaLlve learnlng
spaces deflned by Lhe communlLy mosL effecLed
by marglnallzaLlon. Per arL focuses on Lhemes of
love, 8lack womanhood, culLural legacles and

Þoet Cn Watch ls a souLhern rooLed
performance poeL and screenwrlLer. She has
worked wlLh LheaLre companles, unlverslLles,
culLural organlzaLlons, soclal lnsLlLuLlons, and
lndlvldual arLlsLs across norLh Amerlca, norLh
Afrlca, Canada and Lurope Lhrough her
commlssloned wrlLlng programs. ÞoeL Cn WaLch
has been publlshed ln !"#$%& #"()*% and !+)$#,
-%./0 1( 1(#$"/"), 23 13&+4.( 15%&+4.( 6.5%
7%(8%& 9":+() ;&+#+(). She ls also Lhe auLhor of
Lwo collecLlons of poeLry enLlLled 6.)%<*&(%& 6+5=/% >/%.?*&% and >"%# 2(
;.#4$ publlshed by lreeverse Þubllshlng a dlvlslon of Lhe Medla ArLs & LlLeracy
lnsLlLuLe www.malslLe.org. 1o add Lo her dlscography, ÞoeL Cn WaLch has [usL
recorded and produced Lwo new dub poeLry album's enLlLled Sageburner:
urban World Muslc vol. 1 and ÞoeL Cn WaLch: 1he Spoken Word Þro[ecL please
plck up your copy Loday www.poeLonwaLch.com
kes|dent Art|sts
Ioxy Squ|re AfLer compleLlng Lhe burlesque class
serles by ueflouered ÞroducLlons, loxy has performed
boLh naLlonally and lnLernaLlonally ln London,
ConnecLlcuL, Callfornla, Þhlll, and n?C. loxy was Lhe
headllner for uC Curly Show. Per moLLo ls LM88ACL
?Cu8 SÞLC1ACLL. She shares her love for devlanL arL
and dark beauLy Lhrough burlesque.
karma Mayet Iohnson
Composer /mulLldlsclpllnary performer
karma MayeL !ohnson's recenL appearances
lnclude lLLA! Cll-88CAuWA? and
kelLh+Mendl Cbadlke's lCu8 LLLC18lC
CPCS1S. She ls composer/ dlrecLor of Lhe
8lues Cpera, lndlgo. Per poems have
appeared ln 8enalssance nolr, nocLurnes
(re)vlew of Lhe llLerary arLs, Cave Canem's
CaLherlng Cround, 8edbone Þress' volces
8lslng. She was honored as an AsLraea
Lesblan WrlLers lund llnallsL for her novel ln progress, noLhln ln All 1hls
World. A frequenL marauder amongsL 8urnL Sugar, Lhe ArkesLra
Chamber, karma has recenLly released Lhe LÞ recordlng, SepLember
Songs. Lhlslskarma.neL

Iormer|y Ione: l am a
LhlrLy someLhlng year old
genderfucker of Color from
8rooklyn. l've been wrlLlng
poeLry slnce Lhe mld 1990s.
lour years ago l creaLed a
facebook page wlLh Lhe sole
lnLenL Lo neLwork and connecL
wlLh 8LAL mlnds. l found
Lhem boLh onllne and aL open
mlcs. SomeLlmes Lhe people l meL aL open mlcs were people l had
already connecLed wlLh onllne. l feel very happy and blessed Lo have Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo share my poeLry and arLlsLlc expresslon wlLh all of you.l
hope LhaL my arL speaks for lLself. lf you have any quesLlons, feel free Lo
Chauvet 8|shop
Crlglnally from norLh Carollna, ChauveL ls
a llcensed massage LheraplsL/ healer, and
has been Lhe llcensed massage LheraplsL
for 8lvers of Poney feaLured performers.
She ls a poeL, slnger, sLudenL of llfe,
supporLer and lover of arL and all Lhlngs

1ro| Lauren ls lnnaLely an enLerLalner. WheLher
on sLage danclng or slnglng Lhls amazlng LalenL keeps
Lhe aLLenLlon of her audlence. Per sound flLs
anywhere beLween soulful and bedroom Club. Cn all
specLrums lnvolunLarlly, and dellghLfully, she brlngs
her audlence on Lhe [ourney of her hearL. 1ravellng
lnLernaLlonally wlLh her LalenLs 1rol Lauren, 2013 uS
culLural ambassador, says LhaL "acLlon wlLhouL
purpose and hearL ls Lo acL ln naughL." She applles
Lhls Lo her muslc by wrlLlng songs from personal experlence and wlLh Lhe message of
self-love, soclal conclousness and clvlc engagemenL.

Iean|nne kayembe - nost ls co-founder of
Þhlladelphla urban CreaLors a nonproflL Leachlng
susLalnablllLy and enLrepreneurshlp Lo youLh ln norLh cenLral
Þhllly. When she's noL Leachlng or Lurnlng composL she's
lnLernlng for Þhllly's largesL poeLry collecLlve Spoken Soul
213, helplng run Lhe clLy's largesL open mlc! !eanlnne has
been performlng and wrlLlng for 10 years and hopes Lo lnfuse
arLlsLlc and susLalnable pracLlces lnLo less forLunaLe
communlLles all over Lhe counLry.

DI 2ena has been u!lng for abouL 3 years now. She
has experlence playlng for varlous Lypes of evenLs,
from nlghLclubs down Lo nelghbor bbq's. Per favorlLe
genres Lo spln are old school house and 8&8 muslc. l
can also do elecLro and Afro house, hlp-hop,
dancehall, alLernaLlve, and rock muslc. l have a full
seLup and am capable of enLerLalnlng aL any evenL. My
prlces are negoLlable. lf anyone's lnLeresLed, hlL me
up 917-324-9263 or aL facebook.com/d[zena.

Iaz Sm|th-Cruz and
Shawn(ta) Sm|th-Cruz
are Lhe Co-Þroducers for
8lvers of Poney, hlghllghLlng Lhe
arL of womyn of color.

lor more lnformaLlon, Lo [oln us, perform, or hear abouL oLher 8lvers evenLs, flnd us
aL hLLp://rlversofhoney.com

llyer & Þrogram ueslgn: Shawn SmlLh-Cruz ulrecLlon: !az SmlLh-Cruz
Pouse Manager: Caelle volLalre vldeo: Slssy van uyke
Sound: u! Zena ArLlsL Massages: ChauveL 8lshop

With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orisha

Cshun, Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum
New Lma||: r|versofhoneynycQgma||.com