August 22, 2008 Edmund G. Brown, Jr., Attorney General Attorney General's Office Department of Justice 1300 I St.

Suite 1740 Sacramento, CA 95814 VIA FAX: 916.323.5341 SUBJECT: Solicitation to Violate CA Elections Code, Selection of Delegates and Alternates (Democratic Presidential Primary) §6201(e): The California primary election is a "binding" primary. Dear Attorney General Brown: Here in California, obeying the above-cited law means that pledged delegates selected as the result of votes cast for Senator Clinton in the Presidential primary election must vote for her during first-round balloting at the nominating convention of the Democratic Party. But in what can at best be interpreted as an overzealous advocacy on behalf of Senator Obama, in states throughout the country, including California, proponents for his nomination have bombarded Senator Clinton’s delegates with subtle and not-so-subtle pressures to commit to switching support to him, before the convention. Or, failing that, they replace the Clinton-pledged delegate with one loyal to Obama. See examples below. Note that while the first link shows the copy of a letter Senator Obama’s campaign sent to pledged delegates in Georgia, they distributed this same letter to delegates in all states. And Georgia, like California, mandates pledged delegates to follow their candidates into the convention.) Therefore, in California (and Georgia, and New Hampshire, and Indiana, and numerous other states), encouraging delegates entrusted with representing the political preference of Clinton voters to pledge their support before the convention to Obama solicits these delegates to break the law. As a concerned citizen of California, I am bringing this matter to your immediate attention, anticipating you will take appropriate action to ensure that from now on, any campaigning in this state related to the upcoming Democratic National Convention is consistent with California laws. Sincerely,


“Bearing Witness” (posting of letter from Khalil Thompson, Obama for America, Chicago)

Clinton supporters protesting removal of delegate at Democratic National Convention “Explain, Dems tell Clinton delegate” (article on state party efforts to discipline Colorado delegate for Clinton for refusing to switch to Obama) Copy: Debra Bowen, Secretary of State VIA FAX: 916.653.4795 Senator Art Torres, (Ret.), Chairman, California Democratic Party

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