k|vers of noney Apr|| 2014

Ay|ee Þatr|ce
Þhlladelphla naLlve Aylee ÞaLrlce ls a
slnger/songwrlLer phenom Laklng Lhe Lrl-sLaLe by
sLorm. A llfe of muslc began aL Lhe age of 10
slnglng her flrsL solo on Lhe youLh cholr of her
grandmoLher's church. Slnce, she has been
lnfluenced by sounds of AreLha lranklln, 1lna
1urner, klrk lranklln, Lauyrn Plll, !ohn Legend,
Mall Muslc and many more. 1oday Aylee's gospel
rooLs raln sLrong ln her melodlc soulful volce
comblned wlLh her raw hearLfelL lyrlcs abouL llfe,
love and Cod. She has done collaboraLlons wlLh
many of Þhllly's flnesL rappers and performed aL
local venues all over Lhe clLy. As she conLlnues Lo
lnvesL ln her glfL anLlclpaLe her debuL album "1he
8eglnnlng/1he LlghL Lhe flrsL quarLer of 2013.
When asked whaL conLrlbuLlon does Aylee wanL Lo make Lo Lhe muslc lndusLry
she sLaLes "lLs abouL Lruly empowerlng young women Lo love whaL Cod has
creaLed, gulde Lhe losL back Lo our savlour, and creaLe muslc LhaL wlll enrlch and
help generaLlons Lo come ." Look ouL for Aylee ÞaLrlce, she's a soul slnger wlLh

k|vers of noney !"#$% '$$( (staff)
Go|den Murray - Door
A graduaLe of 1emple unlverslLy, Þhlladelphla urban
larmer, and 1herapeuLlc arLlsL, Colden brlngs her
LalenL and greaL energy Lo 8lvers of Poney ln Þhllly
every monLh.

kha||d|ah Lew|s - L|ghts
Pavlng worked wlLh
Lhe 8lvers of Poney
n?C producLlon Leam
for Lhe 2014 Sprlng season, khall wlll now brlng
her skllls Lo Þhllly. When noL dolng llghLs, khall
sLudles herbs, olls, and poLlons for her halr (and
yours). She ls a Lralned dancer wlLh lfeLayo uance

Spec|a| Venue: 1he art|sts center- Ce|ebrat|ng Lveryone's Creat|v|ty
3300 LancasLer Ave Þhlla, ÞA | CLC[CLCA81S.C8C

k|ta Þ ls a slnger/songwrlLer
LhaL porLrays personal experlences
Lhrough her muslc. Per sound can
be classlfled as acousLlc, soulful, &
folk wrapped up lnLo one package.
Per sound ls lnfluenced by CurLls
Mayfleld, 8adu, krysLle Warren,
and many oLhers. When asked Lo
descrlbe her sound she sums lL up
ln Lwo words, "8llnd vlbe."
She has been performlng all over
Lhe n?C area Lhe pasL flve years
and you can flnd her performlng
every Wednesday aL 8rooklyn's
own 8ush8aby's 8ar & Crlll. Per debuL self-LlLled LÞ ls avallable on lLunes, Cu
8aby, 8andcamp.com, & spoLlfy.

Iean|nne kayembe - nost ls co-
founder of Þhlladelphla urban CreaLors a
nonproflL Leachlng susLalnablllLy and
enLrepreneurshlp Lo youLh ln norLh cenLral
Þhllly. When she's noL Leachlng or Lurnlng
composL she's lnLernlng for Þhllly's largesL
poeLry collecLlve Spoken Soul 213, helplng run
Lhe clLy's largesL open mlc! !eanlnne has been
performlng and wrlLlng for 10 years and hopes
Lo lnfuse arLlsLlc and susLalnable pracLlces lnLo
less forLunaLe communlLles all over Lhe counLry.

1ro| Lauren, Co-Þroducer ls flndlng herself
ln every way posslble. Per [ourney ls one
LhaL Lakes her around Lhe world and back.
As an lnLernaLlonal slnger and dancer 1rol
Lauren would llke for you Lo follow her
soundcloud.com/Lrollauren | LwlLLer: [1_lauren_n
lnsLagram: [Lrollauren_klngrogue

Þroduct|on 1eam Irom N¥C

DI 2ena 8rooklyn's own u! Zena has been a resldenL
aL 8oP for more Lhan 2 years and counLlng. She splns
many genres lncludlng Plp-Pop, 8&8, elecLro house,
Afro house, old school house, Þop, alLernaLlve, and
rock muslc. Zena's LalenLs as a u! also exLend Lo her
hollsLlc pracLlce of sound and energeLlc heallng
Lhrough muslc, asLrology and Afrlcan dlaspora
LradlLlon. ConnecL wlLh Zena [ facebook.com/d[zena and conLacL her aL
bookd[zena[gmall.com for your nexL evenL!

Iaz Sm|th-Cruz, Co-Þroducer
!az ls a 8arber, vlsual arLlsL, auLhor, and producer of Lhe
8lvers of Poney n?C and 8lvers of Poney Þhllly experlence.
She began dolng 8lvers of Poney nlne years ago aL Lhe WCW
Cafe 1heaLer. Slnce Lhen, lL has Louched Lhe llves of many
women of color arLlsLs on Lhe easL coasL.

Shawn(ta) Sm|th-Cruz
ls a Co-Þroducer for 8lvers of Poney n?C. She ls
a llbrarlan, wrlLer, and dreamer. She founded
Lhe Cueer Pouslng naclonal llsLserv and en[oys
archlvlng black lesblan sLorles.

lor more lnformaLlon, Lo [oln us, perform, or
hear abouL oLher 8lvers evenLs, flnd us aL

k|vers of noney N¥C
A space and time…
we know our ancestors are all around us
highlighting the Art of Womyn of color
recognizes your worth
to release through ART
A space to heal
A space to share
A place where OUR ROOTS CAN HEAL
First Friday of Every Month in NYC
AGE 21+ over event
8lvers of Poney CabareL ln n?C ls aL Lhe WCW Cafe 1heaLer every
flrsL lrlday.
Learn more at http:]]r|versofhoney.com
k|vers of noney Þh|||y Apr|| 2014
1he 8lver 8uns 1hrough Per

Co-Þroduced by !eanlnne kayembe & 1rol Lauren & !az SmlLh-Cruz
Þrogram ueslgn: Shawn SmlLh-Cruz | LlghLs: kalldlah
With our Ancestors, we honor the Goddess & Orisha

Cshun, Ochun, Osun, Oxum, Ochún, Osun, Oxum
New Lma||: r|versofhoneynycQgma||.com