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Shajuana Isom-Payne, M.Ed.

Doctoral Candidate, Counselor Education Virginia Commonwealth Uni ersity, School o! Education si"ayne# $%&-&%%-%%&'
EDUC()I*+ Ph.D. Counselor Education, Doctoral Candidate, (ntici"ated ,raduation May -%./ Virginia Commonwealth Uni ersity, 0ichmond, V( (CACREP Accredited Doctoral Program) M.Ed. Counselor Education, -%%1 Virginia Commonwealth Uni ersity, 0ichmond, V( (CACREP Accredited Masters Program) 2.(. English, .''$ Virginia Commonwealth Uni ersity, 0ichmond, V(

3*+*0S (+D (4(0DS Mem5er 6 Co-Chair, Iota Lambda Omega, Chi Sigma Iota National Co nselor Ed cation !onor Societ", #C$ Cha%ter, S%ring &'() 0eci"ient, -%.1--%.& Mem5er, Strategic Partnershi", VCU 6 Uni ersity o! Cordo5a, S"ain 0eci"ient, -%.---%.1 International Strategic Initiati e (ward, VCU ,lo5al Education *!!ice *ac lt" De+elo%ment Seminar ,ith -oc s s rro nding the S%anish and Moroccan c lt res and the e--ect o- immigration on the c lt ral e.%erience/ 0his seminar %ro+ided a -o ndation -or re+ie, o- c rrent co rse c rric l m to de+elo% initiati+es and ne, c rric l m aimed at %rogressing global ed cation integration and a,areness/ 7aculty 3onorary Mem5er, Phi Eta Sigma National !onor Societ", #C$ Cha%ter, &'(& P0*7ESSI*+(8 E9PE0IE+CE 12'3 4 %resent ti+e Director o- Academic Ad+ising, $ni+ersit" College, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia

Pro+ide leadershi% and s %er+ision -or a team o- t,ent"5-i+e academic ad+isors, Director o- Pre5 !ealth2Pre5La, %rogram, Director o- Disco+er" %rogram ( ndeclared st dents), St dent Ser+ice O%erations manager, ad6 nct instr ctors, grad ate assistants, and %rogram coordinator Create %ro-essional de+elo%ment and training o%%ort nities2%rograms -or -ac lt" 7 sta-*acilitate con-lict resol tion and %er-ormance im%ro+ement %lans -or -ac lt" 7 sta-Enhanced -irst5"ear e.%erience co rse c rric l m to be incl si+e o- c lt ral a,areness and com%etenc" learning ob6ecti+es De+elo%ed the $ni+ersit" College Academic Ad+isor 0raining Man al -oc sing on ni+ersit" %olic" 7 %roced re, along ,ith e--ecti+e strategies -or engagement, o treach, and comm nication Maintain and allocate - nds -or 8(/) million dollar de%artmental b dget Lead -irst5"ear st dent retention e--orts (c rrent retention rate o- 9:;) that incl de 9:; in good academic standing Manage and maintain assessment o- academic ad+ising and *<E c rric l m

Manage academic ad+ising o%erations -or the $ni+ersit" College -or ),''' st dents and all st dents at the $ni+ersit" ,ith a %re5health ad+ising trac= and ndeclared st dent %o% lation &

Sha6 ana Isom5Pa"ne, M/Ed/ ('2': 4 12'3


Academic Ad+isor 7 Instr ctor, $ni+ersit" College, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia

Pro+ided com%rehensi+e academic ad+ising and career co nseling -or &'' st dent caseload Maintained 7 %ro+ided %dated ann al retention and doc mentation re%orts -or st dent caseload Monitored academic %rogress, sel-5e.%loration and decision5ma=ing %rocess, co rse sched les, and inter%ret ni+ersit" reg lations and %roced res -or st dents De+elo%ed c rric l m -or $NI# &3(> 0o%ics in ? siness -oc sed on e.%loration o- b siness ma6ors 7 careers Coordinated and de+elo%ed m lti%le o treach e+ents incl ding> Career E.%loration Lect re Series @ Pre5La, %rogramming@ Personal *inancial Planning ann al con-erence 7 ,or=sho%s Career Coach, De%artment o- O treach 7 Recr itment, A/ Sargeant Re"nolds Comm nit" College, Richmond, #irginia (s mmer ad6 nct -ac lt") Led disc ssion gro %s related to career e.%loration, decision5ma=ing %rocess, %roblem5sol+ing, academic s ccess strategies, academic %rograms o--ered at ASRCC, and %re%aration -or college *acilitated and led st dent %resentation -or #irginia BiCard (on5line career assessment) Assistant Director2Career Co nselor, $ni+ersit" Career Center, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia

'D2'D 4 ')2'1

Created, %lanned and cond cted reg lar career e.%loration classroom %resentations and ,or=sho%s Cond cted 7 inter%reted +ocational assessments (SIEIF, SDS, M?0I, Strong, Cam%bell, CareerGe") Coordinated and s %er+ised all as%ects o- m lti%le Career *airs -or o+er 1' em%lo"ers and :'' st dents De+elo%ed -irst Career De+elo%ment Con-erence (D5da") 5 incl ding &' em%lo"ers 7 o+er D'' st dent %artici%ants Re5designed and coordinated Co5O%2Internshi% Panel 7 Rece%tion -or 9'F st dents and D'F em%lo"ers Cond cted beha+ioral moc= inter+ie,s -or st dents and %ro+ided st dents ,ith -eedbac=
De+elo%ed and managed -irst Career De+elo%ment *oc s Ero % o- (' em%lo"ers> E--ecti+e St dent Res mes

')2'' 4 'D2'D

0ransition Co nselor2Program Manager, *irst <ear St dent Ser+ices, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia

Coordinated logistics -or St dent 0esting Ad+ising 7 Registration (S0AR) %rogram Ser+ed as academic ad+isor -or College o- ! manities 7 Sciences *acilitated small gro % and indi+id al co nseling regarding high school to college transition Managed 8&'',''' b dget, and administered %a"roll %roced res -or o+er ('' seasonal em%lo"ers Designed and s %er+ised orientation %rogram and Ann al *amil" Da" e+ents -or o+er &D'' -reshmen Created and s %er+ised ina g ral o+ernight orientation %rogram -or -reshmen (o+er 1' st dents2night) Recr ited, trained, and s %er+ised &' st dent ,or=ers each "ear Designed 7 s %er+ised Ne, St dent Con+ocation ceremon" -or D,''' st dents

)E(C3I+, (+D P0ESE+)()I*+ E9PE0IE+CES

Courses )aught

92'' 4 92'D and 92': 4 92('

O--ice o- Learning Inno+ation and St dent S ccess, $ni+ersit" College, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia D $NI# ('( Introd ction to the $ni+ersit" (?/A/2?/S/) $NI# ('& Mindset -or Academic S ccess (?/A/2?/S/)

Sha6 ana Isom5Pa"ne, M/Ed/

(2(' 4 12('

O--ice o- Learning Inno+ation and St dent S ccess, $ni+ersit" College, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia $NI# &3( E.%loring ? siness Ma6ors 7 Careers (?/A/2?/S/)

92'9 4 (&2'9

O--ice o- O treach and Retention, A/ Sargeant Re"nolds Comm nit" College, Richmond, #irginia SD# ('' St dent De+elo%ment (A/S/2A/A/S)

(2'H 4 '(2'9

O--ice o- Learning Inno+ation and St dent S ccess, $ni+ersit" College, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit", Richmond, #irginia $NI# ('D Ed cation and Career Planning (?/A/2?/S/)

,uest 8ectures and Presentations De+elo%ing leadershi% s=ills to b ild sel-5esteem/ In+ited as I7A %resenter -or elementar" school5age girls and %arents o- the Pendergast, AJ School District ()2&'()) Im%act o- st d" abroad on c lt ral identit" de+elo%ment and interc lt ral comm nication s=ills/ In+ited as g est lect rer -or the Elobal Ed cation Interc lt ral Comm nication, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (D2&'()) *inding <o r Moti+ation/ In+ited %resentation in English as Second Lang age $NI# ('( 4 Introd ction to the $ni+ersit", #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (32&'(D) Assessing Academic Ad+ising E--ecti+eness 7 St dent Learning/ In+ited %resentation to the #C$ *ac lt" Ad+isor" Co ncil Ann al Meeting, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (&2&'(D) Pro-essional De+elo%ment $sing Ser+ant and 0rans-ormational Leadershi%/ Elected to %resent =e"note d ring Erace E/ !arris Leadershi% Instit te Erad ation Ceremon", #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (('2&'(() Ma=ing the Erade> College S ccess 0ool=it/ In+ited %resentation to S%ring Academic S ccess Programming, Dee% R n !igh School (D2&'(() Career Co nseling -or the Millennial St dent/ In+ited %resentation to $ni+ersit" St dent A--airs -ac lt" d ring Ann al *all Planning Meeting, #irginia $nion $ni+ersit" ()2&''3)

Non5traditional Career O%tions -or Erad ates o- Co nselor Ed cation MasterKs Program/ In+ited %resentation in CLED :'(5Introd ction to Co nseling, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (('2&''H, ('2&''9, ('2&''3) )

Sha6 ana Isom5Pa"ne

Parental E idance ReL ired> A E ide to <o r ChildKs Career De+elo%ment/ In+ited %resentation -or Ann al *all *amil" Bee=end, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" (('2&''&, ('2&''3) Career Ma%%ing> Charting <o r Co rse $sing !olland Codes/ In+ited %resentation to high school st dent bod" as =e"note d ring -all assembl", Saint Eertr de !igh School (('2&''&) Ma=ing the Most o- <o r 0ransition/ In+ited %resentation to st dent %artici%ants o- S mmer Program Ceremon", Partnershi% -or the * t re, Mar=el Cor%oration (H2&''()

SUPE0VISI*+ (2&'(D 4 12&'(D (2&'(& 4 12&'(& 92&'(( 4 (&2&'(( (2&'(( 4 12&'((


Internshi% S %er+isor, M/Ed/ Co nselor Ed cation Program, School o- Ed cation, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" Internshi% S %er+isor, M/Ed/ Co nselor Ed cation Program, School o- Ed cation, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" Practic m S %er+isor, M/Ed/ Co nselor Ed cation Program, School o- Ed cation, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit" Practic m S %er+isor, M/Ed/ Co nselor Ed cation Program, School o- Ed cation, #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit"

Eibson, D/M/, 7 Isom5Pa"ne, S/ (in %ress)/ Constr cti+ist a%%roaches to co nseling children/ In S/A/ Smith 7 C/ 0 c=er (Eds/), Counseling children and adolescents: Connecting theory, development, and diversity (%%/ M)/ 0ho sand Oa=s, CA> SAEE P blications/
P0*7ESSI*+(8 DEVE8*PME+)

National Association -or Academic Ad+isors Ann al Con-erence@ Nash+ille, 0N@ October &'(& A/ Sargeant Re"nolds Comm nit" College 0he Art 7 Science o- Online Ed cation Con-erence@ Richmond, #A@ October &'(& #C$ Erace E/ !arris Leadershi% De+elo%ment Instit te@ Richmond, #A@ Aan ar" &'(( 4 October &'(( 0he Association -or A thentic, E.%eriential, and E+idence5?ased Learning Regional Con-erence@ ?lac=sb rg, #A@ No+ember &'((

Sha6 ana Isom5Pa"ne

National Academic Ad+ising Association Regional Con-erence@ Charlottes+ille, #A@ A%ril &'(( *irst5<ear E.%erience National Con-erence@ Atlanta, EA@ *ebr ar" &'(( NS %%orting Militar" St dents in 0ransition to Ci+ilian LearningO@ Bor=sho%@ #irginia Common,ealth $ni+ersit"@ *ebr ar" &'(' N? ilding the *rame,or=> Ad+ising as a 0eaching and Learning ProcessO@ Bebinar@ Richmond, #A@ A g st, &'(' 1 NBomen #eterans Ret rning to Cam% s> E.%loring the Militar" and Eender 0ransition Iss esO@ Bebinar@ Richmond, #A@ Se%tember &'(' #irginia Association -or Colleges and Em%lo"ers Ann al Con-erence@ Charlottes+ille, #A@ A%ril &'') NCon-lict Management and Resol tionO@ Bor=sho%@ S=illPath Seminars@ No+ember &''D N!o, to Comm nicate E--ecti+el"O@ Bor=sho%@ S=illPath Seminars@ No+ember &''D N!o, to Pro%erl" $se and $tiliCe the Strong Interest In+entor" 7 M"ers ?riggs 0ools -or Career AssessmentO@ Bor=sho%@ Cons lting Ps"chologist Press@ March &''D

P0*7ESSI*+(8 P0ESE+)()I*+S +ational Presentations Pa"ne, S/I/, 7 Anderson, A/ (October, &'(&)/ All ,ho ,onder are not lost> tiliCing the ad+ising ePort-olio and sel-5 re-lection -or ndeclared and e.%lorator" st dents/ Pre5con-erence ,or=sho% -or the National Academic Ad+ising Association, Nash+ille, 0N/ Pa"ne, S/I/ (October, &'())/ A ,orld o- di--erence> re-lecting on c lt ral identit" a,areness and com%etenc"/ Bor=sho% %ro%osal s bmission -or So thern Association -or Co nselor Ed cators Ann al Con-erence, ?irmingham, AL/ Pa"ne, S/I/ (October, &'())/ A ,orld o- di--erence> re-lecting on c lt ral identit" a,areness and com%etenc"/ Bor=sho% %ro%osal s bmission -or Association o- American Colleges and $ni+ersities Elobal Learning in College Con-erence, Minnea%olis, MN/ 0egional Presentations Pa"ne, S/I/ 7 Martin, M/ (A%ril, &''D)/ A ne, s%in on the career -air> career de+elo%ment con-erence/ Presentation at the #irginia Association o- Colleges and Em%lo"ers con-erence in Charlottes+ille, #A/

American Co nseling Association (ACA) Association -or Co nselor Ed cation and S %er+ision (ACES) American School Co nselor Association (ASCA) National Association -or Academic Ad+isors (NACADA)

P0*7ESSI*+(8 SE0VICE Co nselor Ed cation

Ad+isor" Co ncil -or Erad ate Program *ac lt" Search Committee Chi Sigma Iota Co nselor Ed cation National !onor Societ"

Shajuana Isom-Payne Academic A--airs2O--ice o- the Pro+ost Elobal Learning Ad+isor" Panel International St dent and Scholar Ad+isor" Panel 0eam5a thor te.t -or $NI# ('(> Introd ction to the $ni+ersit", Strategies for Success #C$ Elobe 0as= *orce Engaging Across Di--erence 0as= *orce Chair, $ni+ersit" College Co rse C rric l m Committee Chair, 0rans-er Center Ad+isor Search Committee *oc sed InL ir" *ac lt" Search Committee St dent A--airs 0eam5a thor te.t -or #C$ ('(> Introd ction to the $ni+ersit", This is Not Grade Thirteen Li+ing5Learning Comm nit" De+elo%ment Committee Chair, Personal *inancial Planning Con-erence Committee Career De+elo%ment 0as= *orce Chair, E+ents Committee -or $ni+ersit" Career Center Chair o- Orientation Collaboration Committee Co5Chair, S0AR (St dent 0esting, Ad+isor" 7 Registration) Ad+isor" Committee Leadershi% 7 Ser+ice A,ards Planning 7 Selection Committee Director o- Ne, St dent Program Search Committee Director o- Residential Li-e and !o sing Search Committee School o- the Arts Director o- Academic Ad+ising Search Committee C*MMU+I); SE0VICE

Assistant Eirl Sco t Leader, Shad" 0rails Di+ision, Elen Allen, #A (&''H5Present) #ice President, Membershi%, Dee% R n !igh School P0SA, Elen Allen, #A (&'(& 4 &'(D) Co5Chair, C lt ral Arts Committee, Short P m% Middle School P0A, Elen Allen, #A (&''35&'(') A diting Committee, Short P m% Middle School P0A, Elen Allen, #A (A g st &''3) P0A ti+e ?oard Member, Recording Secretar", Colonial 0rail Elementar" School, Elen Allen, #A (&''95 &''3) P0A ti+e ?oard Member, La" Ad+isor" Re%resentati+e, Colonial 0rail Elementar" School, Elen Allen, #A (&''H5&''9) Al%ha Ga%%a Al%ha Sororit", Incor%orated, Pi Rho Omega Cha%ter, Chester-ield, #A (&''95Present)