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serena kuebler

Media Arts 8

1. Q: please write a paragraph about what you learned about each eating disorder. A: the two eating disorders that we learned about were anorexia nervosa and bulimia. I know some things about anorexia from previous experiences that Id prefer not to talk about at the moment. But some of the things that I learned though within the time of this project were many. First of all, the most surprising thing that I picked up was the causes of anorexia. I thought that it was only the media which caused it, but I was wrong. This disease can be caused by so many different things. Psychological; thinking youre not skinny enough, media, family problems, etc. etc. etc I also learned an interesting fact about anorexics; they never tend to cook meals for themselves but instead for everyone else. I actually never did know this. I chose to do anorexia with Patricia instead of bulimia because I have, uhm lets say an experience with it, so I decided to let others expand their knowledge on this. 2. Q: what were the most interesting points of your persons video and their personal battles? A: I have to say that Patricia and I totally forgot to add a video to our prezi. But the guys (Santiago & Taranvir) had one on theirs. It was not a true story, but a fake one showing the daily lives of an anorexic. There were two girls and they showed how anorexics would act, what they would do, and how to help them. 3. Q: why did you choose your song? Write a paragraph describing how music/pop culture/media shapes our minds around beauty and body image. A: since we decided to split up into groups of two (2groups,) we agreed on choosing two songs since not all of the group could agree on one. Patricia and I chose the song yellow by ColdPlay, and Santiago and Taranvir chose numb by Linkin Park. I heard yellow a while back and really enjoyed it. Not just for its beat and all that, but the meaning of the lyrics made me actually really think. I cant recite the lyrics right at the moment because I dont have them right in front of m, but if I did I would give a whole bunch of different examples. Moving on, pop culture and media twist and turn the never resting image of beauty. What was beautiful 60 or 70 years ago is nothing like what beauty is now a days. Back then, a size 10-12 was considered being beautiful. This was all because people wanted to see happy and healthy models and celebrities and just people in general. Some examples of that would be Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, and Sophia Loren. These women were considered beautiful because they took care of themselves.

But turning to now, beauty has a whole different meaning. You see runway models now, and they look like twigs. They obviously are not taking care of their bodies, and this is taking the toll on them. But its what the media and people are dying to see, right? 4. Q: Give a mark out of 10 for each group member and explain why they deserve that mark. 5. A: Santiago 8. I think that he deserves this mark for many reasons. From the work that I saw him do, he did a great amount and I think he really learned a lot from it. But I decreased his mark because at various he times he was being very un co-operative with the rest of the group. Taranvir 7 .Taranvir wasnt really into doing his work and complained a buit about it and the other group members. Thats the only wrong thing that he did to lower his mark in my eyes. Otherwise I found he had a great time collaborating with the other portion of the group. Patricia 8. Patricia showed good skills in working with me. She got her fair share of the work done inside and outside the classroom. But she was off task a bit during class. Me 7 . I feel I deserve this mark because I was off task (I had to admit) a lot of the time. In my work I showed great knowledge and I didnt just copy paste and plagiarize the whole thing. I did my fair share of the work in and outside of the class and it was on time.