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Contents: Section 1: Overview of Assessments & Process Section 2: Getting Started – Logging In for the First Time Section 3: Assessments


Overview of Assessments
The main components used in the PeopleKeys assessment process are:

DISC Assessment: The DISC Personality and Behavioral System is one of the most validated and reliable of any temperament assessment, and is known as “the universal language of behavior”. PeopleKeys uses DISC to aid employers in helping to find new hires that are not only able to do the job for which they are hired, but also motivated to work in that specific environment. With existing employees, the assessment opens a doorway to communication, understanding, and appreciation to improve employee-manager relationships, teamwork, and employee-customer relationships…which leads to improved customer satisfaction. TEAMS Assessment: This assessment is used by PeopleKeys to help employers learn about how individuals perform in a team environment. The TEAMS assessment evaluates a candidate’s team thinking style in terms of the role and functions they are best suited to perform and whether these match the specific job requirements. The assessment identifies five key roles in team performance: Creative Problem Solving, Job Follow Through, Quality Control, Efficient Management of Resources, and the ability to Develop Forward Thinking Strategies. Workplace Values Assessment: The Values assessment measures four internal motivators in the workplace. While the Temperament assessment describes overt needsdriven motivators, Workplace Values looks at the hidden motivators which guide responses to particular situations. Long term retention issues generally have a high correlation value when compared to the specific workplace values requirements of a particular position, and are thus critical to hiring and team selection. A person exhibiting the need for high Personal Freedom would not perform well in a highly structured and regulated environment but might excel at an outside sales opportunity.

These components are assessed and reported to you and the individuals taking the assessments to aid in placement into service. Using this approach, you receive a full view of each member and the unique traits they bring to your organization. Let’s get started with the assessment process. Following are some important terms your account administrator should be aware of while using this guide.


Important Terms Referred to in this Guide: Account: The main PeopleKeys account for your account Administrators. DISC, TEAMS, Values and other assessments that may be used to assist in placement. Any accounts “under” your main account. The portion of PeopleKeys used to track Groups of candidates. Includes: Administrator – has master rights to all accounts and sub accounts, users, permissions, etc. Manager – can view all areas that an Administrator can, but cannot make changes or purchases. Can view ALL USERS and PARTICPANTS. User – has rights to take and view reports for their OWN assessment only Participant – can take assessments, but cannot view reports A pre-determined set of assessment results criteria. Individuals’ scores are evaluated according to the benchmark to determine the people who are “best fit” for a position.

PeopleKeys Assessments:

Sub-Account: Tracking System:

Permissions Levels:




Getting Started
1. 2. Go to Click “Existing User Sign In” (See Figure below)


Enter User ID and Password as assigned. (See Figure below)

 If you would like the system to remember you so you do not have to enter your
information next time, click “Remember Me”. You will remain logged in for 7 days.

 

Check the box to agree to Terms and Conditions (required) Click “Sign In” button



You will now be in the PeopleKeys Portal Home Page for your Account. Your screen may a have a custom logo, but should look similar to the following figure (some choices may not be available on your screen):

This is your Home Screen.



Quick Start to Assessments
This section will give you detailed instructions on how to: 1. 2. 3. Add Assessments to your system. Distribute Assessments for individuals to take. View Assessment results.

1. From your Home Screen, go to the ASSESSMENTS box. Click “Add/Purchase Assessments”.


The following screen will be displayed. Choose to add the “Hiring Report” Assessment by clicking “Add/Purchase”.



The next screen will allow you to purchase and add the assessments to your account.

Apply to Account: Choose the appropriate account to add the assessments into. If you have a sub-account, you would choose it at this time by clicking the + button to reveal the account. Number of Participants: Choose the number of assessments/participants you wish to add. One Use Per User: Click the “One Use Per User” box to allow 1 assessment turn for each email address. If you would like to allow more than 1 assessment per email address, then do not check the box. It is typical to have the box checked. Custom Exit URL: You may wish to put your church web site here for users to be sent back to after completing the assessments. Note: You must enter http:// preceding the web address. Report Style: Choose “Standard Report” in the drop-down box. If you

have a custom report configured, you may choose it here.
• User Permissions: Choose a permission level for the people who will take this assessment. It will most likely be User or Participant: User – has rights to take and view reports for their OWN assessment only Participant – can take assessments, but cannot view reports –

this is typical for hiring purposes.
Manager – can view all areas that an Administrator can, but cannot make changes or purchases. Can view ALL USERS and PARTICPANTS. 6

Administrator – has master rights to all accounts and sub accounts, users, permissions, etc. • Assessment Name: You may re-name this assessment to suit your needs. Example: Hiring Report. Assessment Expires: Put an expiration date where no one will be able to enter and take assessments any longer Send Reports to Email Address: If you would like a copy of the all the assessment reports to go to a specific person as individuals complete the assessments, enter that email address here. Total Cost: This will be calculated at $0.00 for yearly licensed users, or will calculate by the number of assessments you are adding to your account. Click the “Add/Purchase” button


You will be directed to a screen with the assessment information:

The Key Code will be what you distribute to the individuals whom you direct to take the assessments.


At this point, you will distribute the Key Code to individuals to take the assessments. Direct them to (or the link that is given to you) to sign up to take the assessments.

1. 2. From your Home Screen, go to the ASSESSMENTS box. Click “View Assessments”. Find the assessment group for which you wish to view results and click “View Participants”. You will be able to view and print individual reports as well as see results for benchmarking if applicable.



The next screen will have the assessment information listed and give you the opportunity to take several actions: • • • • View individual’s results and print reports View benchmark results of group and compare to different benchmarks Create Groups of individuals for tracking purposes Update Assessment information (expiration date, email report to, assessment name, exit URL) Send email to selected individuals


View Individual’s Results: • Click “View Results” next to the individual’s name. 8

The following screen will be displayed:

• • • •

Click the black bars with section title to view a report section. Click “Download Report as PDF” to receive a PDF copy of the report Click “Print Entire Report” to receive an HTML copy of the report Click “Print Specific Report Sections” to only print certain sections. You will be able to choose which sections print.

B. View Benchmark Results: • Click the in the black bar to sort results according to “green” (excellent match), “yellow” (possible match) or “red” (low match) for a particular benchmark:


To look at the individuals compared to a different benchmark, click the “Benchmark” drop down box and choose another benchmark to sort people against:

Once you’ve chosen a new benchmark, you can see the results of your group according to that benchmark:


Create Groups of individuals for tracking purposes • Note: Be sure to create your Groups first in the Resources section. (see “Tracking Module” guide to learn more about creating and using groups) You can create a group of particular individuals for tracking, or simply to have certain people grouped together for a specific purpose. To create a group, select check boxes next to individuals’ names. You can individually select, or use the “Select” option at the bottom of the screen to select All, “Green” (according to the current benchmark), “Yellow”, “Red” or Incomplete individuals. Once you have selected the individuals you would like to group, choose “Send to Group” at the bottom of the page.


The “Add to Group” dialog box will be displayed. Choose the group you wish to add these individuals to. You will receive notification at the top of the screen that your group members have been added.

D. Edit Assessment Information • Change any information and click “Update”


Send Email to Selected Individuals • Select the Individuals to whom you wish to send an email, and choose “Send Email” at the bottom of the page. The send Email dialog box will be displayed:

Fill the subject of the email and the text in the Body section. Click “Send” to send the email to the previously selected users. You will receive notification at the top of the screen that your email has been sent.

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