EXT. BUSINESS DISTRICT - DAY Fade in. 1: Traffic outside a fancy glass business buildings. Hear cars honking.

Everything in the city seems to be made out of plastic. Every single tree and flower on the roadside are identical. The street is filled with people going to work. 2: Jane,30 skinny and short,walks on the street. She holds a coffee cup and a plastic takeout box. She seems to be exhausted, low energy with her dark, heavy eyebags. 3: Forget-me-not flower petal flies up from the ground. Petal flies up to the nearby business building, a hand sticking out with a bottle in hand. 4: The hand throws a glass bottle out of a building. Ariel view of Jane's head. The bottle descending to her head. EXT. JANE'S BUILDING - DAY 1: JANE walks inside as the sliding door closes behind her. INT. JANE'S BUILDING LOBBY - DAY 1: JANE walks into the elevator, full of people (blurred). Door closes. 2: Elevator floor light goes from 4 to 5 to 6. 3: JANE, only one in the elevator, leaves the elevator. INT. CUBICLE OFFICE AISLE- DAY 1: JANE (carrying her lunch box) walks pass many same looking cubicles, to the end of the office. INT. CUBICLE -DAY 1: JANE sets her lunch box down. 2: A coffee, with a big old computer on the desk. Jane looks behind the computer. 3: JANE blank stares at the poster on the cubicle wall. Zoom out to EXTREME WIDE SHOT:

4: Two tall piles of paper on each side of her desk is revealed. 5: JANE takes a sip of the coffee, and sets it down on the right side of the desk behind the tall pile of paper. She pushes a pile of paper a little over the side to put her coffee down. 6: Sees the swirl on the surface of coffee. 7: JANE blank stares at the poster on wall. 8: Clock strikes 1pm. Phone rings off-screen. 9: JANE reaches for the phone. 10: Sees ringing phone. 11: She answers the phone with a monotone voice. JANE EIG insurance accounting department. This is Jane. 12: Only noise is heard through the phone. JANE Hello? 13: More noise through the phone. 14: Now see JANE talking on phone through her wall mirror. 15: A guy's voice, 30, is heard. He is mourning. His voice is a bit low, seems like without much energy. GUY (Long gasp) Crueeeel-lesst... 16: JANE Hel...hello? 17: Guy on the other line keep on gasping, but his voice is getting louder. Seems as if he is fighting for a breath of air. GUY Hoool-Loooww...... Memm-mmmories (panting) 18: JANE pulls away the phone a little bit,panics. JANE Wha..what? Who...who's this? 19: GUY sounds like he is struggling.

GUY ... ex-Haleeee...Moo-re...n Moo-re (panting). 20: JANE Sir! Sir! Hello? 21: Guy in long gasp, sounds out of breath. His voice is getting distant. 22: JANE Hello? Is..is this a prank call? If it.. JANE is interrupted. 23: GUY (long gasp) Waaassste...... Laaaand ...(gasp) GUY's voice is no longer heard. Call is hanged up, with the DO-DO sound. 24: JANE puts down her phone. Stares at the phone with anger. 25: She whispers. JANE Psycho! A beat 26: JANE finally looks at her lunch box between the two piles of paper. 27: JANE opens the lunch box. 28: She starts chewing the steak. 29: And typing at the same time. 30:She starts chewing the steak. 31: And typing at the same time. 32: She starts chewing the steak. 33: And typing at the same time.

34: She starts chewing the steak. 35: Sees coffee behind the pile of paper. 36: JANE leans forward to reach for her coffee (behind pile of paper on right side of desk, hidden) 37: GHOSTLY SHADOW's hand , out from the garbage can besides the desk, grabs JANE's hand. 38: JANE jumps, she looks down on her lap, nothing is there. 38: JANE looks down at the floor, nothing is there. 39: Nervous, slowly lean to the right (where the coffee is) to look at what it might be that grabbed her hand. Nothing's there again. The coffee is still there. 40: JANE then realizes that her trash can is overloaded. 41: JANE approaches to trashcan and take out trash. INT. OFFICE KITCHEN - DAY 1: JANE walks in and turns on light on the light switch. The office kitchen is dim-lighted. There is a small refrigerator, a small rounded desk next to refrigerator, and a metal door mounted on the wall for collecting of trash throughout the building. 2: JANE pulls the door open. She tries to fit the trash bag in, but can't. The trash bag is twice her size. 3: She pushes and pushes harder. 4: JANE pushes even harder. 5: JANE exhausted. Third of the trash bag went it. 6: JANE getting her breath. 7: She pushes harder, trash bag and her hands go through the door. 8: JANE trips, both feet off the ground, 9: Sees JANE falls into the door. 10: POV OUTSIDE THE METAL DOOR: Jane holds one hand up, tries to grasp onto something. Trash falls out of the trash bag shattering around her.

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