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10.1 Enter into dialogue with the author of “Ex Nihilo” (Dr. de Villiers – prescribed text book) on the following topic: “Defend both in turn the Young-Earth Theory and the Old Earth Theory. Motivate your answers” 1. INTRODUCTION. (A) The Hexaemeron, or the Work of the separate Days. After the creation of the universe out of nothing in a moment of time, the existing chaos was gradually changed into a cosmos, a habitable world, in six successive days. Before the work of the separate days is indicated, the question as to the length of the days of creation calls for a brief discussion. (B) Consideration of the view that they were literal days. The prevailing view has always been that the days of Genesis 1 are to be understood as literal days. Some of the early Church Fathers did not regard them as real indications of the time in which the work of creation was completed, but rather as literary forms in which the writer of Genesis cast the narrative of creation, in order to picture the work of creation – which was really completed in a moment of time – in an orderly fashion for human intelligence. It was only after the comparatively new science of geology and paleontology came forward with their theories of the enormous age of the earth, that the theologians began to show and inclination to identify the days of creation with the long geological ages. (C) The literal interpretation of the term “day” in Gen. I is favored by the following considerations: (a) In its primary meaning the word “ yom” denotes a natural day; and it is a good rule in exegesis, not to depart from the primary meaning of a word, unless this is required by the context. Dr. Noortzij stresses the fact that this word simply does not mean anything else than “day” such as this is known by man on earth. (b) The author of Genesis would seem to shut us up absolutely to the literal interpretation by adding in the case of every day the words, “and there was evening and there was morning” Each one of the days mentioned has just one evening and morning, something that would hardly apply to a period of thousands of years. And if it should be said that the periods of creation were extraordinary days, each one consisting of one long day and one long night, then the question naturally arises, What would become of all the vegetation during the long, long night? (c) In Ex/ 20:9-11 Israel is commanded to labor six days and to rest on the seventh, because Jehovah made the heaven and earth in six days and rested on the seventh day. Sound exegesis would seem to require that the word “day” be taken in the same sense in both instances. Moreover the Sabbath set aside for rest certainly was a literal day; and the presumption is that the other days were of the same kind. (d) The last three days were certainly ordinary days, for they were determined by the sun in the usual way. While we cannot be absolutely sure that the preceding

days did differed ordinary required

not differ from them at all in length, it is extremely unlikely that they form them, as periods of thousands upon thousands of years differ from days. The question may also be asked, why such a long period should be for instance for the separation of light and darkness.

Gen 1:1 In the beginning ELOHIM /YHVH created the heaven and the earth. / E-Sword 2. LOOKING AT THE BEGINNING. Taken from Page 2 Dr. de Villiers “ The first few chapters of the Bible have been an embarrassment for many Christians as far as science is concerned. Throughout the centuries there has been an ongoing conflict between science and the Bible and it is intended to discuss along these lines” -( taken from E44 Creation “Ex Nihilo” Christian Life”) 1. Strengthen SCRIPTURAL/HEBREW faith. 2. Erase doubts on SCRIPTURAL reliability concerning Creation. 3. Reach evangelically those who reject the SCRIPTURES

The SCRIPTURES. · The uttermost apostasy is now the “Da Vinci Code” Where there is stated that Jesus and Maria Magdalena had a sexual relationship and had a child and a lot of other frequent argues also about the trustworthiness of the Scripture as The true Word (and only Word of God). · Regarding the evidence of creation given in Genesis 1 and the supposed evidence of fossils and fissionable minerals in the geological evidence that the Earth is billion of years old. Other viewpoints “based on so called science” (but we have to remember that evolution is not science but a believe system.) “Evolution” and the “Age of the earth” · Well none of the above mentioned or unnamed arguments is the real issue! The true issue is that what I believe that the Bible is the only true Word of YHVH and that you cannot take away or added unto it. That’s Authority! · Now the question is can we believe in the Bible? A BIG YES! 3. WHAT IS THE Scriptures ; The Scriptures & Torah is YHVH covenant and direct manner of command us to obey, consisting of the Old and New Testament, it is the most informal useful and important Book on any subjects. And to keep the Sabbath. Bibliology: A study of the Scriptures . (comes from “biblos” meaning book.) As in studying the Bible we need to look briefly at some short topics. Ø Supernatural: Why do we value the Scriptures so highly? Because it is the Word of YHVH, because it is His Revelation to us, and because it is supernatural in nature. Ø The super naturalness: of the Word is seen in the fact that there is a complete unity of thought throughout the book. It is a self declaration of Elohim, not

man’s view of Him. It is a system of Him. It is a system of life that works. This has been testified to through all generations. Finally there is no way that man could have come up with the thoughts and principles of the Scriptures and Torah (1rst 5 books in Scriptures). Ø Authenticity: The Scripture is trustworthy, credible and authentic. Yahashua authenticated the Old Testament in His use of it. Ø Genuineness: This relates to the questions of dating and authorship. Were the books of the Scriptures written by the man that the book states, and at the time indicated? If not they are not genuine, yet if they are, then they are genuine. Ø Preservation and revelation: We will and can see in the Scriptures that it is revealed that it is the Word of YHVH. We see that it is complete, trustworthy, and genuine. We will see that we can, and should understand the Scriptures as we study, that it is the only guide for our life here on earth & to obey the commandments of Elohim. Ø Miracles: The Old Testament is based on the Miracle of YHVH revealing Himself during the Exodus from Egypt and the division of the Red Sea. The New Testament’s credibility is based on the naming of its witnesses and that Jesus rose from the dead (1 Cor 15:14-17) Ø Unity: The 66 books of the Scriptures was written over a long period of time like 1,600 years Plus minus, ant tell the one unfolding amazing story that is confirmed through the whole Book. (Old and new Testament) Ø Historical and Geographical Accuracy: Modern archeologists proved reliable evidence of people, places and cultures as described in the Scriptures. Just as divergent the geographic locations are the various books. Ø Prophetic Accuracy : Central to the Old Testament the prophecy of Jesus was fulfilled in the New Testament. Most of these predicted events are fulfilled and we read all about it in the Word. Ø Endorsement by Yahashua : Yahashua recommended the Scriptures and to obey and read Torah with His whole life. He spoke and say “it is written” several times. He endorsed the Old Testament and that it contained the story about His life (John 5:39-40) History proves that His life surpasses every other human who was ever born from creation until now. Ø Survival of the Bible: The Scriptures is the most loved and simultaneously hated Book ever written. 500 years before the earliest Hindu scriptures the books of Moses were already written. The Scriptures a Measuring Tool: Ø Language translated book : To date it is the world’s most translated book ever in the universe and the bestseller of them all. Ø The Scriptures changes lives by the reading power and the Ha Kodesh: It is proven that through many years, history books and testimonies that those whose lives has been changed by the Bible is the only true testimonies of time. The Ten Commandments is used to direct moral lifestyles. The Sermon on the Mount gave millions and still today an antidote for stubbornness and legalism. Changed

witnesses are a lot we can’t even count them because not all is written down. Ø The Scriptures changes Nations: Even entire nations like the Celts of Ireland, The Vikings of Norway, and for today nations like Korea (South) through teaching by Paul Yonki Cho has changed a whole Nation, we can carry on testimonies of governmental changes in a lot of states was so radical that the prisons is empty and the police have not work, they write out just a few parking tickets.

Therefore: there is enough evidence for the Scriptures and Teaching the Torah, that it is the true Word spoken and written down by men over a period of time – no man /human can come through anything think out or statement what so ever to not agree. Even a so called Atheist when in trouble called out “O! God help me! Isn’t this ironic? Sometime will come and soon that ever knee will bow and ever tong confessed that Yahashua was Lord and everything written in the Scriptures was and is still is the True Revelation of ONE TRUE CREATOR YHVH. Maria 4. MAIN POINTS ; CREATION VERSUS EVOLUTION. Dr. de Villiers : (page 2) Verse 1 “bara” infers that God had created the whole Universe and earth out of nothing. I want to explain the above point as follows : 4 points in the order of (a) – (d) Creation as an act by which something is brought forth out of nothing: (a) The doctrine of creation is absolutely unique. There’s been a great deal of speculation about the origin of the world, and several theories have been proposed. Some declared the world to be eternal, while others saw in it the product of an antagonistic spirit (Gnostics). Some maintained that it was made out of pre-existing matter which God worked up into form (Plato); 0thers held that its originated by emanation out of the divine substance (Syrian Gnostics, Swedenborg); and still 0hers regarded it as the phenomenal appearance of the Absolute, the hidden ground of all things (Pantheism). In opposition to all these vain speculations of men the doctrine of Scripture stands out in grand sublimity: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (b) Scriptural terms for “ to create” In the narrative of cration, as was pointed out in the preceding, three verbs are used, namely, “bara’, ‘asah, and yatsar, and they are (b) Scriptural terms continue. “used, interchangeably in Scripture, Gen 1:26,27; 2:7. The first word is the most important. Its original meaning is to split, to cut, to divide; but in addition to this it also means to fashion, to create, and in a more derivative sense, to produce, to generate, and to regenerate. The word itself does not convey the idea of bringing forth something out of nothing, for it is even used of works of providence. Yet it has a distinctive character. The word ‘asah” is more general, meaning to do or to make, and is therefore used

in the general sense of doing, making, manufacturing or fashioning. The word “yatsar” has, more distinctively, the meaning of fashioning out of pre-existent materials, and is therefore used of the potter’s fashioning vessels out of clay. None of these words in themselves express the idea of creation out of nothing. “(the doctrine of God – Systematic Theology page 132) (c) Meaning of the term “creation out of nothing” : ” The expression “ to create or bring forth out of nothing” is not found in the Scripture. It is derived from one of the Apocrypha, namely, II. Macc. 7:28. the expression “ex nihilo “ has been both misinterpreted and criticized. Some even considered the word hihilum (nothing) as the designation of a certain matter out of which the world was created, a matter without qualities and without form. But this is too puerile to be worthy of serious consideration. Others took the expression – “to create out of nothing” to mean that the world came into being without a cause, and proceeded to criticize it as conflicting with what is generally regarded as an axiomatic truth, “ ex nihilo nihil fit” (out of nothing comes nothing). But this criticism is entirely unwarranted. To say that God created the world out of nothing is not equivalent to saying that the world came into being without a cause. ELOHIM Himself or, more specifically, the will of God is the cause of the world. Martensen: expresses himself in these words: “ The nothing out of which YHVH creates the world are the eternal possibilities of His will, which are the sources of all the actualities of the world.” If the Latin phrase “ex nihilo nihil fit” be taken to mean that no effect can be without a cause, it’s the doctrine of creation out of nothing. But if it be understood to express the idea that nothing can originate, except out of previously existing material, it certainly cannot be regarded as a self-evident truth. Then it is rather a purely arbitrary assumption which as Shedd points out, does not even hold true of man’s thoughts and volitions, which are “ex nihilo”. But even if the phrase does express a truth of common experience as far as human works are concerned, this does not yet prove its truth with respect to the work of the almighty power of YHVH. However, in view of the fact that the expression “creation out of nothing” is liable to misunderstanding, and has often been misunderstood, it is preferable to speak of creation without the use of pre-existing material.” (d) Scriptural basis for the doctrine of creation out of nothing. Gen. 1:1 records the beginning of the work of creation, and it certainly does not represent YHVH as bringing the world forth out of pre-existent material. It was creation out of nothing, creation in the strict sense of the word, and therefore the only part of the work recorded in Gen.1 to which Calvin would apply the term. But even in the remaining part of the chapter YHVH is represented as calling forth all things by the word of His power, by a simple divine fiat. The same truth is taught in such passages as Ps 33:6,9 and 148:5. The strongest passage is Heb. 11:3 (lets read it taken from e-Sword) Heb 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of YHVH, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Creation is here represented as a fact which we apprehend only by faith. By faith we understand (perceive, not comprehend) that the world was framed or fashioned by the word of YHVH, that is, the Word of YHVH ‘S power, the divine fiat, so that the things which are seen, the visible things of this world, were not made out of things which do appear, which are visible, and which are at least occasionally see. According to this passage the world certainly was not made out of anything

that is palpable to the senses. Another passage that may be quoted in this connection is Romans 4:7, which speaks of YHVH, “who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were” (Moffatt: ”who makes the dead alive and calls into being what does not exist”) The apostle, it is true, does not speak of the creation of the world in this connection, but of the hope of Abraham that he would have a son. However, the description here given of YHVH is general and is therefore also of a general application. It belongs to the very nature of YHVH that He is able to call into being what does not exist, and does so call it into being. Maria,: In above 4 points we as readers and human beings can be very thankful for translating, the right understanding and the True Word of YHVH again, which clearly show the bright shining light on this subject. Nothing more can be stated or said that is more clearly than YHVH and Himself knowing what He is doing even through speaking a Word. YHVH AND MAN. (In creation) Page 22. Dr. de Villiers explain the evolutionary theory about man’s ancestry “ can be traced back to a common ancestor which supposedly had given rise to the ape “ Also on page 22 showing the Figure of the Hominids, (all outward appearance of sketches is purely fictitious” These following about the hominids : “The hominids are all considered to have come independently from a chain of supposed generalized ancestors whose fossils also have not yet been found. Anthropologists acknowledge that all the hominids have died out excepting.”

Gen 1:26 And YHVH said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. Gen 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 1. THE HAPPINESS OF HUMANITY Some of the earlier philosophers such as Plato, Philo, and Seneca, asserted that the goodness of YHVH prompted Him to create the world. He sired to communicate Himself to His creatures; their happiness was the end He had in view. Though some Christian theologians chimed in with this idea, it became prominent especially through the Humanism and also the evolution theory. The best form in which it is stated is to the effect that YHVH could not make Himself the end of creation, because He is sufficient unto Himself and could need nothing. And if He could not make Himself the end, then this can be found only in the creature, especially in man, and ultimately in his supreme happiness. 2 THE ORIGEN OF MAN If you like titles, you might try the following for this section, Origin of the Originals. Ø The secular anthropologist has a dim view of man. They view him as only an integrated part of the natural order. He has form, and must obey the same laws of nature as the other animal life. He is like a laboratory where chemicals are

processed. He takes in materials for his own use and processes them as do the other animals. Ø It would seem that our mothers missed the boat when they named us. My name should be S.D. Laboratories. If man is nothing but one of the (apes) animals and nothing more than a part of the natural order then man is a product of nature, rather than YHVH. We know better because of the knowledge we gain from the Word of YHVH and the Scriptures and Torah. Ø The two major systems of thought today, as to the origin of man are Evolution and Biblical creationism. The evolutionary side is based on speculation, conjecture and assumption and lots of the latter. Biblical creationism is based upon the Revelation of YHVH to man It is truth in all that it communicates and can be accepted as such. Ø The evolutionist offers many proofs, but no PROOF as such. They have presented many things over the years and Christianity has been kind enough to shoot all of them down. Indeed, evolution had been laid to rest in the religious circles as a false teaching, until a few years ago when Carl Sagan decided to make a bundle of money on the resurrected evolutionary theories of the past. He is a very good communicator and has been able to gain the capital to produce some very fine television shows to push his new, yet old ideas. Ø Within the evolutionary proponents we have two basic camps. The out and out evolutionist that holds to The Darwinian thinking and the Biblical people that want to allow for the evolutionist in Biblical circles (these are the Theistic evolutionists) Ø We are created in YHVH’S image then it is also somewhat indicated that we should act in His images as well. You might jot down 1 Peter 1:16 Matt. 5:48 to remember for future reference as well. We are to be conformed to the image of YAHASHUA. We can only do that as we conform to the dictates of the Scriptures. This is where our morals will come from. Ø If we leave the SCRIPTURES and YHVH out of the origin of man that we can look to apes and tadpoles for moral standards. If YHVH and the SCRIPTURES are left out then man is left to dream up his own theologies, and that he does. Ø Some suggest that one is mankind in general and that two is speaking specifically of Adam. Shafer suggests the term Cosmical in relation to it being mankind and the term physiological in relation to Adam specifically. Ø Genesis 1:27 seems to speak quite specifically about the subject of creation(man could not evolve from a ape) since YHVH mentions it three times in one verse it might be indicated that God believes that He is the creator. YHVH did it, He said it, we believe it because faith allows it (Heb. 11:3) Ø Within man’s abilities of observation, there are things which tend to confuse us. The evolutionist on the one hand says that we descend from the monkey. As we observe the monkey, we can see that we are similar. On the other hand YHVH tells us that He created the animals, and then another order, man. We may see similarity to ourselves in the monkey, yet we know from the Word that there is a major difference. We can respond to the Creator and the monkey can only respond to his surrounding and needs. Ø Man may have many similarities however we have one very prominent and distinct dissimilarity. Man Has A Spiritual Nature And There Is No Animal That Has This. We Are Formed In The Divine Image.

Ø Genesis does not allow for an evolution for Adam. He was created complete and mature. The fact that Adam was created mature is indicated by the following: No pacifier, formula or diapers are mentioned 2. He was told to tend the garden. This would require mature motor skills to operate in such a manner. 3. He spoke with YHVH, thus he had speech skills. By the way how do you suppose he felt the moment that he became conscious? Did YHVH create him with memories? Did Adam have a knowledge of YHVH built in- Did he come with completed memory banks concerning gardening and family life? Ø YHVH created Adam as an adult, and as a complete being in all respects. There were no recalls on the defective model. Ø One question that has come to many minds is, “When did YHVH create?” There are many theories and ideas. . Ø We don’t really know when creation took place. There is a feeling that is fairly general today that creation would have been four to 6,000 years before Yahushua Ø There is no real way of dating the creation. Indeed, I see little value in knowing, for the evolutionist would not believe it even if we could prove a date. Ø It is easy to see that man of all cultures and civilizations are descended from one source, and that source Noah, or ultimately Adam. In fact in the late 80’s scientists decided that all of mankind was descended from a woman they called EVE. This common ancestry of man is called the unity of man. Ø Harrisburg, PA: Christian Publications, 1926, page 140-141) He views the unity of the race from four aspects: From History: History seems to indicate that there was a common ancestry for all races, centered in Central Asia. Ø From Language: There is evidence that all major languages come from one original language. The lesser languages could certainly flow from that one original language as well. Ø From Psychology: There is a commonness to all races in the mind games that we play. We all have a concept of right and wrong, though it varies from race to race. Ø From Physiology: Man, no matter the race has a similar physiology. The heart rate is similar, any race can mate with any other, and the average temperature is similar. All races are susceptible to all diseases.” These are taken from pages 727-734 The Ages Digital Library THEOLOGY DERICKSON’S NOTES ON THEOLOGY . A Study Gook in Theology by Stanley L. Derickson. Digital Version 1.0 1997.

Maria: The Scriptures is very clear and tells us what happened and we can by faith accept it. Man on the other hand, in his lost state, does not want to accept anything that the Scriptures has to say, so usually allows himself to create new and better theories (so they think very clever and full of boasting)that are based on very little evidence, truth or knowledge. I and you can trust that if you have any doubts in the area of the creation of the earth and man that you will simply accept, by faith, the Scriptural account. I have always said, that it would take

more faith to hold to evolution, that it does to accept creationism. Dr. de Villiers : (page 35) “The age for the universe has been determined by many astronomical techniques e.g. rate of expansion of the universe; birth of a star; mass density of the universe etc. The calculated average figure being 17,000 million years, give or take a few billion years” E44 Creation “Ex Nihilo” Christian Life. MARIA: Not in a million years can we see distant stars (joke) Now isn’t this a very odd statement, really how can anybody see distant stars (millions or billions of light-years away) in a young 6000 year- old universe? Dr. D Russel Humphreys, well known young-Earth creationist and nuclear physicist made a model which bests answers this challenge to-date. This model opposes the starting point assumption of the “big Bang” hypothesis, namely that the universe is bounded, with a center and an edge. My goodness can this be? Anybody in his/her right mind knowing about a wonderful God and listen and read this lies and whatever believe in it will stand before a Almighty God. This statement of Dr. Humphreys implies a net gravitational effect toward the center, with General Realtivity (GR) demanding that gravity distorts time , demanding that time near the edge be accelerated relative to Earth-based time near the center, a relativistic concept know as “gravitational time dilation” a GR permitted black hole running in reverse. This past expansion of space-time is supported not only by observational evidence from the astro-sciences but, more importantly by the written Word of God in the Bible at least 17 verses of the Old Testament that refer to the Creator having “stretched (or spread) out” the heavens. 5. YOUNG EARTH VERSUS OLD EARTH. The general meaning of creationism affirms that the universe is a creation of God, and hence that a world – view such as naturalism is untrue. Lets Look at the following: page 44 With all these evidences available the physical scientists are convinced that the earth must be millions of years old. E44, Creation “Ex Nihilo” Christian Life. Dr. de Villiers. Maria: A. : Creation give the world a distinct, yet always dependent existence. This means that the world is not YHVH nor any part of YHVH, but something absolutely distinct from YHVH; and that is differs from YHVH, not merely in degree but in its essential properties. The doctrine of creation implies that, while YHVH is self-existent and self sufficient, infinite and eternal, the world is dependent, finite, and temporal. The one can never change into the other. This doctrine is an absolute barrier against the ancient idea of emanation, as well as against all pantheistic theories. The viewpoint of a young-earth receives much resistance from the majority of scientists but Paul warns us in 1 Cor. 8:2, 3 e-Sword 1Co 8:2 And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know. 1Co 8:3 But if any man love YHVH, the same is known of him. Who are ye that you think you can compare your ideas and theology and wrong believe with a YHVH that create everything? Christian leaders should guard against academic pride in order to rather believe the Scriptures. YHVH is not a God that He should or can lie (Tit 1:2) and He

reveals to us the actual age of what He created. In both issue of a “young earth” versus an “old earth” I came to the conclusion that in both Christian and secular worlds, those who are involved in the creation movement are characterized as “Young Earthers”. The supposed battle is between “old earthers” who consists of a group anti-God evolutionists as well as many “conservative” Christians. I am as a supporter in the Torah, willing to accept the authority of the Word of YHVH as an infallible revelation from our omniscient Creator. The Scriptures is the only revelation and the only true revealing of Who YHVH is, selfauthenticating and self-attesting. · The universe is not the existence-form of God nor the phenomenal appearance of the Absolute. · YHVH is not simply the life, or soul, or inner law of the world, but enjoys His own eternally complete life above the world, in absolute independence of it. · Te is the transcendent ELOHIM, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders. · This doctrine is supported by passages of Scripture: · Testify to the distinct existence of the world, Isa.42:5 Acts 17:24; · Speak of the immutability of YHVH, Ps. 102:27 Mal.3:6; Jas. 1:17 · Draw a comparison between YHVH and the creature, Ps. 90:2, 102:25-27 103:15-17; Isa. 2:21; 22:17 etc. and · Speak of the world as lying in sin or sinful, Rom 1:18-32 ; I John 2:15-17 etc. B. THE WORLD IS ALWAYS DEPENDENT ON YHVH. 1. While YHVH gave the world an existence distinct from His own, He did not withdraw from the world after its creation but remained in the most intimate connection with it. The universe is not like a clock which was wound up by YHVH and is now allowed to run off without any further divine intervention. “This deistic conception of creation is neither biblical nor scientific. YHVH is not only the transcended God, infinitely exalted above all His creature; He is also the immanent ELOHIM, who is present in every part of His creation, and whose Spirit is operative in all the world. He is essentially, and not merely per potentiam, present in all His creature, but He is not present in every one of them in the same manner. “ THE SCRIPTURES AND TORAH PROCLAIMING THE AGE OF THE EARTH . Using the scripture self as a guide proof of above statement age of earth 6000 YEARS Fall of Jerusalem (588 BC counting backwards the 390 + 40 years = 1018 BC (Ezek.4:4-7) Prophesied number of years till the division of Solomon’s kingdom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From end of Solomon’s 40 year reign to start of Calculate backwards +37 = 1055 BC The Temple in 4th year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From starting of Solomon’s Temple in 480th Hence 479 years previous = 1534 BC Years back to Exodus from Egypt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Exodus out of Egypt to Abraham’s entering Exactly 430 years = 1964 BC (Gen 12:10) The promised land Canaan also Gal. 3:17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since Abraham entered Canaan at age 75 He was born approximately 2039 BC (Gen 12:4) From Abraham’s birth to Noah’s grandson Was 290 years (Gen.11:11-26) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Shem’s son) Arpachshad’s birth, 2 years after flood Flood happened 2331 BC (4,3004,400 yrs ago!) Genealogy of Genesis 5:3-32 precludes any gaps Gives 1,656 yrs between Creation & flood = Due to its tight chronological structure. Creation week to 3987 BC or 4000 BC The SCRIPTURAL AGE of the earth is calculated at 6,000 years and not millions or billions YAHASHUA our Savior also the Creator said He made mankind male and female in the beginning (Mark 10:6) Jesus YAHASHUA was also the Spoken Word go out on creating John 1:1-4 taken form E-Sword.

Joh 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with YHVH , and the Word was YHVH. Joh 1:2 The same was in the beginning with YHVH. Joh 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. Joh 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. C. HOW OLD IS THE EARTH, WORLD VIEWS. Ø Clearly the SCRIPTURES dates add up to +- 6,000 years Ø All Scripture is given by inspiration of God 2Tim. 3:15 Ø Worldview : Humanist world view; Man is YHVH and answers to o one – AKA – the big bang theory, supported by evolution Ø Creationist world view; YHVH made the world – He owns it, man will be judged because of sin. Ø Main Questions asked by man is * Why am I here? * Who am I? * Where am I going? * Where did I come from? Ø Questions answers if evolutionist. Why: There is no purpose of life.. do what you want to. Who? If evolution is true, I’m not important I am just protoplasm that washed up on the beach. Where am I going? - going to the graveyard and recycled. Where dot I come from? - cosmic burp. Ø To deceive – Mix Truth with a Lie. 6. IN CONCLUSION. I Just want to conclude in also naming the 6 types of Evolution and the effect and danger in our world and moral society. 1. Cosmic evolution – The origin of time space and matter the Big Bang Theory. 2. Chemical evolution – The origin of higher elements from hydrogen. 3. Stellar and Planetary evolution – Origin of stars and planets – no one has ever seen a star form. 4. Organic evolution – Origin of life. 5. Macro evolution – changing from one kind of animal into another. 6. Micro evolution – variations within kinds. Evolutionists assume that adding energy (open system) will overcome the second law of thermodynamics… but there are limiting factors. The universe is a closed system, adding energy is destructive without a more energy destroys. In 1955 Pres. Eisenhower asked congress for money

to promote evolution science in schools. By 1963 textbooks went from 2-3000 words of evolution, to 33,089 words. The effects of teaching evolution in schools since 1963. Ø Rise in pre-marital sex Ø Rise in sexually transmitted deceases Ø Rise in birth rates for unwed girls in age groups 10-14 years Ø Increase of children born out of wedlock Ø Rise in unmarried couples living together Ø Rise in divorce rates Ø Violent crimes increase up to 995% children are taught that they are animals Ø Addiction increase Ø Drug abuse and increase, S.A.T. scores dropped in schools Ø Rise in teen suicide rates etc. etc. MARIA REYNEKE B-DEGREE 7. STUDENT’S OVERALL VIEWPOINT.

2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord YHVH is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is long suffering towards us not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” The fire will not touch the ones in the water. YHVH’S judgments will not hurt those in YAHASHUA We as Believers and Torah keepers must interpret the Word of YHVH and study it in a responsible way! We are all accountable to YHVH for every soul that has been lost and lie to because of unnecessary confusion by men in their own lust after power, regarding creation. The issue is not Young or Old Earth, but a challenge to the Authority of YHVH’s Word! Now today more than ever we are in the last days and we will certainly not for long maybe this generation : SEEING YAHASHUA COMING FOR HIS BRIDE. Maria. 8. RESOURCES. 1. E 44 “Es Nihilo” Dr. de Villiers - Christian Life 2. Systematic Theology - Louis Berkhof 3. Expository Dict. Of Bible Words. - L.O. Richards 4. Derickson’s Notes on Theology - L. Derikcson 5. 7X DVD’s Creation and Evolution by Kent Hovind. 6. E-Sword (King James )

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