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Have you ever had trouble scheduling times to meet for group projects? With everyone’s busy schedule and travel distance, it is often difficult to find a time that is convenient with everyone in the group. Skype offers an alternative to the traditional meeting times. Skype is a natural environment for student collaboration. In one software setup, students can talk with each other and send drafts of files to everyone in the group to review and interject with text comments. Archives of Skype text messaging conversations can bring fellow students up -date if they up-to miss a meeting. Students can work on school newspapers, use video to practice a senior play, try debate strategies, and even organize school events. Calling people on Skype is free so you can talk whenever you want to to. The main features of Skype include: Free Skype-to-Skype calls Free Instant Messaging Free Video Call It’s easy and it’s free to download. t’s 1. Open the Skype Application which can be found at Download the appropriate Skype program for the computer system you are using: A. Skype for Mac OS X is free to download. If you have any problems using Skype, . please ensure that you are using the most recent version of the software. To use Skype for Mac OS X, you need the following:
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Call Phones and Mobiles Voicemail Call forwarding when you are off- line

Macintosh computer with G3, G4, G5, or Intel processor Mac OS X v 10.3.9 (Panther) or newer 128 MB RAM 75 MB free disk space on your hard drive Internet Connection (either dial up: minimum 33.6 Kbps modem, or any dial-up: broadband: cable, DSL, etc.) Skype 4.1 for Windows

B. Download now

2. This will open a new window that looks like this: . Now choose a Skype Name and Password. Use your current e-mail address, And make sure only the “I have read Skype End User License Agreement” box is checked. Then click Create

3. From Help Menu select "Getting Started" (Version 3) or "Welcome Screen" (Version 4) to:
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Test microphone, speakers, and camera settings Find friends and add contacts Make a free call to another computer Learn how to call regular phones FOR A FEE!

4. Click on your name and it will expand, at this point you will see a button that says edit profile. When you click on that you can edit your profile.

** Only put what information you want the world to see in there. Your state, town and your real name should be the minimums, as that will make it easier for people to find you. Then click on “Apply”.

5. Now if you want to add users, you will click on the icon button that says, “Add”.

6. Now you will see screen below. By clicking the arrow in front of “Advanced Search”

7. Now you can do a search by name, State, City, Gender, Age, Languages, etc. The search engine works based on what people have entered into their profile. Once you have entered info into your search engine, click on Search.

8. You will see a list of names that match your search criteria. Click on the one you want and if you want to view their profile, click on the “blue i” for information about them. If they are whom you want, then click on the “add contact” button.

9. To call someone from computer to computer, click on their name and then click the green “call” icon. If their icon is grey and not green then they are not online, but you can leave a message.

10. Add multiple callers to create a conference call
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Make a Conference Call (Mac) Make a Conference Call (Windows) During a regular call, you can add callers

11. Make a Video Call with a Webcam
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Video Calling (Mac - most newer Macs have a built-in i-Sight camera ) Video Calling (Windows - most Windows computers require a USB webcam) More answers about Video Calls

A. Make sure you've got a webcam and check: - it's plugged into your computer - you've installed the software that came with it - it's switched on. B. In your Contact list, find the person you want to talk to. Click on them. In the main window, click the green Video call button.

Smile, wave, say hello!

12. Start a Chat Session
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Chat and Group Chat (Mac) Chat and Group Chat (Windows}

In your Contacts, find the person or group you want to message. Or in your Conversations list, find the message you want to pick up again. Click on the person/group or conversation. In the main window, click in the typing box, Type a message and click the blue send message button, or just press the Return key on your keyboard.

If someone IMs you: If someone IMs you, your Conversations button will turn orange. Click on the button. You'll see a list of conversations. Find the IM you want to reply to and click it. Inside the main window, click in the typing box. Type a message and click the blue send message button, or just press the Return key on your just keyboard.

**Just make sure that you are doing computer-to-computer Skyping as that is free, but computer to land line will cost you money. **

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