From Ai Weiwei Studio April 25, 2014 On “The Sandstorm” In the past few weeks, there has been a lot

of publicity around the film “The Sandstorm,” particularly on the “Kickstarter” funding campaign. We want to make it clear that Ai Weiwei does not approve of the way in which his image and involvement have been co-opted for promotional purposes. We believe that the promotion of the film has been misleading; both to Ai Weiwei as a participant and also to those who have helped fund the campaign. This is our letter to Jason Wishnow, the film maker behind “The Sandstorm,” sent on April 23, 2014. ______________________________________________________________________________ Dear Jason I am writing on behalf of Ai Weiwei. It has come to our attention that you are soliciting to raise funds on the “Kickstarter” website for a film project which purports to “star” Ai Weiwei. You have also engaged in various media activities promoting this project. We are writing to give you notice that: • Your use of Ai Weiwei’s name and image is without his consent;

• Your use of Ai Weiwei’s copyrighted material (including Instagram images) is without his consent and in breach of copyright; • You are engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct by soliciting to raise funds for a film which purports to “star” Ai Weiwei, however Ai Weiwei has not entered into any agreement or release permitting you to use his image in said film. In addition, Ai Weiwei considers that your presentation of the project to him on the understanding that his role would be a minor role only is inconsistent with the manner in which you are promoting the film, and therefore Ai Weiwei considers that you have not only misled him in this regard, but are also potentially deceiving providers of funds to your project as to the extent of Ai Weiwei’s involvement in the project, potentially implicating Ai Weiwei in your deception without his knowledge or consent. Accordingly, we are writing to request you to take the following action within 24 hours of receipt of this email:

(1) cancel and remove the “Kickstarter” project located at: (2) immediately cease and desist from making any further use of Ai Weiwei’s name or likeness without Ai Weiwei’s prior written consent; (3) issue a public apology to Ai Weiwei acknowledging that you have engaged in the activities described above without Ai Weiwei’s consent and therefore mislead potential providers of funds to your project. If you do not take the above actions within 24 hours of receipt of this email as requested, we will: (a) immediately contact Kickstarter to advise them of our complaints including, among others, your breach of Ai Weiwei’s copyright, your use of Ai Weiwei’s name and likeness without his permission, and your misleading and deceptive conduct in connection with the promotion of the project; and (b) instruct attorneys with a view to taking further legal action against you. We look forward to your response providing us with evidence that the above actions have been taken as soon as possible. Kind regards On behalf of Ai Weiwei

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