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TEST PLAN Template 1 – (title description)

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Test Script Steps / Test Results Detailed Instructions for Running Test Script

Section 1.0
Script Num er Test Plan Title

High Level Description
!odule "de# $$$$ Completion Date Process ! "o#ule Department!Sta$$ Name

Depen#encies ! Prere%uisites

Test & 'ective ! Special (nstructions (nstructions Test Author: Enter any information or specific instructions for this test script (as applicable).

Doc Create#) ((TS)

Page 1 o$ 1

. Please list errors. listing test results.*"o#ule Co#e+ .-*test script title #escriptions+ Sample Section .. along with a short description. Please use the "Comments" column to provide a summary of any issues or further actions re uired for each test item. Teste# 1/ Date P!2 0etest P!2 Comments Test (tem % & " D ' Short Description Sign3&$$ (nstructions "ign off indicates that all test items in this script were run and the script has passed. Date Comments ! Errors Name Pass Pass 4ith Errors 2ail Date Comments ! Errors Name Pass Pass 4ith Errors 2ail Doc Create#) ((TS) Page .. Please add additional tables if multiple test cycles occur. "Pass with Errors" indicates that minor issues were encountered.0 Summar/ an# Test 0esults (nstructions Test Author: Test Analyst: Complete columns one and two prior to testing . Complete the remaining information. !his enables "# $epartment to uic%ly view the overall results of each test script. o$ 5 . &dditional space is provided in "ection '.listing all test items contained in this process.( (if needed) to record detailed problems encountered for any individual step.

pecte# &utcome Navigation ! (nput (nstructions (.0 (nstructions Test Author: Test Analyst: Detaile# (nstructions $or 0unning the Test Script Provide detailed instructions for each !est )tem identified in "ection *.so all business analysts have a summary-level overview of how each test item performed. A Short Description E. 3.pecte# &utcome Navigation ! (nput (nstructions Test Comments Doc Create#) ((TS) Page 6 o$ 5 .( . )f detailed comments are needed. as needed so there is a oneto-one correspondence between the number of tables in this section and the number of !est )tems listed in "ection *. Test Comments 1 Short Description E.(.pecte# &utcome Navigation ! (nput (nstructions 2.pecte# &utcome Navigation ! (nput (nstructions 1. please enter the overall comments of whether the item passed or failed in "ection *. Test Comments D Short Description E. you may use the "!est Comments" column provided.(. Please add new tables... +owever.-*test script title #escriptions+ Sample Section 6. Test Comments C Short Description E.*"o#ule Co#e+ .

.*"o#ule Co#e+ ..-*test script title #escriptions+ Sample E Short Description E. Test Comments Doc Create#) ((TS) Page 5 o$ 5 .pecte# &utcome Navigation ! (nput (nstructions ).